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I It is said that m New Plymouth one ' merchant alone is holding something like ( £1500 worth of butter lor shipment m August, Sand that at present no one there will give r moro than Gd a pound for butter. ; Deteotivo Robort Neil, tho well-known ; mernbrr qt tho Ohrietohurch doteotive force, . mid fonuerly a troopor ut Aehburton ' wuh united on Thursday jporning, at the Halßf well Church, to Mina Harris, of Dunedin, the daughter of the late Mr I^arris ut one time hconsee of the Win slow . hotsl. The ltov W E. Gillam was the ' olljciatjug ministor. Tho happy couple left for Duntdin at onoe, and tho brethren of the "blue-" and numerous private friends wiih tbem, health, j,ad bftppj^ee^

The Highland girls conneoted with (hi Y.W.0.A., Glasgow, had a Booial evening v lately. Addresßoa and conversation wero m t gaolio. If there is a dearth of gaelic — t speaking divinity studonta, there is no laok c of maidena conversant with what Professor c Blaokio onoe oallod " the language of Eden." 1 Mr Montgomerie, a well-known Viotorian £ brewer, while on a visit to Sydney recently I * purchased a diamond neoklaoe for £770, aB a | present to his wife. On returning to Viotoria t the neoklaoe was seized by the Customs 1 authorities, and before the owner oould recover ( it he was compelled to pay a fine of £151, bb 1 well as the duty, which amounted to £154. 1 Thb late Lord Ohief Justioe Oookburn used ! to tell of a parrot oase whioh camo before him . On the disputed birct being brought into } cpurt, it eyed his lordship with that peouliar - sidelong look of wisdom whioh tho whole tribe affeots, and then deliberately told the ' eminent jadge tbat m bis — the parrot's — : opinion the head of the English bench was a 11 hoary-headed old impoßtor." The biggest " lion " of Suva, Fiji, is a monumen^ to King Thakombau Thiß is a obaste and inexpensive obelisk of oonorote and Roman oement, with slates let into the pedestal, where, m bas relievo, Thakombau "m cold marble lies," and, by a Btrange oversight of the everlasting fitness of things, the effigy of the cable king is iv white marble. Referring to the Inveroargill man who forwarded £7 oonsoienoe money to the Pro-perty-tax Commissioner, signing himself " Give G»sar his due" the " Auokland News" aays : — The impression m this part of the colony eeema to bo that Gooiar gets a good deal more than his due, and that the oonsoienoe money should oome from the Go* vernment, not from the taxpayer. A slow subsidence whioh coal miners call " creep " iB supposed to be m progress m a mine olose to Newoastle Harbor, Now South Wales, and muoh alarm bos prevailed and is increasing among those employed m the pit. They fear a settlement of strata, and posßibly blocking of paßsagea, whioh may seal up a number of men, and thus prevent their exit from working plaoes. About 250 men are employed m the parts of the workings a£f eoted. ' ihe monthly meeting of the Tinwald Gospel Temperance Sooiety and Band of Hope was held on Tuesday evening. There was a fair attendance and the programme was muoh enjoyed* The dialogues and reoitations given were appropriate, well selected, and very well rendered* Addresses were delivered by the Chairman (Ray A. Blake) and Mr WaUe, Hymns and duets were sang at intervals, and one adult member joined. Although the weather was exceedingly obld, the welMit churoh was warm and oomfortabloi Nearly twenty million! (^19,995,556) is the amount of personal estate disposed of by wills reported m the London " Standard " and other papers daring the first quarter of this year. Twenty wills, Bays the " Standard," acoounted for more than 10 millions of personalty. Five estates, eaoh with personalty exoeeding half a million, gave an aggregate of £5,633,294. These were Mr Rylands', Manchester, manufacturer and warehouseman, £2,574 922; Sir William Pearoe's, GHaßgow, shipbuilder, £1,069,069; Mibb Rylandß', Birmingham ; Mr W. J. Oookson'e, Newcastle, ohomioal manufacturer, £585,000 ; and Oonnt Graf nine's, Paris, £661.000. There were 45 estates, each with a personalty exoeeding £100,000, and giving a total of £18,538,602. The whole amount of personal estate upon whioh probate duty is paid m the oourse of a year is understood to be not more than 150 millions. It is olear that New Zealand apples oan be profitably shipped to the Home market. Mr Wilding, the Managing Director of the Styx Apple Company Limited, had just reoeived account sales showing satisfactory returns.; The Rmperor Alexander and Cox's Pomona; realised 20s per oase, Beauty of Kent 15s, Tne fruit waß shipped m the 000 l ohamter of the Dcr'o, leaving m February last, and; arrived m perfect condition. New potatoes sent at the same time also travelled well, but the prioe obtained was not sufficient to justify ■hipping m large quantities, The prioea obtained for the apples netted just double what the growers oould have obtained here. The experiment has provod that soft apples really well packed will carry safely to England, a point upon whioh experienced growers were, more than doubtful. The total obarges of every kind, inoluding freight charges, commission, amounted to 6s 6d. per oase. Mr M. Wf Green, formerly of Dunedin, who is now eooretary to the South Australian! Alliance, is threatened with a libel action. In referring to a death whioh had occurred m a. taproom, Mr Green Baid " that had a man gone into a ohomlst's and obtained poison, with whioh he had taken his life, if. the chemist had not taken proper preoautions to see that the man was trustworthy, as the law required, he would bo liable to a oharge of manslaughter ; and here was a man who had been served with drink until he waß found dead m the taproom, and, beforo God, I hold that the person who served him with the drink is ohargeable with murder." Mr Green regard this aot bb legi'imate oomment on the oiroumatanoes as disolosed m a telegram whioh had been published, and is prepared to go into any oourt and repeat it, be the coosequenoes what they may. BAt the Resident Magistrate's Court, Timaru, on Wednesday an objootioq to the electoral roll of the Maokenzie Oouoty was beard. The objeotion was to the nameß of three members of the firm of Gillingham Brothers being plaoed on the eleoiors roll, seeing that they were parlnerp, and only one had a right to be on the roll. The objeotor produced no evidence what ever m support of his objeotion, and admitted that all he know of the brothers' affairs was they transacted business m the name of " Gillingham Brothers." In defenoe it was shown that the brothers Gillinghara work an estate m common, but eaoh has a separate homestead, whioh is separately assessed by the County and was separately .treated by the Property Tax Commissioner after speoial enquiry. The valuation roll, from whioh the eleotors roll was compiled, Was not produced by the objeotor, and as the Magistrate oould not go behind that, ha dismissed the objeotion on the technical point tbat he had no evidence to go upon. The unyielding quality of offloial red tape Ib well illustrated by the enforcement of a rule of the Danish State Railways regarding the employment of guards at orosßingg. Everyono who bas travelled m the north of Europe has no'ioed the enormous number of guard houses along the railways and Crha fact tbat women usually signal the trains. As a measure |of economy, man and wife are employed by the State, the former as line walker and the latter as guard. The rules specify the relationship to exist between these two classes of employees, aqd rules are made to be obeyed. When it happens that either dies the survivor bag just cix weekß m whioh toftpd another partner. Neglect to do so is disobedlenoo punched wjth dismissal, Tho employment of brother. Bister, or sorvant to fill tho vaoanoy is not allowed. The guard or lino WRlher mUBt marry m sis weeks or leave. A oqhg of the kind ooourrod recently near the old town of Kibe, on tho German frontier. The btripken widower petitioned the Govern* ment to allow him an extra week or two, alleging tbat njs work pf walking all day along the railway line did not, RJye him a chance to look for a wife; but bis request was refused as m itself an infraotion of discipline. The baplea widower had only six days of wade }e^, but he did not want to lose his job', and went skirmishing with suoh energy that before the end of the OHh day he had a new wife flagging the trains. Tho best medioine known la SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Test iti eminent powerful effeots m ooughs, colds, influenza, eto. — the relief is instantaneous. Thoußandsgiye the moat gratifying testimony His Majesty the King of Italy, and medical Byndioates all over the^iobp are ftp patrons. Read tbo oflloial reports that accompany eaoh bottle. Mosler, M.D., Prof. Univorsity, Greifswald, reports : — The Euoalypti Extraot proved magnificently successful m vory severe oontusionß, bruises, sprains, wounds, soaldings, broken ribß, and limbs. (" Modical Journal," Nov.. 1881.) In disoasos of the kidneys, either aotivo congestion or suppros> sion, (uro»mia) or albuminuria, dropsy, lithargy, nothing will equal m its aotion Eucalypti Extinct. Doscb, sto 8 drops. Moßler, M.D., Prof., University, Qroifswald, reports :— Diphtheria. TorHls continually coherent presenting uloers with white oxudats. Cured iji fourteen d(iy,g, Hurgioal Olinio of Prof. M'lnlyrd, 'Cjplle^o of Physicians and Surgeons, St. Louib— Boirrhns of Breast— Excision Euoalypti Extraot employed. No ■welling, beatt or diiooloraUon ( Oared m purloin daji^Advti) ijg

