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The annn*»l meeting of tha Ashburton 1. and P. Association was held yeatarday -.fteruo'Jn at th 3 Aroade Chambers. Mr J. 0. N. Grigs, pr.sldonfc of th" f-asoolatloo, occupied the cha!r, and there *»s a co -d attendance, which ino'udiMl ucb?t3 J. B nifaut, 0. Raid, J)hn Small, r t. Fried-ttuder, 11. Oiark, F. Sfcandtoh, M FHodtondsr. J G Retell, J. K.Biwul, T. Taylor, L. Lloyd, S. Mullloa. E Ouokaou, vY, J, SHo ick, P^tar Wi liaroi, G. W. Letidley, T. Mouson, J Sin?fallow. John 0/.*r, J. Sheerer, G. Wornir, I A. J Huston, T. Lar-gl.y. W, Fobb'e.ij J. o;rlau, R. McOvron, J R. Steele, BMANOE fiH HEX The S:*oro l ary, Bfl> J In J. 0. Q ft *c, 'oed the Bal(vi>c*j she'.t for the Bca.ou 1888 9, of whioh tho following Is a nummary.

Beo-lptH. — Mnmbors subaorlptlon-*. £108 la 61 ; entry mmey, show, £120 15a; do. Ivrse naradH, £6; tralo of privileges £61 13i ; gate mouoy, £106 17< lOd ; onUloguos £18 9s 6 1 ; pilvatts prfziß £29 18a 6.1 ; rent of reserve £31 ; total £482 15a 4 1. TCxptnditure— B.Unoo from 1887-8, and Interact £36 14* 101 ; advertising -md printing, £58 lla 4d ; reut of shed, £10 ; secretary 'j salary £25 ; pr!ai money, £285 18(61; working expensea. £63 0* Id ; bxl«' oa at Bmk £3 10. 7i ; total £482 15 >4d. committee's report. The "»r nial repot t was as follows : - Your Committoe In prosenting this their annual report havo muoh ploaeure m oonpratulating the Association on their fioaoc'al condiilon, ub well as tho steady progre?B mado dur ng the paßt yoar bb evidono.d by the figarea -hown m the balanoa Bheet. The AB?ooit ; on started with a debit balance of £36 10s lOd which by caroful management, and the ready willingness shown on tho part of the coiive members m making it a saoreaa and the increasod interest take, iv tho A.sociition by the general public ha been couverted into a credit balance of £3 JOa 7d The membership has greatly increased there being many new namoi added tothe I list. The annual horse parade was held on Tuesday, October 2nd, only 12 entires oomiog on parad. Tbis may ba accounted for by the day being changod from a Saturday fo a Tuesday and the entry foa inoreased to 10s, thoro being no charge made flto tho public for admi c alon as on previous occaßioua. The eleventh annual 6how was held on Friday, Novomber 2ad, and proved a threat success. Thoro was a large attondanco at same, aa thown by tho increase m the gato money. The cntiies wero also In excess of any previous year, notwithstanding tho f- ct that a good many olaßies had been struck out from former catalogues, and olso that a regulation had baen made to tho iff oot that no Btock could be entortd m more fiat ono olasß. Rogardinc; tho figure* m the balance sheet, memberß .übscrip'ions show £108 la 6d, as ogalnat £91 6a 61 m 1887 ; entry money £120 15s agatnßt flf3 12a 6d ; privi eges, £61 1 3 » ai against £34 15s 8d ; cntnloguei £18 19s 6J, as against £13 103 2d. Tho only d'fforecoe against the Association being horse parade. £6 as against £8 3a. On the whole ihe Association is to be complimented on tbe results of the 1888 show.

Your Committor) cannot disguise the faot that 'the good results shown have also boen m a large measure due to the resolution cirrlod ct last annual meeting, viz., tbat on'y one half pr!z.i money be pain m c'asees where thoro was no nctuil co r petition, although tho prize list wis awarded on the a*\ino liberal scale as m tho previous year, the amount actually pad was £235 18s 6 1 aa a.e,trin_t £300 14 i. For the information of membos the following tabulated statement cf the number of exhibit, for the pa6t Ovo years Is submitted : —

1884 188E 1886 1887 1883 Shorp : 102 123 111 58 74 Chttlo 39 31 34 61 34 Horaca 115 13ri 114 148 180 Plus 21 45 22 20 56 Lapllmanta 79 79 77 70 105 Ook<j 7 21 24 17 9 Prodnca 39 52 73 9G 97 Mfcaafaotures 3 13 3 4 9 Horßc-shoeiog — 6 3 4 13 Small birds — 2 — 3 6 Extcaa 16 7 4 15 17 42 1 525 465 486 600

