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The ordinary meeting of the Ashbarton Borough Oounoil was held last evening. ) Present : The Mayor and Oounoillors Williamson, Tnoker, Soott, Eeir, Bird, R. Friedlander and Scaly. MITOB'a STITEKBNT. The Mayor said that the debit balance at the Bank was £1470 8s 10s. The amounts which had been reoeived sinoe last meeting were:— Bates, £7 13s; licenses, publicans, £215 ; earth sold, £1 4s 6d ; dog licenses. £2; bridge and culverts, 16s ; refund QOBt of summons, 10s. Total, £227 3a 6d. COBRESPONDENCE.

Letters were read (1) From Ghristchuroh Oity Oounoil asking the 00-operation of the Ooaaoil ia getting passed through the legislature an Aot empowering municipalities^ establish gas works.— The co-operation asked (or was aooorded. (2) From the Sergeant of Police reporting a reoent alarm of fire when a heap of firewood was burning m the yard of Messrs P. and D. Duncan. The Mayor and the Chairman of the Fire Brigade Committee were on the spot, and m reply to a question from a I constable accepted the responsibility of lighting the fire. The Sergeant asked if the Oounoil desired the polioe to take any steps m the mutter. — The occasion referred to was that on whioh the Mayor and Chairman of the Fire Brigade Committee raised an alarm of firo to teat the emartnesa of the Brigade.— Or Soot* moved that the law be allowed to take its opurse . A councillor had no more right to light a fire, without receiving proper permission, than anyone else had.— Or B. Friedlander said that perhaps the Mayor and Or Eeir bad some explanation to make, and be suggested that the motion should be withheld m the meantime.— Or Eeir said that the 'explanation ho had to make waa not very lengthy. Last Monday he had oooaßion to visit the Mayor on private business, and fire brigade matters propping up, the Mayor said that he thought it would be advisable to have a time test of the brigade, to see how quiokly they could get the engine out and throw water upon a fire. It was deoided that he should make a small fire m his yard and ring the bell. Later m the day it struok him that an* lesß some intimation were given the fire m the engine might not be lighted, and thus the test would (ail. He thereupon Bent word to the Engineer, by a member of the Brigade, that a false alarm would be given some time that week, and that it was wanted to be seen howquiokly everything opuld be got m readiness. The messenger, however, failed to find the engineer, and thinking that there was no hurry to deliver the message for an hour or two, went home to his tea, bat as it happened the bell shortly afterwards rangi That wob where the mistake oooorred, and any blamo that was attachable to him he was fully pnpwed to take.— Or Soott said that it was a strange thing that when the brigade were driving up the street, people called out that the alarm was only a hoax, and it was said m one of the hotels when the bell rang out that the brigade were being " had." The Brigade would be glad at any tiinejfor a properly arranged trial to take plaoo, but one like the last was no test of smartness. He had been sorry to ac? the feeling displayed by the members when the engines were put baok and it was just as well chat none of the Oounoillors oama round just then. It was a strange thing that bo many people should have known of the alarm ooming off, when the vary fact of one being contemplated was not diaoloeed to the officers of the Brigade.— Or Eeir said that the only person bel old of it was the member ofj the Brigade, whom he Bent to the engineer.— The Mayor: Perhaps he's the man who spread it. You had better tell ns his name. — The name was mentioned.— Or Bird thought that the matter might be allowed to rest at this stage. It was evident that some sort of notice of the intention to have a false alarm should have been given. Then again the time was not a good one. Most of the members of the Brigade, were men working hard all day, and who were jußt Bitting down to their tea, and itjwas hard on them to .be disturbed to no purpose* — The Mayor said that the Brigade had a right to show the people of the town that it was what it represented to be, and what he himself believed it to be— oomposed of oapable firemen. The general public ought to know bow long it would take the Brigade from the time an alarm WBB given to get water on to a fire; He did not think with Or Eeir and Or Bird that the firemen should have been told about the alarm; the only mistake that was made was m letting the fire- , men kaow anything at all about it. He was told that the Western Fire Brigade were m uniform at their station waiting for the bell to ring./' Ha igaa quite prepared to take- any blame there migot bo, bus he would venture to aiSrm that if the matter was plaoed before a jury of dispassionate men they wquld unhesitatingly assert that no. harm had been done. He heard no jeering at the brigade as had been stated by a previous speaker— Or B, Friedlander, seoonded Or Soott'a motion pro forma. He said that the affair had been badly carried out. To thoroughly test the efficiency of the men they should be told that an alarm would be given within a stated period, and then let the bell be rung m the night when they were all m bed. As an explanation had now been given by the Mayor and Or Eeir, the matter might be allowed to drop. It had been well to bring it before the Oounoil so that similar mistakes might not be made m future.— Or Soott withdrew his motion. — Or Williamson said that it would be neoessary to reply to the communication from the poliae, and on his motion it was resolved that, as the thing had been done with the best of intentions, the Oounoil die not desire any further action to be taken. —(8) From the County Oounoil forwarding copies of resolutions passed by that body m regard to the railway time-table. — Letter acknowledged.— (4) From a conference of Athletic Oiubs asking the assistance of the Oounoil m improving the Sports grounds m the Domain.— A deputation waited on the Oounoil m connection with the matter and expressed the views of the Clubs they represented. Referred to the Domain Board. — (5) From the Captain of the Fire Brigade with reference to the reoent false ajarm. — Acknowledged. FIBH BBIOA^B OOUHIXTBH. The Fire Brigade Committee recommended that the matter of selling the manual engine be held over pending the oompletion of the work for the increase of the water supply ; that a uniform be procured for the Engineer ; that the Mayor and the Chairman of the Fire Brigade Committee inspect the plant of the Brigade m January and July of eaoh year, and that the firemen assemble m fqll qnuorm on theße occasions j that the steam fire engine be insured for the sum of £500 ; that the oonorete floor of the shed be repaired and another gas jet be provided ; that tenders be oalled for the removal of the bell and Boaflolding to the Brigade Station, the question of raising the Boaflolding m height to be left m the hands of the Engineer and the ohairmen of the Fire Brigade and Works Committees.

