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It haa beep found that a nfokel-plated ballet will go through a man, where one mthout will stop shprt, and England will bereafler niokel.-plate all hor bullets. Tbe " New Zealand War Ory '' fa shprtly "nlargfld fp eight pages. A new feature to be t -^laggd io the form of portraits ib to be init^... --^fc ooloDfal ptfioere, and and lives ol prommt- i hl> iijn Btratioos8 tratioos more attention given to •.. generally. In the Supreme Court at Ohristoburoh yesterday Hiß Honor Justioe Denniston gave judgment m the oase of Siloook v Geialdine County Oounoil for plaintiff for amount olaimed, £466 13s 4d, with oosts on the middle scale. At loßßt 80 millions of pounds sterling are loßt m Great Britain every year, according to the calculations of the " London Stock Ezohango " committee, through unprofitable speculations. The thrifty working classes are said to make, as a rule, the moat ol the ruinous investments. It is. sometimes the practice of the colleges at Oxford and Cambridge to eleot as their " heads " men who have been long divoroed from University life, but have gained distino* tiou m other careers. The headship of BraaenoDO College, Oxford, falls vacant m October, and the fellows rather contemplate tbe eleotion.of Sir George Bowen. A case of some interest m medical . oiroles has been decided by the Adelaide Supreme Court, when a mandamus was isßned compelling the Medical Board of South Australia to grant a certificate of qualification to Dr George Bollen, of Port Adelaide. The Board had refused to recognise Dr Bollen's|[qualifioationß because he had graduated at an American university. The Geraldine County Counoil on Tuesday took the poll of the ratepayers m the Geraldine Flat Distriot on the proposal of the Counoil to borrow the sum of £900 for irrigation purdoseß m the dißtriot. On Wednesday a poll waa taken of the ratepayers m tbe Orari-Waihi district, on the Council's proposal to borrow the sum of £1600 for similar works m that distriot: The result of the polling m both diatriots was m favour of the races being constructed". The oaae of Vincent v the Queen oooupied his Honor Mr Justice Denniston, m ianoo, during the greater part of yesterday. The petitioner had reoovered a verdict at Hokitika for £900 on aooount of an aooident ooourring to him at Greymoutb, by an empty truck suddenly coming down an inoline whilst he wbb oroßßiDg the line. It waß new sought to nonsuit tbe plaintiff, or get a new trial on various grounds. His Honor took time to oonsider his judgment. The Melbourne papers report tbe diaappearanoo of a man named Charles O. Woods, the Seoretary of the Australasian Railways and Public Works Employees' Association and another mutual provident society founded by Bimilar persons. It is alleged that he has levanted, taking with him upwards of £1000 of tbe eooioties 1 funds. Woods, who is about 40 yearß of age and a married map,darrived m Viotoria. about two years ago from Hew Zealand. He was mixed up m raoing, having for trainer C. Rudings, the well-known New Zealand jockey. The Wellington correspondent of the Ohristohuroh " Press " is assured by Miss M. Burns, dreßßmaker, Lambton Quay, that she has no doubt that the person assuming to bo Sullivan ib Arthur Olampett. She wan walking m Ohrißlohuroh with a Mrs W. Wilson recently, when Miss Burns, notioing a photograph m the shop window, remarked, "Look, there's Arthur Olampbett. 3bo did not then know that he wan m New Zealand. She avers that be is much stouter than when aha last saw him eomo six or seven years ago, but hia features are unchanged. Misß Bums went to school m Water ford, with the members of the Olampett's family, and knew Arthur wall. Be was of a roving disposition, '&nd"of" unaettlfld habits. He was the poßßfissor oi a jjqbd bafis yoioe, and was m Waterford Oatfodral' choijf. £he last time Bhe heard of him was about six years ago, he was a memb.BE oK AH op«r» company m Ptlfelt. ■'"■ '

