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- . ■» The ordinary monthly meeting of the Ashburton County Counoil was held today. Preaent : Messrs W. 0. Walker (Chairman), C J. Harper, H. Friedlander, E, G. Wright, Jaa. Brown, Julian Jaokson. RBAIBMAH'B STATEMENT. The Chairman's said:— A letter from Mr Chapman respecting the works proposed to be aimed out m bis creek will be read, and m it he Btateß that he proposes to make no objeotionß to what the Engineer advißes, but declines to hold the Council from further responsibility m aooepting what they might do is final. The Wakanui Road Board forwards for the Council's consideration a copy of a resolution paeßed by that Board relating to ihe Wakanui oreek and the inconvenience caused to the inhabitants of the diatnot by the water m the river being diverted into the oreek The Mount Hutt County Oounoil forwards a oiroulat m which an alteration m the •leOtion of la'censing Committees la suggested bj the powers of thaae Committee! being vested m and imposed upon Borough Oounoih), County Councils and Town Boards, The Bailway Commissioners Btate that they will consider the Council's resolution regarding the new expreeß service as affeotiDg the oounty The balanee«sheet for the year and six months ending Maroh 31at last have been reoeived from the Auditor-General wgned as oorreot, ana will be laid on the table. The Btorm Water and Planting Committees have met since last mßeting and ww present (heir reports. The Cemetery Board and Committee are to hold an adjourned meeting during the course of the day, and will be able to report before the end of the Oounoil's sitting. Tender for poisoned wheat has been accepted by the Committee appointed for that purpose, and some is now ready for distribution. The Counoil should consider to-day how they Irish the grain to be distributed, MrMaMiilan BPOlogißeß for bis absence at this meeting. The Ashburton Borough Counoil foiwards a resolution re alteration of evening train from Chrißtchuroh al Dromore, and asks the Conneil'B assistance m pressing an alteration on the Commissioners. KWIHKB'S BIPOET. : - The Engineer reported as follows :— ' Plains Water Supply: Binoe the middle of last month the various races have been shut off bj rotation for overland, which with very few exceptions has been executed m a very satisfactory manner. The settlers m this district of the oounty are shewing increasing interest m the maintenance of races for whion they will certainly reap the benefit during the drier seasons of the year— Some portions of the special repairs authorised for mams have been done with boulder work, and boulder will also be obtainable for greater part of the remainder. This will form cheaper and mora permanent work than with timber, and a farther advantage will be that the work can be done without shutting off the mam supply whioh otherwise would have had to ba done, and that for a considerable period— Some email extensions of flumes have been executed when necessary— The mains for Wakanui flat have been attended to, and the races m that distriot are m good order and well sup* P Ashborton Bangftata Water Supply j The water has recently been shut off these raoes lor ©leaning purposes, bafc the settler* are comewhat tardy m the exaoution of the work, which, however, is still m progress, and will be followed up during this month. Borne provisions for passing flood water aorosß race near Hinds station ia necessary, I have arranged for this being done. Mount Somers, Springburn and Alford Forest Raws : Some minor repairs have been executed lately. The greater portion of the noes are still m very bad order, and unless Attended to soon, the work will have to be -undertaken at owners' expanse. The_same remarks applies to some parts of the Ashburton Forks and Greenstreet raoe— l have as re« quested arranged with the Railway Engineer regarding supply for Springburn Station and shework will be put m hand m a short time, the Bailway Department defraying the coat— I have also arranged the question of water ■apply from oreek m the bush for Mr Cookson and other settlers m that vicinity, and the work will be oommenoed at an earl; date. Hampatead Water Supply : As requested I met the Works Committee of the Town Board, •ad have prepared section of projeoted raoe .from mill dam via Netherby to Wakanui Road *t an estimated oost of £65 for construction. The initial portion of the raoe would be alongside the oreek through the mill paddooka, and the mill owners requested tne Town Board to state m writing what they would bo prepared to pay annually for this right of way. The accompanying letter shows the sum the Town Board offers, but which I leirn from the manager the mill owners are.not likely to acoept. As an alternative he proposes the erection of a dam across the by.wash In the vicinity of the mill, and the raising of tbe water by a wheel to the requisite level The extra coat of these works and accessories would be fully £100, and the maintenanoe would also be an item for consideration, I should recommend the direot course from the existing mill dam, if the mill owners agree to reasonable terms for the right of way. Upper Eangitata Bridge: Some minor repairs have recently been exeonted, and bolts screwed up and adjusted. The Committee will no doubt, report to-day on the question of proposed protective storks on the South bank of tbe river. County Plantations : Tenders for planting Vrill be plaoed before