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The "North Otago Timo. " hoars Ihat thoro is a probability m a short time of tho running of tbe oxprc.s trains being altcrod, At a meeting of the Ashburton Sohco' Committee held on Saturday evoning Alexander Jamieson was appointed to tho vaoant pupil-teaohersbip iv tho sohool. Tho frost m Southland hinderod tho plough, ing fully a month. Thero was considerable losb of potatoes, and destruction of turnips whioh were partially oaten by stook or rabbits. A lady roeiding at Inveroargill latoly ro* quired a nurso girl. Amongst the applicants was ono who was all but engagod, tbe bar being tbat her momma would not allow her to ba seen wbeoling a perambulator J In Obina all tbo land bolongs to the Btalo, and a trilling cum por aore, nover altered through long centuries, is paid as rent. This is the only tax m the oountry, and it amounts to about half a orown per head. Tho Alameda with tho English mails of July l.'Hb left San Franoisoo for Auokland on August 2nd, tho oontraot timo. The Mariposa with tho Now Zoaland mails of July 15th arrived at San Francisco on August 3rd, also tbe oontract time, Tho Government Valuator m the las'report on tho oondition of Friendly Societies makeß tho following remark :— " If I wished to work an everlasting injury upon any Lodge I would present tbem with a sootion upon whioh to build a Hall. A correspondent of •' Nature," writing from Mauriiiua, says :—•• I do not know whother it is generally known tbat here, and I balieve m other tropical countries, thero aro m overy hive wbat one oan only dosoribo a. "ven'ilating bees," I mean that during tho hot seaeon two or tbreo bees post themselvoa on their heads at tbe entrance to tho hivo and fan tho interior with the inocseant motion of thoir wings. They aro rolieved at intervals by fresh bees, who carry on the prooess. They are kept to thoir duty by a sort of patrol Of bees to in.ure their incessant aotivity. This is a wcUautbeptioated and known faot, i And kb BtiQfc nay iottwHt y our. reader!, ';

Tbe Btx-ond shilling oonaort m St StophenV 9 sobi o'rocm takes phoa to-morrow, A liat of J pnrfor'nora will bo found m our advortiaornoni j onlt'inn. M il« for AustraHa, India, ani tho Continorit of En opo via Sydney, per To An-u oloho at AnokL.nd on Tuesday, August lS'.h l'hia ia due iv Lindon on Bopt, 23rd. At tbo Kink on Saturday tho unioyole moo caußod a gcol deal of amusement. I' was won by A. Wilkie. Tbo Rink will bo open 10-niglit aa n.ual. Rpocinltiea aro boing (*nt up for rnco night, including a lady and gont cmau rn.o for flr_t and socond prize?. At tbe It M. Oourt thia miming bpforo Messrs Bullock and Thomas, tho acjournod charge against L onard Prioo of obstructing a eonatnblo o-ime up for boari-g. Tbr r-vid'-iii-o of Cons' ab'.o F> z^fr-ibl aid 11. Oonksoi. having boon tttkon hi cmo wa* adjourned lili hilt pust fnur m th' af'-ornoon when evidence for tho dofenoo will bo led. Many y.?nra ngo, bo say (*oologintP, but not further back tbat when tho blue Londrn olay ou which much of tbo lower part of Ipuvioh town now stands, there gr-iw m those la: it ides H.imilnr gum treoß to thoao whioh now form .ho oimraotoristio foliag. of An ■trait*.. Numerous ftttorapta hava reoently boon mado to induoQ gum lrocß t0 B rDW ono ° raoro * n I whit appoara to b > tho aroa of their birtb, but tho froaiy nights of England aro against thorn Tbe municipality of Laokon, near Brusaolp, la sorioußly diapleaacd with tho King of tho B.lgians, beoauaa hia Majesty haa boen preaenting large areaa of tbo Royal D..mun to tho people aa publio parks, whioh thenceforth oaaHe to bo ratablo ; and ho haa just filled tbo councillors' cup of bitterness to ovorfiowing by purchasing tho magnifioont proporty of tho Baronoaa d'Epinghovon, near tho Royal Farm, for a aura of £12,000, and given it to the publio Thoro are 88 honpitalfl m tho oolony. The total expenditure upon thorn laat yoar waa £73,550 6' lid. Tho mo.ioal expemos abao'rbod £5f>92 4s 2d, and tho bill for spirits f-mo to £1572 0. 