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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL

The name of Spencer and Co., of the i Aroade, was inadvertently omitted from toe ' list of names of those m favour of the halfholiday movement published laßt evening, Frofeßsor Greenwood will give his last . exhibition of fanoy skating at the Rink de , Paris to-night, and m addition to his usual . programme, will perform hia great spinning r aot m which he revolves twioe m tie seoond. Market report.—" Tin plates are flat, lead : heavy, iron dull, ohampagne is brisk, rhubarb i and senna are drugs, staroh is stiffening, and paper is stationary. There is no life m dead bogs, but considerable animation m old t, oheeae." A meeting of the Ohristohuroh unemployed > was oalled for yesterday, but only nine men s turned up m response to the notice con- ; vening the gathering, and nothing was done. I This would EOam to indicate a satisfactory , oondition of affairs m the labour market. The shareholders of the Ashburton Woollen '■ Manufacturing Company, Limited, who are m ' arrears with their calls would do well to pay up promptly. The Liquidator is on the war-path, and summonses are flying about freely. Some oases were set down for hearing at the Resident Magistrate's Court to-day but were not oalled, the defendants ! having capitulated m time, and bo avoided > heaping up oosta upon themeelves. Last week the Ashburton Woollen Factory was visited by three of the direotors, the manager, and the mill manager of the Mosgiel . qpmpany, auoompanied by an arohiteot. The party made a full inspection of the buildings : and maohinery. As soon as the faotory is taken over the new proprietors will take steps to enlarge the buildings and plant, their . intention being to carry on a muoh larger business here than has been done by the ' Ashburton oompany. > & Aooording to a Home paper, another deal of the European cards is on the tapis — that of again uniting Holland and Belgium, so as to to prevent Holland from beooming German. 1 Tne two states separated m 1830, on aooount , of diff erenoe m religions. Now that temporal . danger threatens, they are not disinclined to [ try a mixed marriage once more, It is rare, but it occasionally happens that divorces when reunited live till they die as happy as any prince and prinoess m an Oriental tale, Tuis time the " splicing " would be on the lines of the United federation. The demand for draught horses shows no disposition to lessen m the Rangitikei diatriot (says the " Advocate "). Twelve months ago t the breeder who preferred to oontinue breed- , ing draught horses, m preference to the lighter ' kinds for .export to India, was Buspeoted of not knowing his own bimneßß. Scarcely & day passeß now, however, without enquiries being made for draughts, and we are igformed 1 that for animals similar to what a year or so I ago would only bring about £10, the price is now from £20 to £25. A few days ago, indeed, a JToxton gentleman brought three t horsea down the coast for which he had paid £30 eaob, but were of the very best class. f The following is the Swiss programme, which they will submit to the consideration of the representatives of the Powers to meet shortly to deal with the labour question : — - First, prohibition of Sunday labour; secondly, fixation of a minimum age for the admission < of children to faotories ; thirdly, fixation of a maximum for the daily labour of young workmen ; fourthly, prohibition ot the cinpioy- [' msnt of women aud young workmen m such industries as are specially injurious to health; fifthly, limitation of night labour for women [ and young workmen; and sixthly, stipulations » for the execution of the convention to b 6 ) eventually oonoluded. ! Cupidity leads men into many Btrange courses, and causes them to commit revolting 1 crimes, A burglary is reported trom Pennßyl* t vania which is marked by peouiiar atrooity. ' Breaking into the' house of one Lewis ■ Patterson at Centreville, a gang of villains, • asserting that their viotim had money concealed about the place, determined to make him reveal its whereabouts. Seizing him, they held his bare feet m front of the fire until he soreamed with agony, and when the ■ disappointed burglars had left, and medioal assistance arrived, it was found necessary to amputate both feet. Similar outrages have increased m Amerioa, and whole families have been murdered m cold blood. The Wellington correspondent of the "Otago Daily Times " understands that last year's proposed new rules of procedure will not be reintrpduped m preoisely the same shape, but 1 that Buob of the proposed new rules as are deemed most urgently required to facilitate the progress of publjo business will ba selected and brought before the tfouse m suoli a Bbape that their dJßOUssion can be ensured, instead of thiß being prevented as last year by a certain number of members absenting themselves. It is believed, moreover, that a majority can be secured m favour of such amendments m the mode^of procedure as will be proposed m the coming Bession, and that these, if adapted, will have the effect of materially shortening the perjocJ of eaob. 1 HesßioD, while enabling a muoh larger amount of practical business to be transacted. ' Mrs Maokay, an Amerioan woman (says the American correspondent of the "Dunedin Star"), has just won a signal eooial triumph In London. She has given the Prince of Wales a reception that exceeded m splendour anything of the kind ever given m London. This shows w the strongest possible light the tendency of modern society, A hundred years ago it would have bqen ifopogeibU tot a '•oman like Mrs Maokay to have broken throuk^? the ° iMl * 0(E birtband aristooraoy; but to-day a Z:**™**?™ mm , e T7 haß . elevated a poor boarding-house'.^PeFOf VirginjaOity, Nevada, to bo the sooial equu. ot PWWJW and the supreme diotator of fashion m the pTr v *" capitals of Europe. Thiß showß most conolußively that the ruling god of modern sooiety i is money, and not descent, rank, brains or mental worth, In India Lytton's epigrams were famous, and they are repeated with much guoto m Anglo-Indian cirolea to this day. On one oooasion so tho story goea — ho gave mortal offence to a lady which Bat next to him at dinner, who, alas ! did not appreciato his Excellency's wit. Hor name was Biroh, and tradition Bays ehe was beautiful, if not overintelligent. Said she to his Excellonoy, "Are you acquainted with any of the Biroheß ? " Replied his Excellency, "Oh yea ; I know some of them moat intimatoly whilst at Eton — indeed, more than I cared to." "Sir," replied tho lady, " you forget that the Birohes are relatives of mine." " And yet they out me," said the Viceroy ; " but " — and bo smiled bia wonted Bmile, " i have never felt more inolined to kiss the rod than I do now." Mrs Birch, sad to say, did rO/ see the point, and— so the gossips have it— told h,er hußband that his Exoellenoy bad insulted her by openly expressing at the dinner-table, his desire to kjieher,

