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s I p. Hayman a d Od ;l frPECJIALT/r AUTHORTSKD WHOIiK^ALI dGENib iOR SEW ZEILANO, MESSRS P. HAYMAN & CO , Dnnedin Christchnrch, Wellington, and Auck land. The al'ov carry --i rompl -te stock ■; H. K. Kugklmaiw AWDCo 'a Standard Herba Magne !o rt mdi s whic may bo obtainei fr m au Jhemiata and Storekeapera all O7cr thi G tbe. LOnAL AGENTS FOU H. E. KUGELMANN AND CO.'d MaGNETIOMEDIUINtiS--These Goods oan bo procured from the following, — ASHBURTON O. M Brookb, Chemist. John Orr A Co., Merchants BAKAIA— O. Hardy and Co., Merchants Thne unrivalled Herbal Medicines nre uni erea'ly acknowledged to be the be3t m the vorld. 'J'hej nre ouito different to "11 others km.wri, be'fig abß'lutc'.y nnanrpassid m their universal e.vcel'enoe 1 Ihev are absolutely Bpacifio for those com plaints for whic^i tuey nre specially t repaired, and are free from pra^n an* 11 mineral drug?, and ars qaite pleasant to tak9. THB BALSAM OF PAT. DIBE. FCR ALL LUNG AND THROAT DISBISES As Bronchitis, Asthma, Wheezing, Cough 1, Cold's Fob Fove^, Sore Throa 1 :. Bleeding from Lnngjt, Tigh uta< on tne Ohoat, lnflimmatton o Lnngs, C llvße or tho A r Gull*, Indnration o r Lunga, Congestion of Lunga eto ,c 0. Itia ihh only rooiicine known to mankind that wll completely onrti I'ensnmption m its eirly Rt g<B It U composed of cbo cc frnits, fl >vror weed*, gome, ba'aamf, and b/rbs. It renovates and faite'iß tho weakest cods. Itutioc, alike of vonng or old. It is exceedingly pleasant to tnke, and causes an immediate improvement m all who take it. Sold m bottles at 2a 6d is 6s, acd 10s. " THE BOOM OF THB COMING CENTURY" H.E. Kngelmann'a ELECTRIC ESSENOB. An rxternal rem<dy for all pain* or aohes. Nothing hko tMs he ever been known, and nothing else will ever eqnal it. If yon have a rhumatiam or gouty that you do not - ata abont, obtain a bottle of thm Sleotrio Ee~enca and it will make you happy 1 Dae it for ep'ainod bicki, kncejointß, all swellim s, dropky, b^cl' ach . sciatica neomlgii, weak spinti, lumbig-, contractions, lameness, cramps, quinsy, mumps, diphtheria, oronp, and for all puns and uotiea Never bo without it for soako bito, and nil hitra 'f ioacots or ptingß, and for burue, cuts, and BcalCE, Pi ice 8< daud 7a, H. E KUGELMANN'3 £Y8 OlNTivllcNl 1 A^IJ AKODYNB EMOLIEST rhie ia nndocbtedly the finest Pbarma oeutioal product of tbe oontury. An Immediate cure for chilblain* and fros' -bites Nothing hitherto known oan compare With this Oint - ment for its marvellous excelled, elegance of combination and uprfior effeotivenesa. It will onre all eye dis> aaea, nB Snn Blight, Sandy Blight, Watery B/ight, Matter or Hnmory Bligbt, hflammation of Eyea and Lids, Cbronio Opthalmia, and all and every Eye Disease; and as well it is ( he best and nicest thing possible for Fly Bite, Mosqalto Bitt.3 or s i in gB of Scorpione, Centipedes, Spiders, eto, and for Sore Throats, 'ojgh?, Mumps, Qninsy etc , it is simply splendid. AW weak nervous persons Bhonld use it to rub well m down the spine and on the stomach We guarantee that all who vga this once will nerer be without it, Sold only io jwi at 2s 6d and 6a each, H E. KUGELMANN'3 HERBAL MlbkNi^Tlu OINTMENT. This ' rivalled Herba l . product is nn» doub'.t Jl tho bo-^t Ointment ctet el<vhotat«d for enri old a rra, bad logs, ulcers, fistules, pilb, b ling piles, cruptiora of tho skin, broken < 'lilblains, cuts, wounds, eto, eto, elo