The report was adopted. BEBERVES COMMITTEE.. The Besurves Committee recommended that the application, of Mr J. Q. Reatell for a Qlasgow leaqa \u respect of the reserve opoupied by him, be granted BUbjeol to "the provisions imposed by the Council m previous gases. Th.c report was adopted: •„.:•,•„ ; > .ÜBBABx ooMuiixaa. "** The Library Committee recommended that no boys under the age of, 15 years be admitted to the reading room unless provided with the written permission of the Mayor. They further recommended that no person m the reading room be allowed to hold the daily newspapers for longec than fifteen minutes.

The report was adopted.ENQINBBB'S BKJOBT.j The Engineer reported aa follows;— Tenders ; The Worka Committee have decided to call for tenders for the alteration tooldOounoil oQjoea, mating gates for the domain and for the removal of the fire bell and scaffolding to the Brigade Station; The Committee aak for authority from fcb.s GoiracH to aooept tenders for thg name. — Increasing water Bupplyj We have submitted a soheme for increasing the present water ) supply to the Works Committee and will prepare details, etc., preparatory to calling tenders for the work, if the Oounoil so direot, —Jubilee Olook : We have prepared sketohea both for briok and wood for altering the I tower of the Library buildings so as to make it suitable for the reception of the Jubilee Olook. . ; The report was adopted and the Works Committee were instructed to report at next meeting on the raising of trie tower of the Library-buildings. It was decided to sell 250 of the iron pipes which the Council have jq utQQk., JOHANNELINa.I It w*» etatoti (t»|^a njeqa of. gJawweJUflg

I ' I || i recently dlwri was now m a very dilap dated state and the Works Oommiitee were direc oreport. ASPHALTING. Or Eeir moved that the asphalting of the footpath m Wills street from East to Oass streets be oarried out, to the full width of the footpath, the ratepayers interested to pay half the cost. Or Tucker seoonded the motion. A lengthy " disoussion took plaoe. the majority of the Councillors holding that the Council should only find half cost ol halt Width. Cr K. Friedlander moved as an amendment that the footpath be asphalted half width, on the usual conditions. ' ■ The amendment was oarried by four to three and the motion lost. PAYBKNTB. Accounts amounting to about £70 were P««sed for payment and the Council ad-

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ASHBURTON BOROUGH COUNCIL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2157, 25 June 1889

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ASHBURTON BOROUGH COUNCIL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2157, 25 June 1889