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, j The Bink will be open the usual days this ~ week— Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Steps are being taken to have the suburban _^ distriot of Eiohmond annexed to the oity gl "" Chrietchurch. Sunflower seeds are said to be an irresist. ible bait for rat?. Traps baited at night with a these seeds will be found orowded with rats *, m the morning. It Becms to be the oustom for European 3, rulers to kiss when they meet. Perhaps tbat 1 explains why the other monarohs visit Queen - Viotoria so seldom. The master of the Horns wishes to aoknown ledge with thanks the receipt of two new overooatß for the use of the inmates, The third shilling concert i ■■ St Stpehen'a sohoolroom is postponed until next Tuesday, September 9ih. ' ] t Strawberries ripened m the open air m the t locality are on Bale m some of the fruiterers' ■ Bhops m Ohrißtohurob. J The "corner" at Beef ton m "Hard to Find " eorip has led to purohases being made, by brokers who sold short, at 5s up to 9s. „ Ten days ago the prioe waa Is 3d to Is Gd. I fetters from places beyond the colony for - the following persons were received at the . Ashburton Post Office during the month of July and are row lying unclaimed :—B. Bevan, Mrs W. Dwyer, Mrs William Harris. A motion for an injunotion to restrain the Ohristoburoh Meat Company from using m their brand the words •' North Canterbury, N.Z.," or any colorable imitation, has been set down iox Wednesday noxt at the Supreme Court. The injunotion is applied for on behalf of the Canterbury Frozen Meat and Dairy Produoe Export Company. Beoently at a Ghristohurqb church one o 9 the contribution bags contained a brass token 1 whioh had been taken from the Palace itink, 3 The incumbent, reoognisJDg where it had I oqme from, returned it to the proprietor of the Bink, with the remark that he hoped it had been put into the bag m mistake for a sovereign. The rainfall for August was phenomenally - i low. At Linooln College less than one mob i (0 983 inch) fell { a Timaru observer reportß 0 40 inch, and Mr Herring reports 0.86 inoh at Alford Station, and 1.5 inoh at A! ford Forest. The total rainfall sinoe January 1 at Lincoln is 13.1 inohes, and sinae Chriptmae day at Timaru 738 inohes. Bain is very badly wanted everywhere. Mr William Malcolm, F.E.I S., late master of the Ohrißtohuroh Normal Sohool, who was reoently appointed master of the Hampßtead School, entered upon his duties to-day, Mr Malcolm is well known as being one of the best teachers m New Zealand, and Hampstead is fortunate m having obtained the Bervioes of so talented and able a headmaster. The high reputation the sohool has bad m the past will no doubt be inoreaeed under Mr Malcolm's rule, and we trust he will have a long and suooessful term of offioe. Mr Mayne, the late master, took over the charge of the Borough Sohool to-day, m succession to Mr Eneen, who is giving his attention to private tuition, especially of musio, The following sounds like a Eoene from Diokens :— Loujsa Bragg, an elderly maiden lady, appeared to a peremptory summons at Westminster for disobeying an order of the magistrate to abate a nuisanoe oooasioned by keeping a number of cats. Defendant, who was attired m old-fashioned style, produoed several aots of Parliament, and handed up a letter endorsed, "An outline Btatement of the whole case and position of Louisa Bragg." This communication begged the magistrate to proteot her pet cats, whioh' bad been bo greatly admired, and it proooeded, *'Of course, you must be well aware that they have not all increased m a day. — (Laughter). They have all been bred and born m the room I now ocoupy, and they are my pride, hope, delight and sooiety. The question is whether a happy home is to be broken up," etc. Mr D'Eyncourt said he mußt enforce the order, wi;h a penalty. — Sergeant Edwards, warrant offioer, said that the defendant had told him that her " dear pets" were dying off fast, and he begged her to take to a nice little dog, — (Laughter). She objected, and wished to oooupy a larger room. Mr D'Eyncourt said that the cats must go. He fined her £1, and told her that if the animals were not gone m a few daya she would be lummo^d. tpiin |nd gag #£ f (

