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The Aehburton Hospital returns for the month of June are as follows :— In Hospital June Ist, 4 ; admitted during the month, 12 ; diaoharged, 6 ; remaining m Hospital, 10. The Matron wishes to acknowledge, with thanks, the receipt of books from Mrs Alfred Harrison, flowers from Mrs Lee, fruit from Mrs Randall and Mrs Hawdon (Westerfield). Old linen will be thankfully received. The survey of the first eeotion ol the Midland Railway, nt the SpriDgfield end is nearly oompleted. Toe BU veyoru ha? e bad a - *ough experience during the r.&:t mon b Lorn Ihe b > lßof Bn ° w ' rain andlrost. The National Mortga^ * ni Jt*™' g£ pany have reoeived, a cable m<~ * v ., ™ their London office dated the 28th u't., -- follows : — " Short-berried New Zealand wheat, 543 6d ; long'beriied, New Zealand wheat, 38a per 4961 b, ex warehouse. Prospeols of good harvest." Letters from places beyond the colony were reoeived for the following persons during the month of May, and are lying unolaimed at the Ashburton Post Office on the Ist July, 1889 :— Miss MoOonnell, George Watsons, E. Heale, and J. MoFarlane. The first annnal meeting of the South Rakaia and Suburban Go-operation Money Club was held on Saturday evening. Present : — Mr Kemble (ohairman), Messrs Liddy, Irvin, Santy, and Gee, oommitteemen, and several of the shareholders. The Secretary's report was tead and approved; The statement showed that upwards of £30 m loans was granted to members and that matters were m a satisfactory oonditioc. A dividend of ten per oent was deolared; Letters received m Dunedin state positively that Mr Santlejr, the well-known English vocalist, will visit that city during the Exhibition, but the idea of his giving a series of oonoerts there has been abandoned. Mr West, to whom the great singers' visit to the oolonies is due, has been totally ignored by Mr Stanley's agent, m favour of another person, and there is a split m musical ciroles about the matter. The same cross purposes are at work m Chriatohuroh, and it appears as if Mr Santley will be a silent visitor to New Zealand. At a meeting of the Association of Trades protection Societies, held at Westminster, Mr .J. M, jßennett, who presided, said m the ironOTorkiqg districts a new industry would probably spripg up. By means of inoreased ohemioal knowledge' (we mountains of slag, hitherto regarded as useless, were found to contain so muoh phosphorus that' W 'V&B oaloulated that millions of money would 6e made from this new disoovery. Then there ,'^ere experiments being conducted with the telephone. They oould hear a person's yoioe £0 or £0 miles oU. He was assured that, by . experiments reoeutly made, they would be I able not only to hear a voice 50 miles iWfty [ bat lei tbe ipsi^'i f»Q« M wsj '

The Rink de Paris will be open to-morrow afternoon and evening as usual. What the " Melbourne Age " terms a very important " new departure " is included m the Amended Publio Service Bill, whioh is to be laid before the Viotorian Parliament at an early date. This is to the efleot that no married women Bhall be allowed to remain m the Government employ, and that any single woman who enters the marital state shall thereby be held to resign her engagement m the State servioe. It is understood that the olause applies to school teachers as well as to other branches, and that it is impartial m its soope, comprehending all married women who aie at present m the employment of the Grown. The objectionable incidents attendant upon the retainment of married schoolmistresses have long been regarded as a soandal and the matter was recently before the Auokland Eduoation Board. A well attended meeting of the Ashburton Rover Football Olub was held laßt evening, about 20 members being present, Mr A. P. Williamson oooupied the chair. Mr A. P. Williamson was eleoted oaptain, and Mr A. Orr, vice-captain, Mr D. Thomas was unanimously eleoted president, and Messra J. Orr, A. Harrison, and Rev E. A, Soott, vicepresidents. The Secretary was instructed to write to these gentle cun informing them of their election. The colours of the Club were fixed as blue with n Maltese arose on the chest. On the motion of Mr A. Daley seoonded by Mr R. J. Stewart, Mr Q. Hefford was eleoted a member of the Committee m place of Mr A. f . Williamson, who beoomes a member ex«offioio. After some routine business the meeting adjourned with a vote of lhanks to the ohairman. A practice will be held to-morrow afternoon at 2 p.m; sharp, when every member is requested to attend. Prinoe Albert Victor Christian Edward, E.G., whose betrothal is announced, is the eldest son of the Prinoe and Priuoess of Wales, was born June Bth, 1864, and is therefore m his 26 th year, He was educated* at Cambridge University. He waß appointed a Naval cadet m 1877, midshipman, R.N. m 1879; Honourable Lieutenant, R,N. Reserve m 1883; and Lieutenant Second Brigade, E. Div., Royal Artillery, 1885, when he was transferred to the 10th Hussars. He was eleoted a benoher of the Middle Temple, January 21st, 1885, His oousin and future bride, Prinoeis Frederioa Amelia Wilhelmina Victoria iB the second daughter and third child of the late Emperor Frederick HI and the Empress Viotoria of Germany. Her Royal Highneei was born at Potsdam on April 12th, 1866, and is, consequently a little over 23 years of age. The half-yearly summoned meeting of the Loyal Ashburton Lodge of Oddfellows waß held m the Lodge room on Friday evening, a large number of members being present. The ordinary routine business having been dealt with one honorary member was initiated. The Anniversary Committee reported that they had made all arrangements m connection with the tea and social to be held on Friday, July sth, and tickets were distributed among those present. The election of omoerß for the ensuing