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At tbe meeting of householders held m the Asbburton Forks Sohool on Monday the following oommittee was eleoted :— Messrs W. Sutherland F. Blaok, B. Knox, Jfthn Corli t, E. OhurohgJohn Knox, and Joseph Good. At tbe monthly meeting of St John's Lodge, 1137, E.G., Timaru, last night, a resolution was carried unanimously opposed to the forma'iop of a Uoited Grand Lodge at the present time. Ragged urohin (to druggist's olerk)—" Pa has tooken a dose or tbat linnymunt you gin an he's oorQn' an' aneezin' tit to bust hiasoif, an' he's oorain' to knock merry blazo out o' you ; so gimmo a sixpence an' run fer yor life 1 '» A Wellington oity ex-Mayor who happened to look into the Maeterton Borough Oounoil meeting on Tuesday evening met His Worship direotly afterwards and accosting hjin exolaimed: "You have rather a rough and uncivil lot lo handle m thc-re ; one suid your conduct was disgrnoeful and another called you a liar \ " "Oh," was (ho prompt and ready reply of Mayor Renall, "that's nothing ; that's the breeding of the animals 5 tbey were more courteous than usual."-:---l«»8tar,"

We remind travellers that the obange m the time of the departure of the forenoon train from ABhburton to Timaru to 10.55 a.m., iDßtead of 11.15 a.m. comes into foroe tomorrow. ' Tbe Rink de Paris opens to-night as usual' The hat and cap oarnival takes plaoe on j Saturday night, four prizes being offered for ! competition. Any information beyond that : given m the advertisement . may be obtaiued at tbe Bink to-night. Further searoh bas been made for the body of the late Professor Brown at Manapouri, but without suooess. A party consisting of Messrs Quintin M'Kinnon, W. Mitohell, of Manapouri station, and T. Williams, of Castle Rook station, recently visited tbe locality where the Professor > was lost, but bad to return without m any way olearing up the mystery, further than that it was ascertained beyond doubt that Professor Brown did not, as was at one time thought, meet hia death through being buried m the avalanche at the head of Disaster Burn. The " Manawatu Herald " publishes an acoount of oowa frozen and shipped to the London market from the Oroua Downs estate. Ninety cows were shipped by the s.s. Rimutaka, the result being— Realised m London, £1159 lis 8d; bides, fat. etc.,. realised m the colony, £108 2a 9d; total, £1267 14a sd. The expenses were — London sale charges, freight, primage, insuranoe, freezing bags, etc , £645 9a 9J ; leaving a net balance of £622 4a Bd, or at the rate of £6 18s 3d per head. It may be stated that the same oows were diffioult to dispose of looally i at £4 per head. The " Timaru Herald " devotes an article to the recent troubles that have beset the eleotioDß of sohool oommittees m Ashburton, and m referecoe to tbe various meamngß attaohed io the interpretation as given by the Aot of the word " householder " says : — " We have no liking for litigation, but as the interpretation olause of the Eduoation 'Aot has given suoh an infinity of trouble, and appears likely to give a great deal more, it does seem desirable that if possible a deoision . of the Supreme Oourt shall be obtained. We are: inclined to think that a case oould be so ' framed as to enable tbe court to bear it, and i determine what a " householder " under the i Eduoation Aot really means. The judges . have frequently ground a little understandable ' law out of quite as great legislative nonsense." > "Attious" m the "Leader," writes; — { Parents should be careful how they impress . the Darwinian theory on tbe minds of tbeir offspring A friend of mine was very wroth ! the otber day with one of hiß boys. The > youth had left undone things that he ought : to have done, and had done things that he , ought not to have done, and generally exposed himself to bitter parental anger. " I cannot ' understand it," said the indignant father, I •• it's utterly past my comprehension how you i oan be so bad a boy. Oan you tell me what f makes you as you are ? " He had a aane m his hand, and he was only awaiting for an answer to strike. "I am afraid, papa," i replied the young soamp with a tear m his ■ eye, but a smile on his lip, " that it's the j prinoiple of heredity asserting itself I " And the father was so struok with the boy's ' answer that he put the cane aside. A proposal is