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At the R.M. Oourt this morning, before Mr Rcop, J. P., a first offender for drunkenness was fined ss, with tho usual alternative. Mr T. Bullock having kindly arranged to cell for Mr Thomas on Thursday, Mr Orr's ealo of drapery will be oontinuod to-morrow as well as on Saturday next. At tho South Canterbury Jookoy Club's annual meeting the balance sheet showed a profit of £311 on tho year's work encouraging the oommiltee to offer a moro libaral programme for the Soptembor mooting. A virulont infectious dieease, to whioh a numbor of valuable oattle havo suoaumbed, has broken out m tho Eydo distriot, Now South Wolee, and is not yot identified with any previously known disease, Tho symptoms are similar to blood poisoning. Samuel Taylor Douglas, a Melbourne builder, who went insolvent about three years ago for over £200,000, bis assets, as against liabilities, showing, aooording to sohedule, a surplus of about £84,000, has obtained a certificate of discharge, tbo creditors aooepting 3d m the pound. Thcro is every reason for believing that tbo Maharahare (Woodville) ooppor lode will provo to bo a remunerative speculation. Mr Bryant, an expert from Australia, speaks | highly of tho eppeoranoes, and tho oonoorn is spoken of as likely to givo employment to 400 mon. A tiro ooeurrod at Mothven on Monday night by whioh a .hop be'onging to Mr James Johnston and occupied by Messrs Dobbs, bootmakers, was totally destroyed. Tho brotbora Dobba slept m one of two rooms at the rear of tho Bhop, and ono of thorn being aroußed by a noise opened tho door and looked into tho room, whioh he found to ba on fire. Ho and his brother thon sot to work to got out tho Btock moßt of whioh was aafely removed- There is no oluo to tho origin of tho fire. Tho shop was insured m the London, Liverpool, and Globe offioo for £65, but tbe loss is considoiably above this 1 amount, the building having oost the owner

The Executive Counoil havo docidod io \ commute Ohemia' sentence to impriaonmrnt t for life. x At Chriatohuroh yesterday Hugh Wilsm, | a lamplighter, committed suioide by takiig J Btryohnin-*. Ho had bean living apart from \ hiß family for some time. I

Tho-e io a curious story going about (aa;a ' Mr Labouchore m " Truth ") whioh I belief ' ia true, although I cannot absolutely youth ' for it. On tho ocoasion of the Queen's vist ' to Biarritz she waa accompanied by a nor ' courier. Subsequent ir.vostiga* ion has brongh, (o light tho fact that this oourier waa a womac m disguise. Hadji Haßsoin Ghooly Khan, tho Person Minister to England, 13 just rocovoring fnm a sovcro shock whioh his Oriental digrity su.ifiiuod a few weeks ago. Ho stor'.odto make somo calls, and went to tho rosidenja of r\ prominont Government offioial. Tie domestic rofused to adorn hira and sont hixi away, thinking ho waa a poidlor, Julian Hawthorne is nothing if not prajtioal. Ho is now writing a novel for a mamfuoturing concern, whioh thoy will use f«r advertising purpo-es. Every altornato pnpe of tho story is to havo an advertisement. Tho price that ho io to receive for thi. oommercml application of his talent ia said to be 2000d015. , At tho Gaelic Sooiety m Invorno_B,_rooentljr a Highland factor exhibited a whisky bottle and glass used by the Munroa cf Voulia on rent days m the middlo of the seventeenth century. Tbo bottle holds iivo and a-half gallons and tho glass two and throe-quarters wine glassfula of whißky. The sight oaused much emotion—also disappointment, that the bottle was empty] The "Otago Daily Times" says:— lt is understood that tho " log " reoently propared by tho Dunedin Clothing Manufacture's Association ia meeting with anything but general acceptance at the hands of those whom it was intended to benefit. One morning last weok tho girls m one faotory m town pinned a< quantity of crape round the " log " hanging on the wall^ while next morning thoy pulled the "log" down altogether, only the orape remaining! A mooting of the Crioket Club was 1-eld last evening to oonsider tho reply of the Borough Council m referenoo to tho formation of a sports ground m the Domain. After discussion it was resolved that aa the Counoil did not intend to undertake the maintenance of the ground, aud at the same time aaked an annual oot'tribuliou of £10 from tho Club, the Club regretted tbat it waa notinapoßiiion to accept tho offer of tho Council. The members considered that as the Club had already spent £25 on tho improvement of the grojjnd, this faot should be taken into consideration.

