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P. Hayman a d Co SPECIALLY AUTHORTBKD WHOLK^ALI AGENTS FOR KEW ZE iLAND, V| ES3RB P. HAYMAN <fc 00 , Dnnodin lv&. t'hriato-urch, Wellington, and Anck Jan^i. TJio abov cairv n '.orapl-te check > . \ 11. E. KuOKf.MANN and Go 'ri Btanclnr.l Horba I Sfjf»--!tvic .t iuedi H wire- m-iy bo obta-nct fr n*. nil Chriaiata arcl .->ior.V.o -_>'.r8 all over th: Gob.. i LCCUL AGENTS ?OR IT. E. KUGVLMANIS | AM) CO.'rf MAGNETIC MEDICINEti— Th-so Goods can b* 1 . procured from tho following, — ASHBURTON- O. M Buookb. Cbomlst. 1 Jotin Okr & 00., Morchnntt BAKAIA— C. llardv anji Co , Merchant*. I ThC3O unrivalled Herbal Medicines an unim-sady aclcnowlcdTcd t_ bo the boat ir tho world. Uhoy are (|iiiLo -lifferjßt to "11 others known, be'ng aba iutely uusurpasßod ir their uiuvoreal excellence Thoy aro absolutely tpocifio for thos< compiainta for whioh thoy aro specially proparrd, nnd aro free from p.'aon an-t nl] mineral drugs, ajid aro qaite pleasant to take. ! THP BALSAM OF PARADISE. PCR ALI LUNG AMD THROAT DISEASES 4b Oronchitm, Af-thma, Whonzing, Oongh? Cold*, Fo^ Favor, Soro Throat, Bleortirg frorxi Lnnga, Ti-ihtne.B i ou tho Ohrst, iLflimtnatiof] of Lunpfß, (Jollapßo of tho A r O.ll?, Indnra'ion of Lungs, Oongestion of Ltrnga, etc ,o c. It i_ die only medfeiue known to mankind that wil completely euro C'onanmption m itß oirly Btigoa It ia composed of cho'co fruits, flower Heed:*, gnms, balsams, and herbs. It renovatee and fattonß tha weakcat constitution, alike oi youiiß or old. It ia oxaeedlngly pleaßant to take, and c-uiies an immediate improvement In all who take it. Sold m bottle, at 2a 6d la, Gs, atd 10s, " THE BOOM OF THE DOMING CENTURY" H.E. KtJgolrannn'a ELEOTRIO ESSENOR, An external remedy for all pains or aches, Nothing hko thia his ever baen known, and nothing else will ever equal it. If you have a rheumatism or gouty pain that you do not caro about, obtain a bottle of this Electric Essence and it will make you happy. Uao it for op r ain&d backg, knee joratß, all swellingß, dropsy, back acln. sciatica, neuralgia, weak Bpinca, lumbago, contractions, lameness, crampß, quinsy, mumps, diphtheria, croup, and for all paina and acbca Nover bo without it for annko bito, and all bitea of insects or Btings, and for burns, cut?, and Bcalc*B. Piico 8a • _ and 7s, n. E. KUGELMANNU EYE OINTMENT AND ANODYNE EMOLIENT. This is undoubtedly tho finest Pharma ceutlcal product of the oontury. An immediate enre for chilblainti and frost-bltes Nothing hitherto known oan compare with thia Oint ment for ita mnrvellous oxcell-nc., eloganco of combination and • uparior effectiveness. It will cure all oye diseases, aa bun Blight. Sandy Blight, Watory Bi'ighfc, Matter or Humory Blight, Inflammation of Eyes and Lids, Chronic Oythalruia, and all and ovory Eye Disoaso j and as well it is the best and nicest thing posHblu for Fly Bite, Mosquito Bitca or btings of Scorpion-*, Contipcdos, Spiders, otc i and for Sore Throats, Co_ghs, Mnmpß, Quinsy otc, it ia simply splondid. All weak nervous persons should uso it to rub well m down the spine and on the Btomach. Wo guarantee that nil who use this once will nover be without it, Sold only ia jar aat 2s Cd and fie each. H. E. KUGELMANN'3 J-ERBA.I. MAGNETIC OINTMENT, Ihis unrivalled Herbal product is undoubtedly tho boot Ointment ever elaborated for curing old B arrs, bad legs, ulcers, fistules, pil »>, bleeding piles, cruptiors