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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. WEDNESDAY, JULY 17, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL

On Tuesday evening a very Buocessfnl temperance meeting was held m the Publio Library, Water ton, m oonneotion with the Blue Ribbon Gospel Temperanoe Union. The Ball waß well filled. The Rev J. T. furrows presided and gave an address, and also stated that the present meeting was the first of a series to be held monthly m future. Readings, teoitaiions, and songs were given by Waterton and Willowby friends, and were highly appreciated by the audienoe. During the evening ten members were enrolled. Votes of thanks to those who had taken part brought a moat enjoyable evening's entertainment to a close.

Burglaries and robberies of one kind and another are largely on the increase m Sydney, and even yachts lying at anchor m various bays and harbours are being robbed. Early one morning reoently Mrs H. Diokenson, who ia living with her family at Oroydon was awakened by a noise. She discovered a burglar m one of the rooms, and tried while shouting for help to detain him: Finding that the man was getting away, she disobarged a Bmall pistol loaded with shot dose to the man's bhok; but the burglar, who must have reoeived the [lull charge of shot between bis shoulders, managed to esoape, and, so far, has not been apprehended.

A story is told by Dr Aitd, Moderator of the Free Churoh of Scotland, respecting a minister who, m the old days of patronage, was forced upon a congregation at AlneßS. He was coldly reoeived, but calling one day upon an elder, he took a chair m spite of his gruff reception. In order to meet an awkward pause, be took out a snuff-box* " Oh," said the elder, " ye tak' auff, dae ye ?" 11 Oh, yeß,' was the reply. •• Weel," Baid the elder, "That's the first eiga o' grace I've seen m ye." "flow's that?" Dae ye no read o' Solomon's temple," replied the elder, " that a' the snuffers were of pure gold."

The " Argus" Btates that it is important to notioe that the introduction of the roller system of machinery into flour mills is m one particular proving a disadvantage to Australian wheat growers, From a thoroughly reliable English source, we learn that there is no longer the same demand as there used to be for fine white wheats, owing, it is believed, m great measure to the adoption of roller mills, which work up all kinds Of nferior wheat. This change is strikingly apparent', |for instance, m Bordeaux, where formerly nothing but the finest wheats were imported, while now the demand seems to ran almoßt exolaßively on low Buasian and Amerioan winter wheats. This alteration m the. demand will naturally have to be taken into consideration by all interested m shipping future Burplußeß.

With reference to a reoent cablegram reporting a rioh discovery of gold m tbe Malay Peuinsula, the " Brisbane Telegraph " publishes a thrilling aooount of tbe disoovery by a Queensland miner, named Bob Sefton, of an extensive gold district m Pahang, m the Malay Peninsula. Selton gained a con* oeasion first from the Rajah of the oountry for testing a ton of stone, wbioh yielded 102 ounces of gold, and almost as much more was left m the ooarsely-pounded refuse, A company explored the find, annd corroborated Sefton's almost inoredible story. The syndioate formed to work the Baub mine holds twenty square miles of oountry, thus scouring Biz miles of the lode m a slate dyke. Machinery has been ordered from Melbourne mill-owners, and Sefton proceeds directly back to Singapore to oommenoe working tbe mine.

A man named John Blake had a novel experience m Swaneton street, Melbourne, the other day. He was walking paßt a tobaooonist's ishop when he was suddenly rooted to the spot by the foroe of eleotrioity. The shop window was lighted by an eleotrio lamp, and the wires having been allowed to get out of order the foroe of tbe current was oommunioated to the flagstones, so that the man beoame transfixed. Olutohing hold of the verandah poßt, matters beoame much worse, for the wire had been trained along it, Immediately afterwards the eleotrioity suddenly gave out, and the man was forcibly precipitated to the ground, sustaining some severe injuries. IJe has oommenoed a suit for £1000 damages, as it is stated that it was due to negligenoa on the part of the pro? prietor of tbe shop that the wires were out of order.

A meeting of Oluba interested m the improvement of the Domain sports ground was held last evening at the County Oounoil Chambers, Mr J. Scaly m the ohair. A letter from the Borough Engineer was considered, and it was resolved that the different Olnbs offer the Borough Oounoil £25 towards the first cost of laying out the sports ground. It was deoided that if this offer were aooepted by the Borough Oounoil, an entertainment should be held m order to raise the neoessary funds, and Bhould this means not be suffioient an opening sports meeting should be held, as soon aa the ground ia ready, to make up any defloienoy. A Committee of delegates from the different Clubs waß appointed, with power to aot. It was deoided not to offer tbe (Oounoil any Bum for maintenances of the ground, but to suggest that the Oounoil should make a small ohargo to Clubs using it, to defray tbe cost of maintenance.

