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jfT.-StratZ. — |7r EATING'S POWDER destroys both) Jl\. fleas, moths, beetles, and all other] inseois, whilst quite harmless to domestic /JR^k^ ikjLu^v 1 (La*'!? animals, In exterminating beetles the Jffi^^^^^^^fifelvJf^l/f^kt Buooess of this powdei Is extraordinary. i^^Sp^l^^^^^PFiM sU U perfectly olean In application. See the article you purohwe Is KEATING'S. : Bold In tl^, ft 6d, n is, O anV2B 6dVoh, q by B H™a3i SADDLER AND HARNESS MAKER, «3 AJNU AX XxiNVVAIjL/t WISHES to acquaint the farmers and _ horse-owners of the Ashburfcon Oounty, that having . imported a large stock of materials, he is now prepared PANTADTAN MFTITPTNF^ to supply them with HORSE OOVEBB Lrii\AUiAlN MJIUICIJNIi& of supprior make and quality, at very . rettaonable prioe, for the coining season. Quotations on application. (A Family Secret.) — — No: I. CANADIAN PERFUME. SADD LEBY AND HABNESS No 2. CANADIAN ANTI-BILIOUS. OF-ALL DESCRIPTIONS IN PRECIOUS TONIC POWDER. STOCK. B. P. DUFLOT, D.D.S., Proprietor, For hundreds of years, all Europe, Asia, and America, have known what popularity and ( repute the "Two Great Canadian Remedies," have justly acquired from the successful results which have been obtained , daily m curing Pains, Rheumatism, Scia ica, Anthritis, Paralysis, and m the prompt and ... radical cures of sores, wounds, cuts, burns, etc. < V* A few frictions, dressings or doses, are generally sufficient to make a complete cure,, and thus enable the sufferers to resume their usual occupations. Uuflot's Two Great Canadian Cures are ' compounded exclusively of expensive aromatic ll^" O "1 and balsamic plants,, herbs, roots, barks and XVLOUNT £)OMERS I JIME. flowers. They are unequalled for restoring — — ■ . strength to persons suffering from debility, AGRICULTURAL' LIME. and for strengthening children whom they help 15l per ton at Kiln to develop m a most extraordinary manner 16. per ton In JUllwafttuokß. during their growth and when teething, ■■«■. -„ , F TT . . . RAILAGE TO— Thousand* of people have been cured- by W«st«ifi«ld Qn Ril using theCanadiii Remedies, without *»SJ!2mcausing them to go to bed or a'.SJSL %. oa leave their business. Afh*urton r , Bf, 9d -«. Oherteey, 61 3 d Complete directions given with each bottle Rakilt, sslod and package for self cure by the use W tnilow, ,4s ?<? of two Great Canadian Hinds, 4b Hi!. Remedies, — — TESTIMONIALS. For Bilious Complaints, Heartburn, Dys* pepsia, lndigestion ; Colic. Diarrhoea, Diseases '■ Mount Bomers, of the Liver and Spleen, Malarial Fever, Piles, ; Maroh 12th 1889. Diseases of the Chest, Colds, Catarrh, Whoop* :< Q jr. WfUOHT Esq iS^^S^rf d Afith /? a> P s ; tal P itation r Dear Sir,-Iu reply to your enquiries « W the Heart, Nervous Complaints, Dropsy, ! imo ft _ " n t ano , *L,« \*a i« «««.- *\,;. Scrofulous Diseases, Female Complaints,?.?, £Sn T «nW 9K fI [ 5?" Whites or Fluor Albus, Asthma and PuL g^ 80 ?.'- 1 " pread 25 CWt *5 J th « T aore « mpnary, Catarrh of the Bladder, Pains, Gout, Th ? difference was very marked. I estlRheumatism, Diphtheria,, Sore Throat, Croup, ***$* the increase at 10 bushels per aore, Accidental deafness, Neuralgia, Tooth-ache, apdexpeot asubetaotial increase on porSkin Diseases, Worms m Children, Cuts tion limed for several years. 1 also limed Bruises, Burns, etc., etc, ' a strip m a paddock sown with turnips, — — with about the same quantity of lime per TTrcTTvrnMTAT c Bnd di ff er «noe «. i even "more TESTIMONIALS, marked than m trje piece sown with oats* Ai c .t, a - a 4-Youn Faithfully, A few of many thousand received, • ■■■•"*- JOHH HOOD D DeS- m „ „ Sprlngbura May lit, 1889. For many years I have been bothered with "° s Et WBIGHX, Ewj, some large tutors on my head and neck, they . B»i— «■ "P-F *o youra of the 28th J were all removed m two minutes by the use of hfcV f ÜBed y°« lln -e on lea. land apd^ the Canadian Medicine, without pain, and not lBnd; fof tnrnlps md the result is so a drop of blood. satisfaotory m both oases I will use your Miss Morris, lime largely this year. Ysurs Truly, Christchurchi