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Last year 15 trusts were established m England, while 19 were announoed during tbe first four months of this year. In order to avoid clashing with the Grand National Steeplechase meeting the coursing meeting next week has been fixed to begin on Tuesday. Tbe annual savings of Atnerioa are £910,000,000, exceeding those of the United Kingdom by £60,000,000, and those of France by £70,000,000. A Splendidly ornamental orown of gold, whioh is valued at £5000, has been sent to Vienna by the Austro-Hungarian colony m Buenoß Ayres, m order that it may be placed i upon the huge bronze ooffia of the Grown Prince Rudolph, ' The longest fence m the world is now being ereoted to divide New South Wales and Queensland, -ft is 8000 miles m extent, of wire netting, and is intended to keep rabbits out of Queensland. The offer of £25,000 for an efieotual exterminator of rabbits is still open. The Prince of Wales has not only let it be understood that if he over comes to the throne (and he has made heavy beta that he never will), he will be known as king Edward; but has, moreover, given most striot and stringent orders that his eldest son shall be oalled Princo Edward and not Prinoe Albert V fl &, both of whioh names are entirely unEnglish from an historical point of view. With the proper sense of his rights as an author, Father Agostino, a popular preaober' m Borne, lately made this formal protest from his pulpit : — " I protest againßt reporters taking down what I say and making it a source of profit. It is an infringement of my right. If there is to be profit made by my sermons o? my words, I am the person entitled to it and should receive it." It ia simply impossible to estimate how cheap kerosene will be m ten years j one well at Baku (m the delta of the Caspian) alone sends out each day £10,000 worth of oil according to American prioes, and m another #1,000,000 worth was lost at one outbreak. When these vast supplies are conduoted to Satoum by pipe and led by branch pipes straight into the vast tanks of the petroleum steamers, the only oost of kerosene will be that of oarriage at the lowest rate. We have defeated the Panama sobeme and commenced the Nicaragua Canal. We have bested Bismarck, and driven him olean out of Samoa. We hold end mean to keep Behring Sea. The English colonies m the South Paciflo are with us, as their press has abundantly shown. Our reciprocity treaty is the praotioal annexation tf Hawaii. Theße things are but a beginning. We shall not stay our hand until we have oonquered the entire trade and oommeroe of the Western •Hemisphere, r and made the Paoifio Qoenn virtually ' an American lake, rr* ' American \ paper." JJBav. A Person cured of Doafaes? anl \ noises m the head of 23 years' standing by a Simp c Remedy, will *cad » description of it jrbb to any person who appliOß to NjCIfIQ&BON 17& William *trptt| M«lbW«W»|

The quantity of wool consumed m New Zetland mills has increased from 2.001, 1551 b m 1887-88 to 4,079,5631 b m 1888-89. A petition asking the Borough Council to open the Reading Room on Sunday afternoons iB being circulated and being largely signed. . , At Auokiand a meeting to be held this week has been convened b.v oiroular, signed by some influential gentlmen opposed to the introduction into New Zealand of national politioal disoord; Oae of the signatures is that of an ex-resident magistrate and another a direotor of the Bank of New Zealand, A contributor to a Ghristokuroh contemporary deolares that the warning given' to " the four ports " about their danger from ships carrying long range guns Bhelliug them from beyond reach of the port defences, is all rubbish ; that ships would have to bo specially built to carry such guns as would be required to do what it has been suggested could be done. There was a good meeting of the members of Court Ashburton, A.0.F., last Wednesday, for the eleotion of officers, about thirty members being present. The O.K. was re-elected and the other offioea filled satisfactorily. Two new members were initiated aud several proposed, After the dose of the Court the members enjoyed an hours' harmony, some very good songs and recita- ) tions being rendered. A very pleasant evening was spent, winding up about eleven o'clock. I am sure that the study of portions of the best English authors and composition might with advantage be made a part of the regular course of instruction (of pupil teaohers) to a muoh greater degree than it is at present. Such a training would tend to elevate and humanise a number of young men who at present, notwithstanding the vast amount of raw information whioh they have amassed, are wholly uncultivated ; and it would have the great Booial advantage of tending to bring them into intellectual sympathy with the eduoated of the upper class.