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Sir William Jervois haß just returned from a visit to the United States, Government House af Melbourne is to be renovated at a ooat of £4000. Tbere are twentyjtwo Protestant plaoea of worship open within the walls of Rome. The World'fl'output of tobaooo is increasing more rapidly than that of either wheat or maize.

Rome is to have a Wimbledon. Its first national rifle meeting will be held m May, 1890. J

The maximum intensity of the light from the Eiffel tower is 500,000 oaroels, giving a range of 127 mileß. It is stated that the produot of a single pair of » English sparrows for ten years will be 275,616,938.998 birdß., The Home Government have declined to present a Bhip to New South Wales to replaoe the training vessel Yernon. Mr Larry Markey's mare, Tasmania, by Manuka — Zillab, foaled a brown colt to Johnny Faulkner last night. Tbe Viotorian Government contemplate the establishment of an inebriate retreat, but final arrangements m oonneotion with details of the scheme have-not bean arranged. About one hundred and fifty colours are now obtained from ooal tar, whioh haya almost entirely supplanted vegetable and animal dyes. A Russian nobleman has reoently paid 1200 roubles for v pair of nightingales that are said to render delightfully various national melodies. PoUtfcal affairs at Honolulu have resumed their normal sjtate, and when the mail boat left all was quiet m the Hawaiian Kingdom. The ringleaders m the abortive rising had been committed for trial on a charge of treason. It is rumoured that tho Atlorney«General intends to retire very shortly, not wishing to live m Wellington, which it is considered neoeßsary he should do for at least the greater part of tbe year. A wolUknown Auokland vooalist, Miss Julia Knight, intends to loave for Melbourne to adopt tho musical profession. She is to go by way of Dunedin, where she will sing at tbe Exhibition* la his report on the result of the r&infall o' 1888 m New South Wales, Mr H. O. Russel 1 says tbat that year stands opt as the driest upon record, and m striking contrast with 1887, the wottost on reoord. The runs unsold m May and June last will be offered, by auction, at reduced upset Rentals about the middle of November next. They comprise Ben Obau, Rhohoro Downs, and Glentan.aer, m South Canterbury, and Blaokford, Woodetook, and Manuka Point, m North Canterbury,

There was a good attendajlOb pt the Rink I on Saturday evening to witn^a the bl'oyci'- \ exhibition given by a looal wheelman who made his appearance at nine o'olook, and after going through a number of evolutions, < showed that he bad full confidence ;so much j so, that at one time it looked as if be was ; taking off Professor Rollinston'e masher aot. ] At one moment ho was riding (he bioyole and < the next the byciole was riding him. How- i ever the single and double hurdle aot showed i a good deal of Bcienoe, and brought forth i ■ loud applause. The performer then went at i 1 full speed round the Rink, and finished up i by placing one knee m the saddU wbili tbi t i pwjflU win WBBieg round thi bull, ,

In the report of the proceedings of the R.M. Court on Thursday it was stated that judg. inent had been given for the plaintiff m the oase of Hosoltine v Brown. This was. an orror., tho further hearing of the oase having been adjourned till next Court "day.

Tho Admiralty report of the survey of the Egeria, the vessel engaged m surveying work «a the Paoifio, shows that m the voyage from Christinas Island to King George's Sound, via Mauritius, the greatest depth found was 3200 fathoms, the route oroasing the oentre of a vast area of the Paoifio Oooan where no soundings bad ever been before obtained.

Tbe annual match between Otago and Canterbury, played on Saturday afternoon at Lanoaster Park, onded io a win for the former by threo goals to a try. Otago soored three trieß, from whioh Restieau kicked the goals. So far as the play went the game was vary gven. In the Beoond spell Canterbury had the best of the play, and lost good ohances of sooriog. Rostioau soored two ot Otago's tries, and Lynch the othur. Surman soored for Oantorbury.

