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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, JULY 25, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL.

Association .football is making steady progresß m the colony. There are lour olube playing in n Dunedin, and one started at Kaitangata'has ohalienged a Dunedin club to a match at Eaitangata on the 10th August. At the V.R.O. Winter meeting Moss Rose etarted favorite at 2 to 1 agst. with 7st 101 b up for the Winter Handicap, but she was not placed, the raoe being won by Dividend, Bst 41b. Buddioombe rode the erßtwhile Ashburton mare. Eleven young men were fined £1 eaoh, with oosts, at Ohriatohuroh yesterday, for throwing flour and rotten eggs at passers-by during the progress of the polling for members of the Halswell Road Board at Taitapu last month. The English Derby conditions are to be Bomewhftt modified next year, Instead of tna valuo of the slake being uncertain, £5000 will co to the winner, £500 to the nominator of ths winner, £300 to the seoond, and £200 to the third horse. The value of the Btake to the winner this year was £4050. There was an enormous orowd when the Park Olub gambling defendants were brought up at the Marlborough Btreet Police Court, and the orowd recognised and Baluted all the celebrities, greeting the Hebraic Mr Sam Lewis with " Gold old mo | ' Earl Dudley with "Go 'ome to your ma I" and Mr Benzon, better known as the "'Jubilee Juggins,"" Yah 1 Jubilee." At Ohristohuroh yesterday Mr Ohaile" Clark offered four fully paid-up £25 share ß m the " Press " Newspaper Company, and twelve £25 shares on whioh £20 10s eaoh had been paid. The shares were sold m two equal lots, comprising two fully paid-up and six partly paid-up shares. The first lot realised £10, and the seoond £8, Mr O. Hiorns being the puro'uaser m eaoh oaße. The Dunedin divorce case, D'Albedyhll v D'Albedyhll has been fixed for the September Sittings. This >q a wife's petition for divoroe on the grounds of cruelty and adultery. The parties beoame rather famous Borne time ago on account of a libel aotion brought by the wife againet Mr Brunton, a minister of the Gospel, whioh led to the latter filing his schedule, and afterwards paying the oosts out of an unexpaoted fiad made after his wife's death* Mr Max Friedlander has just shipped, by " Waihora " for Melbourne, nine ewe hoggets and one ram hogget of the Hampshire Down breed. They are a purchase made for a Viotorian Bheepowner with the view of improving the charaoter of the shipments of frozen mutton from that oolony for Great Britain. Mr Friedlander, determined to maintain the oharacter of his Hampshire floofe, is importing some stud sheep from England m the ship Crusader, whioh may be expeoted to arrive m about a fortnight, Very many m the Ashburton distriot, and particularly the Freemasons, will hear with regret that the Rev J. Hil', of Lyttelton, haß aooepted the oall from the Presbyterian congregation of Devonpcrt, Auckland. Rev Mr Hill has been identified with Canterbury for so long a time that he cannot fail to be greatly missed, alike by bis congregation, bis fellow ministers, and the Freemasons of the Soottish Constitution, of whom he was District Grand Master. At the Ohristohurch Presbytery meeting yesterday, when the oall was formally" aooepted, deep regret was expressed at the loss of the Rev Mr Hill, and wasjoongratulated on taking charge of a can, the apparent difficulties of which required plenty of oourage, energy, and elasticity. The Queen's favourite musicians, it is stated, are Mendelssoh and Sir Arthur Sullivan. As to the former, it will be remembered that when he visited England he was especially entertained by the Queen' and Pnnoe Consort, He relates m hid published letters with what graofoupneas the Royal couple treated him, and how industriously they worked him. Of Sir Arthur Sullivan's muaio the "Lost; Chord" is the Queen's favorite pieoe, and she never tires of hearing Mr Paratt play it upon the organ at Windsor. She ia also very fond of " The Golden Legend." She is herself by no means an unaccomplished musioian, and still sings and plays with considerable grace and skill. When the Princess Beatrioe does not play a pieoe quite to her satisfaction, the Queen often insists upon sitting down and showing how it should be done. A novel application was made at the Dunedin Police Court on Monday, Thomas N. Wilßon applied that an order be made requiring a pawnbroker to deliver up a gold watoh, the. 'property of complainant, unlawfully pledged without bia knowledge, The watoh was left with one Ross, a watchmaker, and pawned by him. He haß been committed for toial for laroeny as a bailee, and the watoh is held as an exhibit m the case by the police. For the defence Sir R, Stout contended that the watoh was now m Myers' custody, but m that of the police, and if exhibits could be handed over, as was sought here, justioe might be interfered with. Mr fcHaggit sought to elioit by what right the polioe held the watob, but no one seemed to know if there was any law, but merely custom The Justioes oould not agree, and not desiring to lay down a precedent adjourned the oase till Thursday. A few days ago a cablegram gave the result of an appeal— the Mogul Steamship Company v MoGregor.— The faota m this case are stated m the following judgment given by Lord Coleridge on August llth, 1888 :— " Plaintiffs were a company of shipowners trading between Australia and this country, taking China by the way, and sharing m the transport of what had boon oalled tho tea harvest m late spring and early summer months, and the places for loading which, as tar an this oase was oonoerned, were Shanghai at the mouth of the Yangtse-Eiang, and Hankow, 600 miles up stream, Defendants were oertain great shipowners, companies, and private partnerships, trading for the most part from this country to China, and from China heie direct, who, desiring to keep this very valuable trade m their own hands, and to prevent, if they oould, the ruinouß lowering of freights whioh they oontended would follow from unrsstrioted competition, entered into what they oalled a conference for the purpose of working the homeward trado by offering a i rebate of 5 percent on all freights paid by the shippers to the conference vessels, suon rebate not to be repaid to any shipper ship, ping any tea at Shanghai or Hankow (the reba'e not being confined to those ports, but ' th&t is immaterial) m any non-oonferenoe vessel. The agreement entered into by the conference was m April, 1884, and m that year plaintiffs joined it. They were excluded m 1885. A commercial oonfliot was the result, with heavy losses on both sides. For their loss plaintiffs now sued the oonferenoa Who, thoy Said, bribed, coerced, and induoed shippers to tonoe&v from shipping cargoes m plaintiffs' vessels. The auestjon was, would '■ tint aotion lie?" Lord Coleridg* was p r opinion that it oould not, benoi the appeal f ffJwb has jut tua dlimiisod, t %^