— Matthew Arnold. On Friday night the Ashburton Orange Lodge held their annual dinner, whioh was on thiß oooasion confined to members. There was a large attendance of brethren. The dinner was provided by Mr J. Ranger, whose catering was all that oould be desired. After {he dinner the usual Orange and other toaßta were duly honored, and m the course of the evening some capital songs were given by Broß S. Brown, W. Brown, Randall, Dixon, Elliott, Uookburn, Jas Wilson and a number of others. A very enjoyable gathering was brought to a clobq about an hour after midnight* A Committee meeting of the Ashburton Rover Football Olub was held last evening. There was a full attendance and the oaptaia oooupied the chair, The following were seleoced to play against the AshburtonRakaia Olub m the Domain on Wednesday next:— Full back, G. Niel; three-quarter baoks, A A. Orr, 0. B. Knight, and Lyons ; baf baoks, C. Moss, H. Moss, and H. Stewart ; forwards, F. Tasker, R. Hepburn, G.Finlay, R. Grubb, W. Kidd, H. P. Williamson (oapiain) W. Roberts and Buchanan. Emergencies : T Leitoh, G. HeflordandA. Daley. Play will begin at 3 p.m. sharp. Owing to land speculation, the valuation of land m the provinoe of Buenos-Ayres has been increased fourfold, and the land tax if enforoed on the valuation without reducing its proportionate rate, will be a very Beriousdrain on the resources of tne estanoieroa, who are said to be troubled already with the fear of a disastrous oriaia m the oattle trade. Only about half the wheat crop of the Argentine Republio was harvested, aooording to the lateßt estimate, the rest having been too muoh injured by floods of rain to be worth outting, The maize orop, on the other hand, is desoribad as an immense one. The New Zealand Dairy Association, Auckland, have during the past year made about 150 tons of butter, most of whioh has been eont out of the colony. They intend to pay 3d per gallon for milk next j^ear. In an interview I with a » Herald" reporter, the manager (Mr Wesley Sprag^) reoently said :— " I am not wiße enough to bo able to say how it will be best to dispose of the butter to be made four months hence ; but as it has been ascertained that the food-produots existing at any one time m the world never exoeed six months' supplies, we hope to be able to get a market somewhere for the butter^Bfcray manufacture." The aocounts that have reoently been published m tha Amerioan preßS respecting the feats aooomplished m California by Berry's steam harvester read wonderfully like some of the stories oonneoted with Aladdin d lamp. It is stated that last year the inventor harvested, threshed, winnowed, and Btaoked a crop of over 8000 aores of wheat at the cost of 23 perSiore, and he ploughed the ground after harvest at Is lOd per aore. The machine, whioh is a combined header and thresher, cuts a swath of forty feet wide, and by working night and day it developes a oapaoity of eighty acres per day. When the harvesting work is finished the header and thresher are datafthed, and the engine iB used to draw twenty ploughs m four gangs of five eaoh. Wellington City was wholly lighted by eleotrioi y on Friday evening, the Guloher Company, after the ooourenua of many httle delays attributed to unforeseen oiroumstanoee, having finally oompleted their installation. The evening was a disappointing one as regards the weather, but it had lat least one good effeot, inasmuch as it proved beyond doubt that the light was quite equal to what had been expeoted of it, for despite the thiok atmosphere and heavy rain, the light Bhed its brillianoy with good effeot m the various thoroughfares m whioh the lamps areereoted.The installation is to bo regarded aa a thorough Buooess, and Wellington may be fairly considered to be the finest lighted city m the Southern Hemisphere. A oiroular letter was reoently [sent to 2500 members of the Royal Agricultural College inviting opiniona as to what should constitute unsound&esß m breeding stook. As a result something like an authoritative statement has been got as to what diseases should unfit animals for breeding, aud wbioh should therefore be taken as a basis for disqualifioation m the show yard. The maladies oon« demned are :— Roaring, whistling,! sidebone, ringbone, navioular disease, ourb, bone Bpavin, bog spavin, grease j shivering, oataraot. Under certain circumstances it is also held that an animal should be rejeoted for breeding purposes if it suffers from sprint, stringhalt, oontraoted feet, weak feet, bursal enlargements (suoh as thoroughpin and wind-galls). " The Times " is not quite on its last legs yet. Saturday's issue, for example, oontained more than eighty columns (equal to 150 ft) of advertisements. The price paid, even by contractors, seldom falls below 103 per half inch, so that one may fairly reckon the takings for one average de»y m the Printing-house Equare advertising department at £1760. This doesn't like, look like bankruptcy', doeß it. The "Thunderer's* 5 influence m literary, if not m political matters, remains great as ever. A oolumn review whioh it gave on Thursday last to a novel called II The Awakening Jof Mary Fenwiok " has m less than a week oaused that story to be the most asked after book of the season, and necessitated the piinting off of a, large second 'edition. — "London Letter." Certainly the Most Effeotive MEDICINE m the world is SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Test its eminent powerful