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Tlio ordinal y fortnightly meeting of ilte Aahburton Borough. CSounoil wan hold laat night. Proaont — Ihe Mayor and Council ora Williamson, 6e,aly, Koir, Hag ) i-riediaudar, Bird, it, Frioliunder, M*ci farlauo, fc'c^tt. MaYOU's STATEMENT Tho Mayor add tha'. the debit balono at tbo Biixk wan £1130 103 9i. The amouata which had been recoivod b nco luat ineo.iiig were r— Liceiißo, public building, £1; refund water supply, Canterbury Miil, £32 6« Id ; eubei Iy, £187 10a ; each Bold, 9--» ; Librury uo;oum, 113 Total, £221 16a IJ. OJRRESPONDHS'OS . Lotters wore read (1; From Messrs Camyboll, wuthtidga,aLd Jo., Melbourne, agouta for fcihand, Ma3on tvnd Co., wi h roferenco to appliances for steam fire engine; -RoceivcJ. (2) From ttiymaHtor general advialng paymeut of uubßidy of £187 lCa-(3) From thwltablo Aid Board reques iig payment of BorouzhV contributiou of £110 17d 111, onjalto about one-eleventii of a penny m tho £ on tho aßßOasod iate»b!e vs. ue of r»Ueablo property ia tbo Borough.- Matter loft m itio hands of the Mayor to raako enqairijp. (4; From liamp : tjad Town Board a»king piimßsiou to take waor from channel* n uloore Btroot acro3B tha Belt to Ber.oh Koad.— Itwaa decided that tfia Counoil could not accede to the requeot as the wate* waa r-jquirod for fluabiog tho outfall druiu. (5) From Mesara Q. J. H«rpor and T. Bealy for tho comrailt >c of subscribers towards tho Jubilee olook approving of plan nf proposed clock townr. (6) irom the Aahburton (Jaledouim Soolety atating that Mr O. Reid would wait on the Oouucil and cxp'aln tho viows of the bocioty m roforonco to the proposed eports ground ia the Domiin.—Mr Heid addreeoedtha Oouaoll, and atutod that tho Hocioty he reproßouted hid ag.eed to tho terms laid d;Wn by the CJuuucll provided tuat a propnr track w-ro formed and provision mado for koopiDg onlonkora oil it Tyhon rac-OB wore m progrcas, und a'ao tha pormieaioa thould ba givm tho Booiety ti trout a platform for danoini; yj * rom a o^uauiiuco of Clube conoerned offjuog £25 towardb fir f l ft t cost of famine grouud, the C'a'edoniun and Bioyo'o Cluba to pay £ 10. per annum, and tho Council to taku 20 per oont of tue g.ta mouoy coltooted 1 y tho Cricket and Football Oiuba. —Matter doforrcd till tbe roporfc of th-i Woika Oornmtoo oamo up. (8) the (Solicitor atating that it was necessary taut ii license «hould bo takea oat m reapoct tf StSUphen'a ichoolrcom.— Or Koir said th t he unleratocd that Iho 'quoßtioa roforrod to. tao Solicitor was whoihoc a licen«o oould bo chargod m resp ci of churches whoro entortainmantß ,to whioh admihßion wab oharged woro bold.— Tho Mayor etdd ho did not think thoro wab ony doubt that if a llconao could bo chargod for a Bohool, bo alao oju:d it bo for oburch;o where onturfainrnonta woo h-jld, admission to which wascha^ed for. Tflß lIIIRARY. A potition boaring 148 aignaturoß m favor of tbo opening of tho reading room on i'nndayß wub luid beforo th > Oouucil Couaideratioa wie deferred till lotor m the evening, INOINEBBS' RFPORT, The Enpinocra reported as followa : The Works Committeo mot aod oonsidoro I varioua matters of dotail that hid beon reforrod to thoin. With rospeot to the improvement of thoaporlß ground m the domain it was rosolvcd to inform tho athlelis clubs that the Coancil would be prepared to form tho raoiog tn.ok and put the cnokot ground m order, etc , m consideration of tbo sum of £25 being paid aa a contribution towards tin fiot coat, nnd that the following oluba, viz., tbo Caledonian Society, Oricket Olub, Bicycle Olnb, and Football Olub should pay £10 oaohaonually, tho first three named Clubs on November 1, and tho latter on May 15 m each your, the Caledonian Society to havo tho privilege of chtrging goto money for ono duya each m tha course of tho year, tho spec al day and tho other throe Clubs for two days bo reserved to bo arranged by the Uouaoil and (ho several olul'fl the Council to maintaia tho running tt&ck, but not tbo rrmintonanoo of tho oriikot ground, — Addition to Water Supply ; Tho labor gang have been enyftj/od daring tbo lust waok la laying the 12 loch pipes jioroaa tto railway lino at O.'meron at!o3t and we expjot will complote thin pan of tha work to-morrow. With regard to thn line of pip on from tho reeorvoir In Woit atroot we woald oek the Oocnoll to rcooasldor th i: deoelon of I putting dovrn a doublo line of 9iq Iron plpefl aa wo fiud wo oiin lay down Isia O3rthwaro pipja, which would carry more water for about a third of the valuo of the Iron plpoo.

