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SP SUFALV? ATTHORrSKD WHOLHWALJi MJfISfS JrOft KJSW ZEvLANJD, \,| B3SRB P. H VYM AN & CO , Dunodi.iSL. (Jhrwfc'rKch, Wellington, and Aucklani^ Tha nbov- civry a. ronipl -te f-tock «'f H. K KOOBLMA.NN xrnGo 'a Rtaudnrd Herba Migqftiio U nr tii s wh'o • iniy ba ohtai"--' fr m till Ohani'ots i.:d i:orjk3^ t «era allorer ih ;< G vbo. T.OQAL AQWiSTS FOR H. B. KU^FTaMANN AlkD OO.'d MAGNBTIO MBIHOIN3S— Those Goods can ba proanrcd from tin ' folio vtng,— ASHBURTON O M ... Brookb Oho«niat. JOHN Orr * (jo , jfe chants EAKAIA— O. Hardy and Co , Merchant* These unrivalled Harbal Me'icinoa nre nnlsersaUy Acknowledged to bi tha beat in th« vporld. They are quite differ at to 11 others known, be ng abs lately uusnrpa^sjd in their anlvoroal excellence Thev are abaolntely Bpedfi^ f'r those cotnclainta for whioa they Uf tpeoUlly propsrod, and are free f ;om pfiliOJl ui 4l mineral drags, and are qaite plet»»4uc lo tak^. THF BALSAM OF PARADJBE, PCU ALL liUSCr AflD THROAT DISBiSEB Ab Bronclrtis, Aptbma, Whaeaing, Coughs, Colds, Fo? Peve-, Sore Throat, Ble?d!ng ii ora Lungs, Tightness on tbe Ohcet, Itflimniation of Lnnga, O Jlapse of the Ar Cells Indoraf ion of Lungß, Congestioa of Langs, etc , e'o. It is the only medicine known to mankind that w 11 completely cure Consumption in its e3rly stages. It is composed of cho'ce fruits, flower soeap, goms, balsams, and herbs. It renovates and fatten the weakest constitution, alike of yonng or old. It iB exceedingly pleasant to take, and csusos nn immediate improvement in all who take it. Sold in bottJes at 2s 6d 48,65, ard 10s. •• THE BOOM OP THE COMING CENTURY '» H.E. Kugelmnnn'i BLEOTBIO fiSSENQR. An external remedy for all paina or aches Nothing like this h s ever been known, and nothing else will ever equal it. If yon have a rheumatism or gouty p&ia tbat yon do not euro about, obtain a bottlo of this Electric Ea?ence and it will make yon happy, Use it forßprained backs, knee joints, all ewdlings dropiy, ach?. sciatica, neuralgia, weak' spines, lumbago, contractions, lameness, cramps, quinsy, mumps, diphtheria, croup, and for all pains and aches. Nov«r bo without it for enaks bito, and all bitea <-f insects or stings, and for bums, outo, and scales. Price 8a d&nd 7a. H E. KUGELMANN'.i EYE OINTufENT AND AKO^YNJB EMOLIENT. riiis is nndonbtcdly the finest Pharma ceutical product of tbo century. An immediate cure for chilblain* nnd frost-bites Nothing qitherto known oan compare with this Oint • ment for its marvellous oxcell nee, elegance of combination and uporior effectiveness. It will care all eye diabases, aa s-un Blight, Sandy BHght, Watery Uiight, Matter or Hntciry Blight. Jr'flimmation of Eyes and Lids, Obronic Opihalmia, nnd all and every Eye Disease; and »h iv f ll it is (he best and nicest thing poa?ibk for Fly Bitn, fttosqiito Bites or riiings of Scorpion?, Centipedos. Hpiders, etc, nnd for Soro Throats, CoJghs, Mamps, Qainsy etc , it is simply pp^enr^id. All weak nervous persons Bhould uee it to rub well ia down the spine and on the etomach. Wa guarantee that all who pso this onoe will never be withont it, Bold only ia jirs at 2s 6d and 6s eaoh, H. E. KUGELMANNM EEBBA.L MAttNU.TIJ OINTMENT. This nnrivalhd Herbal produot Is nndpab^Jly the boat Ointment ever elaborated for curing old sires, bad legs, nlcers, fis tales, pil b, bleeding piles, eruptions of the skin, brck-iR r hilblains, cuts, wounds, etc, eto, etc In j ■!.