Tha entries m the classes whioh sno^r an inorease on tho previous year are : — Sh°ep 74, as against 58 m If 87 ; horses 180, as against 148 ; horse shoeing 13 as agn'.net 4 ; pigs 56 as against 20 ; produce 97, as against 96 ; N./.. manufac •ures 9, as against 4; fmall birds 6, as agniost 3 , imp'emonts 105, as against 70; and extra exhibits 17, as against 15. Trrro his boon a falling off m cattle 34 as against 51 ; and dogs 9 as against 17 so that all round there haa been a marked inorease. In conclusion your Committee desire to tender ihelr best thanks to tho Executive wl o assisted m the various capacities at the .how, also to those gontlemen who bo liberally contributed to the private priz^ list, and to ask their asais'aoce In tbe future. PRESIDENTS ADDBISS. The President m moving the adoption of the balance sheet and annual report, congratulated the members upon tho sat'R.aotory position of the Ais :clatlon This had bean attained by the wide interest taken la it by the working committee and the general public This batter Btate of affairs was In great measure duo to I he improvement In tbe f rices of pro duoa Every mm now feelshlmaelf In a better position, and consequently has mora time to devote to his hobbles, and pr-epsre them for exhibition at the show. P.foeß of produce wero generally better than tie? hid be9n for some years and would probably not bo so low again as they had been, though thoy -hould not look for muoh further rise. He did not think that the prloe- of wheat would ba muoh higher, as if prices rose In my market anppllaa would pour In from the almost ocuntless acres which are now under cultivation, and would aot against high prlcei. Farmers were now able to get about 3 1 for their wheat, and as no country In the world oould produoo It nnder half a crown a bushel, tboro was not muoh fear of the prioes ruling much below tbe pre.ont lavel for any length of time Wool on tho other band would maintain Its prloe and fine qualities would probably be dearer, owing to the great decrease In the number of sheep In tho world, and tho Increased wearing of woollon clothing. There wat a decrease of 34,000,000 sheep In Fnrope and Amorloa, against an increase of only 16,000.000 m other parts of tho world, whilo the consumption of wool was InoreasiDg year by year. While wool continues high sheep oonuot well go so low as they have beeD, and tin frez in mutton trade, of which tho dctiiy telegrama give full particulars, is a trade of groat Importance to former?*. The supplies of Frcz.n meat, both beef and mutton, from tho JFllver Plato bad fnllen eff very muoh lately, and this had osuiod a rbe In the prloe of frtz.n mutton at Home, Kven If Bopplleß from tho llivor Plato Increased New Z : aland mutton had theqoollty, and would always command a market. The lucres 9 -;- ! ;> the number ff numbers was a fsvo:- ■•{>'■■• point io tJio report, nnd no denbt :'o mamborshlp wou!d further iuocicse an the population of tbe district lrore&Bod, as it would naturally do. More attention was being given to farming and moro land was coming undti farming «7«ry fWt We

Gclgg ioco'uded by moving ihe adoption of :h3 balance thset aod report. (Aoplauß- ) MrOooStsn aeon-led th 1 * adoption of tbe balance - h et and 'eport The roro'uinn wai carriod uasnimoas'y* several members expressing satisfaction ut tho prosperous position of tho Aseociatlcn. PEW MKMBISKS. Tho fo'lowing ware elected rnßTibers of [the A„3.-cialio'> :— Messrs J M. - Cambridge, H. Milhvraith, D. Buckley, ' EL H. Wright, J Boyle, W, Jamison, P. Dorano, f. urgent, B. G. WrighyT. White, W. H Rulo, J. MoOaff-.rty, J. Oarlan, J McQrlkh, J. Guds.dl, R. i Mullinp, M. Wilßm, G, h, Chapman, J. TJarrison, F, Bounfsm, G. Osborne, W. Prebble, R Luscombo, J Williams, I. M. Thompson, Bank of ISew £out*i Wales. S Bratn, X, _p. Wright, Andrew O/r, Thoa. Harrison, M Millar, J. Siurlh lrao, W, Taylor, J. R. Bland, A Prothero.*, W. J, Bixtor, and A. D. Mc 11 wr.ith. COBRE^PO! D-NOB.

Mr J. G. Ren' ell wrote on behalf of the »genta for thn Bale of reapers and binders, ft6kng tho Association to arrange for the holding of a publ'o competitive trial ot reapers and binders at a convenient time and place next harvest.

Tho idoa mut with general favor, and the lot'er was referred to the inoom'mg committee to doal with

The Hawko's Bay Agricultural and Paatorat Associaiion wrote ankine* that tha Association pin them m rocommendiog the Government to introduce a Bill imposing an annual tax of £10 npon al entire horaos of three yearß old and upwards, The so collected to be given as premiums to sire horses standing iv tho several districts m wh'ch the fax is oollected.