3d. The provisions ooat £15,273 7m 7d. Salorioa and wagea amounted to £25,885 11a 3 1 . The rovonue received waa £34,563 from Government, £20,344 from looal bodies, £5711 from voluntary contributions, £801 .nm boques a, pationta conUi butod £7190, and the email roni-ia,' or oamo from othor sources. During tho progress of work on hia place noar tho mouth of tha Wauau Btream, on the ooast just beyond L.ko Takapuna Mr E. Harrow a fow days ago oamo upon a nativo oven, and beside it a number ol human bonoa, evidently belonging to pooplo who had boen roaitod and eaten at thia plaoe. War partioa proooeding along tho coast on oxpeditiona appear to h_y. been iv tbe habit of landing at thia place, and ho'ding their oannibal feaata, as oonsidorable quanti ica of human booeß ,havo boon found ovor a large aroa. On Saturday tho proprietors and omployeoa of tho "Lyttelton Tiraoa" Company mot to bid farewell to Mr 11. A, Loughnnn, who for fifteen years haa editod tho " Timeß," and who ia about to lcavo (or Wellington, whore ho continues his journalistic work m ano'.hcr sphere, though he will still contribute to tbe " Timcß." Mr Loughnan was preeontod with a puree cf sovereigns, with a handsomely bound volume of hia novel, '* A Singular Legacy," (whioh appeared aorao timo ago m the*' Canterbury Times," and with a h.ndBomo address. Tho example sot tho ooloniea by" South Auatralia hafj evidently taught Victoria tha importance- of replooing tho trees whioh nro boing destroyed m such vr.Bt numbers. During the paat two montba tho Oonaervator of Forests has distributed to looal bodies and other publio institutions 73,000 trcoa for plant, ing m different parts of the oolony. Tho applioationa reoeived fer the treea havo boon unusually numerous this year, and at tho oom. menoemantof thia raonb the Oousorvator had to reluao to givo away any moro for feat that his own supplies would bnnauUioien', Tho plants whioh woro moßt m roqueat oaks, olma, peppor trees, BUgar gum?, and pinus ineigia. Mr J.B. Kidd, tho laat eurriving membor of tho original thirty-five founders of the Royal Soottish Aoademy, died at bis m.i, denoe at Greenwich on May 7 Ho win m nil "eighty Booona year, it was but quite recently that he was Boleo'nd to paint a portrait of the Queen for tlm Jtoyal Hoapital Bohoolß, Groenwioh, Mr Kidd ccu'd claim the honour of having boon tho guost of Sir Walter Soolt, at Abbo'.Blord, and wou'd rco.ll with muoh pleasure tho oonvorsation ho had with tho groat novolist. Mr Kidd wna notive with both bruah and penoil till twelve minths ago, sinoo whioh time ha gradually fa iod. A papor waa read by Surgoon-Mnjor Williams m Sydney rooently on " tho oloth ing of the eo'dier as auitablo to tho olimate." During tbe disoueaion that followod MajorGenoral Bdwarda said bo agreed with tho suggestions thrown out by Dr Williams, and likod tho Bamplo of Now Zotiland brown serge oxhibitod, behoving it oould not bo battered for the purpos "t Iv tbo S_udan tho Koarki uniform always had tho appiaranoo of being wet and uuoloan, and wna ot no uso oxoopt m a dry arid olimate liko Contral India, M i jor-Gonoral Richardson m iho oourse of hia oritioiam of tho paper remarked that although ho waa a freetrader ho ihoroughly believed m tbe Now Zealand oloth, and oxproasod the hope that its munufao'ure would bo enoouraged by having tho olothing for tbo whole of tho foroos mado from it, Sir Georgo Burns, ono of tho mw baronots, ia a remarkable man. Although 91 yoara of ago, he rerula and writes without artificial aid, ho oarrieß on eciontitlo atudies with all tho fervour of early manhood, and ho manages tbe nffairß ol h.B oatato ol Wemyss Bay on the Firth of tha Clyde aa prcoisoly and successfully aa half a oentury ago ho manngod tho embryo Cunttrd Steamship Oompany. Hia father lived to tho patriarohal ago of 90 and hia grandfather died at (ho ngo of 8.. Mr Burns, aa overyone knows, was one of tho pionoora of stoam navigation. It waa he, along with Samuel Ounard and David MaoIvor, who firat oontraotod with tho Government for rogularly oarrying tho Amerioan mails by steam paokota. That waa m 1839 or 18.0. Hitherto tho work had boon dono by Bailing ahips. Fooohow reports speak of an extraordinary shrinkage of Australian and Now Zealand ordora thia season for China toas. Tho rapid growth of tho Indian and Coylon toa trado Ib exciting great apprehension m tho Celestial Empire. Instead of all tho world waiting with engernoßß the opening of tha new season teß market at Fooohow, aa m years ago, there ib now a liatlesaneas ovor the matter, duo to competition or over-produotion. A shrewd Wellington merchant lately Btated that it is inly a question ot time when tho Chinese growers will have to oonsign their tea the Bame way aa wo m Now Zealand havo to oonßign our butter, mutton, wool, eto., to consuming markets, and aa tea will not keep long m tho muggy atmosphere of Fooohow, a shrinkage m buying ordora is likely to lead to the adoption