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■/EATING'BI COUGH LOZENGE 3 I/EATING'S. COUGH LOZENGES. If EATING'S COUGH [LOZENGES. I£EATING:S COUGH LOCENGEB. If EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. &\. Commercial Road, Peckham, July 12,1889. "Dear Sir,—l am a poor hard, at expreaing may feelings on-paper, but I should like . to thank you, for.yonr lozengss have done wondei's for me in relieving: my terrible cough. Since 1., had the; operation of 'Tracheotomy' (thesame ds the.kite Emperor of Germany, and unlike him, thank God, I am fetill alive and getting on well) performed at St. Hospital forabduct, or paralyijis oi the vocal chords, no, one could possibly hay« had a more violent cough; indeed it was, bo bad at times "that it quite exhausted me. The mucus also, which was very, copious and-hard, has/bifetf softened, and.l.have.been able to get rid of it without difficulty.—lam, air, yourffenjy, ."Mi*T. Keating," ,' : 3» J, Him, ■ Medical NomV'.; Tho above apeak* for itaelf, Iran strict inquiry it appears that the benefit) from using J£eatmgYtaugh'ljotengel%'nnderstated. The operation v^'a'epCSalry severe onp, and wm porfoTrted 1 W1 the special^ Dr H. E. Butiin, of St. Bartholomew^ Hospital, j Sooe-. the opezatfM tfca only' neahs of relief i» the bm rf these Lozenges. So successful* are JfeepAfaatone affords immediate benefit, although front the nature of the case the throat irritation {b in* tense. Mr Hill kindly allows any relerenoe made to him. ..- (-■,'> ;jtv-7 .' if EATING'S tX)UGH LOZENGES. I^EMING'S COUGH LOZENGES. IJEAIING'3 COUGH LOZEN^ia. XE A(DING'S OOUOB LOZENGES. ■. ■, -„'■■•■ ..'i: i'-n / , . Sold Evxktwbiu n *flnt':. ( '". Proprietor—THOMAS ~BUOIJBBB IBM BMT 3M : woara „.■„: HOLL^WAI't PILLS & OINTMENT. THI PILIfI : Porify th« Blood, imput toat totlM N«rvwi •Tftem, and set nott powidirifr jttNbtMaft on the „■!■' ,!,= "''.l LIVER AMD BOWMLB, PrOmbiJng DicejtieD tad, Ml cndowiag . the whole Jbodlfej, &mm vwtth» Strength and vigor. Smaw HaiAi Tremblings, with Ijasitnde'aAdT^Zsn DebUitf quickly yieldto^the point STe theie ireU-known pills, tad tSr mil, rivsllecinthefcefficicTliian - ' , a'EMALB COMPLAINTS, . Removing all obstractiont, skin NMsfcee pimpleii and boils, better thu^'tt* etl« nmily medicine known. , • ;•.' THE OISTMENT. ■■■■■'■ HAS A WQBLD* »IDB REFUTATION. It hc'sls eroy k of Sore,. Ukenthsl Wound, more certainly .than any, other, kaown salVe. Its ' manrelloits ' penetnitiag- powen lender lit inTalnable in all : "■".'. ' , THROAT- AND CHEST DISBASBB. Caring Bronchitis, Quinseys, and' 'Af**»— reducing. Glaadul&r' LamitSj* ekilng aai healing. Abscestei sni. Fuwks," bb4 fOf allcriating the excrucutint tortvrei of RHEUMATISM, GOUT.i: ;' And,isJ uasuspassed, It«eVe fails to remove Scurf and every species oYsM disease. ' '/■■' ,"■'. ';...,. ....-^i-i-.itriy ' The .'Pills and Ointment, are rnnnniafliilt at No.- 8, 1 New, Oxford street (late SJ3 Oxford street, London); aod'are sold by/all S"iWorS tCnt 'thl^h«t !