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A public trial of the Howard digging plough ill be made at Mr H. Hunt's paddook, fakanui Road, on Tuesday next, at 2 p.m. The poola and totalisatoiß on American iceoourses are taxed for the rfi jefic of Agri altaral Sooieties, and m this way nearly 10,000 was derived last year. The following is the inspection report on endarves Sohool: — The sohool Still maintaili s reputation as one of the beat oonduoted m le North Canterbury District. — (Signed) L, ;. Wood, Inspeotor, The small bird nuisanoe is deolared by irmers m Southland to be worse than the ibbit pest. At a meeting at Wallaoetown it 'as resolved to levy a rate of Id per acre on md intended for cropping this season to ise funds to destroy the small birds. It is reported by an English writer that Saron Hirsoh, who is most anxious to race on princely soale m England, was anxious to ive "Mr Manton " (the Duchess of Montose) no less a sum than £250,000 for the ief ton Park stud paddocks and all her horses n training. , The Aahburton Borough Sohool Committee lave deoided to afford tho local clergymen an opportunity of imparting biblical instruction 0 the pupils attending the school, by withirawing half an hour on one day m the week rom the' time devoted to the ordinary sohool wbjeotß. At a meeting of the Committee of the St.Z.R.A. to disousa the draft programme of ,n& Exhibition meeting submitted by Captain Sommerville, it waa decided to recommend ihe adoption of the Victorian system of uaving all the 200 yards standing shooting, and 300 yards kneeling; other ranges any position. Other recommendations were the amalgamation of both aggiegate rnatohes, making only one open to all competitors, the N.Z.S.A. belt and stare to go to New Zealand men m the order m whioh they aiood. It was deoided to recommend that m the Interoolonial Matohes the prize be £100, with £50 for a seoond prize should the number of entries amount to four ; and also that a oadet match be added to the programme, Looking baok over our American files we ! (♦'Canterbury Times") find an item whioh J will be of considerable interest to many owners ' of trotting atook m this country. At the sale ' of General Traoey's stud, towards the end of April, Mambrino Dudley, a full brother to Berlin, by Woodford Mambrino, from Sue Dudley, brought £1500 guineas, and within naif an hour his purchaser was offered an advance of 750 guineas on his bargain. Mr George Baodes, who purahased Berlin at the disposal of the late Mr Rjbert Wilkin's stud two years ago for 275 guineas, might have returned the horse to the land of his birth and made a handfeome profit. At General Tracey's sale several of Mambrino Dudley's progeny were offered and realised prioes from 1125 guineas to 75 guineas. Three or four youths m Adelaide Buooeeded m obtaining from the Commercial Bank gold to the value of £1000 by means of a blank oheque, stolen from the office of Mr Alexander, It appears that a youth, supposed to be Alfred Levine, 16 years of age, want to the telephone at the Boyal Exchange, and inquired of the Commercial Bank if it would honour a cheque oi £1000 m Mr Alexander's name, the reason adduoed being that the moneys was wanted m order to traneaot bueinese with a leading firm of brokers, and, would be paid into the bank m the afternoon." Shortly afterwards Levine appeared at the bank, and the oheque for £1000 was readily cashed. On the fraud being discovered Lerine waß arrested, and m a bag whioh the lad had handed to the barman of a Buburban hotel for safe keeping the bulk of the money was found, A brother of the lad, on being ametedt took an overdoae of morphia, ana had to be taken to the hospital. On him were found two first class railway tioketa for Melbourne* With the exception of £30, the whole of the money has been recovered A tea meeting m connection with the Wakanui Presbyterian Church was held at Wakanui on Thursday last, and was a great eucoess. A larger number perhaps waß pieeent than at any previous meeting of the kind ia Wakanui, and they seemed heartily to uiijoy the good tbioge bountifully provided by tha ladies of the congregation. The following ladies presided over the tables : — No 1, Mra Oorbott aaaißted by the Mibbbb "Corbett and Mrs (JalEflßTNo ' s." -Mrs-tar WHbod, assisted by Misa Doak and the Misses Wilson ; No 3, Mrs Tait, assisted by Misa Tait and Miss Clephane; No 4, baohelor's table, Misses C, and S. Wilson, aasisied by tbe Misses Brown, The crowded audience m the after meeting had a treat m tne music rendered by Mr and Mrs Flower, MuSbß Steel, Eidd, A. Dahon, O. Trevuraa, and H, iShury, and Moasrs Miller, and Lane. Speeches were delivered by the Rev Meesrs Beattie, Buttle, Blake, and Monro, the last of whom came from Sydenbam with his genial humour to the delight of his bearers . Miss Kidd accompanied the aingera with her .well known skih'on a piano kindly lent by Mr Dumaresq. It is expected that between £20 and £3.0 'will be raised by the tea meeting, about £9 of whioh represent the subßoripiious of the bachelors. Five hundred men were engaged recently for operations on the Nioaragua Canal, whioh therefore will be begun immediately. It ia by no means certain, however, that it wil not soon be laid aaide m favour of anl American attempt to complete the Panam projeot. Months ago an Amerioan association, m which Vioe-president Morton was one of the leaders, endeavored to obtain oontrol of tne old company, and they are still oonduoting negotiations m that direotion, If Buooessful at all it must Jbe immediately, beoause a single rainy season will efface all the work hitherto done. The joint resolution or Congress pteoludea the possibility of any help being given by the Frenoh Government, and these Amerioan speculators are the only private capitalists willing to venture money m the further prosecution of the enterprise. And nearly, if not all, of this Amerioan oapital is money made out of profits on oontraots let out by the De Lesaeps management to a New York dredging Company. It would be a Btroke worthy of Jay Gould himself to buy out the original owners with the money they had foolishly squandered, and then make the scheme a lucrative success, But, of QDUrBe, if this projeot fails, the Nicaragua Canal will be actively pushed forward, and many engineers believe that ie any oase it ia the safer and oheaper route. The ÜBual weekly meeting of The Ashburtou Lodge, No 29, 1.0. G.T., was held on Mondaj evening m the Orange Hal:. The Lodge wai opened at 7.30 by Bro J. O. Dunoan, 0.T., and about 80 members of the Order were ia attendance during tlie evening. Bro D. O, Cameron, of Dunedin, Grand Secretary, beinj announced was offioially received, heartily weloomed, and invited to preside over tht meeting. Alter the ordinary buaineaa wai transaoted, and oareful and favorable consideration given to some important matters, which v^'ere brought under tha notice of tht Lodge by tbe Grand Secretary, the Lodge went iato jreoess, About half an hour was spot?, very pleasantly and sooially, the Lodpi providing an exoellent Bupply of refreshments whioh were done ample justice to by ail present. Tbe Lodge wa? afterwards called b order when a first olasß programme oonsistirg pf singing and reoitationa interspersed wih short addresses from the Grand Secretary wis gone through* The Lodge decided to cooperate with the S, later Ijodges m arrangiig Saturday night public temperance meeting, and it wbb announced that Bro poad. a prominent temperano'e lecturer aaoompanid by Bro T. W. Glover, G.0.T,, would visit ard lecture m Aahburton about the middle tf Ootober. Three candidates were proposed far membership, and altogether the meeting we a very pleasant and auoaesaf ul one. A heary vote of thanks was unanimously aooorded o Bro Oameron, G.S., for his visit and for- tie oounael, advioe, and inatruotion he had givei. The Grand Secretary suitably aoknowledgd the vote after whioh the Lodge was closed. llolloway's Ointment ANp Fills.These world-renowned remedies are ' cm- } fidently recommended lo miners, navvies, aid : all who have to work underground, or whqe noxious atmospheres exist. The minUe particles of coal or metal which permeate be air m such places tend to block up the lugs and a ; r tubes, giving rise to bronchit s, asthaa and palpitation of tha heart. In Hollowafs remedies will be found a sif<s and easy usd mcd dant, for the penetrating properties of tie Ointmept relieve 1 the local congestioasj ajcl the mildly laxative effects of the Pills is tie caube pf the Hver a.c;'ing freely, : and tie jareath tp become embarrassed. ' By ' eaiy 1 resort to these remedfes mfmy a serfous ilines ,may be averted, and '^soundness of he|]h W*iriUtM!i»

Those interested m the New Zealand Exhibition are invited to attend a meeting at the Borough Oounoil Chambers on Friday evening at half-past seven. The Kingsley Brothers appear at the Binfe oa Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening. The Bink will open this evening as usual. The ABhburton Borough Sohool deoided last evening to recommend Mr Mayne, at present headmaster of the Humptead Sohool, for appointment to the position of headmaster of the Borough Sohool. One of the mosfc profitable souroes of revenue of the Viotoiian Government is that obtained from probate end administration duties. Those for the year ending June, 1889, amounted to £236,447, while the amount for the previous year waß only £151,870. The great inoreaae is due to the large estates whioh paid duty during the year. What would Charles Diokens think of the platform on whioh his youngest son has been elected a member of the N S.W. Parliament ? Here it is : — A Protectionist, but m favor of intercolonial free trade ; an amending Land Bill, with compensation for improvements ; the, oonstruotion of [light lines of railway through country distriota; State supervision of irrigation and water conservation ; federation of the oolonies and payment of members. In Boston, U.S., on April 26, a new nighlicense law went into effeot. It limits lioonses to 800 plaoea, and there were over 2500 applioants, Those refused inoluded all the prominent sporting resorts and a number of hotels. The estimated loss on income to the viotims was 2,200,000d01s a year, and an .equal amount m stook and fixtures No lees than 2000 persons were thrown out of employment, whose earnings equalled 2,000,000d0l annually. tAmong the rejected was the famous Bell in-hand resort, whioh had been m existence on the same place for 140 years. During the oißoußsion m the Legislative Oounoil on the amendment of the law of libel, the Hon. Mr Beeves said that " recently the paper with whioh he was oonneoted (the " Ly ttelton Times") had had a very peouliar experience m being threatened with an aotion founded on a report m a bankruptcy examination at Timttru. Nothing oame of the matter, however, but what had been his experience last week might be that of other newspaper proprietors to-morrow*" 1 The Bill passed the Oounoil m its entirety, and was yesterday read the seoond time m the Lower House. The "Reef ton Guardian" of July 10th says :— " Our readers will, we hope, excuse any imperfeotion m our issue or to-day, as aot only are the editor and publisher arrainged on a charge of oriminal libel, bat at the last moment the combination of talent whose endeavor it is to muzzle the ' Guardian,'' issued subpoenas against tbe compositors, thinking probably the paper would be stopped. These people little know our resources, or how much we have our sleeves up. They will be a little wiser ere this porseoution and what will follow on it is all boiled down to a residue/ According to the statement published m the "Banking Beoord," the profits of the Australian banks are very considerable, and shows that banking m the oolonies is a very flourishing business. The profitß for the last three half years are as follows :— 3lst Maroh, 1888, £1,074,812; 81st September, 1888, £1,008,003 ; 31st Maroh, 1889, £1,212,190 ; thus showing an inoroase m the . last half year, notwithstanding the dollapße of the " boom," of £114,187, against an inorease of only 23,191 m the previous half year. Oat of these profits the Bums distributed to the shareholders have been aa follows :— Blst Maroh, 1888, £918,986; 30th September, 1888. ,£926,601; Maroh, 1889, £966,893. The balance haß been appropriated to additions to reserves. The Dutoh painters of 800 years ago liked to 'paint everything to the life, no matter whether the subjeot were attractive or repulsive. Many of their best pictures were oarried home by the Spaniards at the time of the invasion of the Netherlands, and are now m tbe gallery of that country. They mostly represent Soripture soenes, but are less interesting sb Bible illustrations than as faithful transoriptß of the habits and customs of the Low Countries m the sixteenth century, I remember one wbioh particularly amused , us. The Ark stranded upon the topmost . peak of Mount Ararat, ooonpiea the baok ; ground, while i\oah and his family, Dutoh to - -ttie bOTR&OHB afpwsuog-to-rtgtitfftnelrnonge? i hold goods. His wife is the most prominent > figure, aa she kneels before the huge oak chest, , oarefully taking from it and arranging m , separate piles the household linen all marked i with her monogram m red ! i Statutory Declaration.— l, Franz Baabel , Ironbark, Sandhurst, m the colsny of Viotoria, , Australia, do solemnly and sincerely deolare , that on the 25th June, 1877, my son Alfred, i Bix years of age, was accidentally hurt with [ an axe on his knee. lat once took all pains 1 to seoure medical assistance, However, m i spite of all efforts, on the 27th August, 1877, i the opinion was given by Dr Maogillivray : that an amputation of the injured limb had I become imperative, m order to save life. At this juncture I called on Messrs Sander and ) Sons, procuring some of their Bxtraot of the Euoalyptus Globulua, and by the application .of the same I bad the satisfaction of seeing r my son within a fortnight out of all danger, 1 and to-day he is reoovered. I may juat add > that it was when the crisis had been reached that the Extract referred to was first applied. I and I make this solemn deolaration, eto. — Fbanz Baabe. Deolared at Sandhurst, m the ' colony of Victoria, Australia, this seventeenth ) day of Ootober, one thousand eight hundred I and seventy-seven before me, Moritz Conn, ; J.P.— (AdvtO 6

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