The Mayor of Wellington haa given notioe of motion for tho next meeting of tho City Counoil that a Committee of the Counoil be appointed to revise the sanitary by-laws, especially with a viow to provide for — (1) the abolition of all oesspila within tho oity; 2) to batter provide for the proper trapping of bouaoocnarOrlO.B with tho oity drains; (3) ; to prohibit tho uurial of night-soil, horses, cattle, and other large animals within tho oity ; (4) to moro fully restrict the aooumulation of stablo manure and provent its deposit within a reasonable distance of any dwelling. It Buoh matters as theso require attention no wonder there ia typhoid iv Wellington.

Tho Royal Ark of Friendship Lodge, R.A0.8., bold a Boolal at tho Orango Hall last evening. Thtre was a capital

attendanoe, tho hall bein^ orowded, and the whole offiir passed off iv a moat successful manner; Somo capital aongß were*contributed by Moßsra T. boott, Lewie, Donovan, and J. Matthews, tho latter of whom waa honored with a double enooro. A olever v^n rilcquial performance by Messrs Toppin and B)den was loudly applauded and was also rede minded. A recitation was given by Mr Hamilton. The ball was tastefully deoorated, and all prosent Bprnt a most enjoyable evening. Messrs Brook-ianl Mayo provided tho mu a ic and tho oateiing waa m the hands of Mr W. O. Davie.

Trifcl by jury vft* put into force for the first timu tv-day m Madrid, under the now lav) - Twolvo jurymen wcro sworn m, and tho trial was oon-iuoted on muoh tho came linos as m other oountries. Tho presiding Judge summed up fairy. The Oiurt was crowded, many ladioa and barristers having aißmbled to wilue.'B such novol judicial proooedingD. After a short doliboraiion the jury acquitted tho accused, a yoi ng man who wa^ charged with muicl'iughtor, on tho ground that ho had aotod m Belt defence. Trial by jury has now boen m force m many Assizo Courts m tho provinoo3 Bine 3 tho month of April, with very satisfactory results. There aro moro convictions 'ban acquittals — m faot, Spanish jurioa seem disposed to to aevero. — " Daily News," May 20.

Algeria is suffering from a plague ol locu 1 1 nnd from oyo'on s. A hundred Zouav )s have boen sent with dry straw to Aumale to destroy tho invading inseots. At Su'if 795 soldiers aro ongaged m this work, and colonists aod agricultural labourers aro being requisitioned to holp them. At Sidrata a long lino of fires was kept up to provint tho invasion, but the fuel was exhausted before the miss of invider?, which had an unbrokeu fro:it of e;'x mi'es. The Governor-general hae been to M.ssowah, Ben Mustapha, and othor localities to soo tbat the civil and military authorities do what lies io thoir power to drive back tho onemy. It would appear that a Bouth wind has carried a oloud ( f Algerian locusts as far north as the region of Dunkirk. No similar phenomenon has taken plaoo ia Franco since 1825, when North Europe was invadod by locuatß from Africa.

A meetiog of tho Hampstead Sohool Committee was held on Friday last. Present ; — Messrs Orr (chairman), Johnotone, Moaolem, Andrews, Fawoetr, and Baker. The master reported that the Board's architect had iaepeoted the sohool buildings. The secretary waa inßtruoted to writo to the Board requesting that the Chairman be informod of tho dato of any futuro visit. Mr Mayne, the hoadmester, wroto forwarding bis resignation m oonsequenoe of his appointment to tho Ashburton sohool, and asking for a testimonial. It was resolved to givo tho testimonial asked for. Aooounte wero passed for payment. Messrs Moaolem and Fawoet. woro appointed a visiting committee with power to eloar the sootion recentlygbought for playground and to attend top'ontin_.

A conference is to bo held m Washington, oommenoing on October 1, at tho inatanoe of Mr J. G. Blflioo, ono of whose grandiose idoa. i 3 the confederation of Amorioa, aa a wholo, tho difforing raocß and languages of tho two continents notwithstanding. lie has issued invitations to all tbo statas, from Mexico to the Argontino Republic, to raoet with a view of considering proposals for a gonoral defence league, a common coinage, and a ouatoma union, Tho foundation of an American Zollvereio, cxtondiDg from Alaska m tho north to Patagonia m tho south, from tho Arotic to tho Antarctic zones, would bo an extraordinary feat indeod. But while the event is out ido tho bounds of possibility, tho oonforonco none tho loss illustratoß tho aims and tondenoy of American protootioD, and shows that it has a broad and national rather than a narrow and provinoial basis, As rogards Canada, no doubt business is sorioualy meant,