The book written by Benzon, "the Plunger," entitled '« How I Lost £250,000 m Two Years," has had ii .-reat run. The demand haß been so great that it is intended to treble the number originally proposed for the first edition. The prioo is fi svJ at 10a 6d per copy. The bußinosa of Messrs Brown Brothers, the well-known Sydney horse auotioneerß, has been formed into a oompany with a capital of £50,000- Acoording to the prospectus, the commission business of the firm alone daring the past two yaara amounted to the large sum of £114,000. Onion parties are, according to an American paper, fashionable m Nebraska. Six girls stand m a row, while one takes a bite out of an onion, and a young man pays ten cents for a guess as to whioh one it was. If he guesses right, he gels permission to kiss the other five, but if he doesn't, he is only allowed to kias the one that bit the onion. This tmußement is high y popular with Nebraska young folks. Referring to the death last week of T. Wardlow, at Tapanui said to have been oaused by exoessive drinking, this oause was disproved at the inquest, the evidence ahovj- ' ing that apoplexy suooeeding a paralytic stroke was the oause. The deoeased was very highly esteemed m Tapanui. In another column we publish a report o£ the Rev O. C. Brown's leoture on Friday night. The views expressed are awakening muoh thought m the religious world, and it haß been suggested to us that it would be most interesting if instead of Mr Brown being allowed unchallenged to repeatedly Bet forth bis views, some one would plaoe before 11 Enquirers after truth," jwith similar olearness the moro orthodox explanation of the subjects treated by Mr Brown. At tha meeting of the New Zaaland Meat Export Oompany on Saturday, the manager reported a very satisfactory disposal of shares amongst the Canterbury farmers; The company were now ready to make a commencement. It was decided not to oonfine operations to shipping beef alone, but other produce/to Australia, Tasmania, etc Messrs James Hurße, E. Mclntosb, G. Gould, R Latter and M. Maofarlane, were elected direotors for the ensuing year. It is m contemplation by the students of the Otago University to ereot a brass tablet m a ooDßpiouous place m the University building m memory of the late' Professor Brown, who lost his life on the 7th Deoember last, while exploring the dividing range to the west of Lake Manapouri. The committee cf students, who were appointed to take the matter m hand found a ready response to their request for subscriptions and a sufficient sum has now been raised to ereot a plain but substantial memorial of the late professor, The movement, it added, has been confined entirely to students and ex-students, subscriptions from outsiders being deolined. — "Times." The annual meeting of the Ashburton Acclimatisation Sooiety was held on Friday afternoon. There was a good attendanoe of members, and Mr A. H. Shury oooupied the ohair. The balanoe sheet and report were read and adopted. Among other matters the report mentioned that during the past year the Sooiety had turned out m the river I^.COO trout, whioh had been purchased from the Ohristobnroh Sooiety, A bonus of £5 was passed to Ranger Gale for his services during the season whioh had ended. The eleotion of officers waß then prooeeded with and resulted as follows : — President, Mr W« G. Walker; Yioe-Preeidents, Messrs D. MoLean and E. M. Goodwin ; Treasurer, Mr E. G. Crisp ; Seoretary, Mr E. Simpson ; Committee, Messrs Fox, Shury, R. McOwen, J. H. Stephens, and R. Bird. A vote of thanks to the ohair oonoluded the proceedings' Shortly after two o'olook on Sunday morning a house situated m Cambridge street,' Hampsteod, was destroyed by fire. The house, wbioh belonged to Mr James Baker, was m the occupation of Mr W. Meaolem, but at the time the fire occurred Mr and Mrs Meaolera and the family were away. All the pontonts of the house including furniture, clothing, etc, weve totally destroyed. There is nothing to indioate the origin of the fire, no one having been m the house since seven o'olook on Saturday morning, at whioh time Mrs Meaolem left to go to Ohristohuroh. An alarm was given on the fireball, and the Brigade promptly mustered at the station. The engines, however, were not taken-& the soene of tha fire. In oonaeqaoaoa of tha^lQV oulty between the Borough Council and Hampstead Town Board m refereuoe to re-imbursement for expenses