Art and poetry are not often found dwelling m a butohor's Bbop, but Mr H. Tasker gave Iha publio a few days ago a proof that oven meat iB capable of being used for deoorative purposes m the hands of the modeller and speotaoular artist. And now he has oalled m the aid of poetry, having sent us, accompany' ing a photograph of the artistic tableau of a few days ago, a series of verses thereanent by Mr O. Digby, a brother knight of tho oleaver, m whioh the merits of the remarkable display above referred to are metrioally set forth, Well done Aahburton I The work m oonneotion with the inoreßse of the water 3upply on the East aide of tn.6 railway m the borough appears to be now nearing completion, Tbe water m the reservoir m tbe Domain has for some time been kept very low m order to allow of the works being oarried out, and the only water m the ohannelaof the .town is that derived from the Alford Road race. It is to be hoped that the Works Committee of tbe Borough Counoil have not overlooked the possibility of a fire ooourring, and that ia Buoh oase they will be able to furnish a water supply suflioient for any calls likely to be made upon it. An amusing inoident ooourred m a oourt of jastioe lately sitting m a town near Cook Strait, and not a hundred miles from the land of potted rabbits. A witness m a slander action was being examined, and as the Judge did not distinctly hear the evidenoe given, he asked the witness to repeat it. The witness immediately answered the Judge with "You're a d rogue, your Honor."" "What?" said the Judge. The witneßß again replied, " Your Honor, you're a d rogue." After forty-five seconds the Judge Bffgt the point, and joined m heartily with the general titter that could not be controlled* — " Exohange." The members of Oourt AshburtoD, A-0.P,, held their quarterly meeting at the Orange Hall on Wednesday last, when a good muster assembled to pay their contributions, etc, and to witness the presentation of the P.O.R. Certificate to Bro J. Banger. The duty of presenting it wbb intrusted to P.O.R. Bro J, Crawford, a member of Oourt Woodford, who, m a few well ohosen words, went through the ceremony m a very impressive manner. It was decided that a social be held under the auspioos of the Court, and a committee formed to carry out the same. The reoeipts of the evening were £15 17s 6d, and expenditure £7 8s 4d. After spending a pleasant evening the 0.8, dispersed the members by closing the Oourt m the usual manner. A terrible tragedy is reported from Buffalo. On Wednesday evening Mr L. L. Orookor, a well-known citizen, prepared to take some of his children and a lady friend for a trip m his naphtha launch. While getting the maohinery m order the naphtha exploded and caught fire, and the little vessel immediately beoame a mass of fieroe flames. Mr Orooker made frantic but unavailing efforts to save his ohildren, and barely escaped with his life. Three of his little ones and an engineer were burnt to death, theii bodies being charred almost out of recognition. The lady was dreadfully burned about the faoe arjd body, and will be orippled and disfigured for life, A burglar who made his way into a house m the Dennieton distriot, Glasgow, the other night, was oaught m a singular way. His entry disturbed a parrot whioh was confined m a oage m it's master's bedroom, and whioh began to yooiferate all the phrases id bad learned, interspersing them with disoordant shrieks. Its master woke m astonishment, jumped out of bed and struck a light, when he found the burglar m the room with his boots o£f, standing amazed . at the parrot's hp . haviour. He was ""scoured and marched u$ to tbe polioe Btation. He hod olimbed up a water pipe, and then entered by the bedroom window, whioh was unfastened, when the parrot's vigorous protests prevented his further operations! Dufferin JTorraoe the soene of the oatas" tropbe referred to m our cable news is (says the Preßa ") a very beautiful promenade on the brow of the preoipitoua cliff overhanging the lower town of Quebec. It is a favorite spofc with the residents, and commande a magnificent view of the harbor, and the Port Louis side of the river. It is upon tbe site of the old oastle of £jt fjouis, whioh was burned m 1834. The site was levelled, and the platform laid down by the Earl of Durham; but m 1878, during the administration of the Earl of Dufferin", it was extended to four times its original size, and its name changed from Durham terraoe to that whioh it at present bears. It is 1420 ft m length and 182 ft above the river. On fine evenioga the band plays tbjare and the inhabitants have deemed it almoßt a religious duty to asoend the terraoe to eDjoy the music and the magnifipent view. Ohampliin street is one of the prinoipal streets of Quebec, and is named after Samuel de Champlain, tbe founder of the oity m 1608. Writing to the •• Otago Daily Times," an old Dunedin resident, now trading aa a butoher m London, thus desoribes Sunday as he finds it m that part of the oity m whioh he oarrios on business : — " People talk of Sunday and what should be done on Sunday, m Dunedin, but they ought to see Sunday m the very heart of Christian England— more especially id that neighborhood whioh haß beoomo notorious for those horrible murders. On Sunday up to 2 p.m. trade is brisk everyl where, and looks like a great fair to a I stranger, I like to go and see for myself how imy fellow creatures live. You may be shooked to learn that Sunday comes as a godsend to thousands, enabling them to earn a shilling. Iv my shop m the West End it has been the oustom to give every oustomer a glass of beer on 3unday with their purohasea. and some who buy their meat on Saturday night hap to be promised their beer on Sunday morning. The hotels open at \ p.m , but people appear to be thirsty before that time. J may say that I have the largest quantity of lady oustomers on Sunday morning. I would not like to say it is the beer they oomo frr, but they Boem to be very dry. " The London correspondent of the " Press " writer. '—The sea serpent haß oropped up again. Where v? G 8 tb&t mysterious monster hide itself the whiles? Thlo!'™eit showed itself off Matinious to tbe orew of the sohooner 1 Jerusha Baker, whose oaptain (Chase) just dosoned it. and itook itfor a whalo lying one hundred yards away from the vessel. Ho called the attention of hia mate to it, and while watohing it the men suddenly saw an enormouß head rise from the water, and the mass extend itself into a snake like form, lney were m the presenoo of a voritablo sea serpent ! •• Ho lifted his big head out of tho water," aaid the oaptain, « until he oould ovoriook the Jorußha'B deok, and then muoh to our relief began slowly to Bwim away from us, sometimes looking baok as if watohing us. Besides the head and five or six feet of neok covered with glistening soaleß, we oould Bee at least ten feet of tho tail, whioh was , Bmooth, and shaped like an oar ; altogether , the creature oould not bo an inoh abort of 40ft long. Not being equipped for hunting sea serpents, we kept on our oourso, and were glad when tho Btream of foam that marked tho monster's path through the water ( had disappeared." ' I