- at is. Is 9J, 2e Qd, and 5s eaoh. 1 HB HERBAL MAGNETIO TONIC LIVBtt AND bTOMACH KEBTOBBR. For nil Ivor cornphints, biliousness, jaun ,ico, cchsotd liver, enbr^ed liver and eplcoi. languor, drowfinevH, pa:ns bftween the Bhonldeis, chronic indigestion and all stomach complaints, heartburn, flatulency, sour stomac'a, vomitting of food, loss of appetite, fiuk headache, nnjvonsneßs- nervons debility, prostration, and the convalescing et-iges of all acnto diseases. t»old in bottlca at 6b and 10a eaoh. THE NATUBAL FLECTBIO BLOOD PUItIFIEB. Ibis medicine has no equal for all blood and skin diec.-tse*, perfectly free from mercury, arsenic, and all mineral drngs. Nover fails to cure the worst form* of pcrofula, scurvy, fczara a, itch, ulcers, abecsses, sore legs and breaHta, and all diseases having their origin in the blood . It will work wonders in every case without exception. — <-'ce handbook, prices 4s 6d,6s 6d, and J2a Gd each bottle. THE! ILUID HEBBAL LIFK, This is the soul of plants, and absolute specific for chronic neuralgia, faceache, tooth ache, tie dolorenz, swollen face, gumboil, and earache* Price Is 9d and 83 per bottle. THE HBBBAL MAGNETIO LIVER PILLS These Fills are unrivalled, and superior to all others for all liver troubles, biliousnoßß, costivenosß, ridoiaoss, indigestion, wind and heartburn. They are composed solely of the vital proporties of herbs, are coated and tasteless. At 1b 9d and 8s each. These should be kept in every house, aa they are a sure cure for nnmbsrlissills. THE CHILDBBN'3 yiTAI/ EB ENOE. This iB a liquid iood medicine, prepared and adapted exclusively for permanently removing the ailments and distases of infants and children in every country ar>d climate. It gives life, energy, flesh, bono and muscle to the rail and wasted infant, and will restore the health, -vitality, vigour, and pluupness of the weak, diseased, or rickly Child. Being pleasant to take, it iB readily taken by all. Sold in two sizes only, price 2s 6d and as each with onr guarantee attached, withont which it oannot be genuine. HEBBAL MAGNETIO ASTHMA OUBB Tivs unrivalled Herbal Oompound is undoubtedly the beet inbalont in all Aatbmatical complaints and Difcult Breathing, as Dry Asthma, Humid Asthma, Spasmodic Asthma, Nervous Asthma, Bronchitis, Wheezing, Tightness on the Chest, Catarrh, Hay Fever, Colds in the Head, Ac, &o. Bold at 8s 6d, 6s and 10b, HBBBAL MAGNETIO SNEEZING POWDEB Thin h a most useful little remedy of a vory uniform and \ ositive chcracter. It has been devised and wed for mr.ny ye»rs for Golds in the Head, Catarrh in the nrse, Hay ey Ozana, Nasal Polypuß, acd pII ObstructLnß rbe Nobq or Nasal Passages. ' Bold at 2a, b. H. & KUGELMANN & UO. BOLB PROPRIETORS. i Manufacturers cf Electric and Proprietary Medicines, Distillers of Essential Oils and Medical L'quere, etc, eto., 4th Avenue, New York Olty, U.S.A. ■ Australian Head Ofijce and Warehouse: 172 and 174 William street, Melbourne. Yiotoha, Plantations and reducing establishment at Afount Paradise," Gem brood, Gippsland. Don't fail to read onr Deecriptive Handbool Hailed free to Any addewik OX may \na batl npo »pplic»ttosi U9

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 2, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2200, 15 August 1889

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 2 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2200, 15 August 1889