A. M. MoFarlanb. Dr Duflot. To E» F. Wbiqht, Esq., Dear Sir,— Mount Somers. I have suffered from Rheumatism for thirty j) otkt Blr,— ln reply to your euqalrle. years. I went to many doctors, but they g»ve , bout i ime f or top-dreßSln? I beg to say me no relief. I have used your mcd ones for x aßed aboat 25 owt. tothe acre last only a few days, and I ™*°™£* spring at Baooleaol, with very great suo J.t,.U. MACKENZIE^ oaM| ftQd talflnd^ , lftf , IQtQ wote street. i tfoß the future. In my opinion it Is the Dr Duflot beßt ffl(kDQVa one oan oße 0Q d *y ]>od. Dear sir,- roara_frlth£ally, For seven or eight years I have been lOTWTjroon b IIB| suffering with Chronic Rheumatism, and have ' IBiyERSDAL":been unable to walk without the use of crutches. I have been cured after using the MILTON, May 15th, 1889, Canadian Medicine for two weeks. Thomas Patterson, j^h Wbight, pai i5 iMa '°f Dear Sir,— lam In receipt of yours of w Near Pakoe. the Utbf H me , and beg to say that I Duflot. have nßed % good de|ll of , t the laat | ew Ihereby'begto certify to thereUefl have n»«i^ Ye got very, . good results had by uiing the Canadian Medicine. For f«m its use for both oats and wheat, I the past three years I have been suffering with Oipppea the land the first year, with a rupture of the heart, and have always been turnips, and weasedpart of It with font mi great pain. Since using the medicines I tojns of small lime to the aore, part with feel great. y relieved, and now can sleep com- stook-yard manure, and part with 4owt fortably at night. Maldon Guano per aore, Next oropped Yours truly, with oats and barley, and had 70 bushels Charles Gillarp, of barley 'and 90 bushels of oats to the North Shore, aare . |t *«« Uld down one year and then Auckland. p^ f^d gave 4Q, to the T" soie. I thoroughly believe we could not PRICE OF THE CANADIAN MBDICmB rj a ni qought another property, and I Intend to •S. 00. nrje 600 tons. I get if at Milburn LlnSe Kllm. This s»me f aim I bpught abbot Sent carefully packed to any address m New ten. yean eaOj the party that had It* put Zealand on receipt of stamps. Post on a fewloils^f the imair lime, wef )t °t%mo C u^equiSr *;'"*«» * l*A:i * »vi piuuuiu iciiuireu. bushels was about the highest I ever got MM of Qati nnti I qsed the lime. • Youri truly, : ••■ J t F. Stratz «. ?, wwm'< Proprietor. 261 HIGH STREET, TRIANGLE, CHRISTCHURCH. SOLE AGENT,. MARBLE CLOCKS. 1 MARBLE CLOCKS. Just received direct from the makers, Paris, * large assortment of Marble Clocks, which on account of the large reductions m the Home markets, I am able to sell at one half the price that Clocks imported last year can be sold at, A nicely finished Marble time piece, 255. Warranted 2 years. Beautifully finished Marble Striking Clocks, going 21 days with One winding, striking hours and half hours, j&t x.23,6d. 7r syeM \ „ , THE .-WALKER The above Clocks cannot be bought else* where under double the above prices, y^ ._* , Superior made Marine* Clocks suitable for V>ORK HiXTRACTOR. presentat on, from £3 10s to Bs. The , best value that money can buy. Insnection Invited Pronounced the best Mechanical Cork Inspection^nvited. Extractor m the Market, as it pulls the Cork the easiest, and removes JTCI 42 rH £> Am Y7 it q mc^ es fr° m the Screw. • jb • BJ. JttA jl y> L —. . . r t Its use prevents the agitation of carbonated or pther beverages, and allows the sediment PRACTCAL WATCHMAKER to remain undisturbe^ihebottie. Designed for the use of hotels, restaurants, TTOTxrvT T T7T> saloons, clubs and families. Ornamental m AND JJliWJliljljJJjJK., appearance and full nickel plated. Special, terms to jobbers. Manufactured by the « t H ? GH STREET, E<;WALKBR TOQL COMPANY> OHRISTOHUROH. E^rx, Perm,, U.S.A. so man ufa urers of Wai 's Adjustable I es.lanaii etached Han QhUels and eci.aodM roweterSurfA wi.Mwkir^ }fm ' i

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 4, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2168, 9 July 1889

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 4 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2168, 9 July 1889