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A young widow, m erecting a monument to the dear departed, oteverly avails herself of the opportunity to inscribe upon tbe tomb ; Sacred to the memory of Mathuzin Bezuohet, , who departed thia life aged 68 years, regretting the necessity of parting from the most g oharming of women. The Hon. W. Robinson, who returned from his legislative duties on Thursday week has been seriously ill since. On Saturday three dnotrOrß held a consultation and deemed all hopes of an ultimate reoovery impossible. His heart is affeoted. Qa Saturday at noon be rallied Blightly, but for a short time only. He gradually got worse, and died this morn, ing. It is announoed from Melbourne tbat M* John S. Borstal! — ao widely known throughout Australia as a partner m the great wool firm of Riohard Goldsbroqgh and Go;, latterly Goldsbrough, Mort and Oo; Limited, of v/hioh he was a Direotor— has transferred hiß nllegianoe to their rivals, the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, Limited, taking with him his business and influenoe. Mr Horsfall is the owner of several station properties aud has just been rebooted to tbe Presidential ohair of the Australian Sheep Breeders' Association. • Cornrne&ting on the reoent proceedings ia connection with fbe Kaiwarra murder, th® " New Zealand TfooeS v says with a good dea 1 of foroe :— " Thero was no perjury apparent at all, only great deaf of V sparaped " deteotivo work. The police, m common - parlance, " made a mesß "of the oase, and what they have suffered through this recent . ' perjury proseoutjiou they richly deserved., Tbe oase will servo for referenoe m the future, and the experience of it should be '"walable to tbe police foroe of the oolony." The 06880 ' gotttog butyer from btfryjng cream *m i***- eftrtn ** ttfl keen a a i»ooess m Viotoria Thin " ,etbod haß be6n tried by £yta?peopTe with Ba^^f' 8 ' " nd one writes :-" We noticed a rcJ? 1 . 0 * l ™ butter making whioh was quite new to üb, ana _ m . B 7 Bay ] that we thought it to be a rather silly one. Wo determined to try it on the quiet, however, and if it had turned out a failure, as 1 we oxpeotod it would, no one would ever bave known that we had spoilod our oroam ; bat as it turned out a grand suooess, I am. pleased to be able to inform the readers of your valuable paper that what would under any of the ordinary processes take several houtß oan be done m a few minutes after tbe cream has been placed m a calico bag and buried six inohes under ground for twenty-four hours. I think that a thing of this sort should be made as widely known as posible." The best Rkmedy for Indigestion.— Norton's Pills are confidently recommended as a sinij.L remedy for indigestion, which is the cause of niarly all the diseases to which we are subject. Nor to . Pills, with justice called the " nature's (strengthener of the. human stomach." ast as a powerful tonic and gtntle aperient, are mild m their operation, and safe under any circum* stances. Sold m bottles at is ij£d» 2s Qd, i py.all medicine ywo>n throughout tho world.

At Obristohuroh on Saturday a man named I roseph Earnt-haw was oommitted for trial on r i oharge of horse stealing. j The third of the series of shilling oonoortß n St Stephens schoolroom takes plaoe,tomorrow. A good programme has been prepared. Nameß of performers are given in in advertisemant oolumnt . j The B. M.S. Bimutaka, with the English < mail arrived at Wellington at 2 p.m. yester-. day. The s.s. Wanaka sailed for Lyttelton last night with the Southern portion of. the mail, bo that it should be delivered in Ashburton this evening, We remind those interested that a meeting is to be held at the Borough Oounoil Ohambers this evening at halt-past seven, when important arragements will be considered. We trust that all who can possibly attend will do so. At the B.M. Oourt this morning, before M* T. Bulloofr, J.P., a lad named Harold Edward 8 was charged with oruelty to a horse. The boy was ordered to pay ooats amounting to 4s, and an order was given for the destruction of the horse. Tbe Canterbury Amateur Athletio Club's Oross-Country Baoe run on Saturday at t the New Brighton Baoecoarae was won by M. . Suokling (2min 25aeo) without muoh difficulty, and Humphreys was seaond some sixty or seventy yards in front of Phillips, P. Wood, Oußaok, Collins, and Mannering, who formed the advance guard of tho tough band who "ran it out." There were thirty starters, comprising representatives from all parts of Canterbury. . ; Some very welcome showers of rain fell on Saturday night and Sunday morning, but muoh more is needed. In ths Northern districts there has been a good rainfall and tho anxieties of farmers have been lelievedifor the present, Our Bakaia correspondent writes :— After a considerable spell of dry weather, and some pretty stiff nor'-westers, we enjoyed a few hours splendid rain during Saturday 'night and Sunday morning whioh do an immense amount of good, and was weloome to farmers and all. The ordinary meeting of the Hampstead Sohool Committee was held on Friday. Present: Messrs Orr (ohairman). Fawcett, Andrews, Johoßtone and Smith. Mr Fawoett reported that half of the grant of £2 had' been expended in planting and that the balance would be similarly applied. The master's report showed the attendance at 320, and number on roll 365. It was resolved to grant the sum of £2 10s out of the treat funds for crioket and tennis appliances. It was also resolved that half the sum of s loa received for use of sohoolroom should be given towards the fund for crioket and lawn tennis and half to the caretaker. A statement of aooount in connection with last year's treat showed there was a credit balanoe of £8 6s 3d A quantity of routine business was transaoted and the committee adjourned, The official report of the New York State shearing held at Oanandaigua shows the heaviest ram