you to-day. Floodbank near Greenstreet : Tenders for this work will also be reoeived to-day. Poisoned Wheat: I inßpeoted this work while m process, and obtained samples for analaysis or otherwise as the Counoil may think best. The mode of preparation seemed - to me to be very satisfactory, HAJCPfcXKAD WATER SUPPLY, la reference to the olaase referring to this matter In the Engineer's report, tbe Hampttesd Town Board wrote, stating they were prepared to pay the sum of £5 annually for the right of taking the water through tbe mill paddocks, A letter w»s read from the Wakanui Boad Board, conveying resolution stating I that unless a claim at present standing be paid by the mill owners, who should also pay half cost of the maintenance of the bridges and fords over the creek, the Board's soHottor be asked to lake steps to prevent the diversion of water from the river Into the oreek. Mr Brorfn said that the question was a complicated one, and he proposed that; all the faots should ba laid before the Oonnoll's solicitor. Mr Wright said that no doubt the question was a complicated one, bat he did not see how the solicitor oould help them m settling It. There were several parties Interested, first the mill owners, aeoondly Ihe Borough Counoil, thirdly the Connty Council, who largely used the* oreek for irrigation and water supply, and fourthly the Wakanui Koad Board who no doobl were put to some additional expense m keeping the fords. All the members of the Council were so well posted op m the natter, that It would be unnecessarily shelving It to refer it to the solloUor, and fas thougnt they should act m such a manner as to give substantial jastloe to all parties. If the Boad Board oonld show they bad a grievance, then juatfoe uhould be done them. It was no use talking of diverting the water ; If it were shot off the damage that would result would be infinitely greater than any caused to the Road Board by excess of supply. If the Board oould show that it had a grievance (t would be for the Coonoil to oonsldei whether they oonld not give some relief, The proposal to shut tfi the water as Implied by tbe letter reoeived from the Board was one whtoh could never be permitted. There were too many Important interests wound up In the matter, anc he took U that the grievance net up wai very small compared with the large intsUßti at stake. The Chairman asked what bad brough up tbe claim. Mr Brown said tbat the Wakanui Roac Board so far had to oontrol over the oreek Several times when the Board had tsket for the water to be shut off m older tba the fords might be prepared, the mil owners alway consult d their own oou venience m complying with the request He read an extract from tbe minutes of i meeting of the Ashbnrton Boad Board ii . 1072, when m giving permission for i aujMy of water to be taken down th< gSttlF, $ vt# itipqfetf* th,»t the. roid

should not be interfered with aod that the mill owner should provide bridges. Mr Harper asked if the ford* over the ere' k were Dot maintained by the Oooaoll. Me Brown eatd that h» was not aware any direct application for the maintenance of the fordi ha7lng bean made, but auob an application had been made m reipeot of bridges, and the Council had declined to reoogulse any liability. Mr Harper suggested that Mr Brown should withdraw bis motion and move for ihe appoiatment of a committee which oould take evidence and go into all the facts of the case. Mr Wright said that the Wakanul Road Board oould be heard before that committee Mr Brown adopted the suggestion and moved '• That the Chairman and Messrs Wright, Friedlaod^r, and tho mover be appointed a committee to consider the letter of the Wakanui Road Board and all ! questions appertaining to the Wakanui Water Supply, xtl'.h power to confer with all parties concerned." I Mr D. H. BrowD, the manager of the Mill, who was present, was asked 'to express his vlewß on the uutte r. Mr Brown expressed his oononrreuce with the resolution. The Mill owners bad been harassed with letters from the Road Board for five years and they did not Intend to submit to it any longer. In a week or ten days they would be independent of the water eupply- Steam was muob cheaper than the present water supply, vrbioh was of more benefit to the county than the mlllowners. Mr Friedlander seconded Mr Brown's motion which was adopted . The question of the water supply for Haropstead was referred to the same Committee, WATER SUPPLY. Mr Brown presented a petition from Mr Richards and other settlers >d the lower portion of the W«kabu( road distrlot, and on his motion it was deolded to tastrbot the Engineer to Inspeot the locality and report at the next meeting as to the best way of giving tbe petitioners a water supply. THE SMALL BIRDS 1 WUIBANOE. The Committee appointed, reported having accepted the tendea of tbe A«bburton Drag Company for tbe supply of poisoned grain, at 14s per bushel, calico bags 24 extra, and subject to ana<yais. It was resolved to have the grain analyeed at Lincoln College In reference to the distribution of the grain it was resolved on tbe motion of Mr Wright, seconded by Mr Jackson, " That ha>f the total quantity be divided among the Road Boarus according to their rateable value, aad that tbe other half be distributed to landowners aocoruing to their area under cultiva ion, such dis. tribution to be made from the County Oounoil offices." [Left tittfcg.]

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