** Directiomi for use in almost every I"*r"tt . 9T Purchaser! should look to the ' Labe . on Pot find Boxes. If ue ad4nss anil itret are not on they uc spwiom ::: ' - -' OJSJi; box of. Olark's » AliplAsia wwraotea to onre nil dlaoharget froth the urinary organs In elthei w (aoqoUadl of obasUtiLtional), gravel *ttd- palaa i(» taV back. QnarantMi< free) from tunny Sold in boiss 4s 6d aaak, byallehiaikia and patent medleine vendon. Bofci<-flteV prieton, The T^noohrsnd MldlaiidCfitf. Uas Drag Co.. linooln, Enflaui Fo« ■alebT thewholeatla Howee. ; H-

Onza Perfumery* 307, Roe St. Hdnota, Patta, -,-. T E GRASD'B SPECIAL PAQiMKJn Sat on»O*ba (Orba Soap)—Fffqav'theila* malic of Di t O» Be F «U, i !***•« eeaf foi rendarlng the tltin white and aoft. Sweetly and "■•iteuliiflyo lilßte (roae.'gnen and white).. -, ■% ;r SaTon-Qrija.Valonte,' exqaUltaly,; iftr inc. In boxee, 6 m^m, llacaaMte peihunee. No. 1 . - - (Mm<SiTon>LMOfbi*. wpMlua Mallkr. MM, tM, whlta:. htlhtoofit «iA*hllt violrt ' ' ' ...„., i, Pt Orltt-Jcnlo* (axtnet of r pla^tpji i»4toMM / *• tab-tfeW ; j«owß bnu«iMttOM» rlola^ato. : .-• „.., >s -f Oils^PcwdtiwFlowtniol OafoUMid*} 'foi' Mftuilng: and ■'nfafffUjbt.ollML 1 ■kin; lihtmU—^^wa^rtA j^wdat Oitaa-V«loiU—Flowan of ifeaUa^laf, ; adhuilng to tha ikia, wttt £• pw! tnmiof Mw.avKMi ha# lIT^OTC'V^ - Oii».Flow»n (whlttand aMbw^-JU ■kin, iwatUf, i»d- dtUo»/tdj p«i Aqia-Otfliae-Ka* JpUrt watM, ■ahwh<>t : thenkln '' ;" „ „, „x? \ / OHm-Hij-A toil* waUt with, ty.pafr > f ami) of new moon haf ' ' and ft diilnfeotanV ±frffi}ls** ; foi Ltd!*' toltakr f^-Tiro^r ;O>toa.Sootoh.LaT»BdM Baaiti ?ol B»ii »k , laTendei flowan ;-aitab tollat wataw JE»u-da-Cplogna.Ort»-rT%f ! h IMllif toi. i t itt watai .-. „.r . ..; Vi -=. ; -...?.••«■ Oritt-Wiiet—OcnoantaaUdand, iU; Extvaot of niparloi Eai da : o ohm . . Gk>attaa-<>iba.Danklfrioa — An azii » I prMcinrlng tha iaatk and gumM-lu" good haalih and ptarantinff daeat Orl«-D«ntalrti I. p*ai* b# po#Si, of whltonlng tha tatih wlthoat afloo^nf . tk» aoamal ./ ,-v,;.. , -.. ■ . • Tr aoeniut Unan and iha, hanJhaar*-1« >-■ ■ ttamlng T;rn--'' > ■ Oiin-OltrTMtoi^piifuMd: foi tea darlnftbabaS^Mlfe andbriWaßt, praV^flnfi^ff" 1 falling o«, Oitea-LMta (OHft Mllk)-^ •■alajr - ! v lotion to Uka akl; . ' htnorfng ttd spot* «ad prtT«'ntflB J;' ; ; wrinldai on th£ faoa ..;-;,. On me Oil» (of Ninon- da Landoa)—l*oi ; p 3 odn*tng;»bwntifml wUtaonialiic bn with *h» ol^rnaai and Tafratf . toftniMi of,fonwC OrUallne-OoIoHDU (the bef t hali,dja)r. Foi InitantaneoailF dyeing tha b»^ > to any iftada,.and wttn lio damgal' '." health. Id boxM^amoh 1 with; Ciuat comb, pioepeetoi, and bottlej '•» '-ir ■ boxee, tha bottia only wlthoat aooee ■orlai : ■ . . ■' Kit Qrtaa-lMolon Vlolatta of tha Oak |„,,av , mwt,,.a»3nlatta perfuatj^iUa ,a,v" notegay of Vloleia. . . ■„• Sm Orlia Suave, wnolt helletrp^a Boi* qaet of the iowetj , '

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