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MeetingH of houfieholdorH for tho purpoeo of olcciing Hohool conimittoca, will bo hold at Abliburtou and at Wakanui on Monday, July aih. Tho Pckin " Oazotto " ia ovor 1000 yeara old. Hence tho editor does not know what it jh to bo troubled by tbo correspondent who haß Hubi.cribed from tho Htart: Tho Hoi vian journal " Srbobran " Baya that CX-Kinf.; Milan haa buocwio a iru-nk of .lorusalein, with a vii w to eventually boooming l J.'airiar_h ot all tho KurviaiiH. Tho GtiHtlo of Meyorlinj/, wlioro Crown , Prince Iludolph idiot himself, will bicoino a convent of Gariiioililo nuiia, tho death j chamber bocoming a ohapoi. In view of the circum:d.nncos under which ' Cunulii!;!" Sutherland met with bin death, tho I Government oori r I^ow Houth Wuloh havo decided ' to erect a inonumuut to perpetuate bin memory m Waverly Cemetory. The work will bo carried out without dojay,

I At trie Jtt.M. Court, South Rakaia, thia j 1 morning before Mr L. Oxloy, J.P., Robert Hunter for bsing drunk m a publio plaoe, waa fined 10b and costß or 21 hours. Tho Rink will be open to-night as usirl. The Hit and Cap carnival haa been poßfc poned to Saturday, Juno 29, on aooount of the wot weather. Sir John Hall iB prevented from going up to Wellington at preeoot by indiajpojaitiotfi whioh hag oonfinod him to the house for the last fortnighi. Sir John hopoß, however, to bo ablo to go up next week to take up his Parliamentary duties, \ A very suddon death happened at the Rangitata on Thursday, when a youth, eleven yeartj of ago, tho son of Mr O. Low'ib, died quite suddenly. The lad had been o£ a ' woakly oonßtitution siuoo his birth, but no j iramodiato danger was apprehended. Inquest takes plaoe to-day. A discussion as to the height of trees m tho forests of Viotoria has elicited from Baron von Mueller, tho Government Botanist, tho statement that he Haw ono of a height of 525 feet, Tho late Chief Inspeotor of Forests measured ono fallen, and found that it was 485 feot long. Wo have reoeived the first number of "The ' Oddfellow," a monthly journal devoted to tho improvement and advancement of Oddfollpwsbip. It is woll got up, and oontains a quantity of very interesting matter. Mr J. I P. Frazor, Melbourne is the oditor and publisher. A Masonic service is to take place at St. Stephen's Churoh on Sunday afternoon at throe o'clook. Rov.E. A. Soottwill preach, and there will bo spooled musioal features m tho sorvioo. The proceods of the collection will bo devoted to tho relief of the niok and needy of Ashburton, At the monthly meeting on Thursday evening of the Thißtlo Lodge, 8.C., a resolution " That this Lodge haa no sympathy with the present proposal to form a United Grand Lodgo of New Zealand," was oarried by a largo majority. Messrs Baker Brothers, Wellington and Auokland, have sent us their June list of properties for eale, including stations, farma, residences, businesses, and m faot ovory sort of roal estate, and situated m nearly overy part of New Zealand. The list is worth perusal by any ono deßirous of purohaHing. Moro alterations m tho new Railway TimoTable 1 On and after next Thursday tho traia from Mount Somers to Ashburton will leave Mount Somers at 8-10 a.m., and run a quarter of an bour later than ot proaent. On the same date the train wbioh now leaves Ashburton on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons will be altered to Btart from Ashburton at 345 p.m., arriving at Timaru at seven o'olook. The " Philadelphia Rooord " has this piece of news which some Salt Lake oity newspaper might woll enlarge upon : — It has been olaimed that tho two whaloß whioh wore brought from Australia m 1878 at the instance of Jamos Wiokham of England and placed m tho groat Salt Lake, Utah, have grown from thirty-five feet to about Bixty feet m longth, and have a progeny of several hundred, whioh follow thorn. About twenty tons of oil oome from a good-sized whale. If Lord Lonsdalo may bo believod, ho has discovered a waterfall whioh boats Niagara, and over whioh huge icoborgs go sailing to fali headlong into tho abyss whioh boils bo!ow. This is the story whioh ho has brought from Alaska. Tho Hay Rivor cataract daehos over a precipice 200 foot