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The Czar of Russia has issued an edict forbidding members of his family to contraot morganatio marriages. The Amerioan manufacturers of. binding twine for reapere, by formiog a trust, have forced tbe prloe up from 4}dto Is per pound. Tbe condition of the labor market m the Auckland district has improved of late, and there is no difljoulty m getting work m the country for steady and industriouß men. The license law of Sweden forbids any person buying drink without purchasing something to eat at the same time. Brandy is tbe national driqk, and it oannot bo sold m a quantity loss'than two bottles. Sinoe tbe pur oh use of Alaska it oan be eaid of the Uoitod States, what has been' said of England — that the eva nover sots on her dominion?. At sunset at Alaska the noxt morning's sun is an hour high m Maine. Misa Willard tells us that m the United States three-fourths of oburoh members, public I aohool teachers, and high sohool graduates, are women ; two-thirds of the ariminals and nine-tenthß of tbe drunkards are men. It is stated, as a result of a oanvaes among , membora of the Upper Houso, that tho provision for a local option poll will ba etruok out of the Dunedin Exhibition Street Closing and Lioensing Bill m that Chamber. The ooal soaraa at Eakthu aro now being workod by Mr Duke, formerly employed at the Mount Somers mine. Th» seam aoleoted for operatibn is Bituated ne^r Olifl's old mill, and is said to be easily worked, although it : dips considerably. ) • Amongst the many employments followed by the women m Shorborn Prison, Maßßaonußsets, is that of the rearing of hot-bouse flowers, whioh are sold m tbe Boston market, and are a very (air souroo of revenue to tho prißon. : ; Theoatie ofßing, Hairia, and 00. vOom misaioner of Customs, was oonoluded at fiveo'olook' yosterday, whbn tho Jury found a verdiot for Government ns to tho white shirts and lustres, and for plaintiff i nn to the fur trimmiDgf, belta, and bags. Tho question of ooate stands over for argument, The lime from tha Mount Samon kilns is ooming into general favor for fuming pur. poaes, and the time is evidently not far dis ant when it will bo largely uad. Wo heard to-day of a wo'l-known farmer m tho district who intends, shou d terms bo Arranged, to prnoure a hundred tons for ujq on hnd to b« m turpipo this foaeonj