made to federate m allianoe t with Great Britain the whole of the South African colonies, under tbe style of "The United States of South Africa." External relations with other Powers are to oontinue 3 m the hands of the British Government, i whioh is also to retain the control of suoh _ naval ports as it may think necessary. The r South Afrioan Government is to. lid m supporting a British squadron for. defenoe. In " all other respeots it iB to relieve the Home ) Government from the harrassiog responßL [ bilities entailed by its present position with . regard to the several [South Afrioan oolonies. The propoßali are striotly loyal and friendly, r ft& shown by the proposed flag for the federa--tion. This flag is the Union Jack and the i Dutoh flag united, typical of the union of r Englishmen and Dutohmen whioh it is sought to bring about. A meeting was "held at Wakanui Sohoolroom last evening for the purpose of inau- > gurating a Good Templar Lodge. Thirty. - four officers and members of the Star of the [ East and Dawn of Peie.e Ladges, ABhburton, attended, and there were about -seventy Wakanui residents present. D.D. G.O.T. ' Bro J. Mullaney waß voted to the ohair. Bros a. w. -«^a.~.. -, m«i-u|-»u« cunuii uuLUtsndtiU ! the meeting, and m response to a request a large number of those present signified their 1 willingness to join the new Lodge. A Lodge > was opened, Bro J. Mullaney m tbe ohair. \ Twenty-seven members were initiated, and L two admitted by'olearanae oarde. The following officers were* eleoted :— L.D., Bro Doak ; 1 0. T., Bro Olemonta; V.T., Sister A, ! Brown ; Chaplain, Sister E. Trevurza ; , Secretary, Bro J. Brown; Assist. Secretary, ? Sister A. Dalton ;Finanoial Secretary, Bro ] W. Oorbett ; Treasurer, Sister O. Trevurza ; Marshal, Bro W. Trevurza; D. Marshal, » Sister F. Dalton ; 1.G., Bro R. J. Hawthorne; 0.G., Bro W. Thompson; P.O.T , Bro T. Trevurza. The Lodge was then named ! " Prize of Wakanui." The Lodge hold their meetings at 780 every alternate Tuesday. ' On Friday evening the members of Brighter Proßpeots Lodgo, 1.Q.G.T., held an open i meeting m tho Mayfield sohoolroom. About seventy persons were present, among them being several members m regalia. Mr Alison took the ohair, and a lengthy programme of Bongs, readings, recitation?, and dialogues wbb gone through. Songs were given by Bro Delta*. Sisters G. and 8. Doyle, Bro Murison, Mrs Smith, and Mr W. Dollow; readings by Bro Taylor, Gallagher, and Murison, and a dialogue by Bros W. Doyle and Taylor, wbioh was greatly enjoyed by the, people and caused muoh laughter. Mr Alison gave a short address, and gave come figures showing that while population waa increasing the drink bill was getting less, whioh he bousidered a very satisfactory sign. _ Ray Mr Fihlayion made a ' few remarks showing the difference . between the Old Oountry and this as regards temperanoe, A very satisfactory report of the Lodge was •; given, there being now thirty three members and a few more are ilikely to join. During the evening refreshments were handed round by Sisters Doyle. These open meetings have always been a great help to the Lodge, as the people all gather together and spend a sooial evening, and all seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves on Friday night. The Rev £. G. Porter, of Boston, has been interviewed by a newspaper reporter at Wellington. He Bpeaks of a magnificent market for New Zealand fruit along the Western Pacific slope. He looks to Japan as being one of the best .customers for New Zealand wool. Wool ia moat difJiouU to be grown m Japan, because of a noxious indigenous plant that ia fatal to sheep. Tho following paragraph possesses matter of spooiai interest;— "Japan is creating woollen mills m various parts, and will want to buy wool m the beßt and oheapest market, and where oan she oome to a better plaoe than New Zealand ? I have reasons for knowing that the Japanese Government will shortly send a Commissioner to New Zealand to consult your Government and' the leading morobants on the wool question, and it is. probable that this Commissioner will try to make arrangements to introduoo your wpol as early as possible into tbat populous country. There is an enormous trade to be done m wopy mutton, and other, pit oduots m Japan. It is a 'hick'? populated country, fast taking up European !2? R "-" Mr