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What sort of fruit is produced by the eleotrifl light plant? "— •• Eleotrio ourrents, of course,'' ,It is a little remarkable thai m pixtpen easts the parenti of Amirioim Pre'iidtuti jr tt» tktmm or pUotsrs,

Young Hobbs— " Mamma, what animal is i the king of beasts?" Mrs Hobbs, with a signifioant look at her husband— •• Man." The origin of the expression " raining oats and dogs " is probably the same as that of " hailing omnibuses." It is estimated that the losa of the United States Government by the Satnoan disaster will be at leaßt £400,000. " I don't see how you oan be working all day like a horse," exolaimed the wife of a lawyer: "Well, my dear," he replied, "I've been drawing a oonveyanoe all day, anyhow." A blind physioian of Pensaoola, Fla., has a large practice, and is able to find his way unaided about the prinoipal streets of the town m a way that would not discredit that popular institution—the oldest inhabitant). The Duo de Moray's definition of a polite man iB the hardest to realise of any ever given, "A polite man," said he, " ia one who listens with interest to things he knowa all about when they are told by a person who knowß nothing about them." An eleotrio road-sweeper is talked of for the London streets. The machine is to be worked by aooumulaters, which also drive the revolving brush. No horses will be required, and it is said that one man will be sufficient to work the maohine, The uses of the cotton plant are developing rapidly. Formerly the finer of the blossom was the only part utilised. Then the seed began to supply a large proportion of the " olive oil " and " lard "of the country, and now the hulls are also found to be cheaper and better than wood for paper pulp. It iB now said that should Boulanger get a divorce he will marry Mrs Lucas, who has also been divoroed from her first partner. Mrs Luoas belongs to one of the ''first families" of St Louis, U.S.A., and the General, it appears, made her acquaintance at New York m 1881, when he was at onoe subjugated by her beauty. Sunday, lunoheon time, Ethel (impressed by the sermon) : " Mamma, do you think it's true about all our haire being numbered like the preacher said? "— Yes, my love, the Bible says so' Ethel (looking at Unole George'B look of three hairs reflectively) : " How glad the angel must be when he oomei to a head like uncle's." The "Wanganui Chronicle" of the 21st instant says that the infant child of a well* known resident having been taken suddenly ill yesterday, a medical man was sent for, with the result that an emetio wan prescribed, and the baby brought up half a dozen matches. The little one is still very unwell. What possesses ohildren to munch matohes is a mystery. Captain Markham, m his aooourit of a voyage to the Polar regions, says :— " It is a ourious f aot eonneoted with those who were for a long time absent from their ships, that the hair on their f aoea was bleaohed nearly white. The lobs of colour was gradual, and though noticed, was, never alluded to, eaoh one imagining that his companion's hair was turning grey from the effeots of hardship and anxiety. It waa only after their return to the chip that those possessing beards and moustaoheß discovered the ohango of hue m their own hair, The oolour gradually returned m three or four weeks." A well-known infidel leoturer m Melbourne wbb demonstrating after the following fashion that there was no heaven. He bad looked for it m the day time and could not find it ; he had searched the skies at night, it was not there; he had looked through a" famous telesoope, of oolossal magnifying power, but it was atill invisible. It was plain there was none. At this stage, one of the audience sot up and desired to adduce a corroborative illustration. He looked ia the sky for Geelong, . ail one day and all one night, and had even used one of the biggest opera glasses out; for the purpose, but could see nothing of it. Nothing was clearer than that there was no Buoh place as Geelong. The leoturer collapsed. The following aneodote iB told of a Fijian chief who certainly possessed the faoulty of making the most of .things :— John Weßley, th« chief of third rank at Lakemba, desirous of making an imposing appearance on the oooasion of a large public gathering, utilised the four European garments whioh he possessed m the following manner :— First, a pair of dark trousers, then a white shirt, the show of whioh at the neok and wrists being deemed insufficient, the nether portion of the garment was left m view over the dajrk troueers. Then a waistooat with green sleeves was donned, and finally one without Bleeves, so that a portion of every garment was unmistakably presented to the admiring gaze of the assemblage. The usual fortnightly meeting of the Ashburton Presbyterian Musical and Literary Society waß held m the ohuroh last evening there being a very fair attendance of -members, the fair sex, however, being greatly m the majority; No paper having been contributed, the first part of the evening was devoted to the portfolio subjects left over from last meeting, and the rest of the tiiue was taken up with musical selections and songs by several members, a trio by Miss Boyle, piano, and Messrs Baxter, cornet and pioqojo, jbejpg highly appreciated, Mr Elmßley also contributing an amusing recitation the "Seven ages of woman." The next evening will be devoted to the Journal, and members are expeoted to send m their correspondence m good time so as to allow of its being through the editor's hands prior to the mael« ing taking place. Further mail news has beon received m Dublin oonoerning the condition of: Irish emigrants m the Argentine Republic Mr Patriok Oole, of Buenos Ayres, writes :— " It waß truly, a sad, pitiable sight to see Irish mothers, with, m some oases, their dying babies m their arms, Btretohed on the ground outside the hotel where they had passed the previous uight without any covering, as they oonld aot get to the luggage, and also to hear strong men, mid their tearo, cursing the evil hour m whioh they broke up, m maoy gases happy homes to come to what they' were led to believe was an El Dorado." He eaja of emigrants generally some 9! tfcem aied 0! starvation m the lazaiMipDßea of Rosarlo, whioh are little wooden huts that were thrown up for the yigtims of the last cholera epidemic whjle jn many pases mothers sold .their •~**»«a« from their backs to prqduge food for °*v- - : , their starving u~~ , The new meat-preserving powder whioh is, 1 it is said, to supersede freezing meat m the ' export trade, " is (says an English correspondent) a potent antiseptio, and it is more than probable will oome into large use m surgery, and replace the olumsy antiseptio methods now m vogue. Mr Bowden imforms me that experiments are being made with it even now, • and just the other day water impregnated with the vapour was given to a patient suffering from uloeration of the mouth, and oom. pletely oured him. If we oan get rid of internal uloerationß m this easy way, the world of surgery and medicine is indeed revolutionised. Moreover, the powder applied externally with some greasy matter haa oured dogs of the mange m a very short time, and this is quite m the lines of expectation, as sulphur and lard have hitherto been much used tor the mange, and the powder contains a great deal of sulphur. The impregnated watsr smells rather strongly of the powder/ilmt the taste is not disagreeable, nor indeed very marked." BANDER and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXJ TRACT.— In protection of the worldwide fame our manufacture has acquired all over the globe, we publish the following :— Hazard, M.D., Professor of General Pathology and Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System, eaysin an editorial published m the " Olinioal , Record : " — " We have examined half-a-dozen; specimens of different manufactures; the preparation of Sander and Sons was the only one that proved to be reliable and corresponding to scientific tests." Another conoootion called " Refined Extraot of Eucalyptus " has made its appearanoe sinoe. This produot Btands, according to Dr Owen, foremost m causing injurious effeotß. That gentleman communioates, at a meeting of the Medioal Society of Victoria, that a child living at Fitzroy baoame most seriously indisposed through its use. In anothor oase a lady states on the strength of statutory declaration that she suffered cruelly from the effeots of the same concoction. To guard the high reputation of our mariuf aoture we f eel warranted m exposing the' above faots, and lesiM the public to exeroise care aha pre6aution'wnen tiuyjng, jSfNDEJR and SONS dvt. ' 7 ■ ,

