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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. SATURDAY, AUGUST 17, 1889 LOCAL AND GENERAL.

The "Daily News" proposes than an international exhibition should be held m London m 1891, An exciting loena was witnessed at the Alhambra, London, on the evoning of Jano 27. Jast &8 the ballet " Irone " began, the dresß of Mdlle Angelina Spotti, who took the chief part, oanght fire, and she rnehod off the stage m flames m view of a crowded audience, and the members of the ballet flod m panio from the it age. Many of the andienoo rose to thefr feat, and a rash to the doors reamed < imminent, when the band Btrack np a lively | air and a panic was happily averted. The ourtain was lowered, and after a short interval the manager appeared and annonnood that Mdlle Spotti was only Bligbtly injured. Jhe wsb, however, too nervous to appear, and the ballet prooeeded without her. Mre Alexander Sallivan, wife to the Alexander Sallivan now charged with murdering Dr Oronin, ia a clover woman journalist. The la3t time a London correspondent heari of her she waa doing the Paris Exhibition for a Byndicat-i of 700 Amoriosn Dowspapers. She gives an ftcunsing jiioounof her first press engagement. Bhe hsd been article writing to fill the place of a sick leader writer. On his recovery Bhe was offered a permanent engagement at a very small salary, but walked out of the room indignantly, A olerk was sent after her to offer double. She left the house The olerk was again told to follow and offer four times the first Bum. She said they must pay her as they would a man. Finery she oamo to terms at £400 a year. She was then only 18. A good portion of her time has been «pent m the service of teetotaUsm and other movemints oonneoted with the poor. Great interest was taken m the exhibition of Keen's unbreakable saddles at Messrs Williams and Bland'B Horse Bazaar this afternoon. The proprietor and the manager of the manufactory m Ohristoharch, with Mr W. Anderson, the looal agent, were present and explained the merits of tho nzw system. Instead of the tree being of wood, m which lightness can only be gained at the sacrifice of Btrength, and whioh makes strong saddles very cumbrous and heavy, Keen's invention substitutes a pure Bessemer steel tree, whioh possesses the requisite qualities of strength, rigidity, and lightness, besides being as its name implies " unbreakable." The tree is formed of Bteel rods of various gauges aooording to the strength required, formed into any desired shape when at white heat, and japanned or nickel-plated bo as to be impervious to rust. The saddles are Baid by those who have nsal them to be most oomfortable of Beat, acd to have gone through Bavete teas by horses rolling on them without detriment to either saddle or horse. By Keen's system the weight of the finished Buddies is reduced one-halt, a most important consideration. The saddles shown ranged from a 21b raoing saddle up to the strongest . jtfiflkjMHidJSiJtftf incluaeci ladies' ffida-s&djU&j of exoellcnt pattern, all of the best workman* ship. The invention is undoubtedly a most useful one, and the wonder is that it was not thought of long ago. • SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. — In protection of the world wide fame oar manufacture has acquired all over the globe, we publish the following : — Hazard, M.D., Professor of General Pathology and Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System, says m an editorial published m the " Clinical Record :" — " We have examined half-a-dozen specimens of different manufactures; the preparation of Sander and Sons was the only one that proved to be reliable and corresponding to scientific tests." Another concoction called " Refined Extraot of Eucalyptus " has made its appearanoe since. This product stands, aooording to Dr Owen, foremost m causing injurious effects That gentleman aommunicates, at a meeting of the Medical Sooiety of Viotoria, that a child living at Fitzroy beoamo most seriously indisposed through its use. In another case a lady states on the strength of statutory declaration that she suffered oruelly frons tha effects of the tame ooncootion. To guard the high reputation of our mariafaoture wo feel warranted m exposing the above facts, and desire the publia to exercise care and precaution when baying, SANDER and SONS — Advt. v 7"

