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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, AUGUST 1, 1889 LOCAL AND GENERAL.

Sixty per oent of the hotels m tho oily o New York aro named m honour of English men or of parts o! the British Empire, while here ia not a single fitst-olasa hotel named after a great AmerioaD, Paul dv Chaillu, author and traveller, has lately returned to London from Morocco. He has been living near Tangiers like a native. He ia delighted wiih the Moors, and will spend several winters wi ; h them and write a book concerning them. The four Eona of the King o! Siatrt, who wi'h their tutors and : euite have been travelling through India Bnd tha continent of Europe, have arrived m London. After a stay of Borne months m Eog'and, they nropose to return home by the way of the United States. Japar f and China. Two Sydney detectives succeeded m capturing a man named James Snow, charged with embezzling £1200 from Peim^wan, Wright, aod Co. on board tho ship Carl Rook. The veßsel waa detained m Newcastle for a few hours by a heavy Bea. and the deteotiveß were thus able to overtake their ma". They reoovered £GOO m £10 notes and gold, which were stowed m Snow's berth. . The descendants of Marat have brought an scion against the Italian Government to recover tho sum of 50,000,000f, or £2,000 000 sterling, the present calculation oil the property of Joachim Murat, King of .Naples. whose goods and chattels were confiscated after his capture m Calabria and his exeouiion m 1815, Tfce aotion was to come before the oourts last month, but the plaintiff? did not intend topreß3 Iheir claims it th^ Govern ment make them a reasonable off jr. Aoaording to a private letter reoe>ed m England tba Mahduts have made a desert of Western Abyssinia. Flecks and herds have been destroyed, and thousands of Abyssinian Christians have been sold into slavery, besides many thousands butchered m 0"ld blood. A great many members of the noblest families m Abyeeioia are now pining m Bravery at Meosr, and the lotter arp^a's m pathetic language to the people of Europe to proouro be libera ion of their Christian brethren. An Auckland teirg an says that eince Maoh, when the export of flue to Sm Francisco commenced, four hundred and for'y three tonß have been Bent ou*, of which ninety one ions was the product of Auckland, and three hundred and fifty two of the Sou'h, chiefly Wellington. The selling price m England do^s not warrant more than about £18 to £20 being paid here, while tho American demands keep the prioo up to £25. The San Francisco service ia thus worth £7 per ton to Now Zealand. A mishap, which fortunately wan mt attended with serious results, ocouir O" at the railway station ycßttrday. As o r .c of the large new boilera for Ujo W-ollen Factory was being hois fld from the truck tbc crane gave way, the b)i;er end thebeyy wcodeD arm of the crane coming down with a ora*h. A number of men were about but none, fortunately, were m the way of the falline mass. This morning men were at work mending the crane, The Ashburton Guards held a very pleasant social ga'hering of members of tbe corps b d their friends at the Oddfellows' HnM li et night. There was a large attendance, neluding Major Doughs, Captain Sparrow, Lieutenants Cutbbertson and Faul, end several members of the other local corps. D.ncing was kep' up till midnight to tbe musio of Mr J. H. Brooks' quadri'le bond, and some good Bongs were sung at inter\a}<. Mr Louis Brennan does not appear greatly disturbed by the announcement that Corr. mod % re Scbley, of tho US. Navy, has m. J vented a torpedo which will frrhwith render his obsolete. The young Australian says he hears this sort of BUry on tbe average once a month, and always on tbe best euhority; but somehow tbe new torpedo itself never pu!s man appearance. He is pow busy with hia type-writer, whioh experts consider will oreate as great a stir amongst inventors as the torpedo, A featnre of thi« year's Perby Day, about whioh the Methodists are expressing much patisfoo'ion, was an antiiTftcing campaign which their nhuroh oonduoted on the courpo with great ppirit, And thay claim with great results. They had one of the largest tents o i he Diwns, and towards evening when » nil the fun of the fnir " was at its height, ih^y hpld eervicGS of pong and prayer. Many who went m to scoff remained to pray ; and the preaching and 6inging were so earnest and attractive thafc, however muoh out of place the pood wcrk seemed to be at. the Derby,- the cbi'fs of the campaign reckon up many personal viatoriee, The model of nn earthquake is a unique point of apparatus that has been construe ed by aTokfo Fefemolpgist. Patently and laboriously following out the accurate records of a modern seismograph. Professor {j?