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THE PARCEL POST. WITHIN NEW ZEALAND. The following are rates of postage and weight for parcel post : — a. d. Not exceeding lib in weight •• •• o I Exceeding lib, but not exceeding 2lbs o 4 Exceeding 2lbs, but not exceeding 3lbs I I Exceeding 3lbs, but not exceeding 4lbs 1 5 Exceeding 4lbs, but not exceeding Slbs I c Exceeding slbs, but not exceeding 61bs I ic Exceeding Slbs, but not exceeding 7lbs 2 I Exceeding 7lbs, but not exceeding Slbs 2 4 Exceeding 81bs, but not exceeding gibs 2 7 Exceeding o.lbs, but not exceeding xolbs 2 IC Exceeding iolbs, bul not exceeding 1 libs 3 I No parcel exceeding nibs in weight or the dimensions hereafter specified, will be accepted , and unpaid or insufficiently prepaid parcels will be refused. SIZE. — The dimensions allowed fora parcel e: — ft; in. 6 G rea est length •- 3 6 Greatest length and girth combined • * 60 PARCEL POST BETWEEN NEW ZEA LAND AND THE UNITED KINGDOM The following are the regulations under which parcels will be accepted and transmitted to the United Kingdom : — Parcels will only be forwarded by the steamers of the New Zealand Shipping Company, Limited, and the Shaw-Saville-Aibion Company Limited. A parcel for transmission must not exceed 1 lib in weight, 3ft 6in in length, or 6ft in length and girth combined. Parcels of the maximum size and weigh, will only be received at, and delivered from New Zealand Post Offices at places accessible by railway, steamer, or mail-coach. From places in New Zealand not served by railway, steamer, or mail-coach (list at page 57 of Postal Guibe) only paroels not exceeding 2lb, in weight, and nokmeasuring more than aft in length or ift in Breadth or depth can be ccepted. Parcelß should be securely and substantially packed and closed by the sender. I f wax is used, it should be of ihe special quality which resists the heat of a hot climate. Parcels will be liable to the Customs laws, duties, and regulations of the colony and the United Kingdom respectively. The sender of each parcel will be required to make a Customs declaration (on a form to be obtained at parcel post offices), describing the content*, ana stating the value thereof, end also giving the name of the place i u which the parcel is addressed and the s.mler's signature and residence. False dec). 1 anon involves forfeitur* of parcel and renders -■■.- der liable to prosecu ion. Parcels must no re ,osted in a posting- box but should be presented at the post-office counter. Where not repugnant lo the fote going rules the general regulations of the Inland Parcel Post will apply. Parcels are received and forwarded at owner's risk, and the Postmaster- General is not liable fur any loss of or damage to any parcel On payment of a fee of4d, the sender can at time of posting receive a certificate of posting. The certificate imposes no liability on the department, and is merely intended as evidence of posting. Parcels for transmission to the United Kingom must be posted or delivered at the parcel p st office at the port where the steamer takes her final departure at least eight hours before the close of the ordinary letter-mail. The hour or closing parcel-pest mails elsewhere will be duly notified by Postmas'ers* Each parcel should be plainly 1 address the direction should give nnme and All tended, of the person for whom the parcel i» inwritten The words " Parcel Post " should be Iso the on the upper left-hand corner, and and the name and address of the sender. No parcel containing dangerous articles perishable articles, articles likely to- injure other parcels, liquids (unless securely packed in proper cases), or any contraband articles or substauces will be accepted. Parcels found to contain forbidden articles and parcels the contents pf which have been falsely declared will be dealt with in accordance with the Customs and other laws and regulations. Tobicco cannot be sent to the United Kingdom by parcel post. A parcel roust not contain a letters neither must it contain another parcel addressed to a person other than the addressee of to first named parcel, if such an enclosnre discovered, it will be charged with a separa ta of postage. THE KEW RAILWAY TIMETABLE » ASHBURTON TO OHRISTOHUKOH. Trains leave a.m. m. p.m Abhdubton every day at 7-20 6.65 Arriving at Ohbibtoquboh every day 8.50 The 7,20 Btops at allatationsv/; <" /i / . only to take up or set down p enjord, %ai beyond Burnham stops at ysida 1 ; t. i> 1 1 only to allow passengers to alight . The 3.40 stops at stations DUaon Ashburton and Ohristohurob. The 6.65 (express) opo at Rikjia to take Dp and sot down passengers, and at Dunsandel, Bolleston and Hornby only when there are passengers to set down. In addition to the foregoing a goods traiD with passenger oarriage attaohed, Leaves ( Mondays, \ AfIHBUBTONon Wedn'daye, oily at 11 »,m. and [ Fridays j Arriving at I Mondays, \ Oh. Ch. on JWedn'days, \oruy at 2.25 p.m I and f ( Fridays ) This train stops at all stations. OHRISTOHUROH TO ASHBURTON Trains leave a.m. a.m. p.m; Onnxziouvaan every day at 8 11 4.15 Arriving at p.m. Abhbubton every day at 10.45 12.48 7.80 The 8 o'clook train stops at all Btations. The 11 o'olook (express) Btops atßakaia only The 4.15 o'olook stops at all stations south of Burnham, and at other stations to take up passengers for south of Holies on* ASHBURTON TO TIMABU Trains leave a.m. p.m. Abhbobton every day at 10.66 12.68 t Tuesdays, \ Thursdays, p.m. and on- and ■ 8.45 Saturdays V only ; Arriving at p.m, TimXrtj every day at 2.5 2.40 I Tuesdays, ' Thursdays, p.m, and on- and 7 Saturdays, \ only J * The 10.55 train Btops at all stations. The 12.58 train (express) stopß alTemuka (and Orari if required) only The 4.40 train (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays) stop* at all stations, TIMARU TO ASHBURTON Trains leave a.m. pjn, liwxo— every day at 7.25 6.5 Tuesdays, ' Thursdays, a.m. and on- and at 11.55 Saturdays \ only. , Arriving at a.m. m Abhbobton— every day at.10.86 6.60 / Tuesdays, ' I Thursdays, p.m, and on \ and at 8.20 I Saturdays V OQ I T The 7.25 train Btops at all stations. The 5.5 train (express) stopß at Temjka (and Orari if required) only. The 11.55 train (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays) stops at all stations. ASHBURTON TO MOUNT SOMBRS Trainß leave Mondays ) ( Tuesdays, aqd Fridays f I Wednesdays, ( j Thursdays ) \ Saturdays p.m. p,rq. Ashbobton at 7.40 4,25 Arriving at Mnt Soi^sbs at 9. 1 6 6,,0 Galling at all stations, Trainrleave Mount Sombbs— every day at 8.10 a.m. Arriving at ABBBCuxoN-'tftwy day at 9.45 a.m., \

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 3 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2170, 11 July 1889