of tho skin, brckm. chilblains, cnls, wounds, otc, etc, etc In jus at Is, Is 9il, 2a Gd, and 5s oach. IHE HERBAL MAQNETIO TONIO LIVER AND bTOMAOH RESTORER. For nil livor complaints, biliousness, j-»nn uico, congested livtr, enlarged liver and spleen languor, drowf-inops, pains bntwoon tho shoulders, chronio indigestion and all Btomach complaints, heartburn, flatulency, Bonr atomach, vomitting of food, loss of appetite, pick headache, nervousness,, nervous debility, prostration, and tho convalescing Btuges of nil aouto diseases, fold m bottles at 5s aud 10s each. THE NATURAL ELECTRIO BLOOD PURIFIER. ■ his medicine has no equal for all blood and skin dieonsoa, poriently froo from mercury, arsenic, and all minoral drugs, Novor fails to cuq. the worst forms of fcrofuln, acurvy,, itch, ulcers, abcosßes, Boro legs and breasts, and all diseases having their origin m the blood. It will work wonders m every caso without excoption. — '- co handbook, prices 4b Gd,6B Gd, and 12s Gd each bottle. THE ILUID HERBAL LIFE. This Is tho bcul of plants, and absolute Bpecilic for chronio noaralgia, facoach?, tootb acho, tio doloreux, swollen face, gumboil, and earache. Price la 9d and 8i per bottlo. THE HERBAL MAGNETIC LIVER PILL 9 These Pills aro unrivalled, and superior to all othora for all liver troubles, biliousness, costivonoßS, piddiness, indigestion, wind and heartburn. Thoy aro composoi aololy of th< vital properties of herbs, aro coated anc tastolosa. At la Od and 3s each. These should bo kept m over/ houßO, as thoy aro c sure cure for numborlcss ills, THE CHILDREN'S VITAL ESSENCE. This is a liquid food medicine, proparod ant adapted exclusively for permanently removinf tho ailmentß and diseases of infants anc ohildren m evory country and climate, I givoa'lif e, onorgy, fleßh, bono and muscle to th< frail and waßtod infant, and will reßtore tbi health, vitality, vigour, and pluupnosa of th' weak, diseased, or fickly child. Boinpleasant to tako, it is readily taken by nil Sold m two bizos only, prlco 2s 6d and 5s eacl with our guarantee attached, without whioh i cannot bo gonuino. HERBAL MAGNETIC ASTHMA OUBI Thiß unrivalled Herbal Oompound ia un doubtcdly tho boat iuhalent m all Aathmatica complaints and Di llcult Breathing, ns Dr; Asthma, Humid Asthma, Spasmodic Asthma NcrvoUß Asthma, Bronchitis, Whoe-lng Tichtncßß on the Chest, Catarrh, Hay Fever Colds m tho Head, &., &c. Bold at 8b Gd, 0 and 10a. HERBAL MAGNETIC SNEBZISG POWDER, This ti a most useful little remedy of a von uniform and t ositivo charaoter. It haß boui devised and u r od for miiny yours for Colds ii the Head, Catarth In the ncBO, Hay ove Ozona, Nasal Polypus, and till Obstructi.ns ii tbe Nobo or Nasal Passages. Sold at 2s, b. H. E. KUGELMANN & UO BOLE PROPRIETORS, Manufaoturera of Electric and Propriotarj Modioinoß, Distillers of Essential Oi\b nm Medioal L'quore, otci, otc, -th Avenue, Nev York Oity, U.B.A. Australian Head Office and Warehouse : 17: nnd 17_ William Btreet, Melbourne, Viotorio Plantations and reducing establishment a Mount Paradise," Gon-br- od, Gippsl.nd. Don't fail to read out Dcßcripuvo Handboo' Mailoa free to any address, or stay bo ha upon (.ppUofttton) 7 119

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 3, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2193, 7 August 1889

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 3 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2193, 7 August 1889