high at a point whore the rivor is a mile and a half wide, The fall of the Niagara is about 160 feot, and the breadth of the stream just before taking tho plunge is less than a mile, so that even without the icoborgs the new Niagara of Alaska will take the first place among the waterfalls of the world. It has been deoided to open a subscription for a permanent memorial to the late Dr W. H. Monk, ohief musioal editor of "Hymus, Ancient and Modern." Tho work attained probably tbo largest oiroulation on reoord, no fewer than twenty millions of aopies of it having boen sold within the first eighteen yoars. It is suggested that tho memorial should consist of a monument, to be placed over Dr Monk's grave at Highgato, and a marbio slab to bo fixed m thu ohuroh of St MitthiftH, 3toko Newington, whore ho was organist for upwards of thirty-five yoars. At tho mooting of the Canterbury Land Board on Thursday tho Board unanimously oxpreaflcd the rogrot they felt at tho death of Mi J. O. Boys, and deoided to place it on rooord. During tho uhorl time hu hud boon a member of tho Board, Mr Boys had from his knowledgo of tho district, exporionoo and professional skill proved himHolf v vory valuablo member of tho Board. Sales of land m tho Aahburton Diatriol woro effeoted aB follows : — For cash, sootion 30010, 32 aoros, Spaxton Survoy Dis. riot, to George Coleman. Peipotual Lease— Lot 0 of Reserve 1371, Hinds, 50 acres, to John G. Shaffer. Deferred Payment — Sootion 40 of Reserve 350, Hinds, 100 aoros, to Thomas Porter. Wo ("North Otago Times") have hoard that a huge quuutuy of potatoes m this district io the field undug havo been badly frostod. It is generally behoved tbat when this happens the potatoes are usoloas, but wo aro assurod by a person who hat) bad experience on tho subjoot that this is a miatake. Ho infonnß us that if tho potutoes aro Jolt m thu ground till the frost disappears tho earth will carry tho irost out of them and leave thorn m as good condition aB they were boforo tho frotit touched them, If thiß ia oorreot (and wo aro assured it i») it is a faot not genorally known. Wo gladly publish it, because it may save thoeo who havo suffered m tho way mentioned above muoh anxiety as regards tho value of thoir potato crops. A matter, apparently trivial, but porhapß of moro roal importanoo than ono would imagino at first, has for long past boon a bono of contention between our graoious sovereign and tho Prinoe of Wales, and that ia, what, title should bo assumed by tbe royal Welshman on bis aoceßßion to tho throne ? The name of His Royal Highness being Albert Edward, *lhe Queen haß alwayß beon most, desirous that, of oourso, to perpetuate as it wore the memory of the Prince Consort, tho Prinoe should assume tho title of Albort I ; but the Prince of Wales himsolf has always been averse to this, and had Doan Stanley on hiß side. His objection was that Albort is an un-English mimo, and one wholly insignificant m English oars ; whoroas that of Edward has alwayß been glorioussave, indeed, with tho solitary exooption of Edward 11. A meeting of tho various clubs intorosted m tho improvement of tho sports ground m tho Domain was hold at tho County Council Ollicus last night. Tho Criokot, Football, TeuniH, and Bicyolo Clubs and thu Caledonian Sooioty woro represented. Mr C. W. Purnell ocoupied tho chair. After discussion Mr 11. J. Luxford moved aud Mr J. W. Sawlo seoonded a resolution " That a doputation roproßontiug tho various clubs, and consisting of Messrs Strango, H. 11. Stephens and W. Anderson, wait on tho Borough Council and asoertain what tho Council intund to do with reference to the Sports Ground." It was also rosolved that a full mooting of those interested bo hold m the County Counoil Chambors next Friday evening to roooivo tbo report of tho doputation. It is to be hoped 1 that something will ho dono to mako tho [ ground fit for the purposo for whioh it waa [ intendod. The expense will not be groat, l and tho ground is not available to its full oxtont m its presont oondition. Oirtaiuly tho Most Effootivo MEDICINE m Tho world ia SANDER aqd SONS' EUOALYPTI EXTRACT. Test its ominont powerful effeots m Coughs, Colds, Influenza eto, ; tho relief iB instantaneous. Thousands