term was prooeeded with and resulted aa follows :— N .G. H. Dally; V.G., J. Burgess; G.M. J, Cookburn; E. 8., 0. Grant ; Guardian, G. Hefford ; Warden, W, Perks. The minor offices were all satisfactorily filled. The officers elect haying been installed into their respective chairs a vote of thanks was passed to the retiring officers, the compliment being suitably acknowledged. A dißOUssion] m reference to the Registrar of Friendly Societies Report took plaoe and a oommittee was appointed to report at next meeting. Rsoeiptß, £56 15s ; expenditure, £32 10s. There is nothing new under the sun, not even m regard to reaping. The Peterhead "Sentinel" asserts that the modern (so oalled) invention known as the reaping machine is not 6uoh a very modern one after all, if one takes the trouble to recall the information he got out of his school books, m whioh these maohines are mentioned as having been m übo two thousand years ago, One that was m use m Gaui m the first century of the Christian era is deßoribed by Pliny the elder, who writas of it thus: — " In the vast fields of the lowlands of Gaul there are machines, with projecting teeth on the edge, whioh are driven through the standing corn by an ox yoked m a reverse position. In this manner the ears of grain are torn of! and fall into the van." These maobines appear to have continued m use m Gaul, fcr we find four, centuries later, Palladius alluding to a similar appliance, jwbioh he deeoribea af considerable leDgib. And now, 1400 years after this, a somewhat similar maohine, with thrashing and winnowing apparatus attached, is m use m Australia, where it goes by the name of a " stripper." An unrehearsed incident oreated a considerable amount of oonsternation among the fair occupants of the dress oirole at the Prinoess Theatre, Dunedin, on Saturday night. The play that waß being produoed, "Nook for Neok," oontains plenty of sensation but, j was comparatively tame to the sen-j sation that the patrons of the upper portion of the house had to themBelveß. During the progreßS of the performance a rat of enormous bulk emerged; from its hiding place and gravely entered the ; dress oirole. When it was first discovered it was among the feet of a party of ladies and gentlemen who were oooupying a row of seatß m one of the middle tiers of the cirole. A vigorous thumping of thd floor and of the seats, followed by soreams from a few ladies, Bpeedily proclaimed the presence of something objeotionable. The knowledge that the intruder was a rat was not very re-assuring to the fair sex, who have as great an aversion to the animal as it is possible to conceive, but a few minuteß, during whioh the aotion of the play was entirely unheeded, proved sufficient to oarry conviction to the rodent that his room was preferred to his company, and he scampered up the main pasßage to the back of the oircle and thenge— nobody knows where, The Star of Ashburton Lodge of Pruids held its half yearly meeting m the Templar Hall last evening! There were about seventy members present, Bro R. Clark, A.D., m the chair. One new member was made and one proposed. The reports of the Secretary and Auditors were read and adopted. The balance sheet showed the Lodge to be m a very healthly state, there being a oredit balance of £380 Is 4d. The election and installation of omoers then took place, the Distriot President, Bro F. Nokes, officially installing the following officers :— Bro R. Clark, P.A.D. ; Bro R. Pearson, A.D. ; Bro W. H. Piokford, V.A.D. ; Bro T, Potter, Saoretaryjfre.eleoted) ; Bro Elston, Treasurer ; Bros T, Wall and J, Pauling, A.D.Bs. ; Broß « "-"1 and Ede, V.A.D.Bs. ; Bro H. Elliott, Ske^Min^Seoretary. J*** V" Stephenson were eleoted Auditors, x.- * u tt the evening Bro H. Taßker was presented with a handsomely framed diploma m recognition of his abilities as an Aroh Druid. A hearty vote of thanks was passed the Installing Offioer and his assistant P.AI Bro Pauling, and also to the outgoing officers, after whioh the Lodge dosed and members sat down to refreshments. After the health of the different officers had been drunk, songs, etc, were given by Bros Pearson, Ashlet, Mutton, Piokford, and Stephenaon, apd the members brought a very sooial evening to a close by singing " Auld Lang Syne." Statutory Declaration.— l, Franz Raabe, Ironbark, Sandhurst, m the oolony of Viotoria, Australia, do solemnly and sinoerely deolare that on the 25th June, 1877, my Bon Alfred, six years of age, was accidentally hurt with ' %n axe on his knee. lat onoe took all pains ' to secure medical assistance. However, m spite of all effort?, on the 27th August, 1877, the opinion was giveu by Dr Maogillivray that an amputation of the injured limb had become imperative, m order to save life. At this juncture I called on Messrs Sander and : Sons, procuring gome of their Extraot of the ' Euoalyptus Globulus, and by the application ' of the same I had the satisfaction of Beeing ' my son within a fortnight out of all danger, and to-day he is recovered. I may just add j that it was when jtho crisis had been reached ! that the Extraot referred to was first applied. ; and I make this solemn ,<Jeolar,ation ; etc— \ Franz Raabe. Beolaried at Sandhurst, m the ', colony of Viotoria, Australia, this seventeenth ! day of Ootober, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven before me, Moritz Conb, J.P.— (Advt.") 6 , Keating's Cough Lozenges cure Coughs, A&hrna, Bronchitis, Medical testimony state that ng otper r#edi,cine is so effectual m the cure of these dangerous One Lozenge alone cives case, one or' t\yo at any ? time ensures rest, For relieving difficulty m ' breathing they are invaluable, They contain Ino opium nor any violent drug, Sold by all Ch?mifti jn tins, is i#d and as g4 QKh,

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2162, 2 July 1889