la answer to questions the President said the tax was not me int to apply to racehorse-, but only to those which had ;akon up stud dntles. The amount of the t\x was, he understood, to be given to the horses thct gained prfzja In tbeir respeo* tlvo classes at the district shows; for Instate the tax on carriage aires went to oarrlage Biros, on trotters to trotting sires and so on. There tfoald be no exception from the operation of the tax. Me Cookson agreed .with the proposal, which he thought Bhonld be carried out striotly, and proposed that the Committee support the Hawkes Biy AicooUtlon m their movement. Mr R. Clark seoonded the motion. ( Mr M. FdedUnder thought the tsx might press hardly on the owner of a good I hors?, which, though not able tp travel 1 was capable ia every way of use on his owner's farm. | Mr Siloook was opposed to tbe proposal which he looked upon as an attempt to give men moro brains by legislation. Men should have sense enough not to use a bad horse, and if they did so It was theli own fault and their own loss. Mr Lnadley opposed the suggestion as being the thin edge of Ihe wedge whioh would ultlra.tely lead to the taxation of -tlnr s*ud animal*'. Mr M. Frledlander pointed out that m Germany all entire horses belonged to tbe Government, who purchased the bast that oould be ob> alr-ed and pleo.d them at the s.rvloe of horse Dreaders. The President Ball that the German system was good. The ay stem there had adopted beo-nse of the great demand for cavalry horses, whioh had oompelled the State to purohase suitable sires abroad at vary high prices, m order that the required stjmp of horse might be bred. In England a somewhat similar system had lately been adopted, At Nottingham lately there was a largo gathering of horses to oompete for premiums given by Got-prn-nent. Each hone that wai exhibited •*ai rntarnd as standing m a particular d : s'.r r et, and wis atrfe'ly examined as to aorjndness and qualification for the deaired purposes, namely the breeding of good upatpnclfng weight oarriors and carriage horses. A condition of tho awards was that the successful hotßea had eaoh to serve not less than 60 mares at £1 each. So that it was usually a bonus by the Govern* meet to enablo farmers to bre d a nsalnl olaßs of horses. Tbe Hawkes Bay proposal waa Intended to have a similar effect hero Mr Slloock mo?cd as an amendment that the qnestlon be remitted to the inoom'ng Committee to oonslder, as he thought something shou'd be done to do awry with some of the bad horses. The President would Bfoond the amend* ment hlmnelf, aud the matter would be earofnlly considered by tbe Committee. Mr R. Fr'e3l&nder opposed the amendment, nnd said tbe matter should be settled ty the members of the Association. The new Committee might not contain a majority qualified to deal with the subjeot. Mr Leadloy a'so opposed ths amendment; he thought the Association should take no aotion, but leave the matter to work Itself out by the survival of the fittest. Several other brief expressions of opinion having be»n made, the amendment waß put and lost, aod the motion carried by a majority. Mr M. Murphy, Secretary Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Asroolation, wrote suggesting tbat steps should be taken to prevent the clashing of shows, auoh as occurred last year. Tbe great Inconvenience caused last year wa. recognised, and It was resolved that It be left to the Incoming Committee to arrange dates. PRIZE WITHHELD.

Mr M. Frledlander onmplalned that a prizi given by the New Zealand Lean and Mercantile Agency Company at last show and gained by blm had not yet been paid. The Seoretary explained that tha ground on whioh the priz. was withheld by tho donors, waa that Mr Frledlander owned more than 1000 seres of land to wbfoh oorapetitora for this speolsl prize wore limitedAfter some discussion Mr C. Held moved that the Association ap'p'y to the Company for the amount of the prlao, and band It over to Mr Frledlander. Mr R. Olark seoonded the motion whioh was carrier]. Mr Frledlander a.ked that the money when reoeived be handed to the hospital. OOMFLIMBNTARY. Mr R. Frledlander wi*.hed before proceeding to the eleotlon of new officers, to movo a vote of thanks to tho President, to whom waa due the faot tbat the Association h»d reaohed the best position It had ever he'd, The Committee had also worked hard to make tbe show and Association successful. Mr T. Taylor seconded the resolution, whioh was carried by acclamation. The President briefly acknowledged the vote, saying that the oradlt should ba given to the gentleman on his left (the Seoretary), (Applause). BLKOIION OF OFFICERS, Mr Bonlfant moved, and Mr Oookson Booondod tho re-oleotlon of Mc J. 0. N. Grigg as President. Me Gelgg said that he felt he had bean rather lpzy In attending to h's dutlei, but left himself m tho hands of the Association. Mr G-Igg waa unanimously re-eleoted, and acknowledged the vote. The following were elected VcePresiclonts :-Mossrsß. MiUor, J, Bonifaat, J. G. Rest.ll, T. Taylor, John Small, Peter Williams, M. Friedlander. Tho members of the old committee were re-eleoted, with the excoption of thrae who had ceased to ho members of the ApßocittioM, and tho following were added to the Oominitt a o -. — Moesis J. t-tu.holme, juinor, F. bt°nell*b, T, Mr.Tvson, T. N, Digby, Josoph Clarke, and J. R. Bland. Mr D. Thomas wasrs-eleoted treasurer » flfowra Ai Curtis m* A t H, Bharv.

auditors; and Mr J.dC., aecre ft The first mating of tho new Committee was fixed for Tneßday, August 20, A vote of thanks to tho Chair m** terminated th- nrrcocd^gw.

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ASHBURTON AGRICULTURAL AND PASTORAL ASSOCIATION, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2193, 7 August 1889

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ASHBURTON AGRICULTURAL AND PASTORAL ASSOCIATION Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2193, 7 August 1889

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