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Public JNoticea KJCATING'S LOZENGES. ...../ Oldest and Best Obogb Remedy K EATING'S LOZENGES: ' Oldest and Best Oongh Rani«a« K EATINGS LOZENGES Oideat '.and Best OouKh Remedy If EATING'S LOZENGES. *"~ XV. Oldest and Beit Cough Remedy EATING'S LOZENGES. '' Oldeat and Baat Oough Remedy KBiAXIJCfG'S LOZflNGJtti! ■" '■- ' "A Simple Faoi About KB ATIWG'fo OOUGH LOZU3WGES Ask throughout the world, m any oountry that can be named, you will find tl^em largely sold. Theur 1b absolutely no tern coy that is peedy In giving relief, so oettaioly cure, and yet the most delioatnr ban take them. One Loriengeglveifeace KSold In la'ljd tins, EATING'S LOZENGES. Coughs, Aathma, HoarssneM .; —- — ; • • .:.,;, m., T7"EATING'S LOZENGJSS. X\. Coughs, Aathma, Hoarsenes Tf EATING'S LOZENGES." r: i? r JIX. Congbs, Aathtfaa, Hoaraaaai 1^ EATING'S LOZE^GIa, 1 '"^ XX. Uougbs, Asthma, Hosrtentw K EATING'S LOZENGES " ~ Coughs, Asthma,~ Hparseneei K EATING'S LOZItNGES. " " Any Dooxoß will nu tow " •'■ there is no better Ooogh Mediolne than KEATING I**1 ** LOZMaES. One gtvea relief j if you suffer frßm cough try them but bnoe : : they wUloxue, and they will noHnjuie your health; they ooniain only the purest drags, skiifully combJntd. fciold everywhere m small tins. Keating's ;Wam":Mcfldr A PUIUiLY VEGETABLk SwlfißT. MEAT, bain m apf)earand«- and taste. furbishing a most agreeable method of administering the only certain remedy fbt INTESTINAL or TaKKAD WORmS" It U a perfectly •afjaand^mil.dpjep.riHim, and it especially atJapred'ibr Ohildren.— solo is Tins Aiw Bowles bi all Chkmxbis. KEATING Londom Export Ohemitt arti;3)titggU&J l ~^ SUOOKSS THE BEST TBS ~ ■ ■■■■•■■ !: wobtC"'' HOLLO WAI'S .- ..,, mHIB tJNIVEBSAL MEX>IOIKH IflvA THH PJLLS '■■'*. Purify the Blood, impart ton* to the Nervous system, and.act most powerfully yetaoothiofit on' the . ' — „-# LIVER AND BOWELS. Tromottog DlgesUen and AwuiUatloa, and endowing! the whole < bodily' fnime i^h Strength and -vigor. - Nervoiii --rtaisaKf TfeaMings, wiUi Lauitude' aud OtoOT Debihtyqiiickly yield fo the'potcot fdrwb the»e weU-knowii Pill*, and 'they! are ua. rivalled m {theit efficacvtin all . ' FEMAJiIJ COMPLAINTS, - : Removing all obstructions, skin Ueqiftes pimples and boils, better than abytotn*} family medicine knowni " I • 1 THE OINTMENT HAS-A WORLto-WIDE REPUTATION. It healr every k !of Sbre, Ulcer^nd Wound, more certainly than my other known "^ •& i 1 "^^ o"*,,0 "*,, P^«^»ting ribwerf render it invaluable m all. » • ; 1 THROAT AND CHEST DISEASES! Curing B^onchftw, Qumseys, ■ and i At^anuu reducing 'Glandular Lumps, doiin£Hnd heahng Abscesses am Futttlas, [and' foi allcviatingi the excruciating tortures of '■ Rheumatism, gout! And Neuralgia it is unsuspassed, ; It new* fi^sto remove Scurf and every: spedes of sU The PUh and Qintiacns are manuftjetttre at No. 8J New O^ord street (latenSa Oxford surcct, London), and are «o]d 'h/Sl Directiohs for use m almost every laneuase mr Purchasers should look to theiEabi on Pot and Boxes. If Ue address aft! 's&m are noton they are sputious '. " 0:^ Dnza Perfumery. •20j; Rue St. Honoie*, iarto, r E GfeAND'S SPECIAL PRODUCTS Savon-Orlia (Orl»» Soap)-^From tie for. mule of Dr P, Keveil. - The baalaoaß for rendering the akin white and aoS. Sweetly and refreohln^lV 18833 (rose, green and white). ; .« 'cv Savon-Orlia- Veloute, ezqulsitelf : fier fumed for tho toilet and batha pT fine. In boxm, 6 cakes, if exqubfl>« perfumes, No. } .'^^r Orlia'Savon'lnoorore, superior 'quality. x rose tea, white heliottope and ¥hite violet ' •■■■■*■ ! >-.to7i Orlaa-Tonlca (extraot of plant*) to cleans* the hair—new mown-nay, koiltfove, violet, eto. ' v ,. hTr} OrUa-Powder— Flowers of Carolina rioi 1 foi softening and r«^esA%i^c skin }b excellent boxea, wikh^DOWde* j^aff ■■ ■■ '■' ■'■•' ', *■ . i^7,nrrr m Orisa-Veloute— Flowers of rice powder, adhering to the skin, with fchsY^eV tome of new, moon hay- : ' ■ - r : rt) prliaFlowerfc (white and ambeiedW-Ai excellent toilet water, touio to tt« .nd V*lßff;js. iqua-Ortta—New toilet water, tafreahlng OrUa-Hay— A totte water with the nr fume 0! new moon hay ■■•■:■■■■- •■•/ .T Oriaa-AolduHue— ToUfitf>lnegat, w^ymwHft *** f^poj*" k » .iPMi»ilr_«*m*w for ladles' tpilete . . . ■ , ~^T Urita-Scotoh-Lavender— Sprigs of Seu<eb lavender flowers; a rloh toilet watif Eau-de-OologneiOil«a~TQo bJch-L/e ; Vol- . -.let water ■■--•■• rr ■ ■<■ &,: wan Orlia-Water— Conoontratßd and dlatOM Extraot of superior Eav do Oolognif? Goutteß-0 rlaa.Dentff«ee , -, Att^exlUr ifoi preserving' the teeth,;, and ngnjns^ila good health, and, prißven^ng Qsioajf Orhta-DentaiVe, im pasw' J br powder. r/o Whlteningt^ t^ wl&o^tltfSlC i .the enamel r ' ' ' v r,- . ■ni j.- 1 r t •;■ lamaua* Ess Orima ct i orlia.Lys - Perfumes for scenting , linen nnd ! the •. handWrt^ef without stalnlnff -„.;.,-, Orlia-oa^Vwiottsly jwfumedj lo* ran Otlxa.Lacte (&ri«a emulilve lotion refreshing ionlo to the iSn iremoving Bed opots And preyeniinr wvinklea on the face ' ' ~V\n -^ Oreme Orlaa (ofsnnonda LeneiosW-Fbt producing a beantif ul whltfroomidek. ion wltb the olearness and valvftw softneu of youth * w Orlaaline-Poloraiite [the best hair dya>— Fot Instantaneously dyeing the* haft to any snade, and with ho danger to health. In boxes, eaeh' witnb*uies comb, prospeotaa, and bottle J irln boxes, the bottle only wlthduiioets .' ■ .....-- . onn Bu Orlsa-Inoolpre Violette of the.Cw a moßt exqultlte perfune quite -a noiegay of vloleta. Ebs Ortea Suave white heliotrope Bouquet of the flower.

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 8, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2141, 3 June 1889

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 8 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2141, 3 June 1889