The annual Ashburton County Hunt Club Bali was held last night at the Oddfellows' Hall, and waß m every way a decided Buooess. Mosquitoes are the most religious of inseota ; they first sing over you and then prey on ycu. Perfectly satisfactory ; — Ohioago boy : Whai'a the matter, sis?" Little sister: ••Nothin, 1 only mamma's got that divoroe frown again." Chicago boy: "Well, I'm glad of it. I don't like this papa much myself." A woman remark? : " The smile is the same m all languages." This is not so. In Germany it is usually beer, while m America it is generally whisky straight, and m Mexico, according to the latest authority, it ia mesoal. . .^_ Sir Wilfrid_tia«?Su Was remonstrating with tffle^oT his constituents, who was not one of the big fools who do not drink at all. 11 Well," replied the man, " I have eeen many a pleasant party round a table, but I hava, never aeon one round a pump. Since the appointment of the New Sou D Waleß Railway Commissioners no leea tha° 273 employees have been discharged by th Department, and the saving thus effected amounts to £44,521 per annum. The vaoanoies caused by death, resignation, etc., and not filled up have resulted m a further saving of about £15,000 per year. Everyone who takea the slightest interest m natural history will be sorry to learn that the kangaroo is m danger of being extinguished. Its skin is so valuable that large numbers of young kangaroos are killed, and high authorities are of opinion that, unleßS the prooess is slopped, Australians will soon have seen the last speoimen of this interesting animal. Oliver Wendell Holmes writes to the author of a book entitled " Burns and the Kirk " the following characteristic sentence :— I find it full of interest, for it treats on a question which has long puzzled me — how straitlaced Sootland could clasp her national poet to her boßom without breaking her stays." The old veteran has not lost his power of epignmytt! At a meeting of the Hampstead Sohool Committee held last night (August 16th) it - was unanimously resolved to recommend for the position of headmaster, Mr William Maloolm, F.E.1.8., principal of the Normal Training Sohool, Ohrißtohuroh, and formerly reotor of the Distrust High Sohool at Milton, Otago. It wes also resolved to recommend the Board of Ednoation to grant Miss Shirtoliffe three months leave of absence, and to request that body to appoint a oompeient substitute during her absence. The usual weekly meeting of the Dawn of Peace Lodge, I O G T, was held m Templar Hall on Thursday evening. There was a large attendance of visitors and members. Bro A. Mulford. 0.T., preeided. Regret was expressed that Bro T. Dalton, DGOT, had decided to leave the district, and the thanks of the Lodge, m recognition of his past services, were unanimously aooorded, and eucoeaa wished him wherever he may be plioed. One candidate was admitted to the privileges of the first degree, and a pleasant evening terminated with the question box. The Otago and Southland papers report that the farmers are up m arms against the small birds this winter. Meetings are being held m every distriot to deviaa repressive measures, and the Southland County Council is giving pound for pound to Road Boards to assist m poisoning. This means of destruction Las boen oomrnenoed vigorously. Mr O. M. Brooke, of Ashburton, has already supplied upwards of 200 bushels of poisoned wheat to places South of Dunedin this winter, and from all parts comes the highest testimony to its effeotive* neif. The late Sir William Sawdl, a Viotorian jndge, was once accosted by a man at a railway refreshment room, who pressod him very much to have a drink: The Judge refused ; but the man was persistent and stated : " You have rendered mo a very good service to-day." Sir William, being curious to know ,bow he had done this, put on one side his soroplea and agreed to have a glass of lemonade. His Honor then aeked hi en how he had done him a servioe, and the man replied : " You have put; away my old woman for three years. \ His Honor had a sort of feeling that he had been duped A Melbourne paper Bays that there is 9very indication that Professor Brown's system of eradicatiog the Calif ornian thistle will bo a success. The soene of the experiment is Mr Gates' land, at Loigh Creek, and the land has now been ploughed five times. What thistles remain are of weak growth, and with a few more ploughing ihe pest is likely to be eradioated. Mr A. J. Forbes is trying a Bubstance called Eorub exterminator on his land at Warrenheip. The chemical kills the roots of the thistle to a depth of about a foot, but shoots sprout up from below that depth. A second treatment may, however, be more suooeßsfu', Tho Bey 0. H. Keays, pastor of the Congregational Ohuroh at O^kaloosa, is not one of .your anti-newspaper cranks Ho said m a recent sermon :— " If you want to know bow to go to heaven road the newspaper. Seriously, the newspaper does more to save men from becoming crank?, theorists, and eccentrios than any otbor ngunoy under the sun. The library, ihe pu'ptt, and even the publio sobcols are eolipeed by its influence. It goes into every home preaching its dootrice, and if you do not approve of its mesßßge tbe only form of retaliation at your disposal h to commit an aot of maotal raloide by stepping your subscription, fio man oan afford to be wjthout the newspaper '' Tho annnal tea, concert nnd ball m aid of the children's prize fund took place m Pendances ecbool on August 9 th. The w,eathcyr ' . being beantifully fine the room was filled to '■ its utmoßt capacity, many haying to stand during the whole of the concert. The prooeediii?^ commenced at 6 p.m. with a sprnptjaous tea pro^'ded by Meedames Thomas and 'Williams, and uT? tastefully arrnrged tables reflected grea' oredit ori 'h'.M l *&e*- Aft « *** the tables were rtm v-d a£ d an ® xoel , ent I concert was gone through, Mr P. r aam , 8 . 00 occupying the chair. The following laa»*" and gentlemen rendered valuable assistance, many of them receiving hearty encores: —The Misses Legge't (2), Walker, Mrs Hicks, Meßsrs J.H.Brookr<, Kneen.Stepheneon, P. Williams, Mayo, G. Harrison, B. Harrison, Fitzgerald, Gte§ and English. Th<s school ohildren also sang two Kongs very nicely and wore greatly applauded by the audience. The National Anthem having been sung, tbe room was quidkly cleared, refreshments were handed round and dancing commenced to musfc sup» plied by Mes3rs Curtis and Kelsey, Mr Simp, son acting as M.O, The proceedings were highly eatiifictory throughout, (hi prooetdl

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. SATURDAY, AUGUST 17, 1889 LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2202, 17 August 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. SATURDAY, AUGUST 17, 1889 LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2202, 17 August 1889