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Until the repairs to the High Sobool a effeoted the boy soholara will meet at St Stephen's Boboolroom. We notioe that Mr Harry Mayo haß ! acquired Professor Bobottom'a business m 1 East street. The Hon W, Robinson'a horses, xnoluding Chain Shot, Exohange, Merrie England, etc., will be sold m a fortnight. Twenty-eight bead of pure bred Ayrßhireß bred by Mr James Little, of AUeudale, Waikari, were sold at Ohristchuroh on Friday, at prices ranging very low. The Grown Brewery malthouse at Christoburoh caught fire on Friday night while drying sawdust for the use of the Belfast Freezing Works. The fire waa soon extinguished. The extent of tbe damage has not yet been ascertained. Return tickets at Saturday fares will be issued at main line stations next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for Timaru, and on Thursday and Friday for Waßhdyke, for the Timaru races, available to return till the following Monday. . A Chrißtohurch butcher, named Job HowelJ, was fined £1 eaoh on four informations, with witness' expenses, Bolicitor's fee, and oourt costs, m all £8 10s, for not reporting for four separate weekly periods tbe number of beasts killed m his slaughter-house, as required by the Selwyn County Council. The Edinburgh Exhibition of 1886 inoluded grounds to the extent of 16 acres, but the building covered only six aores. It is interesting to note that the ugh tbe exhibition at Dunedin, tbe modern Edinburgh, includes only an area of 12 aores, there will be from 7£ to 8 aores covered by buildings. The London correspondent of a New York I paper haß cabled the important news that at. a recent reoeption m Paris, Gounod, ibo oomposer, lost a button from hiß dress ; also that tho hostess picked it up, aad returned it to its owner, backed with gold, and set with diamonds. It has sinae become the fashion for popular composers to wear thair buttons attached by a single thread. It is fifty years ago thiß moctb and tbe beginning of next month since the Now Zealand Company despatched the first five ships with settlers (or New Zealand. Tbe Tory, with the preliminary expedition under Colonel William Wakefield (according to Mr J. H. Wallace, of Wellington), left England on 6th May, 1839, tbe Cuba, with the survey, ing staff, followed on Ist August. The Aurora, the first vessel with passengers, reaohed Wellington on the 220 d January, 1840, tbe 50th anniversary of which event will no doubt be fittingly celebrated at our exhibitioo. In 1866 Henry Irving stood en the stage of a theatre at Liverpool wondering what he Bbould do m the summer months, when tbe theatre would be closed and he would be left without an engagement or a shilling. A lotter was brought to him from Dion Bouoicault offering him a part m a new play and aßkiDg bis terms. " Six pounds a week," he \ wrote, and added that he hoped the part was a good one. The answer was charaoteris^io : — " Dear Sir,— The part is a good bne. The salary is more than I intended giving, but I never bargain with an artist. — Yours, Dion Bouoicault." On the 30th of May an exciting soene ooourred m the cirous at Marseilles, where some bull fights have been given. In the midst of tho performance tho toreadors, learning that the manager had decamped with the receipts, which were under £8, refused to go on. A bull had been let m the arena, and the audience burled the benches, music-stands, cushions, flagstaff a, and even the very doors at the terrified animal. Everything was smashed to atoms, and when the crowd was driven out of the building by the police it prooeeded to dilapidate the exterior of the oirous by a hailstorm of road metal and paving stones. The only Maooabe is to appear at the i OddfellowB 1 Hall this evening, bis stay here being for one night only. The veteran's abilities as an entertainer aro well known, and Mdllo Minnia, who accompanies him, is spoken of as an accomplished dwnseuse, and of great assistance m some o! tho soones. From reports which ronoh us from Australia, and from tbe places m New Zealand which Maooabo haa touched on his present tour, it i would appear that he is excelling himself m this his farewell visit to the oolonies. Buoh showmen aB he are not often Been ; no doubt there will be a big reoeption for our old friend to-night. The Melbourne " Argus," wri ing on the labor Btrike, Bays: — To explain the exaot position of the companies, it is neoessary to set forth tho capital whioh they have invested and the returns which they actually received last year. The ordinary stook of the East and West India Dook Company represents £2,385,000; that of the London and St Katharine's Company, £5,756,697 ; and that of Ihe Millwall dock, £599,700. The totalvalue of the ordinary Block is £8,741,397. On thiß the distribution for one year was £78,550, or less than 1 per cent. To these figures mast be added the debentures and preferred stock, which amount m value m tho case of the three companies to £9,210,713. Tbe grand total, therefore, of the capital whioh has been pnid up m different ways is #p Jeßo than £17,952,110 And on this amount the return for distribution ia .altogether £947,070 or Jobs than 2 per cent. ,the great part of wbioh }9 Bellowed up |by tbe yufeired ihftref,

