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Cap to m R. A. Edwin, o Wellington, tele* | graghed to the Harbormaster at Lyttelton, at 3.13 p.m. on Tuesday, as follows: — "North to oast end south-east gale, with rain and. heavy Bea ; glass fall Boon." ' The " Melbourne Leader " states that Mr Bj Slater, a Gippsland veterinary surgeon, announces tbat he has at last disoovered an effective and nndoubled oure for the disease m horses known as springhalt. A publio teßt will shortly be held. The " Tapanui Courier " is of opinion that it is uo use whatever to oheok future planting of gorse without grubbing out what is already tbe Boil, and thinks that steps should be m taken to totally exterminate noxious plantß suoh as gorse and broom; Shelter is apparently not so badly needed there as m Canterbury, The " Whittington House " m London is established m one of the poorest districts m the East End. It offers a home within its walls to any poor but respeotable women and girls who are able to pay 4d for a night's lodging. A week's lodging oosts but 2s, and with board as well the bill amounts to 5s only. Rain is reported from Dunedin, Nelson* and the West Coast generally, and from Wellington cornea the prediction by Captain Edwin of storms and rain, so that we may hope that the drought has at last broken. There has evidently been heavy rain m the ranges the last two pr three days, but the temperature does not appear to have been i high enough to melt the snow. Castlereagh onoe acoused the humbler orders m England of an "ignorant impatience of taxation ; " but such a reproaoh could scarcely be levelled at them now, sinoe, thanks to Freetrade, and the permaneuoy of tbe income tax, the workipg olasees are almost wholly unburdened m respect to tbe revenue, and the great weight of taxation falls on tbe upper and middle ranks of the community/ Tba Hew Zealand Shipping Company have issued a return of all the steamers snd ships whioh left the oolony during tbe year ending June 30tb, with their tonnage and quantity of oargo oarried. It shows there were sent away 1,055.301 oaroases of mntton, and 43,520 quarters of beef of a total weight of 68,435,5981b5, 277,423 bales of wool and skins, 42,118 baleß of flax, 470,115 Backs of whe&f, 28,182 packages of tallow, aod 17,859£ tons of sundries. This was divided in(;o 37 oargoea taken by steameis, and 120 by sailing 'chips.

A London letter of July 13th thus summarizes the position of the Home marketß : — An upward tendenoy m the wheat trade has prevailed lately because of unfavourable crop reports from Ruesia, Hungary, Ropmauia, and parts of Germany ; but the average prioe last week was on'y 28s 4d a quarter, whioh is quite unremunerative to growers. In the oattle and sheep markets trade js dull just now ; but there is not much to oomplain of m prioes. Cheese is Belling at moderate prioes, and butter fairly for this time of year. Wool makes Id to ljd a pound more than tho average of this time last year.

The " Dunedin Herald " states that a fi?ht between two policemen took plaoe there last Saturday. One had conotfyjd somo illwill against the othor and repeatedly threatened him, and at lost the two went to a stable, looked the door, and "had it out." They went at it so merrily that Bounds from outside were unheard, and tbe door had to be broken open. It was then found that one bad been badly smashed, but tbo other " had chawed a goodj sized piooe out of his opponent's finger, and had nluo managed to mark hia nose badly." OkO Wag on duty on Monday, but the other was still unabla tp oppear m public;

A little stery by " SoaJfax " (" Witness "). They were sitting at the wings of the theatre waiting their cues, and he was determined to bring matters to a crisis that evening. He was not feeling very well, but he managed to say : " Beatrice, when I look down into your lambient orba, refulgent with the very Romeo gazing upon |his Juliet, I am completely lost m tbe realisation of my identity." And she, darliDg oreature, looked up into hia fape, radiant with heavenly hope, and softly murmured ; " Berredik, isn't your headaohe easier now? I should thipk you'd feel wonderfully relieved after getting all that out of your Bystem." Then he left,

'$Dbiaf— A Person cured of Deifne g an noiae& n the head of 23 years standing by « Bimrle Bomtdy, will ssnu a desorip tion of It jtbbe) to any person who applies to NiOßo&soif 176 William itrest, IS *)',bpttjMj

The total amount of the Customs revenue oolleoted fn the oolony for the first five months ot the financial year amounts to £593,618.

