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In one of the grV_* fc QW( > n * o<Jt Wflflt tfaflM is an icicle 1000 feet long. The railway mileage of Canada now amounts to about 18,000 miles. In eleotrio lighting, the city of London will m a short time.oatstrip every oity m Europe. The Indian population of the Dominion of Canada is stated at 124,689. A Temuka bntoher last week •killed two heavy sheep, one weighing when dressed 16-lbs the other 1781bs. There were 14,900 divorces m the United States during tbe last twenty years caused by drunkenness. In Texas during the past year seventy oharohes adopted the use of unfermented wine for communion. A oontraot to run for 21 years provides for the lighting of the streets m the business heart of London. Auokland boasts of 2 white sparrows and 1 white blaokbird. The owner of the property on whioh the latter ra/> a avis has lived for some years, guards i it as jealousy as if it were a moa.

Over a quarter of a million aores of land have been surveyed m the King Country, preparatory to opening that region for settlement. Tbe land is stated to be first-oiass and of splendid quality, Five companies of troops are now m Oklahoma olearing out intruders. Many of the boomers are leaving of their own accord, and President Harrison's repeated warnings to premature settlers seem to have made a strong impression. 1 Mi Mjumero landed a mummy the other day at Mftfßeilljsß. a particularly nios Egyptian that he had brought home for some friends. The dauaniers did not know how to rate a Pharaoh, no such artiole' being mentioned m their tariff of duty on imports, co they said be should be considered as « JWefl fish," and taxed him accordingly! A Baker's *Dprentioe at Tatshino, near Warsaw, bas "boe_* sentenoed to 3. years imprisonment for having fittempted to poison bis master's oustomers m revenge for baying been discharged for mis-oonduot. He mixed arsenio with some dough, and 130 p arsons who partook of the broad were.taken ill, but none of them died, " A passage m yesterday's leading artlole on the Roxburgh Waifs was rendered uninttelligible by being printed thus — " We hope that .'' . . . the entire family will be sent to St. Mary', or some other suitable institution, where they will be brought up m a manner calculated to under their usefnl members of • w ,'" ' " <* words " render them " should . -rtted instead of the words italicised. %MhQ Sandwioh Islands have hundreds and Tbundreds of lepers. Sydney has 12 lepers to start with. Queensland is going to start a leper settlement on Friday Island Jf the people of Thursday jßland will allow her. The Noumean correspondent of tbe '* Paris Temps " states out of .25,000 Kanakas m New Caledonia no less than 4000 are lepers. There are mora than suiftoient jtapere m Viotoria. fetproiT may yet be a proWew to»gb« foy

Owners of dogs are reminded that entries r the forthcoming Ashburton Coursing Meeting dose to-night at the Somerset Hotel at eight o'olook. Tbe Direofor of the Canterbury Museum tele* \ graphed to Aahbnrton to-day to endeavor to secure for the Christohuroh Museum a seal, six feet m length, whioh oame ashore at the Wakanui beaoh last Saturday. Unfortunately the seal had been out up, and the request of the Museum Direotor could not be complied with. I A Wellington paper Bays that at Lady Ons'ow's first reception, his Exoellenoy and Lady Onslow oharmed ail their visitors with their affability and unaffeotedness, and entirely dispelled any doubts that might have been felt as to the new Governor and his lady beoomiog just as popular as were their predeoessors. A comparison of the number of insolvencies whioh ooourred m Victoria and New South Wales during the quarter ending Maroh show that m the former aolony 103 estates were sequestrated, the approximate liabilities being £1,208,472, and the assets £1,573,831, while m New South Wales 224 estates wore sequestrated, the liabilities being £168,284, and the assets £88,960. " A bob m and the winner shout/ has been improved upon m Cambridge. Phrenology iB now all the go, and as Professor Lio Medo is staying m tbe town, he takes the plaoe of the dice. He examines the heads of those present, and the one with the worst oranium shouts for the others. The Professor donbt--1688 thinks it good fan, as he pookets a fee from eaoh ; but the one who has to " shout " is an unbeliever m phrenology from that time forth. A ouriouß example of the demooratio ten. denoy of the times comes to me (says a London I correspondent) from the London County Counoil. lam told that it has been arranged that the Earl of Rosebery shall not be addressed when presiding over the meetings of the .Counoil as "My Lord," but simply as "Mr Chairman, Sir ; " and that the Aldermen are not to be referred to as " Mr Alderman So-and-so," but simply by their names, without any aldermanio prefix. While the King of Italy was engaged m laying the foundation stone of the NewPalaoe of Justioe, m Rome, the mason whose duty it was to hand his Majesty the silver trowel -seized the opportunity of beßeeohing the King to take into consideration the destitute condition of his fellow aitizans. numbers ol 4 whom were without food. King Humbert waß J maoh touched when he learned from the man that there were 4000 operatives out of work m Rome, and promised to give prompt attention to their wants.

