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IYTTANTED— IVndeiß foe deepening iilLSSiffi" l^!!*" 1 S(eo '- The Mercantile Finance ana .7 . WILLIAM ABDIMMI^ jj^,^ JJ^ — ! — ■ of ChristctaiCii. W.H.COLLINS&GO. olth ' IKON. TIMBER. Begisterbd Officb- : v ' .ir ' MORTEN'S BUIbwIisGS, OHBISTCoal Merchants — , 4 _ wast q-i'iiirß"p nn HIS Company is prepared to AD*v «n?«/tt«AJm »on nnftff a. an rf Q ri ™tes of interest ; hlao upon th -j te.unty S 20,000£ta flS orted o£ B m B of Sale, Mortgages of Btook, Wool Ex "Clyde," 10,000lt W.P, Flooring and Agricultural Lieaß. and Lining _ . 4 . ."T^" . , Ex " Clyde," 7000 ft Totara and Blaok For furt > er P^Vw\ ar «££& L ? pj no J UJIJN Or. tt&D I JiiiiJU, Ex "Opotiki," 60Q0£t White Pine Agent, Flooring and Lining 0K , prrn , f . B Ex « iSpray," 7000 ft White Pine Floor- 1 D - -^ HO^AF, ing and Lining, 4,oooffc Shelving [ fl+ , X , w .o , -f ll ? 1 ?? 08 ?'- B> ■ 6 6t154 West Street, Ashburtoa. To arrive direct from Home and now due, 400 Oaska Cement ___ 15 Tons Galvanised BooEng Iron TT^KATUNG'S -OZ-JNuJ^. 4000 ft Baltic Deals. XV. Oldest and Beat Ooagh Remedy Also, — Wire Mails, Looks, Hinges, &o. .-- -~ m , ■■ _,, — 7~TZZZrz~7T~~~~~^~" FENCING Wlßifi, Barbed and Plain. TT^ATING'b LOZEHGJSB JL_» Oideas aud Beßt Congo Remedy —WE HAVE JN STOCK— T^MATUSttB LOZEJSG_6. ~~ Genuine White Lead, Bed Lead, X— - Oldeß^ and Beat Cough Remedy Dryers, Raw and Boiled Oil, Mixed : ._- — ' Paints, Window Wlaas (all uizes), Putty, TT^EATING'^ LOZENGKS. Stains and Colors, Glue. X_. Oldest and Beat Cough Remedy —ALSO— T7 EATING'S LOZBNQES. - Every deaoriptiou of Builders Ironmon iX V O^st and Beat OoUfahSßomedy gery aud Wood lurnery. TnrjaiATlWtfS LoZKNGoS. __ — ~ ]\ i »A; biaiPLß Fact About NEWCASTLE COAL "^ KEATiJsa^uuUttaLuZiawGES WVftTPO WV /OAT ABk throughout iho world, m any Y/r at Tr^oii /VvVrT country that can be named, you MAIiY-iiiJN UOAL , will fiua them largely sold. Iheir # is abßuluteiy no remedy that is 80 Inspection Invited. speedy m giving reiier, to certaiuly • ; cure, and yet the moat delicate can tasethem< One Lozeoge gives ease. TBEES. lEEES. Kold m uHd lma ' : ¥7-_ATiWG'S LuZEiNiiifitf. IBEG to tbank my Friends andt.e ' JJ_ , Coughs, aaihma, flotreeoesß. . Publio for ihoit generous support \ ,/ jfiaTliSU'b LuZlfiWOJfili, . during the last 14 years, and to intimate v 14 Oougha, Aathma, Howßenesß that I have ready for this season's *^ ■ , % „ M _' — ■ — -- planting th« Largeat and Best Stock of TT'E-XJLttG'd LuZciiSG-ci. Trees o£ bll kinds ever ottered m thiß J\. Oongln, Aathm*, Hoarßaneia Divtriot, inoluding,— . I T^jjjATllSG'Ri LOZtffiG_<3. 30,006 APPLE TUEEB rV Coughß, Aaihma, H r a ffi P^Rm'S^ gBAI-WB LOZa*G-S. 3!000 PLUM'tSbSS X Oongh 8 ,A at bm,,Hoar,eneB B 3,000 PEAOfcl TiiEES T^iliAilWa'd _OZE&GnS, 500 APKIOOT 'l'REffiß JlS^ "any Dooior will ibll you" 9,000 WAAjN UT TitEES there i« uo belter Oooga Medicine —Also— thau KaiA'lliNG'ri LOZE«u_)i. Neotarineß, Quinces, Filberts, Goose- one gives ieiief jlf you nu&ac from berries, Currant*, &o, m great variety, oough try them bat once; they will und an innumurabk quantity of Foreat oure, »ud they willnot injure your Trees of all kinda auiiable for Timbot, heaiia ; iLey oouium only the Shelter, and Shade, aa urell cb Ornamental purest dtugs, oktllaliy oombiaed. IVees, Shrubs, Hedge Plants, and Koeea m Sold every w&erts m tiuall tma. endless variety. Everything worth - 77~1 tir «^ m«Ki ♦« planting, trom the Scotch leather to th« K^_.t_Dß S W Offll ittDtUSi giants of the Forest. DnJl-i v vmihtaKi rf - hWff»i< __a__«va SSH-fi||« a ßgar _ n » n _iu,- w ____ %:^rsstt£W£&- » FF w»mv , TJlUja Bjj^y Sold m lims and Botilbs by aia 111 '^thTZ&^'Vft ?f^e B ™-THOJ*AB KEATING !__!__ ' 'Export Clu>rnijit - and Druggist. WHEN PURCHASING YOUR BOOTS PLEASE LOOa FOR THE BRAND ON THE SOLE. WINTER SEASON, 18a9 ASHBURTON WOOISF MANUFACTURES AGAIN TO THF FRONT, Viz., BLANJ-BTS, RUGS, TWEEDS, FLANNELS, PLAIDINGS, SHIRTINGS, Etc, SEE WINDOWSTSEE WINDOWS! BLANKETS from 14a 6d per Pair^ The Tweoda are Bj)eo!oIIy parohaserl fnp SUITS TO MEASURE urn £2 12s 6d UPWARDS. A Bdautiful line of TRAVELLING RUGS at. a very low price. Oar WINTER STOCK of General Drapery ts now compete In ell lines, Including a speoial line of— ASHBUBTON DRESS TWEEDS from la 10} d per yard MITCHELL & TURNER KAIAPOI HOUSE TANORED STREET* NOTE— Ooioh or Rail Fares Free to Aahburton to all purchaßerejof £5 paroeli V\. GREGG AND COMPANY, PXJKE BLKFDED TEA& NEW SEASON, 1888-9, 1 }lb akd lLts PAOKKTB, 2lb FAwOY CANISTERS and slb and Ilb TIN? I TBY TBEBE BLfiNDS. TEY THESE BLENDS ©[( EAGLE Ti (\ exhibit'^ Jl (I C L 0 B ]] \perlb. Jl Vperlb. JJ \\ per lb. Jj ONE TRIAL WILL ESTABLISH THEIR CONSTANT USE To be obtained from JOHN ORR & CO. EAST STREET ASHBURTON i : - ' '.'•"■ ..

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 4, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2174, 16 July 1889

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 4 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2174, 16 July 1889