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a SPECIALLY AUTHORISED WHOLHttALE AGENTS IOR HEW ZEALAND, 1 ME3OIIB P. DAYMAN & CO , Danodin Christchurch, Wellington, and Anckl land. Too abovo carry a complete stock o H. li. KuaKuiANN and Co 'a Standard Herba , Magneiic _i«-audii.s, whio'** may be obtained fr m nil Chemists aad Storekeepers all over the G.obe. I LCOAL AOENTB FOR H. E. KUGELMANN AUD OO.'d MAGNETIC MEDIOINE-— Goods can bo procured from the following,— ASHBU RTON—C. M. Bkookb, Chemist. John Onn dt 00., Mo-chants EAKAIA— O. Hahdy and Co , Merchants ■' These nnrivallod Herbal MccHcineß are universally acknowledged to bo tho best in tha world, Thoy nre' quite different to nil others known, being absolutely nusurpasßod in their universal excellence . They arc absolutely specific for those complaints for which thoy are specially prepared, and are frto from poison ami all mineral drags, and aro qtzite pleasant to tako. THB BALSAM OP PARADISE, FCR ALL LUNG AND THROAT DISEASES 1 As flronohitia, Asthma, Wheesing, Coughs, Colda, Fog Fover, Sore Throat, Blooding from Langs, Tightness on tne Oheßt, lnflammation of Lungs, Collapse of the A r Calls, Induration of Langs, Congestion of Lnngs, etc , etc. It is tho only medicine known to mankind that will completely cure Consumption in its onrly stages. It in composed of choice fruits, flower seeds, gums, balsams, and horbs. It renovates and fattens the weakest constitution, alike of young or old. It ia iccorodingly pleasant to take, and causes an immediate improvement In all who take it. Sold in bottles at 2s 6d 4b, 6b, and 10s. «' THE BOOM OF THB COMING CENTURY '» H.E. Kugelmnnn's ELEOTBIO ESSENCE. An external remedy for all pnins or aches. Nothing hke this has evor boon known, and nothing else will ever equal it. If you have a rheumatism or goaty pain that yon do not care aboat, obtain a bottle of this Electric Essence and it will make yon happy. Uso it for sprained bocks, knee joints, ali swellings, dropsy, back ache, sciatica, nenralgia, weak spines, lumbago, contractions, lamoness, cramps, quinsy, mnmps, diphtheria, cronp, and for all painß and aches. Never be without it for snako bite, and all bites of insccta or b tin cs, and for burns, cats, and scalds. Price .sudand 7s, H. E. KUGELMANN-8 BYE OINTMENT AND ANODYNE EMOLIBNT. rbie is undoubtedly the finest Pharma ceutical produot of the century. An immediate cure for chilblains and froßt-bltcs Nothing qithorto known oan compare with this Oint • ment for Its marvellous excellence, elegance of combination and ?uporior effectiveness. It will caro all eye diseases, aB Bun Blight, Sandy Blight, Watery Blight, Matter or Humory Blight, Inflammation of Eyes and Lids, Chronic Opthalmia, and all and every Eye Disease * and as well it is the best and nioest thing possible for Fly Bite, Mosquito Bites or Stings of Scorpion*-, Centipedes, Spiders, otc., and For Sore Throats, Co.ghs, Mumpß, Quinsy etc., it is simply splendid. All weak nervous persons should use it to rnb well in down the spine and on the stomaoh. We guarantee that all who uso this once will never be withont it. Bold only In jars at 2s 6d and £>« eaob. H. E, KUGKLMANN'S HEBBAL MAGNJsTI-J OINTMENT. Ihis nnrivallod Herbal produot is nndoub'XMlly tho best Ointment over elaborated for curing old sorcn, bad logs, nlcors, flßtules, piles, bleeding piloß, eruption b of tho akin, broken chilblains, cuts, wounds, etc, etc, eto In jnts