At the B.M. Oourt this morning a man named John Thomas Taylor was remanded to Wellington on a oharge of having failed to comply with an order of tbe B.M. Court there to provide for the maintenance ol his wife.

An auction sale of town lands was held by Mr Maroh, for the Waste Lauds Board, iv the Courthouse, Bakaia, on Tuesday. There was a very good attendanoe. Thirty-one sestions were sold, ohiefly at the upset prioe, and five were withdrawn. Two sections m the Chertßey township were put up, but only one was sold.

Among the minor inoidents of the reoent railway disaster a Home correspondent men>ions that at Armagh ia a small Methodist National Sohool, whioh ia now dosed. Its busy hum is no longer heard, for its soholars have simply been annihilated, and tbeir merry voioeß that onoe filled the sohoolroom are now stifled m death. They formed part of tbe ill-fated excursion, and only a few of them escaped. The school will m all probability remain olosed until a new generation of ohildren have grown up to take the plaoe of their hapleßS predecessors.

The Australian Shoep Breeders' Assooiation held their twelfth annual show of Btud sheep on August 19 h and|2oth. " GoWflbrough's Oiroular " says : — The exhibits, whioh were more numerous than last year, were, as usual, of a high standard of excellence, although evenness of type has oeased to be a leading oharaoterißtio, the admixture of Amerioan blood being at any rate conduoive to variety m form as well as m covering. Tha ohampiou prizes for the best merino ram and ewe m the show were awarded to Messrs M'Farland Bros., of Barooga, for Vermont-Australian sheep. Sheep from the same strain of blood were also suocessful iv oarrying off the highest honors m the grass-fed olasaes, Messrs F. L. Parker and Co., of Quaimong, taking the first prize for rams, and Messrs M'Farland Bros, for ewes.

In answer to a correspondent a Melbourne paper says : — " (1) The highest prioe paid for a merino ram was given m 1884, when a sheep bred by Mr John Oummings was knooked down by Messrs Fiaken, Valentine, and 00., at the annual ram sales m Melbourne, to Mr Thomas Gumming, at 3150ga. (1) Aa to the highest prioe brought for Victorian wool, there were some fanoy or exhibition paroels sold at the Australasian Stores, Melbourne, m February 1879, aa follows:— Merino, washed, grown by Mr Philip Russell, Oarngham, at 4s Id ; merino, greasy, grown by Mr Thomas F. Gumming, at 2s per lb. These figures, so far as we know, have not been exoeeded." We may add tbat washed merino wool, grown at Sir Samuel Wilson's Eroildorme Estate, has more than onoe exoeeded 5s per lb m the London Wool Sales,

At a tangi after the burial of Hera Piko Te One, a membar of the Ngatiawa tribe, and great grand-daughter of the late Wi Tako Ngatata, who died recently at Waiwetu, Hutt, Minarapa, an aged ohief of Taramki, said : — "Weloome, chiefs and Europeans, welcome ! Tbe hand of death has been at work and removed our friend from our midst to the shades of oblivion, Weloome I Gall for the dead. The dead who have followed those of our ancestors gone on before. What then, remains to us to do ? Weep for the dead, Farewell, ye departed, you have gone to tbe final abode of spirits, and now associate with our anoestors. European, T greet you I This day we are one, for wa meet on the common platform of death. Welcome I Tou bave our lands, and aot as tbeir controllers. It is well. And although the land is a souroe of dispute and soreness of heart, hear, to-day, nothing ib disputed, for have we not been oalled together by death, against whioh no unreasonable opinion oan be formed. Weloome, weep for the dead 1 "

