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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit THURSDAY JULY 4, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL

» The Sheep Inspector notifies that proceedings will be taken after the 10th inst. against owners who have failed to send m returns of their Bheep. The Railway Department gives notioe that tbe Rakaia Railway Bridge will be closed for traffic from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. nightly till further notice. City Milk Inßpeotor (taking his holiday at a farmhouse): "Ah! That's a fine driukGlorious I What is it made of, madam ? ' Farmer's Wife : " That's milk." The new Oorrnpt Praotioes Bill just introduced into Parliament by tbe Government prorides that a maximum fine of £20 may be imposed for making wagera on the result of an eleotion, James Halpin rubbed phosphorus m the key-hole of his neighbour's door, and a jury aßßeßsed the damages at 250d01. It was a oovert hint that hiß neighbour couldn't Bee Btraigbt wheu be came home o' nights. "Elephants are very muoh like human beingß," says Walter Newman, the elephant trainer — " that iß,the females are very muoh better and nioer than the males, but when a female is bad Bhe ib worse than the worst male." An Auokland paper ia responsible for this : — Au Auokland dame who iB about 70 years ot age was married laßt week to her seventh husband. All her spouses have left her at the call of death, and judging by the appearance of her latest " hubby " she will soon bave the melancholy pleasure of plaoing him atop of those who have " gone before 1 " $&A Dunedin evening contemporary adver ises the impounding of a blaok gelding, "marked on both horns"; somebody m Dunedin must be bringing out a new breed of horses. The same paper has another advertisement concerning a lost dog " name, ' Spring,' found iv anyone's possession after this date will be proaeouted." This ib a new legal process, prosecuting a dog. The first Arbor Day was observed iv Nebraska 17 years ago, when 12,000,000 trees were planted There are now growing m the State 635,000,000 trees. Iv other States many millions of trees have been planted, and at the present time 34 States observe an Arbor Day. A hundred thousand aores of valueless dunes on the Bay of Bisoay were planted with trees by Bremontier, whioh now yield Franoe an annual income of 130,000f. " Keep away from that," said a restaurantkeeper to an Irishman wbo was standing ia front of a newly arrived box of turtles, bolding hia finger m evident pain ; " what are you doing there, anyhow ?" " I wor investigating." " Investigating what ? " "I wor trying to see whioh was tbe head and which was the tail ov the baste over' there m tho oorner'ov the box." " What do you want to know that for ?" " I've a curiosity to know whether I've been bit or stung," Mr Kerr was particularly rough on the lawyers on Friday night, during tbe debate on the item for printing law reports. He deaoribed them as " aoorpiona " and as people who got their own when honest men fell out, and said it should be contrary to tbe Standing Orders to allow a lawyer to speak on any subject which involved their personal interests. The House was none the better for their presenoe m it, as they worked for their own ends, and no other purpose. Iv Franoe all tbe old horses are used for poultry, and oats and dogs are boiled to a savory mess, and tbe brotb thiokened and fed to tbe bens. Ground meat, free from bone, will be very acoeptable to poultry, but they do best when given fresh meat. The tough portions of beef, suoh as tbe neofc and other cheap refuse from the butcher, are excellent ; but m feeding meat use only that whioh is lean. The fat is useless, and, if anything, is rather detrimental, as it ia oarbonaoeous. Mr John Kidd, ose of the men who were rescued from the dteamer Forfarshire by Graoe Darling when the vessel went ashore on the Fame Islands, on 7th September, 1838 died at Carnouatie on April 20th. On tbe night of tbe disaster Mr Kidd remained at his post m the engine-room until tbe vessel broke m two. He ia tbe last survivor of the nine who were landed by Graoe Darling, and one of the two wbo went back to the vessel on a mission of resouei D<3oeased was 78 years of age. A ball under the auspioea of the Jooal lodges of Freemasons was held m the Masonic Hall last evening. The arrangements were most complete and the management is to be congratulated on the signal success whioh attended their efforts. The attendance was most satisfactory' and the ball was the best of the kind ever held m Ashburton. The music was supplied by Fleming's band, and the catering, whioh left nothing to be