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For the last month the printing of the "Mail" and " Guardian " has been oondaoted at a disadvantage, owing to the abBenoe, through illness, of the printer, and the only available eubstitute not being acquainted with the maohine. Our printer has pow re. oovered sufficiently to resume his duties, and there will be no further oause for oomplaints 'it *wilx Do 'leSraea wun pleasure that Maooabe has arranged to visit Aahburton. His agent, Mr Buller, was here to-day, and engaged the Oddfellows' Hall for September 14. At the meeting of the W&kanui Road Board last Saturday, Messrs 0. E. Fooka and Sons were appointed clerks and surveyors to the Board. The Bank of England reoently loaned money for one day, whioh is very unusual. In ordinary operations the bank has never heretofore made loans for less than a week. Tho Btock of furniture, hardware, and other household furnishings m the assigned estate of John Meeob is to be sold by auoticn nest Saturday by Mr A. Harrison at bis auotion rooms. The railway line to 3pringburn ie cxpeoted to open for traffic next month, and the ooaoh mail (service from Mount Somers to Alford Forest will then be discontinued. Mails for Springburn will bo Bent daily by train. The San Francisco mail arrived by tie 7.30 train last night, and was sorted and de. livered at tbe Poet Offloe promptly afterwards The Southern portion of tbe mail was forwarded by speoial train. It is said that M, Guonod, the composer, who is a man of intense religious oonvic tions, once spent an hour upon his knees praying for the conversion of Sarah Bernhardt, m that lady's presence, Sarah's response was short but not very sweet, and at last she had to turn him out of her house. The lambing season is bringing an inorease to the flook ot bhck sheep belonging to Mr J. Fulton, of Rangiora* The Hook now numbers fifty, and Mr Fulton has rsoently purohased 100 from tbe Cheviot Hills flook, to be delivered when tbe annual raaetering takes place. Laßt week s " Gazette " contains the notifioation that William Obarles Page, of Aehburton, haß applied for a patent for a now invention of an apparatus for raising sunken vessels or other Bunken objeots. Messrs Andrews and Beaven, of Christohuroh, have applied for a patent for improvements to their ohaff-bagging machines. The United Presbyterian Church m the United States is now engaged m diaoussing the following resolutions ; — " No Btudent who is addioted to the use of tobacoo m any form shall be admitted to lioense. No one shall be eligible to the office of ruling elder who is addicted to the use of tobaooo m any form." What a panio there would be m Sootland if the General Assembly were to entertain suoh overtures as these! A reoent addition to the Victorian press io the "Mount Wycheproof Eneign, Karyrio, Marlbed, Oarapugna, Cooroopajerrup, Wirmbirchip, Whirily, Towma, Jilljill, Nullafil, Narraport, Thalir, Ooraok, Teddywaddy, Bungelooke, Townniunie, Tittybong, Ninyennook, Glonlotb. Fort Cameron, £&!pienung, Quambatook, Jeruk, Budgerum, Sbinglehut, and East Wimmera Advocate," It is printed m English; The chronic thirst of tho West Coast people, and. their perpetual need of something to stiffen them m their moist climate, may be inferred from the faot that the estimates of the Westport Borough Council for 1800 show an income of £000 for publicans' licenses, A general rate of Is m the pound for the same period is estimated to produoe £947, the direot inoome being considerably less than the amount contributed through the nose by tbe bibulouflly inclined. The Managing Committee of the Oddfellows' Hall invite tenders for the loase of the hall for one or three years. This being the only publio hall m Asbburton built and arranged specially for the use of entertain, mont oompanios, either travelling or local, should be a good investment m the hands of any enterprising person. It might not bo out of placo here to remark that the deficiency of artificial light discounts the Buccess of performances given tho hall, the managers Bhould ccc to this m arranging the new lease, The Elgin Courant tells of two romarkably small Shetland ponies reoently Bold by Mr James Dunoan, Inverness, who is a roost euooessful breeder and exhibitor of these equine dwarfs. The pair m question aro four-year olds, and poßsees most peculiar characteristics. Their heights are 36in and 87in respectively. Their rough poat of hair is fully CJin long; their lijitte hepds are almost entirely obscured by the mane and forelook, which measures 18Jm ; and what is also remarkable is that the soles of the hoofa are only 2in by Sin, while their Combined, weight it only 4*91 h

The speoial united services oommonoe tbia 1 evening. The meeting will be held m the I Salvation Army barracks, and the Rev J. N. I Battle and a Wesley an layman will conduot the eervioe. Portioulars as to the other services will be found m our advertising oolumna. Mr Pogson, of Strath Taieri, informs the local papers that seagulls are dreadfully destructive to the lambß m that district. He has m one season lost as many as 400 lambs. The small birds are not quite suoh a severe pest m the interior as m more closely populated districts. The Hon Dr Pollen m the Legislative Oounoil said that the Wellington Goinetory was a publio disgrace, and a source of danger ito the community, and there might be a i necessity for making a general law on that '■ Bubjcot ; but, m the meantime, the objoot m view could bo accomplished by a speoial Act. So long as fifteen years ago, when he was himself m office, this cemetery question was even then a burning question. He tried by every moans then within his power to effoot some ohange, but he found it impossible. The adjourned inquest on the body of Eliza Gumming was held at Ohristohuroh on Monday. Professor Biokerton testified to the analysis he had made of the oontents of the stomaoh, etc., and stated that he bad been unable to trace any sign of mineral or vegetable poison. The Coroner, Mr Beetham, R.M., remarked