Th'a o ! aasoln rogard to pipes vris roferrod to the Worki Ui.'moalttßo with power to sot.' Tao remainder of tha cepoct waa adopted. On the motion of Or It Ffiedlnndir, seouded by Oc Williamson, It was dcldfcd :o forward a copy of the report on tho Domain sports ground to tho BooreUry of tho aeooolßtcd Oiubs, stating tha 1 . tho Oounoil onuld boo no ruaaon for departing from thn tormu of iho ropoit. Ob Kiir dlsaonted, a'atlug that ho thought £5 would bo Buflhlont to oharg*) iho Orickot G'ub, A letter was road from M.v G. W. Androwo with raff renoe to bin lloanno for thfi Toiuplar ll;»ll. If, vvi'U doclded to i-jf rm Ms Anlrowa that Hhe llconan must ho tilcou out m acojr'auoo with tho Aot. Or Koif thovod " That tho nunagera of tho various cha ohoa bo Informed that they onaob hold pabllo meetings fa their sever \l buildings auleas thay take oat a lloinae." H > held tint If tho St Stephen's aohool ahonid be Uoeniod they should lo oomm >n falrnesa ask that lioenoes ahoa'd ba taken out for tha other bolldlnga m which mnotlngd woro held for irhloh a^mias'on wai ohargod at tho door. Oc tl Frlodlander seconded tie motion. Ho did ti'>t tblr k It » mattor of atmply common falrneii, bat that tha terms of tho Aot ehould be compiled with: Or WU'iamnon oh»rnot< rlaod tho mntter as ridtonloaa. If the various buildings ought to bo lloonsod lit tho manupors of 'hoja bu Idtngn (ako Iho ronponolblllty, it ought not to bo necoaaury for the Oouooli to o»u ion them Cr Soott hold that those who uaed thoir bulldinga and ohtrgod for admlsai >n ! Hhould pay a Kceuas fov Ihoao bulldihga. Cr Kolr having ropllocl. Tho motion was put add \o*t, Ors Kulf, H, Frlodlanrlor, nnd Soo»t voting for, and ;ra Bird, Seily, 11. Frledhnder. MaF rt tlane and Williamson against, [ It was decided to Inform tha Oaledonlan k Society tbftt U tbo i»ok wore u^de ioond

th'i Hpor'a ground the poata askeJ i>* [ sliou'd ho put i:i. Or K-ilr, In aocorda-oa with noMoa of j moUc n raov d " That the re^bj? room lv i otu-otloa vr'.th the Pablio Library be *r:prned from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Su - doyi." Hi presented ft petition bea-lru; 148 (ignores In support of the mo, lon. After notne dlaoasolon the tno iou wa* pn^ sad oarrlod, Oca Ki!r, Soitt, H. IModUrdor, MoFarlano and Bird v >tlr s? for, and tho Mayor and Orn Ho.-.iy, Willt m n.n and R. Friedlander n-. ; al> at. On the rentto.i of Oc Ki!r, aicondo.i by Or n. Fried ande?, it was d ouiod <hat tha Librarian attend thj op<:nln^ rf th:; Library oa Sundays and th-.t ho be p^'d I on exra earn at tho rat-p of £6 por nnuum torm'.nablo Rt tho rUsoral'o-i of ho Oouncll. Atton ( on wixa oalied 'o tho P.ui.-)dkoopi3r bolrjfl In arre»r3 with h!n r^nt, anci It win <\eo\d()i to Inform him that uml;j?h tl.-a arre«rs bo paid within a cao:;th tho «g>-oo-tnant bo t-.rralnako.i. It wfiß roaolvvid to ca'l thn alt<m»lon of tho Inspector t> nuiaancfo nn tboa-nth a belt The Oddfellowsj 1 Hail lloanaa wan r^nowod. Aooounta wo?o piasod and the Ojcmoll adj turned.

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ASHBURTON BOROUGH COUNCIL, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2192, 6 August 1889

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ASHBURTON BOROUGH COUNCIL Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2192, 6 August 1889