The auction sales m Ashburton to-morrow will be of more than usual importance. In the horse yards the prinoipal feature will be the sale by Meaara Williams and Bland of a splendid lot of draught mares and geldings sent down by Mr James Stark. In property Mr Bullook will offer Mr E. S. Ooster's estate at Rakaia, and a number of small farms and town properties. £&Under date London, May 8, the London agents of the New Zealand Farmers' Co-opera-tion Association of Canterbury write : — The aonditio* of the New Zealand wool dip is some* what irregular, varying considerably according to dibtriot of growth, but on the whole it appears to be better than its predecessor. North Island orossbreds are better grown than last year's, while those from the South Island are also for the most part sounder and better grown. 80 little merino has been offered yet that a definite opinion as to the merits of that portion of the olip oannot yet b<j formod. The ordinary weekly meeting of tha Star of the Eaßt Lodge, I.OiGt.T., was held m the Templar Hall on Wednesday evening. There was a very large attendance of members and visitors. Bro Grant, 0.T., presided. After several candidates bad been proposed and two initiated, a somewhat heated and prolonged disaussion took plaoe m regard to the oourse taken by several members at the reoent sitting of the Licensing Bench, resulting m one ot them being reprimanded and one expelled! The latter, however, has appealed against the decision. It was also decided to hold an open meeting next Wednesday evening. The result of the Asoot Royal Hunt Oup was telegraphed wrongly. The following have now been cabled as correct results ot the raoing at Asoot : — Asoot Stakes Handioap of 800sovs, two miles, Lord Lome, 1, Ash* plant, 2, Tissaphernes, 8. The Royal Hunt Oup .Handicap, distanoe one mile, was won by Whitelegs ; Yeiaoity seoond, and L'Abease de Joaarre (winner of the Oaks) third. The Australian horse, Ringmaster, started for the latter race, and led for a quarter of a mile, but then fell away and finished filth. Besides the viotories cabled Ringmaster won Pontefraoi Spring Handicap of 150 soys, starting favourite at Q to 1 against.

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LUCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2154, 21 June 1889