A ooncert and entertainment m aid of the funds of the Sabbath School was held m Tinwald Presbyterian Ohuroh on Tuesday evening. The programme was varied and interesting, and gave great satisfaction. The Rev A. Blake, who presided, gave an appropriate address, touching on tho importanoe of the work of the Sabbath Bohool. Songs were given with effeot by Mr JS. Craigbead, Mr Lane, Mr Dakers, and Mieß Jfidd. Mr Lane also gave a well executed cornet eolo. After some introduotory remarks by the chairman on the life and character of General Gordon, who took a great interest m the poorer class of boys at Oreenwiob, Mr Potter gave * reoitatiop, '« yhe Hero of Khartoum," m masterly style, A pleasing variety was given to the proceeding* by the reoitations of eight young people m oonneotion with the Sabbath Sobool, which were of a high order. These together with a <ong, " Fair is the Morning Land " by 6 children, formed some of the most pleasing and touohiog parta of the entertainment. A ohoir rendered some of the aonga from tho new "Sankey " with preoision and heartiness, barmonieing well together. Tfte Ohairraan addressed a few remarks especially to tjje young on " Little foxes," whioh amused while they arrested attention, and specially warning the young against fiokleness. Mr Waite moved a hearty vote of thanks to those who had kindly assisted m the entertainment, his only regret being that a larger number of parents and friends bad not availed themselves of the opportunity of encouraging so praieoworthy an objeot. A moat epjoyablo meeting was then brought to a close.

Special train arrangements for the Grand National steepleohasea at Ohristohuroh are advertised to-day.

Tho Kingsley Bros, burlesque bioyoliats, will 'appear at the Bink to-morrow evening. Very good accounts are given of their performances, and doubtless there will be a good house.

A very large number of people assembled m the Domain ground yesterday to witness the game of football that was arranged between the Asbburton Bover and the Ash-burten-Rnkaia Clubs, but unfortunately the latter olub could not raise a team. A match, however, was got up on the ground between the fifteen of the Bover Olub and twenty-five of All-Oomers. The game, whioh waß a very well contested one, remulted m a win for the All-Oomers by two points to nil. The Rovers played a good game all through, their passing being very neat, and with a little more praoiioe together will develop into a very fair team. A general meeting will bo held to-morrow (Friday) evening at 7.30 m the Oourt Chambers to make final arrangements for the Teuauka match.

The Auckland City Schools Committee reoeived a donation of books from the Auokland Soripture Gift Association. One of them iB '• A Life of Bishop Patteson." The following passage ooours m page ll:—"5 :— " He was only six yoara old when he told his mother that of all things m the world he would like to be a olergyman, and when pressed for hiß reason said he longed to say the Absolution, beoause it would make people happy." The oenaor of jithe Soripture Gift Association struck up the word " Absolution " and soratohed it out, inserting instead " Gospel St. Mark 11., 7." Every copy of the work was bo treated. A reference to ihe passage referred to, giveß the following : — " Why doth this man;thus speak blasphemies ? who oan forgive sins but God ? " The Committee passed a resoluton to the effect that they would be happy to receive the volumes, but t in their original form.

A series of speoial meetings m oonneotion with the Ashburton contingent of the Salvation Army began on Saturday evening, and oontinued to Tuesday night. A largely attended meeting of the usual oharaoter waa held on Saturday night, at whioh Colonel Taylor, head of the New Zealand division was m oommand, and Stafl-Oaptain Veal and the looal offioerß took part. On Sunday large meetings were held from 7 a.m. to the ordinary evening service. On Monday, m spite of the wintry weather, the officers and band went to Feel Foreßt, where a tea and publio meeting was held. On Tuesday a tea meeting was held at the Ashburton barraoks to celebrate the completion of the purohase of the buildings, whioh has lately been effeoted by the Army. All the visiting officers and soldiers from surrounding out* posts were present. All the meetings were moßt suooeßslul,

