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■■"■■^■■ssasaaa-ssjsaasßßSsasßSssßajsa-sasssasa^ ————————————————————————————————————————————————————— r „, , -„.,, .ufa i i i i i . 'V,' , _ —>»_—# Fried Under Bros, Alfred H .rrison, seed wheat AOOTIONEER, STOOK AND ESTATE Wanted Known. AGBNT ALUATOR seed oats SATURDAY SALE at 12 o'olook sharp I HAVE -Hones, Cattle. Pigs, Produce «-s-t--^ *%_--.-.--•--» 20,000 PINUS lIVSIGNIS and MeroLanllse. SEED BARLEY 12,000 °fl^ OI WONUS J : : *!%l^ _ Two vP-r old, transpl^.d. 0 n view FOR SALE. 60,000 CTJPRES US M. VCRO- Clearing Sales held In town or Country T/STB HAVE FOR SALE CABPA. as rot l 0 l ro^» an< * e* o3 * liberal terms Vf n»- _-«. n \A arrani<*d with both Bayers and One year old. Sellers. 12,000 2 Years Old fpo LET— Bhops In Coleman's Build- Purple Straw Tuscan TRANbPLANTED. X ings. Reduoed rents. Good brlok White Straw Tuscan .■■'.- buildings handsome shops. Australian Tuscan The above lines will be sold very oheap. FOR SALE. Green Mountain Toioin APPLE TREES 3 Years Old, £ AORES L4.ND, well planted and Champion White 27a ':i Un '°" , c,e,D a,,d gooi "* £«.'™ c o- '-JSP st .?.»•• v& . i°o°!";R.4" o o.>. fl ra-'sSttSSSt, as """ ApP ' y -™ «*»*«. %$ 0b ' B orders oaref ully and seourely packed and ~ —" « , ' delivered at Railway station for wbioh no *<**** »°» ™» a ' vet „ _, n ** " m *%SB-?oß^ dM - Norwicb Onion Fire Insurance f«3 *_£_&_ Nurseryman, Clifton Nursery J fAiilTWnir S°* TF S* n . 11ll J °^" AwUtn'rj, Ashburton. J lUllipttDJs cVeVflllrßarle 0 ■■-' ALFRED HARRISON. All prime samples and maohlue dfiejaA If required. W. H. COLLIER *. ■„ ~ Pnedlander Bros. GLORIOUS NEWS "TBE CORNEB," IS now shoving a NEW and CHOICE -rrrv iuw -.--«--.-.« STOOK of GOODS m all Depart- W E ARE OABH BUYERS , ments for tbe Winter Season. Andrew Orrs Mate »» lßfco » 6 > d , 0 „, 0 , Plushes and Fanoy Trimmings 2s lid * /uTm iTk rM _ - -_-* Sheetings, 2yds wide, from B_d were Am ( VHTPi AP SAI iE Blankets from lis 6d pair WHEAT v, .u-*-j c»__a. K^_ca--m_4_s__j Bugg Md Amjtrian Bia^t, _ rom 5g 6(J ny Children's Ulsters DATA w Ladies' Jackets and Ulsters VAAB DRAPERY, OLOTHING akd BOOTS ° i hlldr , e £' B H«odi, Hats, and Pelisses "R A T?T TryGents' Scarves and Collars JJjELaiAjBtX _____ Men's Oardigans from 4i 6 J White Kid Gloves 2s Od AND The Stock pnrohased of J. Obe and 00, Boys' tSulta— all sizes -~.--.T-.r---. . «■„ A«nn„Mn- -PTAslfl Meo ' B tiniu > Ool<mial Tweed, from 30s RYEGRASS Amounting to 3Qi\)\)i) Tweed Trousere Is 6d Saddle Tweed buiis, Overcoats and — - f Macintoshes, Bate and Caps, all shapes, IN LARGE OR SMALL QUANTITIHB bhirts, Sox, &o. t &o. IN ORDER to olear out the .took before tbe 30th of June and safe the . £OLE AGENT FOR THB --— expenses of two establishments I have „ „__ „,_-.._, .. «_ 1 made still FURTHER REDUCTIONS "SIRONG- WEAR" BOOT, ■ I In prioes. And will, during the next four l?l^Arllars/i_vi« T*«es>*« weeks up to 10th June, PAY THE FARE The Beßt Boot for the Country * * *OulH»HU©r J-ixOSe from Mount Somers, Rakaia and Ooaoh The Best Boot for the Town from Methven te all purobaseri of £6 For oomfort m walking, durability of ' ' ' "' ' worth and upwards. wear and economy m prioe the " Strong Wear " Boot is the finest Boot m th Colony. we ARE NOW PREPARED TO OOME EARLY AND SECURE THE Evbby Paib Brahdbd. SUPPLY BARGAINS Try it once and you wiU never wear any FIELD PIPES ~ The Soundest V^ m Ashburton. R d ßalKagib> W a Hs COLLIER S, 3, 4, 6, and IS INOB", ANDREW ORR "the corner.