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PKOIALL* AUTHOR £SEU W HOLBSALB f AGENTS FOB NEW ZEALAND' \ MBBSRfii p, HATMAN & CO., Dnnedin GhrisMiurch, Wellington, and Auckl and. The abova carry a complete stock a H. B. KtJQBLMANN AKD Oo .'3 Standard Herba Magnetic Rcmedieß, which may bo obtained from aU Ohemißts and atorekoepers all over th Globe. LOCAL AGBNTS FOR H. B. KUGELMANN AND CO.'fl MAGNETIC MEDICINES— These Goods can bo procured from the following,— ABHBURTON—O. M. Broom, Chemist Johu Ocr 4 Co., Merchant BAKAIA—O. Hardy aito Got, Jlerehant These unrivalled Herbal Medicines are Universally Acknowledged to be the best in th« world. They are quite different to all gibers known, bung absolutely unsmpaßeed in their universal excellence. The? are absolutely specific for thosa tomplaints for which they are specially prtpand, and an free from poiion and all mineral drugs, and are qiite pleasant to take THB BALSAM OF PARADISE, FOR ALL LXJfiG AHDJTHROAT DTSBASES A Bronchitis, Asthma, Wheeling, Govghs,! Go Fog Fever, Sore Throat, Bleodicg from i/vngt, Tightness on the Chert, Inflammation of Longs, Collapse of the Air Cells, Indication ofLungs,Congestion of Lungs, etc., etc. It is the only medicine known to mankind that will completely cure Consumption in its early stages. It is composed of choice f raits, flower mms. gwns, balsams, and herbs. It renovates and fattens the weakest constitution, alike of young or old. It is exceedingly pleasant tc take, and causes an immediate improvement toaU who take it. Bold is bottlw at Ss 6d ■f,6f,fad 10s. THB BOOM OF TE3 COMING CBNTUB F H.B. Kngelmann'ij BLEOTBIO B3SBNGB. An external remedy for all pains or aches. Nothing like this has ever been known, and nothing else will ever equal it. If yon have • rheumatism or gouty pain that yon do not care about, obtain a bottle of this Blectric Essence and it will make you happy i Use it for Bprained backa, knee joints, all swdhngs, dropsy, back ache, sciatica, neuralgia, weak spines, lumbago, contractions, lameness, cramps, quinsy, mumps, diphtheria, croup, and for all pains and aches. Never be without it for snakebite, and all bites of insects or Btings, and for trams cuts and Maids, Price H edand 7 H. E, KUGELMANN'S BTB OINTMENT AND ANODYN BMOLIffiJT. rhls is nndombtedly the fineßt Pharma oeutical product of the century. An immediate «nre for chilblains and frost-bites. Nothing hitherto known oan compare with this Oint« ment for its marvellous excellence, elegance of combination and superior effectiveness. It will cure all eye diseases, as Sun Blight, Sandy Blight, Watery Blight, Matter or Humory BlieM, Inflammation of Eyes and lads, Chroma Opthalmia, and all and every Bye Disuse i and as well it fe the best and nicest thine possible for Fly Bite, Mosquito Bitos or Btings of Scorpions, Centipedes, Spiders, etc., and for Bore Throats, Coaghs, Mumps, Quinsy etc, it is simply eplendid. All weak nervous persons should use it to rub well in down the ipine and on the stomach. "Vfe guarantee that all who use thia once will never be wlthoit it, Bold only in jare at 2a 6d and mohf H< E. KUGELMANN'S 3i£BBAL MAGNETIC OINTMENT. Ibis unrtvaiieo Herbal product is anioobtedly the beet Ointment ever elaborated 'or curing old sores, bad legs, nlcers, fietnlea 4ile&, bleeding piles, eruptions oi the skl» broken chilblains, cuts, wounds, etc, e»o eti In iais at Is l 9d, ?a «d, and 6s each. H HERBAL MAGNBTIO TONIC LIYBB AND BTOMAOH BKSTORER. For all liver complaints, biliousness, jaun dice, congested liver, enlarged liver and Bploet. languor, drowsiness, paina between th shoulders chronio indigestion and all stomac complaints, heartburn, flatulency, soui stomach, vomitting of food, loss of appetite, trick hoadache, nervousness, nervous debility, arortration, and tlw convalescing stageß of aU wrote (Us9aieii Sold in bot^fts at 6s and 1, lacb. H3 WAIURAL ELECTBKI i)LOO2 PUPIEIER. hfs medicine has no equal for all bloov skin dieeasesj perfectly free from mercury la ale, and all mineral drugs, JtSever fails to inr d the worst forms of scrofuh, scurvy, Sjema, itch, ulcers, abceases, Bore legs and teastß, and all diseases having their origin in the blood. It will work wonders in every ease without exception.—See handbook, pricep Is tf ,6s 6d«and 12* 6d each bottle. THB FLUE) HERB&L LIFB. This is the soul of plants, and absolute TOedfic for chronic newalgia, faceache, tooth ohe.ticdoloreux, swollen face, gumboil, and it»che, Price Is 9d and 8s per bottle. fill HJmBAL MAGISfBTIO IIVUR PILL These Pills are nmivalled, and superior to all others for all liver troubles, biliousness, costivenesß, piddineßs, indigestion, wind and heartburn, They are compoaed solely of the vital properties of herba, are coated and ♦Asteless. At 1b 9d and 3s each. These tfiould ba kept in every house, as they are cure for numberless ills< THB CHILDREN'S "VITAL ESSENCE. This is a liqwid food medicine, prepared and ailments and dis&aaes of infants and children in every country'a™* climate. It gives life, energy, flesh, bone and muscle to tho frail and wasted infant, and will restore the health, vitality, vigour, and plnnapness of the weak, diseased, or sickly child. Being iileasant to take, it is readily taken by all. Sold in two sizes only, price 2s 6d and 5s each yith our jraarantee attached, without which jtmnct be gennino. HEBBAI MAGNETIC BTHMA CUB This unrivalled Herbal Compound is undoubtedly the best inhalent in aU Asthmatical complaints and Difficult Breathing, as DryABthma Hnmid ABthma, Spasmodic Astoma, Nervona Asthma, Bronchitis, Wheeling, Tightnesß on the Chest, Catarrh, Hay Fever, Coldßin the Head, Ac, 4c» Sold at 3s 6d, 6s jidlOs. E B.BAL MAGNETIC SNEEZING PQWDBR, This is a most useful little remedy yf atery Diform and positive character. It has been ©vised and used or msny yesrs for Colds in IV i Head, Caturrh in the nose, Hay Pay r iDA, Nasal Polypus, and all Obstructions ue Nose or Nasal Passages. Sola at 2s, b. SOLE PBOtEIETOBQ Manufaotnrerß of Electric and Proprietary Medicines, Distiliere of Essential Oils ana Medical Lquere, etei, etc.,4ta Avenue, New Yofk City U.S.A. Australian Head Office and Warehouse } »d 174 William street, Melbourne, Plantations and reducisg eatablishmeniß MoDnt Paradise,' Gembrood, Gippsland Don't fail to read description HandU osted fre=) to ny %*m «r nay fr» jja •Dplis^ttottrf

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 1, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2391, 2 April 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 1 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2391, 2 April 1890