The Hon. James White's two derby colta, Kirkham and Narellan, have arrived safely at Suez, Bj cable we are informed that the oargo of wheat per Earnook has been sold m London at 35a. The bulk of the cargo waß from this district. The Ash'urton Literary and Debating Society meets to-morrow evening for the eleotion of offioers and the usual business* A reporter m Ireland has been oommitted to gaol for contempt of Court, because he " told a lie." There must be some mistake. The excursion train to Ohrißtohuroh this morning oomprised twelve orowded carriages. Upwards of a hundred passengers booked at Ashburtom The Customs case— Bing, Harris, and Co. v Commissioner of CustomH, m the Supreme Court, Chrislchuroh — was adjourned last evening until to-morrow, to enable all conoorned to Bee the Grand National. The proprietor of the Exoelsior Coaoh Faotory (Mr W. H. Paget) has a mtioe to his patrons m our columns ; he has not sold out his business as rumoured, but continues the same m all branches as before. The date on whioh Mr A Orr'B sale^of drapery by auction will commence is Monday, sth "August, not the 15th August aa announoed m the hand bills sent out with this paper yesterday. The "Marlborough Express" states that from February 25th to the beginning of this month 555,893 rabbits have been put through at the Marlborough Meat Company's Works, near Blenheim, In the course of a reoent speech, Sir John Deasy, one of the Irish envoys, stated that about £13,000 or £14,003 had up to the present been colleoied, and ' he believed £30,000 f, would be the amount the envoys would tana away from Australia. A euooeaaful operation has been performed at. the Ohrißtohuroh Hospital on Jaa. McNeil, who had a stone fall on hia head at Napier two years ago. The medioal Btaff deoided on trephining. In three weeks the spflferer regained his health and senses, whioh had been aberrated for some time. When the reduotion of members wsb effected m the first session of the present Parliament an attempt wad made t by Mr Seddon to have the allowance to country districts raised from 18 per cent to 25, and ihia win negatived by an overwhelming majority ; every member of the Government voting against it. Mr O. W. Borreson, a professor of phrenology, who has had considerable success m Ohrißtohuroh and Beveral North Island towns, and holds testimonials from many people o good standing, has taken rooms m Saandera' Buildings, and Jor the next Bix days will give delineations of the character and capabilities o! pefcaonß 0 all Bgeft Piofeßßor Borreaon will also give a lecture during his stay, : George Boniface Thompson, who is sups poßed to be the burglar who was shot m the baok by Mrs Diokaen while attempting to rob, her house at Oroydon [(N.S.W.), was brought up at the Sydney Police Court and sentenced to six months' imprisonment for vagrancy, and was remanded on the • more serious oharge. Thompson, who is well known as an experienced burglar, had a wound m the baok whioh he could not acoount for, and he was also found to be possessed of housebreaking implements. By the San Francisco mail Dr Newman, vice-president of the Wellington Rugby Onion,' reoeiyed a letter from Mr Logan, of Napier, who is now m England, part of hia mission oeing to endeavor to arrange for the visit of a New Zealand representative football team to the Old Country this year. Mr Logan states that he has had an interview with Mr Rowland Hill, secretary of the English Rugby Union, who he finds is strongly opposed to the projeot of any visit from a New Zealand team this year, as it would follow too closely on the heels of the Maori <cam. It has therefore been neoeasary to suspend operations so far as the ooming English season is concerned, but Mr Logan is sanguine of being able to arrange for making an English tour next seaaon. The weather was all that could be desired for the half holiday yesterday, and a good number of people assembled m the DomainGround to witness the gamo of football between teams picked by the captain and vice-oaptain. These offioers, however, did not turn up, and G. B. Knight oaptained one side and B. Lowe oaptained the other. Knight won the toss, bo took advantage of what wind was blowing, and Lowe kiokod off. Soon after play began the ball was carried down the field, and after a Rood dribbling rush by W ( Kidd,W. Hefford, and one or two other!) waa carried over the line, but Knight Jailed 'O inorease the eoore. Both Bides were playing a very fast game, and the passing at times waa very fair; The team pioked by Knight was far too strong, however, their opponents being out matched on every point, so the soore soon ran up, and when time was called Knight's aide had won by 13 points (3 goals and 4 points) to nil. Great improvement was notioed m the play of O . Grubb, W. Kidd, Knight, H. Mobb, W. Hefford, R. Hepburn, G. Finley, and E. Simpson for the winners, and Lowe, Taeker, Stewart, Broughton, O. Moss, and Lane piayed a good game for the losers, The team to represent the Rovers m their me ton with Temuka will be pioked on Friday eveninp, and all those intending to journey down are requested to give m their names to the 3eoretary (Mr 0. Mobb) before Friday afternoon.!! -...._.' J . .../.' w**

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, JULY 25, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2182, 25 July 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, JULY 25, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2182, 25 July 1889