At the annual meeting yesterday of the Canterbury Metropolitan Trotting Association the following alteration m rule 20 was unanimously agreed to : — " Tbat all trotting races held m the distriot south of the Hnrunui and north of the Waitaki rivers shall be run under the O.M.T.A. rules. Trotting Clubs racing under these rules shall pay the sum ..of £2 affiliation fee, and a subsequent annual subscription of £1, together with a fee of £1 per mooting, wbioh fee must be forwarded to the Saoretiry when forwarding programme for approval. Baoing Olubs who only include one trotting event per day m their programmes shall be entitled to all privileges of the Association upon payment of the affiliation fee and subsequent annual subscription. If a horse trots m any trotting race at any meeting whioh is not held under the OM.T.A. rules, pr at any meeting held by aDy Olub m the district as mentioned above, not affiliated with the 0.M.T.A., BUph horse shall be permanently disqualified from running at any meeting held under the Association rules, unless the Assooiation see just and euffioient reason to remove the disqualification,"

The importance of keeping good stook (writes " Freehold " m the " Australasian ") seems to bo so generally acknowledged, and we possess so many specimens of the best animals, that we are apt to oonsider pursplyea somewhat forward m breeding matters. It will surprise many, therefore, to hear thai Professor Wallace, professor of agrioiilture at tbe Edinburgh University, bas been muoh disappointed with the general body of our live stook. Our Btud herds are acknowledged to be exoellent, but the oattle on the farms and runs are oonspiouonsly poor. Even m the oase of sheep, m wbioh Australia is so far advanced, too muoh difference was observed between the Btuds and the ordinary flocks. Suoh remarks from a keen observer, and one 1 inclined to be a kindly pritio, should reoeive attention, and stimulate agricultural sooieties and the more advanoed breeders to renewed efforts m the direotion of improving the breed of farm stook. The loss to the [oolony of keeping an inferior olass of stock must be enormous, for the ill-bred animal eats as muoh grass or more than the well-bred one, while returning a muoh smaller profit. It is not too "muoh to say that an all round adoption of good stook would do more good than an 'inorease m the stook tax, and with the studs ready at hand we have the means of bringing about the desired ohange;

The ship Lady Joeelyn, whioh has just arrived, encountered a fearful tidal wave whioh rushed on board and threathened to engulf the vfßsel. To eßoape the sea was a matter of impossibility. The sea oame up and broke ten feet over the rail, sending the spray eighty feet high The sea washed the iron capstan head off and sent it overboard together with the bulwarks and boats, as soon as the mountain wave did its work. The gale continued with great fury, Tha ship was kept running at a speed of ten knots an hour. The vessel oontaiued a valuable oargo whioh caused the captain great anxiety on aooount of a number of valuable oases of new and ohoioe prints and drapery consigned to W. H, Collier, " The Corner," Ashburton, and which oould nat be replaoed at any prioe. Tbey are Bomo of the ohoioest goods every imported to this oolony. Buy none till you have inspected them.— (Advt') . 9122

We dip the following important testimonio from the " Illawarra Mercury " (N.S.W.) of the 30th Maroh. It needs no comment : — " Mr John Loveday, o! tho Bulli Mountain, wrAtes to us that after suffering for four years wish aoute gravel, ho has experienced almost oomplete relief by using Sander aud Sons' Euoalypti Extraot,. He says seeing the said Extraot advertised m ihe 'Jllawarra Meroury,' his intense suffering induced hjm to bbjtain a bottle of the medioine from Mr Hosking, ohemist, of thistown; and that the use of it gave him great relief at once. He states that between the 10th Maroh instant, when he obtained the first bottle of the extract, and the 19th, the use of that medioine continued to afford him relief, to which he had been a Blr anger for four years'. Mr Loveday writes also that he has found the Euoalypti Extraot a cure for rheumatism as v oil as gravel. He requests us to publish this information through the « Mercury.' We have much pleasure fn complying with Mr Loyeday's request, whose word flannpt be doubted, and who oan have no obieot m view other than a pure desire to benefit Buffering humanity," — Advt. 8

Keating's Cough Lozenges cure Coug h Asthma, Bronchitis, Medical testimony state that no o,ther medicine is so effectual m .the cure of these dangerous maladies. One Lozenge alone gives ease, one or two at any time ensures rest, For relieving difficulty m breathing they are invaluable, They contain no opium nor any violent drug, Sold byall Chemists n .^ |j i^d an 4wj each,

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LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2217, 4 September 1889

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2217, 4 September 1889

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