An extraordinary sonno m a ohuroh is reported from Willmmatown (says tha " Molbournn Arc "). On Sunday evoning tho Rnv J. B. Ruddock preaohed m tho Congregational Ohuroh, m Stevedore slreot, m oonneotion with ihe ohuroh 'a anniversary oelebrations. Tho rev gentleman, during his disoourse, made allusion to a time prior to that of Adam, whioh roused the ire of ono of the oidost parishioners, Mr William White, a boat builder. That gentleman m a loud voice took exoeption to the rem? rV, [charged Mr Ruddook with proaohing unohribtian doctrine, and ordored bim to loavo tho pulpit. Tho congregation booamo vory excited aa Mr White got more and rnoro demonstrative, but ulimatoly Mr John Morgan, an auotioneer and leading momber of tho Ohuroh, oalled for a show ol hands at) to whethor the congregation desired tho minister to proceed with his discourse or not. Tho novel proceeding resullcid m an ovorwholming majority voiinft for tho oontinuanoo of tho sermon ; m faot it iB beliovod Mr White was the only dissentient, Mr White refused to recognise tho deoision of tho congregation, aud for a little while was outspoken m hia opposition. Beforo tho sarmon waa conoludod ho loft tho ohurrjh,and the disoourse was then finished m peaoo,

A meetiog of tho South Rakaia Sohool Committee waa held on Monday evening. Proaont — Mesare Hardy (ohairmon), Dowling, W. Shannon, Harvey, Oxley, and Dixon. The Bub-Committeo'a holiday arrangements wero : approved of by the Committoo. CorresponI denoe was read from tho Board of Education

that it was not the Board's praotioe to make | any oppointmont exoept from tho applicants I submitted by the Board, and Bpeoially men tioned by the Committee. The Board also stated that it oould not appoint Miss Bilton as asßistant-mistresß, and requested tho Committee to make another selection. It was pointed out that tho Board's letter was not m accordance with faot as rogards tho appointment of toaohore, and Mr Oxloy moved " That Miss Bilton's name bo again submitted, as she is tho boat applicant." Tho motion was seoonded by Mr Shannon, and oarried. Tho meeting thon adjourned. According to tho " Melbourne Standard" a financial sohomo, whioh ia an entirely new development m the history of Australian borrowings, ia now under tho consideration of the Wesloyan Churoh authorities .The present debt of this denomination, m its numerous ohurohea m Viotoria, amounts to £115,000, bearing an average intereat of 6_ per oent. It ia proposod to pay off this debt by floating a loau m England, the whole of tho ohuroh property m tho oolony, whioh ia "roughly

valued at no less a sum than £630,000, being mortgaged as security. It ia anticipated that the money oan be obtained at _ per oent, or at most 4_. Aooording to the aohemo the ohurohea m debt, however, aro to pay 7 per oent tho dilTorenoo botweon this percentage and that paid to the Engliah capitalist forming the nuoleua of a sinking fund. By this moans it iB expeoted to pay off the whole of the debt m 25 years, and so rid the denomination of its present inoubua ot debt. The beat medioine known is SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRAOT. Teat its eminent powerful effects m coughs, colds, influenza, eto. — the relief ia instantaneous. Thousandsgive tho most gratifying testimony. His Majesty the King of Italy, and medioal syndicates ail over the globe are its patrons. Read the official roports that aooompany eaoh bottlo. Mosler, M.D., Prof. University, Greifswald, reports : — The Euoalypti Extraot proved magnificently successful m very severe oontusions, bruises, sprains, wounds, soaldinga, broken riba, and limbs. (" Medioal Journal," Nov., 1881.) In diseases of the kidneys, either aotive congestion or suppres. sion, (uroomia) or albuminuria, dropay, lithargy, nothing will equal m ita aotion Euoalypti Extraot. Doses, sto 8 drops. Mosler, M.D. , Pror., University, Greifawald, reports : — Diphtheria. Toneils continually coherent presenting uloera with white exudats. Cured m fourteen days, Surgical Olinio of Prof. M'lntyre, College of Physioians and Surgeons, St, Louis— Soirrhus of Breast— ■

Excision Eucalypti Extraot employed. ' No swelling, heat, or discoloration. Cured m ourteen days. — (Advt.) 4

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LOCAL AND GENERAL, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2193, 7 August 1889

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LOCAL AND GENERAL Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2193, 7 August 1889

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