The Rink will be open tbia evening as j uaual. / Excursion tioketa to Dunadin for the Ofcngo Hunt Olnb racea will be issued on September 12 and 13, available for return till September 17. At a meeting of the 0.J.0. Committee held on Friday, the following resolution relative to the disqualification of ownerß, trainers, and jockeys taking part m the late Heathoote Race Meeting waa passed :— " Reaolved, that as hitherto Borne mifmpprehenßion has existed as to the terms of Eule 19, aa adopted at a general meeting of the 0.J.0., neld on the 28th May last, the disqualification under the tulo afleoting the owners, trainers, and Jookeyß takinp part at the Hoathoote Races on Monday, the 2nd instant, be removed." The Hon Thomas Hislop waa called aa a witness m the 8011-Jelliooo ease on Thursday. Sir R. Stout did not examine him, but tonderod him for orosa-oxamination. Immenae amufletnent was oausod by Mr Jolliooo's first quoßtion, which wbb — " Are you a Minister of the Grown ? " Mr HiBlop : " Yos." —Mr Jollicoe : " What ? " Mr Hislop (hesitating): "Yes."— Mr Jellicoe : "You seem m doubt about it. Are you not a Mioistor?" Mr Hislop: "Well, I really oould not say just now whether I am or not." (Laughter.) Mr Hislop's evidence was un. important, It does nob cay, says the " Inangahua Timeß." muoh for the condition of things m the. Grey Valley that numbers of swaggers continue to reaoh Reefton from that quarter m quest of work. It seems that nearly the whole of the work required on the railway lino ia let m sub-oontraots, and owing to the number of unemployed and pressure •of applications, these are being taken at prices at which many of the hands cannot earn more than from 20.i to 25a per week, while m other instances work is taken by parties of men, who, after laboring at it for a short time, throw it up with disgust, and march off, leaving the contractors to benefit by the work done. Kather a poor commentary upon the outoomo of this " great colonial work," whioh was to open up a paradiße for the working men. The " Nelson Mail " of last Saturday Bays : — This morning as the Bishop of Nelson was walking hurriedly from the Poet Office and turning the corner into Hardy street, a huge Newfoundland dog, whioh was trotting along m the opposite direction m an unconcerned and oarelesa manner, came into oootaot' with the episoopal gaiters, with the result that the owner of them was first of all brought up all Btanding, and then thrown down on his hands and knoea. Fortunately— for the Bishop, not the dog— the former came down on the latter, and the foroe of the fall on the hard asphalt was broken to suoh an extent that his Lordßhip rose smiling and unhurt. With the dog, however, it waa different, and the way m whioh it ran off howling when released from the burden bo suddenly imposed upon it may be aooepted as a sufficient guarantee that m future it wilt, if possible, avoid a collision with a ohuroh dignitary of the Bishop's calibre. The "Dunedin Herald," Bays.:— Wo are promised another round m the oonfliot between Mr Hislop and Mr Ward, the former giving it as bis reason tor resignation that "he wishes to have a free hand m dealing with Judge Ward." We shoold.advise him m all friendliness to refrain from provoking a contest for whioh he is totally unequal. The idea of Mr Hid I op, a harmless village hero, venturing upon a oontest with so Old and grisly a warrior m literary fields ac Mr District Judge Ward 1 We oan assure the former that Mr Ward is quite man enough to eat him up alive and ebow no signs of indigestion. It would be wiser on Mr Hialop's part to challenge say Slavin to fight to a finish than to attempt to deal " with H free hand " with Mr District Judge Ward. In the first oase he would only get his head knooked off him, but m the latter any shreds of reputation he may still possess would be spattered to the four winds of heaven. Mr Ward is an old and tried warrior m the regions of literary oontest, while Mr Hislop — wall, we do not oare to hit a man when he is down ; but, at any rate, he is totally unequal to the task that be hai set himself.