<kiya has succeeded m ehopicg a long coil of copp/jr wire, *c hh m represent, with the utmost pre r cision, tha intricate path desoribed by a shaken snot of the earth's surface. The model magnifies " £f ty tf nxes tho ground's absolute motion during eeventy-two secoudp, and resemb'.es a ball of twire unwound and thrown down m a confused heap. Numbered tasc eiiow the progress of the shock for onoh second of time, In Ireland (writes the London correspondent of tbo " ArguB ;> ), the railway oataetrophe at Armigh stilo attracts attention, Is now proved beyond a doubt that- the disaster was oaused by a shocking etror of judgment on thfl part of Superiotsijdent Elliot^, who was trave'linq; with tho train ; that the drjv/sr h#d irver before taken a train oyoy this particular part of the line ; and that the sttttiomuastcr at Armagh was much too anxious to loai the single rrp,ine up to and beyond tho nrnimam. But it EHiott who, ending tbe pneine over-weighted »nd Ijropght to a standstill on the;osHnp, ordered the unhook Ing of the nlna" coafthe?, and actually brought about the catnstroph", Tfcfl resnonsibi'Uy of the ornnpany i^ so oWr that iij^y o^nnot flvart" i ( ; tljny have md fi frdmijt^ed if, and ihn cl'ifns for cornppnia'ion whioh wll flow f i UDOn them wi 1 bo most a rioiia for the shareholder.". Ki-ating's Cou^h L z-'.n^m 'urc Cou 'hs Asthma, Ilronchiti'. Medical 'estimony state that no other medicine is so effectual m the cure of these dangerous maladies, One Lozenga aloae crives ease, one or two at any time ensures rest, For relieving difficulty m breathing they are invaluable, They contain no opium nor any violent drug. Sold by all Chemists m tins, is 1 %d and 2s gd each. Rough en CatAerh.— Corrects ofifens'vo dors at once. Comp ete cure pf worst chronice casea j also unequaled as g&rgfe iQt diphtjieric prs thro.ati fou^ frath H

While three Misses Pear&oa with Mr T 1 Pormain wcra witnessing Ihu hunt, nsar^ Winslow yns'-orclay, from a buggy, « he horse' boitec! and all vy?.ro thrown out, Tna acaidt-n' had a vry alarming aspect a3 one of the hidie* W:va draeijod for Home di3tanco, butfortum'oly no worse injuries than ssvere shaking and & few bruises wore sustained. by any of the party. The horso and vehicle also escaped with Bligit damage. It is the territorial Rpoliation of Franoo wbich has destroyed all litpes 0! a permanent European peaae. I. 13 vain for Germany to proclaim psnea when sl-.e has carried off A'saoa and a larg.j sortion of Lorraine, including Me z and Tuionville. Austria HUBtainod terriblo defeat "at the ' handg of Germany m 1566 ; why has durablo peaoe been eat'.biishod b^twoon th-in? Be3aas9 not an inch of tortitory was ' annexed. — Admiral Maxgo. In Belgium religious teaching ia v ually given at the oorninenoement or at the end of school hours, but children are excuse.d if parents request it. In Au?:ria the religious teaohing is under the eupGrvision of the Cuuroh ; m Bavaria it h a part of the curriculum, and is givon by the parish priost. 1% Holland the ,sohoolbouso may ba Used by the priests on'y out of ashooi hours. 1 1 Hungary ( arrangements are made for every denomination to provide somo roligioU3 irstruo ion m the schools. Ia N mvay the Lutheran ra'igion is taught, Ia Prns:ia religious instruction ia compulsory. Ii Sixony the master teaohes the Protestant religion, the priest also teaohing, whero tba pupila are Catholics. Ba'igion is taught m Sweden, but pupils a r e exou3td c 1 equest of parents. Ia Wurtemburg one-: bird of the school time is given to religious iuslruo ion. A will oaee, whioh has just been deoided by the Civil Tribunal at Rimbouillott, m Franoe, ievails the face that the weU-kcown writer, Augusts M a .quet, who died at the beginning of last year, was the ohief