The Rink will ;be opened this evening bb ' usuc 1 . The X.M S, Zealandia on hor last trip from San Fmncisoo took to Sydney 750 '-tons of Hour, 100 tons of bran, aud a large quantity ot oniony. The following will represent the AshbuYton Rover Football O:ub nguinst Torouka noxt. Wednesday at Tomuka : — Full back, Lahe.t three gunners, Tasker, Knignt, and On ; half baoka, H. Steward and 0. Mobs; forwards, Low, H. Moss, Kidd, Grubb, Hepburn, Lyons, W. Heflord, Fiolay, and Buohanan. Emergenoios, Laitcb, Hi flbrd, and R. Stewart. The team will leave by the express. j There is a probability that New Zealand will reooivo a visit durioK the approaching summer from Mr Proderick V-liera, the speoial war artist o£ the Gr°>hio. Mr Villiera has just returned Ho? \ from a leo'uring tour m Canada, (and proposes to next visit iho United States, Ai ra.Ua, and Nuw Zealand, and leoture upon b. • personal experiences m various campaigns, ■. lustrating \ his discourses by magio hmt.-n roproduo'ions of his own sketohes. . Passengers by the Wainui from S imoa state ■ that it is 'U-noured that Oo'onel Ooetlogan, British Consul, is about to be removed. Although aoquitted by the High Commissioner of the obargos preferred by the Germans of signalling to Mataafa's forces on the night of their disastrous expedition, there being no truth m them, the Germans are greatly irritated. It is presumed the step, if taken, is m pursuance of the polioy of the British Government to keep sweet with Germany. Eaglish residents of Samoa approve of Colonel Coetlogan's oonduot daring the reoent crisis. The " Melbourne Argus " says :— lt iB now: oaloulated that the Chinese m Viotoria number 12,070, a total whioh should not be. very alarming to a population of 1,100,000. The births among them are praotioally nil, the deaths are the uaual number, aud this, added to the loss by departures, must make the Chinese m Victoria a rapidly vanishing quantity. Soon the familiar "Johnny," who hawks vegetables and fanoy goods m the right-of-ways, will be a legend among his former patrons— the housemaids and tho obildren. Nicholas of Montenegro, who governs bis subjects m the old ftishioned paternal style, reoently oaused the Minister of Publio Instruction, who-n he had oonvioted of stealing some State archives, to be laid aoross a block m the courtyard of the palaoe and publicly whipped, and, after the culprit had reoeived 60 strokes with a birch rod, c was paoked ofl to prison for twelve months. Prinoe Nicholas holds a court every week, when he dispenses jus ice, and offenders are then and there birohed m presenoa of His Highness, who is, hiwever, always ready to remit a certain number of blows for a oaßh payment. It will be Been by reference to our advertising columns that a leoture will be given m thp | Orange Hall onßTbureday next, August l3t, by the Rev J. G. Ellis, of Kimberley, the Deputy Graod Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of New Zoaland. The title of the leoture " Orangeiem, what it is and the need for it? " should attraot a large audience, and they will gain from the remarks of the leoturer a full knowledge of the Orange Order and the working of its Lodges. The leo rro has been delivered at Chriatchuroh ( Raogiora, and other places m Canterbury, and from reports to band we anticipate a groat numbor will avail themselves of this opportunity of gaining an insight into the eubjnot that Mr Ellis will leoture on. : ... In the Queen's Beooh Divisional Cou. i, oonaisting of Justjceß Matthew, and Granthini, deliverod judgment m the application for aa attaobment to be issued against D.r Barnardo for disbbedienpe to a writ J bf luibeas corpus, direoting him to bring up Mary Anne Fye, a R,qman Gathqlio child!' The doofcor's return to the writ was. that tho pßild was not m : hia custody, and ho did not know where she was.. Justioe Matthew said the return was illusory and evaeive. The Court oame to the oonpln* sion that Dr Barnardo was m oontetppi, and 'might be eeot'to prison , a lt was not, however, proposed to tiend him to prison, but to bind him over .to interrogatories, so us to afford information Whioh' would enable 'the mother to trace' her ohild, whioh it was admitted had been Bent abroad, Dr Barnardo to pay all costs, .?.'■■ Mr Montgomery, M.H.R., has -returned to London, feeling muoh ohagrined (snys a Jjondon correspondent) at the way m \yhigh he and the rank and file of the ooloniaj commissioners to the Paris EJxhi ition bavo been ignored by the French autb Hies. He professes to consider it a slight t he colony he represents. Mr Montgomery .is m Paris for two months, and was not m ed to any sort of function or permitted to ke part m the opooing oeremony. Sir F noia.Bbll's explanation of thisjia that there r. j over 3000 commissioners from foreign parte, ond that it was a question of iuvjtina aH or none. The authorities therefore resolved to confine their invitation strictly to the Executive Counoil, whioh of itself numberß some $00 gentlemen. It is stated that more commissioners have been appointed for 'he small New Zealand court than America has appointed for tie Immense United States display, , ~ A pretty inojdent, says a gossip, oooqrred m the Parnell Bpeaial Commission Court tho other day. A youth was engaged m making some sketches for an illustrated paper, ; and behind him s'ood a burly gentleman, who might have been take a for a county magistrate. The latter walohsd the young artist for a while, and then, touohing him on the shoulder, ventured to obsorVo that this and that and' other points of the sketob were not exaotly what they ■hould bp. The artist e'mply replied by inquiring "What do you know about it ?" The gentleman persisted m kindly and persuasive oritioism. At length ' the»youtb, qonvfnoed that after all the oorreo'ion was jusU-rindeed, the Kootlernan had himself taken the drawing blook ■ and made the nooessary al' oration with hie 'own hand— remarked, "Well, you do seem to know something about it, certainly," adding, " Are you on any paper ? " .<" No," answered the gentleman. ,." I'am hot on any paper," but Ido a bit of painting now and then, My name is John Millais, 1 ' "J.S," writes to the " dimes'*:— A misohievous error, has lately reoeived the high sanotion of the Adjutant^Gederal of the foroes m reference .to a possible ohange of taotios, owing to tho modern ihventtoh of au oxplosive for the use of small arms and fieldpieces wbiohifl to bo smokeless and' '' noiseless." It is well known ■ that nitrite oompounda ate at present, even m their infantine Btate, more or less smokeless as oompared with, oarbon explosives ; but the proposition that future explosives Are j,o be " noiseless , i» a physical paradox, ': The only way that noiselessness can be obtained is by diminishing the propelling Iproo of the explosive, Similarly, reooil can only be lessoned by diminishing' either the weight of tho projectile, or iU velocity, or by inoreasing the weight of the arm from whioh the projaotile is impelled. The wave of air wi". for praotioal purposes be equally resonant from a iirearm, whatever the component pirts of the explosive may bo. " Moroutio " m tho " Now Zoaland Horald" says:— Oq last Sunday evening, at one b£ the prinoipal ohurchos at the 'Jharaos,: the olergyman fervently prayed that a gentleman who had long roaided m the Thames distriot, and who Was now at sea, might be prosorved from, aU the perils of the deep, that, the angolß might receive charge oonoerning him, | and that he might reaoh his destination m safety and security. It Beoms that the; congregation, and tho aommunity m general, with a generpsi'y whioh does infinite credit to their, fprgivlng spirit, oamo to the oodolusion that the person prayed for could bo no othef thairthe forget Dean, who was known to be on his way to Now Caledonia, 00 board the Christine, under the ioaro of Jack McLivec. A, .local journal thinks i ncooß^B'y to intimate that Dean waa not inoluded m the prayer, and that the person whom Providence was specially aßjjod to prpteot was a late resident of the /Thames who was on bis way to England _by direot Btpamt'r/ The sea may do what; it likes with Dean. If tho Ohrißtino haß a routjh time of it on the voyage to Norfolk Inland, it will naturally bo supposed that D \n, who is m fligh f , as the prophot wns, is th • Jonnh of tho oonoern, (and it that cano Ja< MoLivcr and his mate may throw him ov?; oard. If a whale wore oonveniont, iind, af! nwallowing Dorm, would rnako a run for t t HiUrakiGulf, Doan might be found ut UiortlanS some fine morning, and Doteot l i Horbert would be savod a great deal of trouble. Dhaf.— A Per:o cu^l o' Dern"a»?i nn < o-M-ain tho hc^U of 21 701^' stvcdiQ^ by a S ; '"|)!b Rdmody, will tand > r'osoijptlon oc It ■ TSFmnif ll7 p .' lßc i a » h< ? applina tQ 17& William ot.ett, Ujl oorno,