Mr Lightband, 0.D., of Obristohurob, has been interviewed 'by a representative of the 11 Lyttelton Times " regarding the exhibition* "My idea of the magnitude of the forthooming exhibition," said Mr Lightband, "was somewhat oircumßoribed till I aotually reached the site. I must confess that I was completely taken abaok at tho enormous proportions it has already aseumed ; and on inquiry I found that tbe work now being done wag only a Sea bito oompnrcd with what the buildjog will be at the time of tbo opening, and Bi ll it is very large. It far exceeds any anticipations that I had oonoeived of it; As Mr Joubort told me, tho roofed m spaoe is only about three acres short of that a^ Melbourne" Beinc anked if he was an exhibitor, Mr Lightband said, " I had at Qcst intended tq exhibit and applied for a small epaoe, but while I waß m Dunodin I was ao oopvinoed of the neoeesity of taking advantage of this advertising medium that I scoured a -"hole bay m preference to the small epaoe lv * u« " v " An allotted to me. I think it will tea g^at-pityif tne C?***»J j?-?Pl« <Jo not take advantage of so rare an opportunity to display the wealth of the oountry, and their ability to compete with other parts of the world."

A case of considerable interest to farmers and seedsmen was deoided m the R.M. Oourt Amberl ey on Thursday. A farmer sued a merchant for £88 ss, lobs alleged to have been sustained through defendant supplying Dale's hybrid turnip seed m place of Devon* shire greyßtone, as ordered. The loss was, on oats on thirty-Beven aorea £67 7s Qd, arid on fifty-fivojlaorea £18 15s. Plaintiff wap.ted turnips for early feed, and defendant recommended Devonshire greyßtone, whioh he said would be ready m April or May. Plaintiff sowed thirty-seven aore paddook, and on starting the other paddook found two labels marked *' Dale's Hybrid Turnip "m two bags* Plaintiff saw defendant's storeman, of whom he enquired if Dale's Hybrid was the seme as the Devonshire (Jreyntone. He said yes, it went by that name and other names. Plaintiff wrb satisfied, and went baok and sowed the fifty-five aoros. When the crop grew the turnips were like Aberdeen green or purple top. On forty aores the turnips did not grow at all, whereupon he re-sowed with Devon, shire greyßtone. The turnips whioh be ex. pooted to mature m April or May were not ready till July and August, and the oat crop suffered by the delay m Bowing, through the lateness of the turnip orop. For the defendant it was contended that the seed was not warranted. The Resident Magistrate (Mr O. Whitefoord) said plaintiff 'was entitled to a, fair amount for damages, whioh the Benoh i estimated would be met by a judgment for plaintiff for £17 10s and ooata, " Statutory Declaration.— l, Franz Raabe, Ironbark, Sandhurst, m the colony of Viotoria, Australia, do solemnly and sincerely deolare that on the 25th June, 1877, my Bon Alfred, six years of age, was accidentally hurt with an axe on his knee. lat once took all pains to seoure medical assistance, However, m Bpite of all efforts, on the 27th August, 1877, the opinion was given by Dr Maogillivray that an amputation of the injured limb had become imperative, m order to save life. At this juncture I called on Messrs Sander and Sons, procuring some of their Extraot of the Euoalyptuß Globulus, and by the application of the oame I bad the satisfaction of seeing my son within a fortnight out of all dangey, and to-day he is recovered. I may just add tha tit was when the crisis bad been reaohed that the Extraot referred to was first appliod. and I make this Holomn declaration, eta. F-banz Raabe. Declared at Sandhurst, m the aolony of Viotoria, Australia, this seventeenth day of Ootober, one thousand eight hundrod and seventy-seven before me, Morita Oohn, ,J.P.-(Advt.) 6 Keaiing's Cough Lozenges cure Coug Asthma, Bronchitis, Medical testimony state that no other medicine is so effectual m the I pure of these dangerous maladies, One Lozenge alone gives ease, one or two at any time ensures rest, For relieving difficulty m breathing they are invaluable, They contain no opium nor any violent drug, Sold bya)l Chetnists n isi»4d»nd| 2 s each.

Tub best Remedy for Indiqkstion.— Norton's Camomijle Pills arp confidently recommended as a simple remedy for indigestion, which is the cause of nf-arly all the diseases to which we are subject. Nov tq Pills, with justice called the "nature'B slrenpthener of the human stomach." ast as a power ul tonic and gentle aperient, are mild m their operation, and safe under any circumstances. vSold m bottles at is 1 %d, 2s 9^, b/ all mcdJcino vendor Jbroughout the wo?W.

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2220, 7 September 1889