author of " Monte Christo," •' The Three Musketeers," and other world-renowned works of the elder Dutrae; The matter baa ofton formed the subject of angry disoussioD, but the administrators of the lVl^quet esiate now declare that they have the handwriting of Alexandra Dumas to prove that the :lßcea=orl writer did the lion's share of the work, wli'.e Dunns took all the glory and emolumen*. Augusta Maquet was oer> taiuly th? most honorable ot man, And his modesty m leaving the question unanswered oertainly militates m bis favor. Eriosson, the Swedißh-Eng'iab-Amerioan engineer and inventor, is dead, after a long and typical inventor's life. Many Aus'ralians may not be aware of how much they are indebted to ibis man, who was the praotical f ther of the screw propeller which rendered po aib c 1 nr preamt speedy and s*fe communication with the rest of (be word ; and yet, when ErioßSon submitted his propeller to (he British Admiralty, their lordship 3 solemnly reported that the idea was useless, as ships 0 uldnotbe B'eerod if propelled from the stern! This foolery eiokeicd E'ioason of England, whioh he had made his adopted home ; so he departed to America, and during the war he turned the tide of the nival engagements m favor of the North by his building m 100 days tho armoured turret ship the Monitor, whioh has been the model for so many vessels of war since For some years past Eriosson had been conoentraling all his attention on bi<3 sun motor, an engine using the sun direotly as fire by means of huge cheap parabnli'o mirrors, He has !rft the carrying out of il is 0 ote of his friends. — "Adelaide Observer." Commpn'iDg on the package of the Nival D3fence Bill, " The Times" Bays :--" There never was a time m the history of this country when its pro?perity and even its very existence depended more absolutely oa the maintenance of its maritime supremacy thao they do at present. No mid ary'i 0 uld nave as if our navy were to fail us. If an enemy could wrest from us the oommand of the sea, he would not need to invade us io order to foroe us into eubmuson. By cutting off oar transmarine suppliop, the raw material of our : teeming industries, he oould infliot intolerable Buffering and loss on the whol6 of out working population. The maintenance of an adequate cavy is, therefore, no q'les'ion of warlike impulse or of Imperial pride ; it is almost purely a question of social and industrial necessity. Opinions may fairly difl.r as to the naval strength neoessaiy to insure our ! domestic security and our industrial stability. j But the opinion of no man i 9 worth* taking on ' the mitter unless bo approaohes the prob'em ■ from this point of view, and shows by tlie manner m which he diaoueeea it that he nppr<?oiates its gravity and vital importance." Oertainls the Most Effective MEDICINE m the world is SANDER and SONS EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Test ita ominerit powerful effeots m Coughs, Colds, Influenza, etc, ; the relief is instantaneous. Thousands give the most gra'ifying testimony. Head this certificate :— " 24th April, 1885.— Messrs Sander and Sons, — It is with the groaiest of pleasure that I testify to the excellence of yourEuoilypti Extract. Having had inflatn- \ mation of the bone of the leg, which came on 1 after a severe attaok of low fever, I was I attended by Dr J. Boyd, who had made Strenuous efforts to save my leg, but without Buccess. He found it nocesaary to amputate my limb. Having heard m the meantime of the wonderful cures worked by tho Eucalypti Extract, I obtained a bottle, and the extract had not been applied more than an hour when , I began to feel greatly relieved. After applying the extract every four hours for nine or ten days I was out of all danger. I would per3uado all who may be affected with any suoh disease to give the Eucalypti Extract trial, and I am oonvinoed that they will find it the mo^t wonderful of medicines. — Jours, etc., EJ.J. Cuaijow, Wattleistrcet Sao.\v?rßJi —(Advt.) jB

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, AUGUST 1, 1889 LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2188, 1 August 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, AUGUST 1, 1889 LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2188, 1 August 1889