desired was m the bands of Messrs PaMman and Ranger. A fall report is held over. Russian nincompoops with influence look naturally to the railway for a living. The other day a director bade a subordinate bunt up a post for a young gentleman of this description. The offioial tried bard to find one, but oo post waß vacant. Tnere was nothing to do but invent one. Eventually he evolved from his raoked brajna the offioe of " pen tester "to the company Jn this po*t the youth was duly pjaoed, with a salary of £200 per annum, and a house rent free. His duty was to " test " the pens to be afterwards used by the company's numerous olerka. Tho Ashburton Rifles numbering 45 under Captain Polman, and the Guards 31 under Captain Sparrow, vere inspected at the drillshed on Tuesday evening by Major Stuart Newall, Distriot Adjutant,' Major Douglas and Sergeants Major Jones and Hayes being also present. The evening was devoted to " Poaition drill." Before dismissal it was announced that an extra Inapeotion-parade would take plaoe on the 30th inst., thus giving an additional opportunity to qualify for capitalion, and Major Newull expressed hia'Batisfaotion at finding that the Ashburton oorps kept up their strength bo well m the face of many disadvantages. There are {8272 British Boldiers of the I height of 0 feet and gpwardfl. Of these 671 are to be found m tbe Household Cavalry, 493 m the Foot Guards, 451 m the fofantry of the Line, and 367 m the Royal Artillery. These figures, *with many others of great interest, aro furnished by the Horse Guards authorities a^d may therefore bo relied upon. Par ioulars are inter alia, of the oheat measurements of 'the non-aornmißaioned officers and men, and it appears that those , who can boast of 40 inches or over number 3366 out of a total of 98.654. the Royal* Artillery are best off m this respect, having J062 cases out of a force of 17,123, whilst ' the JnfttQtry of tbe Line bays poly 986 out of I 54,36*

The first of a series of shilling ooncerts, m oonneotion with St. Stephen's Church, will be held m tbe Church Soboolroom on Tuesday evening next, At the KM. Court, Timaru, yesterday, W. Howens was obarged, on the information of Jabez Lukey, of ChristohuEoh, with stealing a tombstone, the property of J. G. Hall, value £8, from Waimataitai. From the evidence it appeared that the stone had been left ma shed near Lukey 's property, Waimataitai, over ten years ago, and that on Howens taking the place two years ago he found the stone dirty and moss grown, and on making enquiries be found the stone had evidently been abandoned by Lukey. Tho oase waa dismissed. In denouncing any addition to our publio -debt, a writer m an Auokland pap?r, after pointing out that the national debt of Great Britain i 8 £700,000,000, and ours £39.000,000 states that if Great Britnio owed a* muoh m proportion to its population, as New Zealand does it would have a debt of £2,340,000,000, and adds that our position is aggravated by the faot that whilst the British debt is due to its own people at a small rate of intereat, ours is due to foreigners at high rates of interest. Says a weather obecrver m an American paper; " When you wi h to know what the weather is going to be, go out and seleot the smallest cloud you see. K?p your eye on it, and if it deoreases and dia ppcars, it shows a etate of the air that itt sure to be followed by fine weather; but if it increases, take your overooat with you if you are going away from home, for falling weather is not far off." The reason is this : When the air is becoming charged with eleotrioity, you will see every aloud attracting all lesser onea towards it until it gathers into a Bbower, and, on the contrary, when the fluid is passing off, or diffusing itself, then a large oloud will be seen breaking into pieoes and dissolving. The applioation of steam power to agricultural work did not make muoh progress for a considerable period, but during tbe last few years there has been (says a contemporary) a deolded progressive movement. Reoent improvements m the traotion engine have made it more suitable for farm work, and we may look for further improvements. The old system of steam ploughing by meafls of two engines, between which the ploughs are drawn backwards and fcrwavds, has been bo improved that there is a good prospeot of its successfully rivalling horse power, even m ordinary ploughing, and we have seen m thfe colony the introduction of the method of drawing the ploughs behind a travelling engine* In California the. large complete harvesters are now drawn by traotion engines, and m that State an inventor haß devised a traotion engine whioh can be made by adding two