In jus &t la, la 9 1, 2i 6d, and 6s each. THE HKR^AL MAGNETIO TONIC LIVER AND iTOM^OH BEBTORKB. For rll liver cornphintp, biUonsnesa, jaun ..ico, congest d liver, enlarged liver and spleen languor, drowbinePß, pairs between the shonldere, ohronio indigestion and all stomach oomplainta, heartburn, flatulency, sour stomaon, vomitting of food, lcaa of appetite, riuk hondache, ncr vonsnesrj , nervona debility, prostration, and the convaUscing stages of all aouta diaec ,es. told m bottles at 6a and 10a each. THE NATUBAL ELECTRIC BLOOD PUiiIFIEB. his medicine has no equal ior all blood and skin dip,«aße^ pertently free from mercury, arsanie, and all mineral drngs. Never failß to onre the worst forma of Bcrofnla, Hourvy, eczema, itch, ulcers, abceseea, sore legs and breasts, and all diseases havi ig their origin m 'the blood. It will work wonders m every ! case without < x option.— cc handbook, prices 4s 6d,6s 6d, and 12s 6d each, bottle. THB ILUID HERBAL LIFE. This Is the ecu l , of pi mti, and absolute opecirJc ior ohronio neiralgia, faceachc, tooth ache, tic doloreux, Bwollen face, gumboil, and earache. Trice la » J and 3j per bottle, HE HBBBAL MAGNETIC lIVER PILLB Thcße Pills are unrivalled, nnd superior to nil otherß for all liver troubles, bilioußneßS. ooßtiveness, pidoiueaa, {^digestion, wind and J heartburn. Tboy are compoaei solely ol the vital properties of herbs, are coated and tasteless. At la Od and 3a each Thr:e should ba kept !n every house, as they are a aura cure for numberlcaa ilia. THE CHILDBEN'd VIT\L B 8 ENOB. This is a liquid tooa medicine, prepared and adapted exclusively for permanently removing the ailments nnd dißtaEOs of infants and children m every country ar>d cl ! *nato. It giveß life, energy, flcßh, b mo and mtuolo to the ? rail and wastsd infant, and will rcstora the health, vitality, vigour, and plumpneßß of the weak, diß—.aed, or fickly child. Being Slea-r.nt tj take, it ib readily taken by all. "Sold m two eiz - only, price 2s 6d and 6i each with oar guarantee at ached, without whiob. it cannot be genuine. HEBBAL MAGNETIC ABTQMI CUBE Th'fl unrivnlled Herbal Oomponnd is undoubtedly the beat inhalent m all Asthmatic?.! complaints and DiEcult Breathing, as Dry As thm a, Humid Asthma, Spasmodic ABtbma, Nervous Asthma. Bronchitis, Wheezing, lightneßß on tbe Chest, Catarrh, Hay Fever, Colds m tre Head, <fco, &o. Soli at 8a 6d, 6a and 10s. HEBBAL MAGNETIO SNEEZING POWDER.. Thii In a moßt useful little remedy of avevy uniform and restive ohnr.oter. It hrs bew devised and a*ed for many yetre tot Colds is the Hf 1, Oatarih m the mie, Hay Feyei Ozena Nasal Polypus, ard >.ll Obntruct'ons m the fie jor Nasal Pasaigrs. Sold at 2s, 6a. H. K. KUGELMANN & t I O, BOLE PROPRIETORS Mannffstnrera of E'eotr n . and Proprietary M'iioineß, Distillers of En-intial Oils and McdirU L'qners, erOi, etJ., 4h Avenue, New York City, U.S.A. Australian Head Offio and Wan-ho-so : 171 and 174 Willhm street, Melboa no, Vie ona Plaatations and raduoing oatablin'iaienb at •Alonat JfsradJse," Gevbrcod. Gippshnd Don't fa", to read our Pasotlp ivo fctandbook Jl . e4 fteo to %V 9 »4^«SB, 01 m*y V>a b»^ » npon ipfUOatlOßf f ' f U y

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 3, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2186, 30 July 1889

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 3 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2186, 30 July 1889