at Is, Ib Od, 2s 6d, and 6s oach. THE HERBAL MAGNHTIO TONIO LIVER AND 6TOMACH RESTORER. For all liver complaints, biliousness, jinn uico, congeßted liver, enlarged liver and Bplooi. languor, drowsiness, pains between tho shoulders, chronia indigestion and all stomach complaints, heartburn, flatulency, Boar stomach, vomitting of food, lobb of appetite, sick hoadache, nervooßncss, nervous dobility, prostration, and the convalescing stages of all acnto diseases. Sold in bottles at 6s and 10s each, THE NATURAL ELECTRIC BLOOD PURIFIER. .his medicine has no equal for all blood and akiu dieoasoe, porto-itly freo from aurcury, arsenic, and all minoral drugs. Novor fnils to cure tho worßt forms of ecroinla, Bcurvy, eczoma, itch, ulcers, abcoascß, sore lege and breasts, and all discas-H having thoir origin in the blooii. It will work wonderß In every case without exception. — -co handbook, prices 4s 6d,CB 6d, and 12s 6d each bottlo. THE JPLUID HERBAL LIFE. Thia Is tho soul of plrvnto, nnd abeoluto specific for chronic neuralgia, faceocho, tooth acho, tlo dolorenz, swollon face, gumboil, and aracho. Trice Ib 9d and 3s per bottlo, THE HERBAL MAGNETIC LIVER PILLS These Pills are unrivalled, and Buperior to all others for all liver troubles, biliousness. costiveueßß, piddineßS, indigestion, wind and heartburn. They are composed solely of the vital proportieß of herbß, are coated and tasteless. At Is Od and 3b eaoh. These ; should bo kopt in every honse, as they are a sore oure for nnmborlcss ills, THE CHILDREN'3 VITAL EBSENOE. I This is a liquid iood medicine, prepared and adapted exclusively for permanently removing tho ailments and distasos of infants nnd ohildron in ovory conntry and climate. It gives life, energy, flesh, bono and muscle to tho frail and wasted infant, and will reßtoro the health, vitality, vigour, and plut-pneßß of the weak, dlaoaßod, or sickly child. Boing Sleaaant to take, it iB readily taken by all. old in two only, price 2s 6d nnd 8b each ■with onr jraaranteo attached, withont which it cannot be gennine. HERBAL MAGNETIC ABTHMA CUBE This unrivalled Herbal Compound is undoubtedly the boat inhalent in all Asthmatioal complaints and Di'Ucult Breathing, as Dry Asthma, Humid Asthma, Spasmodic Asthma, ; Nervous Asthma, Bronchitis, Wheezing, ; Tightness en the Chest, Catarrh, Hay Fevor, ' Cold sin the Head, «_o, Ao, Bold at 8s 6d, 6s 1 and 10s. I HERBAL MAGNETIC SNEEZING POWDER. ' This is a most useful littlo remedy of a very . uniform and 1 ositivo ohurnctor. It hnn been [ doviied and u?od for many yoirn for Golds in 1 tho Hood, Catarrh in tho noao, Hay oy : ' Ozena, Naßnl Polypus, and nil Obstructions ;r. 1 the Nose or Naßal Passages. Sold at 2s, s. 5 1 H E. KUGELMATSTN & UO. BOLE PROPRIETORS. Manufacturers of Electrlo aad Proprietary Mcdicincß, Distillers of Essential Oils and Medical L'quors, otc, otc., dth Avenue, New York City, U.S.A. , Australian Head Office ana W irehouso : 172 nnd 174 William street, Melbourne, Viotoria I Plantations nnd reducing establishment a Mount Paradise," Gen-brood. Gipyshnd. Don't fail ttoead our Descriptive Handbook . Hailed free io any addreas, or nay bo had L ppo appllca 119 * l ;,.f

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 4, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2228, 17 September 1889

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 4 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2228, 17 September 1889