large wide wheels and the necessary propelling gear to an ordinary portable engine. The idea has been sag. gested by the large number of portable engineß thrown out of work by the use of traotion engines* It is claimed for theße new traotion engines that they can be used for drawing ploughs, harvesters, or for oarting produce from the field and to the markets. Matters whioh have been for some time m an unsatisfactory oondition between Professor Blaok, of the Otago University, and the Btudenta of chemistry (we learn from the "Otago Daily Times") came to a crisis on Monday morning, A pieoe of ohalk, aimed at tbe aßßißtant, rolled olobo to the Professor, who thereupon invited the offender to Btand up, an invitation whioh . was. not aaoepted. At the close of the leoture the Prof easor said the olaeß was composed of boys and blaok* guards, naming four students who belonged to the latter category, and told them that they were m future to enter or leave the room by the baok door. At the next olass held one of the delinquents was told he need not oome babk during the rest of the' session, a seoond was requested ,to stay away for a week, and a third waa admitted to the class again sfter explanations. The fourth, whose sentenoe was reserved until Tuesday morning, on being asked whether he had thrown ohalk, said he had thrown some, but did not know whether be bad thrown the pieoe the Professor had referred to previously. He waß then asked to stay away for the rest of the session, and the Profeßßor said he should not give him a oertifioate of attendance. The praotice of throwing ohalk hag been rather oommon lately. The opinions of the ladies of Missouri have been canvassed on the .merits- of-_the- dress improver, and an enterprising editor fills eeven columns of his paper with the interest ing information.' One fair correspondent holds that girls who do not wear the improver are " Blinsky " ; but this is milder than the view that " a lady without a bustle or reedß (steel) is a disgusting-looking objeot." Still more droll iB the declaration of a woman m Nevada that from improvor-wearing "her sisterß are fast beooming a nation of invalids." A few other quotations will indioate that the views on this queßtion are divided .— Miss Goodman is "m favour of the deoadenoe of the horrid deformity." Miss Sallie Potter expects " to appear m the purely Greek style as soon as she can do bo without being guyed by the boys." "Start a reform m the use. of tobaooo, and let tbe bustle alone." " Oh, I think tbey are just lovely, and that they are just lovely, and that they are awful nioe." •• Igo with the majority. When the bustle falls into innoouous desuetude, I will fall m line." "I adore the classic Call me «B9thetio, if you will ; lam for reform m dress. Let oommon sense take the lead. Relinquish the bustle and we dispense with lame backs and tired and weary women." "Ugly and deformed though it be, to part with it would be like giving up an old and trusted friend," Another friend of the improver aaya the] wire form is not dangerous unless struck by ligh'ning. ', The best medioine known is SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Testa a eminent powerful effects m coughs, colds, influenza, etc.— the relief is instantaneous, Thousands give the most gratifying testimony. Hia Majeaty the King of Italy, and medical syndicates all over the globe, are its patrons. Read the official reports that aaoompany eaoh . bottle. We have no oooasion to offer rewards m proof of the genuineness of our references. The official reports of ruedioal olinios and universities, the offioial communication of the Consul-General for Italy at Melbourne; the diploma awarded International Exhibition, Amsterdam— all these are authentio doouments, and,- aa suoh, not open to doubt. We add here epitome of one of th 6 various oases treated by Siegen, M.D., Professor, eto : Burning of the right hand through the explosion of a small, oil stove, The epidefmia on the volar and palmer side of the hand of the thirty-year-old patient was completely separated and lifted up as far as the joint of the hand. The likewise lifted naila were hanging loose, and half of the phalanx of the nail of the middle finger waß coaled. The woundß thus contracted healed m three weeks under daily applications of Euoalyptio Extraot dressing. The patient has retained the full use of the band.— (Advt.) 1

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit THURSDAY JULY 4,1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2164, 4 July 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit THURSDAY JULY 4,1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2164, 4 July 1889