■ We are glad to be able to state thai the Rev Father Ohaßtagnon is making satisfactory progress towards reoovery from the accident he met with last Saturday. Ha was able to leave his bed yeßterday. ! The following will represent the AshburtonRakaia Football Olub m their matoh with the Waihi Club at Geraldine on Saturday next : — Messrs Storry, Doherty, R. Ourtiß, Fooka, Laraman, Simpson, Hugonin, Olark, Dixon, Cow, B. Low, Steel, Ohuatian, Jameson, and Fisher. The team will leave by the express on Saturday, aa spaoial arrangements have been made by that traiuj Certainly the Moßt Effeotive MEDICINE m the world is SANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTRACT. Test its eminent powerful efieots m Coughs, Colds, Influenza, etc, ; the relief is instantaneous. Thousands give the most gratifying testimony. Read I tbiß certificate :— " 24th April, 1885 Messrs Sander and Sons,— lt is with the greatest of pleasure that I • testify to the excellence of your Eucalypti Extract. Having had inflammation of the bone of tho leg, whioh oame on after a severe attack of low fev6r, I was attended by Dr J. Boyd, who had made strenuous efforts to save my leg, but without success. He found it neoessary to amputate my limb. Having heard m the meantime of the wonderful cures worked by the Eucalypti Extract, I obtained a bottle, and the extract had not been applied more than an hour when I began to feel greatly relieved. After applying the extract every four hours for nine or ten days I was out of all danger. I would persuade all who may be affected with any such disease to give the Euoalypti Extraot a trial, and I am convinoed that they will find it the most wonderful of medioines. Yours, etc., E. J.JOuJtNow, Wattl street tfanteuret,"

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2144, 6 June 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2144, 6 June 1889