\ The British Nurses' Association has been : formed, whero trained nurses shall be registered. Of the 15,000 now estimated to be m I England nearly 25Q0 have joined the aeso- ! oiation; The appeal to Parliament m tbe " Nine* teenth Oen'.ury " for June againßt the enactment of a woman suffrage law, and signed by Mrs Humphry Ward and others, has had the effect of producing a flood of papers on the subject m nearly all the English reviews for July. Moat of them favor woman suffrage. A good programme of music, etc., waa gone through at the meeting of the Presbyterian Ghnroh Musioal and Literary Sooiety, hold m the churob, on Thursday evening, a very good attendance of about eighty members being present, with Mr Crniphead m the chair. The items given were — Piano solo, Miss Orr ; song, Mies Kidd ; Bong, Mr Kersol ; trio, piano, MiHßou Pass (2), and flute, Mr Dovyle ; reading, Mr Barrett ; song, Mr Yates (encored) ; reading, Miss Stewart ; duet, piano, Miss Boyle, cornet, Mr Baxter (enaoroci); organ solo, Miss Kidd; song, Mr Jamieson ; flute solo, Mr Dowlo ; song, Mr Yates (encored) ; song, Mr Keraol. The British Postmaster-General, Mr Raikes, j hae deaided upon the introduction of a threepenny post card. This will be principally used for the Australian servioe, and will be issued at an 1 early date. The stamp whioh appears upon tbe card is an entirely new design. For the "head "of the Sovereign, whioh has hitherto formed the main feature of the British stamp, Mir Baikes haß substituted a full length figure of Her Majeßty m her Jubilee' robes. The stamp whioh, together with tbe superscription, is printed m a red of a shade somewhat similar to that of the old red penny, is very effective. The last of the Caledonian Sooiety's Inglesides for the Beaßon was held last night, and was the moat successful and pleasant of the season, the Oddfellows' Hall being well filled, and the musio, danoing and singing very much enjoyed. Tbe principal contributors to the evening's entertainment were Messrs Gates and Ward's string band ; Mr Kereel, Mr and Mis Peter Williams, Miss Annie Gates, and Miss Butler, who sang scngs ; the. Misses and Mr Gates, a "laughing" trio (enoorad) ; Messrs Craighead (3) and Dunn/ quartette ; Miss Holloway, piano solo. Highland Marches ; Mr Alex MoKay, pipe musio ; the Laghmor Highlanders, headed by the President of the Association, Mr Donald McLean, with danoeß ; and Mr MoKenzie, with the Highland Fling: The Misses and Mr Jamieson, Messrs Stewart and Soott and Mr A, MoKay contributed towards the dance musio. Tbe gathering was under the direction of Mr Ohas. Reid, and oame to an end all too soon at the smallest hour, leaving everybody to look forward to similar happy meetings next winter. The •• Country Journal " says : — The followiog result has been scoured this year from the seoond generation of Colonial grown cow crass seed, grown at Riooarton by Mr J. Deans: — A six aore paddook of oow grass produoed fifteen tons of hay; it wbb then allowed to seed, and yielded 18871 b, equal to 314£1 b per acre. A twelve aore paddook produoed thirty tons of hay and 34431 b, equal to 2871 bof seed per aore. Thus we have a total of forty-five tons of bay, worth on the farm £3 per ton, equal to £135 ; and 53301 b of seed at 7d per lb. equal to £115 • or a total of nearly £14 per aore. Good as these resultß are, they would have been better had it not been for tbe fact that the olover had little or no rain from the time the hay waß out till the seed was ripe. While the olover saed was In cook wet weather intervened, and doubtless dtatroyed a considerable percentage of the seed. As regards the seed, it has proved itself to have a germinating power equal to 90 per cent ,whioh materially enhances its value, as compared with imported seed. Olover growing is now an established industry m New Zealand — thanks to tbe humble bee. Hitherto the Ameriosn " small boy," who every fourth of July deliberately courts the bubble reputation at the cannon's mouth, by converting odd bits of -gas piping into toy ordnanoe, the explosion of whioh leads to the air being darkened by tbe fragments of small boys' fingers and toes, ha 3 been esteemed the most reckless of mischievous urchins. His dare devilry has, however, says the." Home News," been surpassed by the