effeots m Coughs, Colds, Influenza, etc, ; the relief is instantaneous. Thousands j give the most gratifying testimony. Read this certificate :— " 24th April, 1885 — Messrs Sander and Sons,— lt is with th.o greatest of pleasure that I testify to the excellence of your Euoalypti Extrapt. Having had inflammation of the bone of the leg, whioh came on after a severe attack of low fever, I was attended by Dr J. Boyd, who had made strenuouß efforts to save my leg, but without euopess. He found it necessary to amputate my limb. Having heard m the meantime of the wonderful cures worked by the Euoalypti Extraot, I obtained a bottle, and the extract had not been applied more than an hour when I began to feel greatly relieved. After applying the extraot every four hours for nine or ten days I was out of all danger. I would persuade all who may be affeoted with any oh disease to give the Euoalypti Extraottrial, and I am convinced that they* will find it the most wonderful of medioines. — Yonrs, eto ,E. J. Oubnow, Wattl street Sandhurst. r-(Advt.; 5 Wells' Hair Balsam.— lf gray, restore to original color. An elegant dressing, softens and beautifies. No oil nor grease. A j,omc restorative, Stops hiir coming out trcngthpas, q\ anses hQaU dgolp, 3

I There is good news from that most 1 unexpected quarter the Desert of Sahara. The .French colonists have found subterranean water everywhere within an easy distance of the desolate surface, and have created so many artificial oases m one of its worst distriots, a narrow tract of land 120. miles long called the Oued Rip, that the export of dates alone from newly planted trees already amounts to £100,000 sterling m annual value. Yet the sandy and rooky surface stratum afforded no apparent sustenance for vegetaMod, nor had it supported settlement sinoe the days of King Solomon until the South Algerian Society took it m hand. There are I now 114 Frenoh springs, and 495 natural springs have been discovered, oleared and i improved; An interesting dooupont,. prepared m the early days of the colonisation of New Zealand has been brought before the House m the | shape of a deed drawn up between a couple of i Europeans and members of a North Auckland Native Tribe on Feb. 15tb, 1840. The deed .transfers to the Europeans the fee simple of 600 acres of land near to Kawhia Harbor, for the following consideration, endorsed on the back of the dooument : — Four pairs blankets at 20s, £4 ; five axes at 53, £1 ss ; seven , spades at ss, £1 15s ; four iron pots at 6d per pound, £2 4s ; six pounds tobaooo at ss, £1 10a ; one shirt at ss, sa ; twenty tobaooo pipes, 2s; total, £16 6a. The relatives of one of the Europeans oonoerned m the deed intend making a olaim on Government for the land i m question, and the deed will probably be pat m evidence when the matter is referred to the I Petitions Committee. The annual congregational meeting of the Tinwald Presbyterian Ohuroh was held on July 10. The Rev A; Blake took the ohdr, and opened the meeting. The Chairman read the Eiik session report, and the Treaßure/s report was read by Mr W. MoDowell. Both reports were adopted, Votes of thanks were passed to the committee, to those who had oonduoted services, to the Sabbath Sohool teachers, the choir, and. all who had voluntarily aided the work. The following oommittee was appointed ; —Messrs Stewart, Meharry, W. MoDowell, Waite, and Sailito. Mr W. MoDowell was appointed Treasurer; and Messrs Waite and Stewart were appointed auditors. It was resolved that the annual congregational meeting be held m January and that the finanoial year end on Deoember 31. After the disousßion of some other matters bearing on the welfare of the congregation the meeting was closed. The annual report, for the year ending March 31st, by Dr McGregor, Inspector of Hospitals, has just been issued. The report upon the Ashburton Hospital shows that 145 patients— l 32 males and 13 females — were treated during the year, of whom 124 were discharged, 11 died, and 10 remained m the Hospital on March 31st. The nationality of the patients was— England, 48; Ireland, 57 ; Sootland, 23 ; Colonies, 12 ; Sweden, 2 ; Franoe, 2 ; Germany, 1, Religion — Ohuroh of England, 59 ; Roman Cacholio, 28 ; Presbyterian, 17 ; Wealeyaa, 18 ; Baptist, 4 ; 3alvation Army, 16 ; no ohuroh, 3. Total collective days' stay m Hospital, 2787 ; individual average days' stay, 19*22. Daily average coat per head, 7s 7|d ; less patients' payment, 7s. Dr MoGregor's inspection report is as follows :— This Hospital was inspeoted by me on the sth Feb., 1889. I found Nurse Hall and her sister m charge, Mrs Maokay, the matron, being absent on a holiday. There were several patients on the day of my visit. All spoke m the higheßt terms of the treatment tbey reoeived, except one man, who is being turned out by the dootor aß a case of ohronio alcoholism, and who thinks he ought to be allowed to stay* I approved the dootor's aotion. The state of the institution is very satisfactory. A male nurse has been appointed sinoe my last visit at a salary of £1 per week, This is a great improvement.

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