fleece of four year olds of American merinos to have been 321b lloz. whioh, when cleaned, weighed 81b soz.' Of the three year old rams, heaviest shearing, 321b 3soz. The heaviest ram fleeoe of the two year olds weighed 321b lOoz. The best of one year old rams was 241b 2}oa. Of four year old ewes, the heaviest fleece was 171b lOoz ; of three year olds, 201b 14£ozs ; of two year olds, 261b Bozs ; and of yearlings, 161b. At Metamora. Miohigao, at the shearing of the Lapeer County Sheephreeders? and Woolgrowers' Club, Mr A. Baldwin's five yea* old merino ram sheared 331b 3Aoz ; Mr D. F. Stone's four year old ram, 381b ; Mr B;. F. Stone's three year old ram, 391b 15oz ; and Mr Kelly's two year old ram, 101b 111b of wool. The annual report on the Post Office tuff Telegraph Department showß that the total revenue for the year was £319,840, the balanoe of revenue over expenditure being £54,455. The revenus inoroased by £8381, and the expenditure deoreased £9250. The increase, aB compared with 1887, in the various rnnrh4 of post oflbe business waa aB follows ! —Letters, 1,020,240; post oayds, WjiO**, books and sample p'aokets, 408,603 ; newspaperß, 820,526. The revenue of the post offioe eioeeded the expenditure by £53,187, whioh sum, however, is to be reduced by £13,578, due for convoyanae of mails by sea. Jn tie Telegraph Department 1,765,863 tele- ! grams of all oodeß were transmitted — a decrease of 62,531 as compared vyith 1887.. The department showed a balanoe of revenue over expenditure of over £5000. The Telephone Department shows a balance of revenue over expenditure of £6000, The Legislative Councillors invited his Exoellenoy the other day to immolate him* self by solemnly gorging in melanoholy silenoe in their company. The solemnity is said to have passed off with ths slow suooeus of a well, ordered funeral, but a special Con reppondec); discoverer} (thpao wipked. specials are always finding put abmetpipg tljoy have no business to) that the $5 persons present Bwallowed 36 bottles of PommeryJ Now oome in tho question— " Who had the odd one?" Did they palm it off on the only teetotaler present as Apollioaria water ? Did bis Exoollcnpy require tjiq support of the extra bottle to enable hitn to get through tbe solemnity ? Did the premier put, it in one of bis famous bootß ? Did our Fergus put it in his manly breast and hide it with his lovely beard ? Or, did Mr Hislop seek to Ward off trouble by drowning bis fast ChrliticVmng trouble in the flowing bowl ? Our special sayeth not. And it still remains a moot question, " Who had the odd one ?"— "Butterfly,"— "Dunedin Herald." Mr George T. Sullivan writes to th e " press " and in reference to the question o* his identity says that f« there f are Kree*thinkers' Associations all through Amerioa who are "bitterly opposed to Christianity] My brother being in sympathy with them, I believe would'aaorifioe any principle to sustain the aboye Assooiatipps fn their persecution of active Christian work, Hence, I could pot. nor p&pnof now, see it poßßible to satisfy them or the public. My leaving home at an early age, and becoming separate from my family, also prevents me furnishing any other evidenoes. I have an American lady friend in Wellington who will in all probability communicate with the Press Bubßequent to her interview with the "Miss Burns," of whom I have never heard before. With reference to the term "Converted athlete," it wob altogether a voluntary apt og the part of otberi, and onp wifli whioh % never had any sympathy.'.' A'oorresponddnt sepds the same paper the Wellington " Watchman " of June 20, wbiob stateß on the beßt authority, that Miss Aokerman, on whom Mr Sullivan called while she was in Wellington, knew his wholo history, hia family, and his aptepadents quite well, and thus in thy strongest m auger attested Mr Sullivan's bona fides, SANDEB and SONS' EUCALYPTI EX" TBACT.— In protection of the world-wide fame our manufacture has acquired all over the globe, we publish tho following : — Hazard, M.D., Professor of General Pathology and Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System, says in an editorial published in the " Olinioal Beoord : "— " We have examined half-a-dozen speoimons of different manufactures; the preparation of Sander and Sons was the only one' that preyed to be reliable and corresponding to scientific tests.?' Ajaqthor conqustion called " Befined Extrapt of Eurialyptuß " has made its appearanoo oincoi ' This product stands, aooording to Dr Owen', fdremost in causing injurious effeots /That gentleman at a meeting of the Medical gooiety bi . Victoria j that a child living at Fitzroy beoame most seriously indisposed through its use. In another case's lady states on the strength of statutory declaration ( I that she suffered qruelly front the etfeots of the same oonoootion, To guard tbe high reputation of our manufacture we feel warranted in exposing the above faots, and desire the put).':? to oxeroise caro and preoau. Hon when buying. £*HPJ» *°* fORBw Advt. 7 lIOLLOWAV'S OIN't'MRNT AND PILLS.— Coughs, Influenza, — The soothing properties of those medicaments render them m]l worthy of trial in all diseases of the lungs. In common colds and influenza the Pills taken internally and the Ointment rubbed externally are exceedingly efficacious. When influenza ir, epidemic this treatment is easiest, safest, and surest. Holloway's Pills and Ointmsnt purify the blood, remove all obstructions to its free circulation through the lungs, relieve the pvergorged air tubes, and render respiration free without reducing the streng h, irritating the ncrvee, or :depressing the spirits, Such are the ready means of saving suffering when afflicted wi'h' colds, jcouphs, bronchitis, and other complaints by which so many are seriously and permanently afflicted in most countries

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2221, 9 September 1889