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j P. Havraan a d 0> BPE'JIALLY ATJfHORTSMD WH')!.K3a.LE •IGENI'B rOB KBW ZB iLMiDi MESSES P. HATMAN & GO , Dnnodin, Christchnroh, Wellington, and Auckland. Tho abov carry a compl-te f»tos!c • f '■ H. B. Ktjqblmann ahd Co 'a Btandard Horbal Magnetic U inedicß, whia ' may be obtain "d fr .m till Chemiets and Storokespers all over tha G bo. LOO \h AOBNTS FOR H. B. KUGPLMANN AUD CO.'ci MdQNJBTIOMJiDIOIN'iSTheee Goods cm ba proonred from th* following,— ASHEUaTON-> O M Brooke, ObomUt. JohnOrrA Co., Me ohnnts BAKAIA— O. HAnDY anp Co., Merohants Tn< 9 nnrivalled Herb .1 Medicines nre nni er a'ly acknowied^.d t) be the beat m the rv rid. They aro uai o differsnt to .11 otbora kno n, being aba lately mieurpassad m their uuiveraal excelten~e i' They aro abaolntely epacifio for those romolaints for whion tbey are speoiallv prepared, and ato free frora po'aon an i 11 mineral drags, and are qaite pleaaaot to take. THP LAM OP PAR DISE. FC B ALL L G AMD THROAT DISBtSGS •^b nchtifl, Aafima, Wheezing. Ougbi-, Ccli .' Feve', Soro Tbroat, Bleod rg from Lr ij? ..'ihtnea* on too Ob -Bt, liflimcnation oLa , O'llirßfl of the A r OjII , Indnra<ion of LnnuHi, Oon^cßtion o' Laags. etc ,c o. It U tho only roedfeiue know a to m: nkind that w 11 completely euro < .'oneumption m its e^rly at <|fea Ib ia compose Jof cho'ce frnits, fl ;*<nr Boeac, gnma,br.^amfl, cad herbs. It renovates c. id f alte us tha weakeit conatitutlor. alike of yonnß or old. It is f zooedingly pleaaant to take, and caacea an immediate improvement m all who take ie. Stld In bottlei at 2a 6d 4a 6s, acd 10s. " JHB BOOM QF THE COMING OBNTUBY « H. B. Kugelnsano's BLEOTBIO B3SBNOR txtcroal remedy for all painn or aches hing hk« this he oror been known, and thing elae will ever equal it. If yon have rieamatism or gon^y p r 4a that yon do no' nvo about, obtain a bottle of thia Electric Es'uncß auH it will make von happy. Uet it f or BD T ain td backg, kneo joints, alt awllings j trophy, bick uoh>. Rciatioa. nonralgia, weak [ Bploei, laoabigo, contntotimß, lameaess, ! cramps, quinsy, mnmps, diphtheria, oronp, and for all puns and aobea Never be without it for Psake bite, and nl> bites f inHOta or aciuca, and for burns, onte, andeoal<?B. Price 8* cad 7a. H E KUGELMA.NN'3 £TB OlBTMfc-Mr A«D A^ODTNB fiMOLIBST. Tbis Is undoubtedly tho finest Pbarma cenfclcal product of tbe oantnry. An immediata care for chilblain* and froßSbites Nothing hitherto known oan compare wi»h tbia Ointment for Its marvellous excell "no* , elegnnca of ombinatlon and npurlor effectiveness. It wiM ca\o all oye diseases, rvs s 'nn Blight S»ndy BUght, Watory B'i'.ght, Matter or Humbry Blight, Isflammation of Byea and Lida, Ohronio Opthalmia, nd all and every Bye Disease; and oa well it Ib the boat arid nicest thing t J3"ibK for tiy Bito, Mosqiito Bitea or . v iingd of Soorplont*, C^ntiprdea. fcpidere, etc, and for Soro Thrmta, : oagha, Mom pa Quinsy etc , it is simply splendid. All weak nurvons persona ahonld nto it to rub well ia down the spine and oa the stomach. We guarantee that all who hes this once will sever be witl ont it, Bold only ia j-ra at 2s 6d and fls eaoh, H B. KUGRLM ANN'S BEBB\b MlttSi&TlO OINTMENT. I his nnrivalled Horbal prodaot is nn« donb'. Uy tho b X ever elaborated for ou) ng old 6 ;r<"B, bad lege, nlcere, fialnles, p'.l b, deeding pile 3, craptiors of the skin, brckeu chilblain b, cats, wonnda, etc, oto, etc In jr.jat la, la 0 i, 2i 6d, and 6a oaoh. THB HFR^tAL MAGNRTIO TONIOLIYBR AND S.TOMAOH BESTORBB. For oil l'Ver corapliiata, billonaaess, j»nn .ice, congest d liver, enlarged liver and spleen languor, drow<-inoHB, pa.ns between tho ahonldeie, chronic indigestion and all stomach complaiatß. heartburn, fiitnlenoy, sunr atomac '.?, vntcitting of food, loss of appetite, tick br.adf.