^ -»--,-«. -■ In any quantity. "WJNTER SEASON. 1889 FRIEDI.ANDER BEOS. ASHBURTON WOOLLEN MANUFACTURES 6g ?; AGAIN TO THF FRONT, Viz., ~ "* ------------- X, BLANKETS, RUGS, TWEEDS, FLANNELS, PLAIDINGS, SHIRTINGS, Eto. JOHN ORR & GQr SEE WINDOWSTSEE WINDOWS! ._ BLANKETS from 14s 6d per Pair The Tweeds are specially pnrohased for SUITS TO MEASURE om W E Landin ?« ** " H,f J £2 12S 6d UPWARDS. clrlent Rates,- 0n "* " lolm% A Beautiful line of TRAVELLING RUGS at a very low price. 3 oaßka T_ ampg Our WINTER STOOK of General Drapery Is now complete In all lines, \2£ Jffl!®""' ■■* GIob * Inolndlng a speolal Une of- * 1 tSpSS? £Lf ASHBURTON DRESS TWEEDS from Is 10_d per yard _J Ja^s Fenders MITCHELL & TURNER "SS£_*, KA.IAPOI house 'BSSsaSAff 4 Tons White Lead TANORED STREET, 1 Ton Red Lead 2 Casks Putty NOTE— Ooaoh or Rail Fares Free to Ashburton to all purchasers of £§ paroels 25 Amerioan Stoves f om "• . 50 Register Grates 2 Casks Scales and Weigbiu . < Machines * 10 Orates Fanoy Orookery and GlassDrain and Field Pipes, ?:^?.7&SZ bM " ,iW 40 Kegs Blue Stone 1 Oase Perforated Zino 1 Oase Leather Belting — FOR RAT _'F_ — IW Boxes Howe Nails ■*■ v - r -*- v ' *ZD**~-i-*iMli 4 Cases Bedsteads ALL SIZES IN LARGE OR SMALL QUANTITIES, J J?* 168 j?°° r Mata 2 Oases Cutlery "* _________ 2 Cases Plated Goods 3 Cases Gorse rlnlves 1 , TriA 5 Cases Wringers and Maneles AJjHU—— 2 Casks Tea and Oofiee Pots 4 Casks Bolts and Nuts PLOUGH-SEARES BLUESTONE J?" 0 *™ 8 2 Oases Hammers and Chisels DERWENT AND KIDNEY POTATOES 1 c_S FiS^ad Rasp. \ SEED WHEAT OATS. Oop^ §B£?* * ad ***" i Barbed and Plain Fenolng Wire And a GENERAL ASSORTMENT OF FARM AND STATION STORES. B |2r^ans e s_^ T !ith at ta Quantity *- 0 Yards Sheep Netting GEOEGE JAMESON « ASABURTON AND RAKAIA. .^g^^^^L W. GREGG AND COMPANY, '''^SEB^ShHw^ PURE BLENDED TEAS, M°CORMICK NEW SEASON, 1888-9, DTXTr.T?T?a : ako lib PACKETS, 2lb FANOY CANISTERS ahd 6i_s ahd Ilb TINP -D- --•> A_/ J2jS\jf^ 9 TRY TfISE BLENDS. TRY THESE BLENDS Jr^ 2«^\»_ J/9*jii^\. iy^ // %* Farmers wishing to hafe the Knottei li \V I' 4t *' \V If 2fl 8d \i // \V o! the above put m thorough going ordei II CROWN 11 ll FAfU V IB fi wvuiritiai»l| ll P I UB ll attheZsnoett Pombk Cost by an expert II i^IWYVn II II £»AULiJ-j j) ll EXHIBIT' II 1 1 bLtU DII o _ n do -0 hy forwarding it to ns {at a \\ perlb. JJ per lb. JJ erlb '^T \\per lb. JJ early date. '.t -_y^ Attention to this vill save time and A TRIAL WILL ESTABLISH TBKIK CO^HTANT ÜBK troub'a To be obtained from TfYFTTV (TRl* kr PA JOHN ORB AM) 00;» JUxllN UJtvJti & KjKJ. IMPORTERS EAST STREET I i ,- ,

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 6, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2155, 22 June 1889

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 6 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2155, 22 June 1889