A social gathering under the außpioea of the Ashburton Rifles will be held m the Oddfellows' Hall this evening. In .January and there were twenty-one oases of suioide at Monte Carlo. This season is considered the most prosperous m the history of tbe plaoe. Tbe winnings m February alone amounted to £150,000. The Bey Father Ohastagnon will celebrate Mass at Rakaia on Sunday next. Vesperß will be held at Aehburton at the usual hour, On the Sunday following his Lordship Bishop Grimes will officiate at the services at Ashburton, when full congregations are expected. At a reoent International Medical Congress at Pariß it was held that " kissing is essentially a relio of barbarism." The barbarians had some pretty good customs, after all, and young men who are making a collection of brie a brae will be pretty sure to seoure more than one "relio of barbarism." It is whispered that a great stir has been caused m a London West End aristooratio family m consequence of the daughter, a young and romantic girl, being threatened with an action for breach of promise of marriage by an individual very inferior to her m sooial position. Strong efforts are beiug made to arrange the matter, so as to prevent its being brought into court. To-day being the anniversary of the Queen's birthday was generally observed as a holiday. A fair number of people went by the excursion train to Timaru. The hunt held at Lagmhor proved an attraction for a number of others, and the coursing matches held on the same eßtate drew their quota of holiday makers. The local oorpß of Volunteers paraded at the Drillshed at about half-past ten, and after being drilled by their respective officers, were put through a number of evolutions by Major Douglas. At noon a feu dejaie was fired and three hearty cheers having bean given for her Majesty, the parade was dismissed.

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LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2133, 24 May 1889

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2133, 24 May 1889