almost inoouoeivable foolhardiness of four lads, averaging nine years of age, who have been convicted' at Lancaster of obstructing a train at Preston. It appears that these urobins, while treß; . passing on the line between Lancaster and Moreoambe, determined " to have a lark "by stopping a train. Oae of tbe young gamins ooolly lay down on the traok between the rails, remarking that if the train did not sop, but went over him, he would not be hurt. In this assumption the boy was technically oorreot ; but how many adults—; not being railway employees — would bo daring enough to try the experiment? The other lads sat on one of the rails. As it happened, the engine driver Btopped the train within a yard of the young desperadoes. They were destined, however, to bo ultimately oorreoted, three of them being ordered to be birched by a polioe sergeant. If mothers m general shared the nerve exhibited by mothers m Ceylon, trouble would be Bpared m many a household: " Bttbien wanted for crocodile bait. Will bo returned alive." If newspapers abounded m Ceylon as muoh as orooodiloa do, (cays the "Ceylon Catholio Messenger "), advertisements worded like the foregoing would be common m their want columns. As it ia, the English orooodiio hunter has to secure his baby by personal solicitation. He is often successful, for. Ceylon parents, as a rule, have unbounded confidence m the hunters, and will rent their babies ont to be used as orooodile bait for a small consideration. Ceylon crocodiles suffer greatly from ennui \ they prefer to lie quite still, soothed by the sun's glittering rays, and while away their lazy lives m meditation, But when a dark browD infant with ourling toeß sits on a bank ana blinkß its eyes at them, they throw off their oloak of laziness and make their preparations for a delioate morsftl of Geylonese baby humanity. When the orooodile gets ■ about half way up the bank, the hunter, conoealed behind some reeds, opens up fire, and the hungry orooodile has his appetite and life taken away at the same time. Tbe sportsman secures the skin and head of the orooodile, and the rest of the oaroase the ! natives make use of. The following extract from a letter to the " Press " by the Very Bey the Dean of Christohurob, should set at rest tbe question as to Lord Salisbury having visited New Zealand : — " Sir,— l was not aware tbat tbe visit of England's present Premier, the Marquis of Salisbury, to Now Zealand was a matter of doubt. Had I known this I qould readily have oleared up the doubt. Lord Robert Ceoil Btayed for some days (m the year 1853, I think) at Carterton, m tbe Heathoofe Valley, with the Rev R. R. Paul (afterwards Archdoooon Paul), and at that time joint oommißsary of the 3ishop of New Zealand with tbe Roy Oot. Mathias (afterwards Archdeacon). Mr Paul brought Lord Robert to Bee me, and I had tbe honour of entertaining him at dinner m what was then the grammar aqhool, a house whjoh is still standing opposite S.t Michael's Ohuroh, at the corner of Liohfield street and Oxford torraoe. One oharaoterißtio inoident ooourred whioh 1 have not forgotten m the oourse of hiß brief vieiti I took him across to Bee the old ohuroh, the motbor ohuroh of Ohristohuroh, now St Michael and All Angelfl. My little dog followed mo unnoticed up to the altar rails. Lord Robett. who was not used, as wo were m those days, to the intrusion of dogs into Biared places, having suddenly caught sight of tho intrudor, was ehooked at the profanity, and with a vigorous kiok sent him bowling down the church." Certainly ihfi Most Effective MEDICINE m the world is BANDER and SONS, I EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Test its eminent powerful effeots m Coughs, Colds, Influenza, I eto, ; the relief is instantaneous. Thousands give the most gratifying testimony. Read this certificate :— " 24th April, 1885 Messrs Sander and Sons, — It ia with the greatest of pleasuro that I testify to the excellence of your Euoalypli Extraot. Having had inflammation of tho bone of the leg, wbiob oame on after a severe attaok of low fever, I was attended by Dr J. Boyd, who had made, strenuous efforts to save my leg, but without i success. He found it neqessary to amputate my limb. Having heard m the meantime of the wonderful cureß worked by the Eucalypti Extract, I obtained a bottle, and the extract had not been applied more than an hour when I began to feel greatly relieved. After applying tho extraot every four hours for nine or ten days I was out of all danger. I would persuade all who may be affected with any Buoh disease to give the Eucalypti Extraots trial, and I am convinced that they will find it the moßt wonderful of medicines.— Yours, etc.. B. J. Gtonqw, Wattle (tout Sanfrwt,

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