A Home paper tells of a singular discovery m the following terms:-— "A few days ago Mr Hogson Boazman, cattle dealer, Keleo, bought a three year-old bullock from East Blanerme, and sent it with others to the market at Wakefield. It was purohaßed for the Batley-Oarr Co-opira'.ive Stores, and m due course the bullook was slaughtered. In cutting the steak bone from the sirloin the knife oame m oontaot with a hard substanoe. This waß sawn through and a oommon tin wbißtle was found embedded m the undercut of the sirloin. There was no appearanoe of irritation or imfiammation, and the meat around the foreign substance was perfeotly good. The whistle is ten inohes m length and slightly m ezoess of half an inoh broad at the mouthpieoe. The most probable explanation of the whfatle getting into the muscles of the ox is that it was dropped into the straw or other bedding, and resting there m a vertioal position, with the small end upwards, when the bullook lay down, the 'small. end, with its sharp edge of metal wasforoed into the body,"

Correspondence with the Agent-Genera* laid on the table of t c House regarding the reoent boom m the flax market, oonfirma the statement that the advance m prices was dae to the buying up of Manilla and Sisal hemp by American firms, and the limiting of the output from Manilla on aooount of a oholera epidemio there. One London firm, writing on the subject, says that it will be the fault of the Bhippera, i.e., m indifferently preparing the nrtiole, if Now Zealand homp relaxes or loses its hold on the English market. The personal opinion of the Agent-General is as follows:— "The iooreastd demand for hemp will, of course, stimulate new sources of supply, and bring down the market rate of to* day ; but Eliormimi tcnax was always sure to find a strong place some day m the hempen trade, arid it was only a question of time when iv should do so. That plaoe is now asßureu, if only the growera will take pains m the preparation of the hemp for the Euglish and American markets. You will find this oondition insisted upon m the letters I enolose, and nothing is more certain than that the growers m the colony haye a reasonably profitable time before thorn if they will accept this condition, and send Home only properly-dreßsed hemp."

Oapt Smith, master of tbe barque Firth of Clyde, reports that be reoently touobed at Pitoairn Island. She lay-to of! Adamstown, and Mr MoOoy, ohief magistrate, and five men oame off m thoir whaleboat. They brought pumpkins, oocoanuts, pineapples, bananas, eggs, and a beautiful bunch of flowers. Mrs MoOoy also Bent half of a cooked fowl and a piece of pudding made from eweet potatoes and Indian corn, for tbe oaptain's dinner, whoever be might be. Oapt Smith bad the greatest difficulty to get tbe islanders to accept anything, it being their Sabbath day. They hold tbe seventh day of the week instead of the first, their reason for so doing being obedienoe to the Fourth Commandment. The only thing Mr McCoy would aocept was some wine for communion purposes ana some medioine. Captain Smith supplied them with all tbe latest newspapers, both American and English, whioh were thankfully received. Religious books were oarefully sought after, also the "Christian Herald or Signs of the Timeß." Mr MoCoy held Divine service on board, and a number of Moody sad Sankey's hymns were sung, $here are 117 soulo on tbe Island, forty-five males and seventy.two females. About thirty-eight of this number are ohildrenj they are all m good health. They take a lively interest m the things of the outer world, and were well posted m American politios. They knew all about the late election ; that Harrison had been elected m tbe plaoe of Cleveland, etc.

SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTBACT.—In protection of the worldwide fame our manufacture baa aoquired all over the globe, we publißb tbe following : — Hazard, M.D., Professor of General Pathology and Diseases of tbe Mind and Nervous System, says m an editorial published m the " Olinioal Reoord : " — •• We have examined half-a-dozen Bp,eciuionß of different manufactures; the preparation of Bander and Sona was the only one that proved to bo reliable and corresponding to soientilio tests." Another oo'nodotion called " Refined Extraot of Eucalyptus " has made its appearance since. This product stands, according to Dr Owen, foremost m pausing injurious efleots That gentleman communicates, at a meeting of tho Medical Society of Viotoria, that a ohild living at Fitzroy beoamo moßt Beriously indisposed through its use, In another case a lady states on the strength of statutory declaration that she suffered cruelly from the effeots of the same concoction. To guard the high reputation of our manufacture wo feel warranted m exposing tbe above faofcs, and desiro tbe public to exercise care and prqoaution when buying. SANDER and SONS -«• Advt. 7

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. WEDNESDAY, JULY 17, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2176, 18 July 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. WEDNESDAY, JULY 17, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2176, 18 July 1889

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