of thia plan ot doaliug with thoir great produot. A peouliar inoident took plaoo at Round Hill m oonneotion with tho Chinaman who ia charged with having oommittod rape. Tho correspondent of tho "Southland Times" states that whon the oonstablo wont to tho hut whore tho acousod lived for tho purpose of arresting him ho found him m bad shivering. Whon ordcrod to get up and dress his olothCß oould not bo found, and ho explained that, feeling aahamod of boing talked about m oonneotion with suoh a matter, bo had triod to drown himaolf, but found the water 100 oold for hia liking. On soarohing his clothes were found close to a dam. with a note attaohed telling whore hia body would bo found and hie reasons for committing ouioido. His careful arrangement to have his body found and buried is m acoordanco with the idea held by tbo Chinese that if thoir bonoa aro not Bent to China thoir spirits will novor roaoh Paradiso. It may be preauraod '.that tho faot of having oommittod suicide ia not considered a very serious sin, A Philadelphia Temple of Amusemont advertises nB follows* — "Grand National Gum Ohowerß* Contest I Twenty-five modest < raaatioating maidens, 25 champion gum | destroyers— all ohewing for fame and fortune. I'nV.oa to be awardod to tho most graoefftl ohower *, to tho lady who chews tbe longest without Btopping; to tbe lady who ohows tho biggest ohunk I Ohewera from I Oheworavillo 1 Gum ohewing ia at laat I reoogniaod aB an art, and no young lady's eduoation ia considered finished until she has acquired an tasy, graooful movement, Everybody oan learn to ohew ■ The ladies will ohew I The ohildren will chew I Everybody will ohew i If you don't chew yourself. OPmg and bog pthgrs gb«w , ,

A story is told at Mr Fish's expenßo tha' when ho sevored his connootion with tin G vornm^nt parly he rouiovod hiß belongings from tbo Government whip', room but on applying for admission to the Oppo abiop room ho was told to hang up hiß oobi for tho presont m tho lavatory, wbioh if situated botween the two. That night thorc was a good deal of personal badinogo exohangod between Messrs Fiah and Soddon, m '.he courpe of whioh tho latter gontlemsn poked fun at his opponent for boing m an •'iotormodi'.ta position," and belonging, m faot, to '• tho wash-house party." Hon members onjoyn 1 iramensoly tho wordy due' I botwoon the two great talking men of tho House. Ratepayers m tho distriot affeoted are reminded that tbo poll on tho proposal of ihi* Oounty Oounoil to tako an • additional water supply from tho Rakaia will be taken to- j morrow at tho following plaoos :—Schrolbouse, Nowlands; Hohoolhouse, Son Held ; Bcboolhousp, Pondarveo -, Bohoolhouflo, Dorto ; s-lioolbntißo, Chortsey ; fohoolhouso, lnuriatoo; Racecourse Building?, R.oeoourso Ro3orvo, Aahburton. It .miy be as well to onoe moro remind nU tho ra'opayora m favor of tho proposal that it ia absolutely neoossary that they should rooord their votes, as nndor tbo Loonl Bodies L-ana Aot— that undor whioh tbe pol is taken— my ratopayor who doos not vote is takon to be as muoh against tho propoafil aa if bo recordod a dircotly antogonistio vote. The beat modioino known is SANDER an d 80NS' EUOALYPTI EXTRACT. Tob.s eminent powerful efleota m cougha, oolde» influenza, eto. — tho reliof ia inatantanoous, Thousands give tho most gratifying testimony. Hia Majesty tho King of Italy, and medioal Byndioates all ovor the globo, are ita patrons. Read tho oflioial roporta that aooompany oaoh bottlo. We havo no oooasion to oiler rowards m proof of tho genuineness of our references. Tho oflioial roporta of modioal clinioa and universities, the oflioial oommunioation of the Oorisul-General for Italy at Molbourne; tho diploma awarded International Exhibition, Amßterdam—all these are authentio dooumontß, and, na suoh, not opon to doubt. We add here epitome of ono of the varloua oaaea treated by Siogon, M.D., Profesaor, eto : Burning of the right hand through the explosion of a email oil Btove. Tho epidermis on the volar and palmer aide of tho hand of tho thirty-year-old patient waa completely Boparatod and liftod up as far aa the joint of tho hand. The likewise liftod naila were hanging looae, and half of tho phalanx of tho nail of tho middle finger waa ooalod. The wounda thua contracted healed m throo woekß under daily applications of Eucalyptio Extraot droesing. The pationt haa retained tho full use of tho hand.— (Advt.) 1 maaam — aa— aa— a— m

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