-;he, nervonenesc nervous debility, proßtradon, and the convalctoing atngea of all aoato oieer .oa. fold ia botlles at 6a »nd 10a each. TBE NAtURAL PLBCTRIO BLOOD PURIVIBB. his medicine has no eqaal for all blood •nd c ' \ dteersei, pertootly freo from mercury, arson < and all mineral drags. Never fails to cure worst forms of ccrofala, scurvy, *ceo'. Itch, alc«ra, abceaseß, sore legs and brea - and all diaer~es having their origin m the H y*. It will work wonders m every crib \ !iont (z -eptlon. — cc handbook, prices 4s 6d, s 6d, and 12a 6d eaoh bottle. THB PLUID HBBBAL LIFE. This ia the seal of plnnts, and absolute specific for obronio noralgl*, foceaoh"*, tooth ache, tic dolorenx, swollen fare, gumboil, and earache. Trice Is 9 d and 8s per bottlo. HB HBBBAL MAGNETIC LIYBB FILLS ' These Pilia aro nnrivalled, and anperior to II others for all liver troubles, biliousness. ..-.ativenc36, pido.iaesa, indigeatlon, wind and Qit.bura. They aro compose »l Bolely o! the vital properties of herbs, are coated and ; tasteleßß. At Is 9d and 8s eaoh These bould bo kept m every honßO, as they are a sore cure for nambertraa ills. i THB CHILDREN'S VITiL BS BNOB. Thia is a liquid food medicine, prepared and adapted exclusively for permanently removing tbe ailments nd diseases of infants and children ia every country and climate. It gives life, energy, fl-'Bh, bone and mnsolo to the fra!'. and wastea infant, and will restore tbe health, -vitality, vigour, and pluupneßS of <h3 weak, dHeased, or flokly child. Being pleacant to take, it is readily token by all. Sold m two sizes only, price 2a 0d nnd 6a each ivith our guarantee at'aohed, without which it cannot be gennine. HERBAL MAGNETIC ASTHMA OUBB Th's unrivalled Herbal Compound is nndoub edly the best inbalcnt ia all Asthmatioal com- laint3 and DiUcult Breathing, as Dry Asth :a, Humid Spaamodio Asthma, ' Nervons Astbma, Broncmtis, Whf.zlng, Tightneas on the Oheßt, Catarrh, Hay Pever, (Jolda m t c Head, dec, &q. Sold a!*Ss9d, 6a and 10s. HERBAL MAGNETIC BNBEZIHG FOWDEB, Thh ii a most ÜBeful little remedy of a verj uniform and i oaitlve oharnoter. It hr s be c I dcv «d and ived for mnny ye»rß for Ooldaii | the Head, Otarrh m the ncae, Hay Feve Ozoaa, Naeal Polypus, and ul\ Obstruotiona it the Noae or Nasal Passages. Bold at 23,6 s. H. E. KUGELMANN & UO, BOLE PROPRTETOEH, ManuifV.urers of Eleotrio and Proprletan M^ \ioinoß, Distillers of Essential Oi's an< Medi"".l L'qaere, etc;, eM.,4th Avenue, Nov TorkOlty,U.B.A. Atrctrr Man Head Office and Warehcre : 17! and 17d William street, Melbourne, Vio'ona Plantations and rednolng establishment a 'Mooat Paradise," Gsip brood, Gipf sltnd. 9 Don't fail to read our DMcriptlve Handbook

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 2, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2185, 29 July 1889

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 2 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2185, 29 July 1889