Madame Melba is the daughter of one of the largest contractors m Viotoria. Her father has been more than onos Mayor of one of the thiokly populated suburbs of Melbourne. During June Madame Melba is to appear m London at the Italian opera oreating the part of Juliet m Gounod's Borneo and Juliet, and also singing m Fauat, Luoia, and Bigoletto. At the conclusion of the London engagement sbe prooeedß to Berlin where -he will give eight representations at a remuneration of 50001. a night. The "Mark Lane Express" has been quoting some striking oases of the recent fall ■ m farm rents. Case No. 1: A good farm, , former rent, £600, present rent, £300. No 2 : A farm of 400 aores, former rent, £240* 1 present rent, £75. No. 8: A farm of 600 aores, former rent £600, present rent, £127 i In all these oases the farms had been stand- ,. ing empty for Borne time, beoause no tenant oould be found at the old rents, and the ■ landlords were reluctant to lower. Atlenoth j the latter have disoovered that a little ren? is | better than none at all, and all over the country farms are now being taken un at ' enormously reduoed rentals. ' The London correspondent of an exohanee writes:— "The Hereditary Prinoe ofHohen. ■ lohe-Langenburg, who is on a visit to this oountry just now, is, it is whispered, on , matrimony bent, and it is quite likely tbftt , we may loae one of our prinoesses. The ' young prinoe is only 24, and, as German , prinoes go, fairly well off. The only thing. I indeed, againßt him is that he is not a | Battenberg. His father, the late Prince married io 1860 the Prinoess Feodore of ' Leiningen, who is half-sister to the Queen » and whole sister to Count Gleiohen? The r count has long taken up hia abode m London, j and bas a comfortable sineoure as governor of the Round Tower, with a salary of £1200 a year. He is a very capable soulptor, and ■ exhibits regularly. His son is a lieutenant j m the Horee Guards, and reoently wrote I 3 'With the Oamel'Oorps up the Nile,' giving! t an aooount of his Egyptian experiences," i Mdme Supple, of New York, must, aooord- . ing to the " Sewing Maohine " and " Oyole News," have struok the sympathetic ear of a ' New York reporter, judging from the follow' ' ing, whioh appeared recently m a daily 3 contemporary of that city, under the headf ing, "An Important Invention." One- of 3 the biggest little inventions of reoent date is the Blotted sewing-maobine needle, a patent 1 for whioh was taken out a Bhort time ago by I a woman seventy years of age. It doeß a entirely away with the old prooes of threading jj by twisting the end of the thread to a fine point and throating at the needle*, eye until, by * some ohanoe, it happens to strike the mark, t This new invention m domestio eoonomy has " a bevelled Blot m one side of the eye, through whioh the thread slips as easily as a niokle drops into the slot of a weighing maohine or a lung tester* 4 blind old grandmother need not have the difllo'ulty fa sewing a ngw, Jfothiflg oojjld be simpler than' the slotted needle, and all who see it wonder why it was not thought of years ago. The inventor 1 to!dm_* hootDerdft y thfttit o°«t 80,000dols to make the exp.n__SSta whioh resulted m [ producing precisely the kind of slot whioh, , while readily admitting the thread to the eye, . prevents it at tbe same time from slipping out r m the operation pf Mwing; What a boon this will be to our jnother* and wives may bs i easily realised when it is understood that Q_fl 1 sewing maohine oompany alone m tyew Jersey turns out every month over 2,000,000 needles, With regard to the Roxburgh waifs, anent whose case an artiole appeared m yesterdays issue, it will be seen by tbe report of the proceedings before His Honor Judge Ward given m another oolumn, that any diffloulty whioh might have arisen as to the power of the Court to make an order taking the ohildren out of the father's custody was removed by bis consent being given. Aooordingly His Honor directed that all five be oommitted to St Mary'B Industrial Sohool, Nelson, the $cv Father phastagnon undertaking to pay the coat of forwarding the ohildren from Jjyttelton to Nelson. \ya should imagine that the father of the ohildren must be a Uttte " touched " his *' eobentrlcity" — to use a mild term— being very prouounoed as was further evidenced by bis statement m Court that the reason why the eldest boy was not produced was beoause he had escaped, he (the father) having on the previous evening oorded him up m a oart )rea.dy to bring down (like a sheep or a oalf), but that hfl bad. managed to extricate himself from his bonds during the pjgbt and cleared out. The youngest (a baby of «w,q years old) waß produced, and with the two girls was.' v^e believe, taken obarge of by tbe good ladies of the Convent, the other boy remaining In the custody of the polioe who will prooeed to capture tb« eldest, after whioh all five will be forwarded to Neisod to be taken obarge of until fifteen years of ago. The Rev Father Chostogoon and others have taken the most aotive and kindly interest m their case, and ( thanks to their exertions tbey have all been ) provided with deoent and comfortable clothjlng. j

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LOCAL AND GENERAL Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2131, 22 May 1889