Porter said that New Zealand colonists have a magnificent oountry, but they do not make tbe best of it. We olip the following important testimonial from the "Illawarra Mercury" (N.S.W.) of the 80th March. It needs no comment: — " Mr John Loveday, of the Bulli Mountain, writes to us that after suffering for four years with acute gravel, he haß experienced almost complete relief by using gander and Sons'. Euoalypti Extraot. He flays seeing tho said Extract advertised m the • IllawMif&¥eroury,' his intense Buffering induoed him to obtain a bottle of the medioino from Mr Bosking chemist, of this town, and that the use of it gavo him great roliof at once. Ho states that between the 10th Maroh instant, when he obtained tho first bottle of tho extract, and tbe 19th, the use ot that medicine oontinued to afford hira relief, to which he had been a Btranger for four years. Mr Loveday writes also that be haa found tbo Eucalypti Extraot a cure for rheumatism ns well as graycl, He requests us to publish this information through the 'Mercury.' We have muoh pleasure m complying with Mr Loyedays request, wliobo word cannot be doubted, and who oan have no object m view other than a pure deairo to banofit Buffering humanity,"— (Advt. • 2 Deaf. — A person cured of Deafness and risrsin the head of 23 years standing by a simple remedy, will send a description of i j?KEE to any person who applies to NicholfcOtft 175 William street, Melbourne

Referring to the manufacture of French wines, a writer relates the following story :— A farmer m Normandy, seeing a wine advertised by a firm m Bordeaux, wrote for a couple of casks of it, and forwarded the money. _ A fortnight afterwards it arrived at the station, and he sent his carter to bring it home. The carter brought two casks, but, to the farmer's astonishment, only one oaak was full ; the other waa empty. An examination ' of the caßk_ showed that it had not been tampered with, and there was no traoe of leakage. Evidently an empty cask had been sent by mistake. The farmer at onoe wrote to the (Bordeaux wine merohant to complain of the oareleßsneßß. In due oourse a reply was reoeived, whioh was as follows : — " Dear Sir, — I am sorry for the mistake made by my man, but you can easily reotify it. If you will fill the o'mpiy cask with water and leave it for a fortnight you will fiad the wine all right. The ingredients are at the bo'tom of the cask, but my man foolishly omitted to add the water. Waiting your further orders, I am, sir, yours, etc." At a meeting of tho Ashburton Literary and j Debating Society on Friday evening last there was a large attendance, over thirty members being present. The following gentlemen were eleoted members : — Messrs Broughton, O. G. Moss, F. Sabbai, 0. Duncan, H. W. Dogga'.t, J. Hawkins, and R D. Dawn, The Secretary (Mr S. Salek) reported tbat the Oommittee appointed to go through the rules with a view ot making them briefer had done bo. Tbe rules, as amended, were read over,s and will be. oorsidered at next meeting. An animated debate took plaoe, " Should the totalisator bs abolised " being the subject. Mr G. W. Andrews made a oapital opening Bpeeob, making out a very good case for f it 3 abolition. Mr Lane, the opener of the debate on tbe negative side, ably upneld hiß view of the matter. MrW. B. Moss, m a humorous Bpeeob, upheld tbe use of tbe totalisator to a oertain extent. Mr Keir also was m favor of the totalisator, and made a very neat speech indeed, pulling Borne of Mr Andrews' arguments to pieces. Mr S, Salek supported Mr Andrews, contending that the totalisator was but educating tbe people to gamble. Mr Buohanan and Mr Stephens supported Mr Lane. The President (Mr Outhbertßon) reviewed the speeches m a very able manner, and several other speaker having expressed their views, a vote waß taken, the result being a large majority m favor of the totalisator being abolished. The next subject Xor discussion will be "Is Darwin's theory of the desoent of man reasonable." Mr Cuthbertson (the President) will open m the affirmative and Mr W. B. Moss m the negative.

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LOCAL ANO GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2152, 19 June 1889

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LOCAL ANO GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2152, 19 June 1889