inourred not having yet been settled. When the time will oome for doing unto our Northern neighbours as they have done unto us may be unoertain ; but for our own Otago members who failed us at this pinch a day of reokoning will arrive with the next elections. What explanation of his vote does Mr Larnaoh give? I am curious to know, for I cannot m the least imagine. Was it regard for the dairying and market garden interests of the Peninsula threatened with extinction by tho Otago Central? Or was it pure oussedness? As for Mr Fish, it is true he voted fyr. the line, but tb,at jb exactly where the trouble comes m. j( Mr Fish had voted (tgainst it, possibly the line would have baon parried. 4 carious and melancholy faofthis ; a faot which we must digest as best we may, seeing that it is a Dunedin constituency that Bends. Mr Fish to Parliament; Antipathy to Fish, inability to stomaoh Fißh, says the "Wellington Post," sent many members into the lobby against the bill- How happy the constituency, then, that boasts the ownership of Fish |— «« Givis " ("Otago Witness.?*) A very suooeaaful entertainment was given, m the Templar Hall, Tinwald, on Friday, evening, by the soholars attending the Public Sohool. There was a very good attendanoe of parents and friends who thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Mr James Gudsell, Chairman of the School Committee, occupied the ohair, and briefly stated the objeot of the entertainment ; after whioh an excellent programme was put before the audience, and the teachers and friends who had bestowed bo muoh labour upon tho training of the children are to be congratulated on their suooeea. The largo gathpripg of amateurs who assisted all acquitted themselves wonderfully well. The • 'Model Sohool Master" and the play entitled "Three Wishes " amused the audience well and met with hearty applause. Mr Waite, on behalf of the Sohool Committee, acknowledged their obligation to Mr and Mrs Tippet and to all others who had given aseistanoe. Ibis was heartily aooorded, and then " God Save the Queen 1 ' was sung, and phe large gathering dispersed; The Committee kept splendid order, and no larrlakinism was indulged m by anyone, Holloway's Ointment and Pills^— -Sel' Help.— Prior to the discovery of these remedies an easy, ready and reliable remedy for outward disfigurations and inward complications was practically unknown. No one need now be at a loss if they should unfortunately suffer from piles, ulcers, sores, tumors, boils, bruises, sprains, etc. Enveloping Holloway's medicines are very intelligibly printed directions for using them, which should be attentively studied and immediately foil i wed by all who resort to his treatment. Sooner or later the sufferer will assuredly triumph over the worst diseases. This searching Ointment disperses all those malignant humours which aggravate diseases of the skin, prevent the cicatrization of ulceis, and excite inflammatory tendencies m the system. The best medioine known is SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Tests its iminent powerful effeots m coughs, oolds, influenza, etc — the relief is instantaneous. Thousands give the most gratifying testimony. His Majesty the King of Italy, and medical syndicates all over the globe, are its patrons. Read the olHoial reports that aooompany eaob n bottle. We have no oooasion to offer rewards fc ' m proof of the genuineness of our references. G The offioial reports of medioai olinios and h universities, the offioial oommunioation of the Conßul-General for Italy at Melbourne; the diploma awarded International Exhibition, A Amsterdam— all these are authentic doouments, and, as such, not open to doubt. We add here epitome of one of th 6 various oases I treated by Siegen, M.D., Professor, eto : n Burning of the right hand through the ex- 01 plosion of a Bmall oil stove, The epidermis A on the yolar and palmer side of the hand of the thirty-year-old patient was completely w separated and lifted up as far as the joint of it the hand. The likewise lifted nails were J hanging loose, and half of the phalanx of the m nail of the middle finger was coaled. The wounds thus contracted healed m three weeks under daily applioationß of JEucalyptio Extract m SEW I***1 *** •"jag

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2215, 2 September 1889