givo the moat gratifying testimony. Read this certificate :— " 21th April, 1885. — Menarß Handor and Sons,-- It is with tho groatoßt of pleasure tbat I toßtify to tho oxocllenoo of your Euoalypti Extract. Having had inilamniution of tho bone of tho log, whioh oamo on after a sovoro attack of low fever, I was attended by Dr J. iJoyd, who had mado BtionooiiH efforts to save my log, but without bucochh. lio found it nocoHHury to amputate my limb. Having hoard m tho moantimo of the wonderful curon worlcod by the Eucalypti Extract, I obtained a bottle, and tho extraot had not, beon nppliod moro than an hour when 1 began to fool greatly niliuvud. After applying tho extract every four hours for nino or ten ili'.yn I was out of all danger. 1 would porsuado all who may be allected with any eh uiseatio lo givu the Eucalypti FiXtruottjial. and I am convinced thut ihoy wjll find ' it tho most wondorful of modioiueß. — Yours eto .E.J, Oujwow, Wattl street Sandhurst. I HAdvt.j $ (

Mr iV-VT. Loughnan, father of Mr R. A. ' Loughnan, editor of the "Lyttelton Timea," j and other well-known colonists, died yesterday ; morning, aged 81. The deceased gontlcman j was born m London. He waa thirty years m j the Judicial Servioe under the Eiat) India I | Company, from whioh \he '.'..-retired ',tn# '-year, j boforo the mutiny. He tnentbok up' his abode I iin jNow South Wales,; 'and from 'thoqca arrivod m Now Zoaland; m 1868. He lived, i Quietly oiriiJe, bnt had'^lwaya taken an active.! 1 part m edij.ftttonal and musical advancement Tbejfcisuary meeting of the Ashburton Presbyterian Ohuroh Musioal and Literary ( Soo»ety vy^B held' on Thursday evening m tho ohuroh, the Rev A. M. Beattio, M,A , oooupying the chair, with a very satisfactory attendi anoe of members present, An interesting J diioueaion on nn esßay on "Imagination" took plaoe, the Chairman and several memI bors taking part m this. Several musioal items wore, afterwards given, consisting of songs, a quartette, and piano solo, whioh wero muoh enjoyed by the audience. Tho next evening will bo devoted to a variety oonoert. At tho usual weekly practice of the Wesleyan Church Choir last evening, there was a pleasing interlude, MiHs Totter, who j haß aotod as organist for a number of yoars, | being presented" by the JRav J, N. Buttle, on I behalf of tho^hoir and a number of tho congregation, with a china tea service, teapot, and pair of handsome vasoßv In making tho presentation Mr Buttle referred to the willing sorvioo rendered by Misa Potter, and expressed the good wjftjos of himself and Till tbe congregation fojf='::hQr ia^ View, of ber doming marriage. A^nbmbSi; 61 the congregation wero-i&rettent, "and.irefreshmenta were served by Meß'darrlßß B., Aloorn and Buttle. Al.a^?e^ent meeting of farmers at Horsham (Viq^urfs^ the following rosolutiona were unanimousy^__rried: — " That having heard tbe intention of the Government to delay the imposition of an inoroased duty on all cereals coming into the oolony until Deoember next, this meeting oonsidors this action to be a breach ot faith with the farmers of this oolony, and that the secretary of the Farmers' Association be requested to oommunioato with the Hon Walter Maddon, member for Horsham, and request him to lay the views of the meeting boforo the Promior, and to use influenot to havo tbo inoreasod duty imposed at the earliest possible moment."' " That this mooting protests m tho strongest possible manner againßt tho Government allowing any coreals to be landed under any oiroumetanooa." " That tho hon secretary be requested to write to the Hon. W. Madden, setting forth the views of this meeting, and that he ba requested to organise a deputation of country members m tho House to wait on tbo Premier, and urge tbat gentloman at the earliest possible moment to inorease tho duty on ooreala from 2s to 3s per oental, with the view of preventing our looal markets being glutted with foreign grain ; and also that the secretary write to all country members m Parliament, asking their co-operation m this important matter; and further, that all tbe Otber sooiotieß m the district be requested to co-operate with tho sooiety."

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2155, 22 June 1889