that this bore out the opinion held by Dr Townend, who attributed death to Bynoope. The jury, therefore, returned a verdiot m aocordanoe with the medioal testimony, At the R.M. Court this morning before Mr R. Aloorn, J.P., a first offender, oharged with drunkenness, was let off without punishment. — John Hyde and Henry Martin were oharged under the Malicious Injuries to Property Act, with hav>ng damaged a fenoe at Dromore, the property of Walter Kennedy,, to the extent of £2. The base was remanded till Thursday, bail being allowed Hyde m his j own recognizance of £30 and two Bureties of I £10 eaob, and to Martin m his own reoognizanoe of £50. In furnishing some information to its Bubeoribers m connection with the te'egram announoing the faot that H.M.S. Dart was overdue on her passage from Auokland to Sydney, and that one of her boats had been found washed ashore, one of the English agenoiea conoluded that if the Dart left; Auokland for Sydney direot without tho intention to oall at any other port en routc t it is considered certain she is lost, as tJie distance is only 500 miles. Mail boatß cover the distance m 48 hours, and the Dart left Auokland on the sth inst." Even the "Times" published this wonderful m. formation. Lime is a valuable agent either on days, loams, or sands. It mellows the soil, yields a little phospate, and has a quiokening influence on torpid animal and vegetable matter m the soil. Should be used only m small quantities on poor Bandy soils. Attracts moisture from the atmosphere, Lime is valuable m decomposing all vegetable refuse, aa oouoh grass, peat, leaves, bark, rags, paper, etc Lime should never be applied to farmyard manure, animal remains, or substances rich m ammonia. It would dissipate the ammonia, whioh constitutes their great valuo. Lime is valuable at a top-dressing for pastureß and general crops, aa it destroys insect life and low vegetable organisation. A curious legend is associated with the birth of Monaignor Jtiiohard, one of the Frenob cardinals to whom the Pope has just sent their hats, The father of the Cardinal Arohbishop of Paris, a distinguished doctor at Nantes, lost, when over 60, his only son — a young man who had m his fihort life developed all the virtues. The mother of the deceased had passed her fifty«fifth year, and the story goea that as the youth lay dying, 'he oalled his father and mother to him and said : " Console yourselves ; another son will take my place ! " And surely enough before the first anniversary of her eon's death oame round the spouse of the worthy dootor had presented him with another son, who was always known as "l'enfant dv miracle." This seoond son— Riohard Francis Marie Benjamin— is now Cardinal Arohbishop of Pans, Acnardintr In .t^A,,«j.3'harop/ bdu£vtf t "vu\a Duoheas of Montrose £25,000 for her raoing stud, and a year or two baok gave a princely sum to the Russian Jews for eduoational purposes, is the same De Hirsoh who will be remembered by old Thameaites as running b small oalioo store m Shortlandat the opening Of the fleld, where he used to gerve over the counter small parcels of groceries to the enterprising prospector, that was m the days when Grahamutown was a raupo swamp and Bhortland a Maori pah. He afterwards bought into the Golden Crown and then trie d to''molt quartz m a furnaoe, but the quartz and fluxes got somehow all fused up together and the idea was abandoned. The old furnaoe ohimney was standing until latoly just opposite the Caledonian battery on the flat, A hugo halibut has been oipturod off the Banks of Newfoundland, whioh took several of the orew of tho fishing vessel Hattie D. to haul on board. This, it may be said, is cot an unusual thing on the Banks of Newfoundland, but the most remarkable thing about the inoident is that when the fish was'operied it was found that the monster had inside it a a lady's hand. Two of the fingers were absent, but the thumb and first and seoond fingers remained on the hind. On the Beoond finger waa a plain gold band, with the letters "G; W. G." engraved upon it. O*ptain Isenhauers, of tho Hattie D r| took possession of the ring, and reported the Btrange ooourrenoe to the authorities pn his arrival at Halifax. By the initials on the ring doubtless the hand will be reoognised as belonging to Boms relative or friend who is believed to have lost her life by drowning at sea. An extraordinary general meeting of the Flemington Dairy Faotory Company was held last night. There was a large attendance of shareholders, Mr J. O. N. Grigg m the chajr. The chairman stated that the results of the past season had been vory satisfactory, Although it waa late when a start had been made thirty seven tons of oheese had been turned out, and after paying 3d a gallon for the [milk supplied and paying off all contingent liabilities there was remaining a balance, £200 of whioh would be applied m reducing thp; preaent liability from £1200 to £1000, and whep this was done there would be Buflioient remaining to pay a dividend of 10 per oent on the paid-up capital of all nonsuppliers of milk. The resolution adopted at a meeting of directors proposing to lease the faotory to Mr John Sawers, of Oamaru, was moved by Mr Prebble seconded by Mr Dunn and apreod to unanimously. Tb,e terms of the oontraot are that Mr Sawers takes the faotory for two yearß, commencing from Qotober J, at an annual rental of £113 ard paying 3d a gallon of Ulbs of milk up to Deoember 31, and 3£d from that date to the close of the season m eaoh year. There is also a proviso that if the average prioo paid by any two faotoriea m th« South leland is higher than this rate, Mr Sawers will at the end of the seaspn make up the difference Jo the milk Bupplierß. DuriDg the course of tha meeting the Chairman mentioned that ho understood that Mr Sawora intended adding to the present plant, whioh waß not capable of produoing Cheddar oheese on the American principle, such applianoes as wpuld make the plant complete.

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