The Bill which has boon proparod by Mr F Jonea, M.H R., dealing wi h tho oodlin moth peat, moots with the general approval of tho members who lately moved m the matter. It proposes to make it unlawful to sell or offer for sale any fruit oonaining any moth or the caul or chrysalis thereof, whether Buoh fruit bo grown within the oolony or imported from abroad ; or to remove the fruit from the diatriot m whioh it wa,a grown to any other district, or convey into, any distriot a case, box ;' barrel, or any receptacle which has contained 'fruit so infeoteaV Power is given to the Customs Department to condemn and destroy infeoted fruit, or boxes, etc, which, have contained such.' Nothing has ye been decided as to the machinery olauseß of the BJl'< with regard to enforcement of penalties, but m this or any other respeot the promoter of tho Bill will be glad to reoeive suggestions from those interested. The best medioine known is SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Testa a eminent powerful ofieots m ooughs, oolds, influenza, etc — the relief is instantaneous, Thousands give tho moßt gratifying testimony. His Majesty the King of Italy, and mndioal syndicates all over the globe, are ita patrons." Read the offloial reports that aooompany each bottle. We have no oooasion to offer rewards m proof of the genuineness of our references. The offioial reports of medical olinios and universities, the offioial communication of the Consul-General for Italy at . Melbourne ; the diploma awarded International Exhibition, Amsterdam — all those are authentic doouments, and, aB suoh, not open to doubt. We add here epitome of one of the various oases treated by Siegen, M.D., Professor, etc: Burning of the right hand through the ezploßion of a small oil stove. The epidermis on the yolar and palmer side of the hand of the thirty-year-old patient was completely separated and lifted up as far as the joint of tHe-v.hand. The likewise lifted nails were hanging loone, and half of the phalanx of the nail of the middle finger was coaled. The wounds thus contracted healed m three weeks under daily applications of Euoalyptio Extract ('-.•easing. The patient has retained the full use of the band (Advt.) 1

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LOCAL AND GENERAL.., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2184, 27 July 1889

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LOCAL AND GENERAL.. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2184, 27 July 1889

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