In referenoa to the loan conversion r ■<"*■• -m alluded to m reoent cable news, the ' l-von ing Post " Btatoß that it is simply the ma uring of arrangements whioh have been m preparation for some time past. Two 5 per cent 'oans, amounting together to about £1,600,000 are just about facing due. It has been arranged that they ohall be converted into a new 3k per oent istu^. The Bank of England has undertaken to float the new loan at 97, but a private letter received by Dr Newman from a member of the Legislature who is now m Lendoa, states that it i» believed that it will be got off at more than par, judging from present feeling about the colony's Btook. The conversion will result m a dear saving to the oolony of 624,000 a year. Other loans will mature m the oourso of tho next two or three years, whioh can bo similarly dealt with.

Certainly the Moat Effeotive MEDICINE m tho world is SANDER and SONS, EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Test its eminent powerful offeots m Coughs, Colds, Influenza, etc, ; the relief is instantaneous. Thousands give the most gratifying testimony. Read this certificate : — " 24th April, 1885.— Messrs Sander and Sons,— lt is with the greatest of pleasure that I testify to tbe excellence of your Eucalypti Extraot. Having had inflammation of the bone of the leg, whioh oame on after a severe attack of low fever, I was attended by Dr J f Boyd, who had made strenuous efforts to save my leg, but without success. He found it necessary to amputate my limb. Having heard m the meantime of the wonderful curea worked by the Eucalypti Extraot, I obtained a bottle, and the extraot had not been applied more than an hour when I began to feel greatly relieved. After applying the extraot every four hours for nine or ten days I was out of all danger. I would persuade all who may be affected with any auoh disease to give the Eucalypti Extracts trial, and I am convinced that they will find it the most wonderful of medicines. — Yours, etc. B. J. Gobnow, Wattle street Sandhurst, -(Advt.) 5

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LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2233, 23 September 1889

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2233, 23 September 1889

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