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Major Kemp, the famous Wanganui ohfcf, ib reported to be dying. Why ia it wrong to spelll " kiss " with one " b," Beoause it takoß two to complete tbo spell. Over 1300 students at the University of Cambridge liavo signed a protGßt against the adtnitjaion of womeD. Amongst the many irons which Sir JuHub Yogel has proapectively m the fire is a magazine of a novel oharaoter, to be called "Ideas,*, The author of "Liaten to the Mooking Bird" acknowledges that be has mads £20,000 by it. Mr James H. Clayton, now proprietor of the " Danevirke Bußh Advocate," and formerly lessee of k tho "ABhburton Mail," has been appointed a Justice of the Peace. The " Bangitikei Advooate " Bays that there ia at present so great a dearth of labor m that part of the oountry that employers find muoh difficulty m securing men. It is said that a Kay West fisherman rubs his body with kerosene oil and swims among the Bbarks m safety. They don't want to get any nearer to him than you do to a man who haß been eating last year's onions. The father of a solicitor practising at Parramatta haß become sole heir to property worth £100,000. His name ib J. L. Kompthorne. He ia also a solicitor, and mayor of North Glamorgan. It is said that a spring of natural cologne has broken forth m the southern par* of Algiers. The liquid has not been analysed, but its odour is very similar to that of patohouli. The will of the late Mr John Bylands, of the firm of Messrs John Bylandß and Sons ' (Limited), Manchester, who died at Longford Hall, Stratford, on Deoember 11, has been proved at £2,574,922. A oountry schoolmaster m the We&tport district was fined £1 and oosts the other day for BBverely beating one of his pupils, the Magistrate considering the punishment unmerciful. The evils oaused by the Tarawera eruption have not yet ooasod. Bains have washod so muoh of the new volcanic Band of! tho bills and into the Opotiki river, that a bar obstructive to navigation is being built up at the mouth of tho river. The sum of £10,000 haß, we hear from Amerioa, been paid for a four-year>old trotting horse, Bell Boy, which has trotted a mile m 2mm 19|seo. This speed is not at the top of the record m trotting by any means, yet tne performanoe of euoh work when three years old gives the trainer promise of muoh greater results. North Canterbury farmers are making money out of their straw. An Elleamere farmer bit the Sydney market with a shipment of oat sheaf ohaff, andnetud £4 ss per ton. Another, who usually burns hia Jstraw, this year ex* ohanged it for a cheque for £100. Mr Job Oaborne, of Leeßton, has contracted to send over to Sydney from 500 to 1000 tons of ohaff and pressed hay. Flying foxes are very destructive to fruit m Queensland, and many splendid orchards have had to be abandoned m consequence. In the day time they congregate m thousands m some dense sorub, or mangrove, near the sea shore, and at evening wing their way one after the other, at intervals of a hundred yards or more, to orobards even thirty miles I from their day'B haunt. Tho public are reminded that Messrs Hamilton and Brooks will open m their Pioruma of '• A Trip to London " m the Oddfellows' Hall tbia evening, followed by a misoollano. our oonoort and the oomin operetta •♦ A Fit of the Blues." The Company have been drawing good bouses m the northern parts of the Provinoe, and give a good evening's entertainment at a moderate price. At the Cirouit Court at Broken Hill a man charged with murder waa found guilty of manslaughter. The evidence showed that tho acoused bad a knife m his hand when Fielder attaoked him. Medioal testimony was given to the effect that deceased contributed to his own death by persisting m leaving bed against instructions. Judge Stephen passed the curious sentence of sixty seconds' imprisonment, The election of President Cleveland signified the displacement of Bepublioan functionaries by Demooratß as follows : — 2000 postmasters out of a total of 2859, 82 foreign Ministers out of 83, 16 scoretarios of legation out of 21, 189 consuls out of 219, 84 revenue collectors out of 85, 65 law officers out of 70, 40,000 postmasters of the fourth class out of £2,009, etc. President Harrison is understood to contemplate the reversal of all this, and more. In parts of Norway and Sweden, where, during the summer, there is almost continuous daylight, barley crops are grown with only from pjs to oirjht weeks intervening from BGod.tinjo to harvest. After acclimatising, many garden flowors increase m sisje and id depth of color ; there is a prevailing tinge of red m the plants of the fields, the aroma of fruits is increased and their color well doveloped, but they are defioient m sweetness. The development of essential oils m oortain plants is greater than m the same plants grown m other latitudes. It is an established Fact that light bears the 'game relation to aroma as heat does to sweetness, Among the freight of the b.s. Nuddaa to Melbourne last week were several Sikhs, tall and swarthy, and intended, it is said, for polioe purposes. On deok there wero illtiatra* tions of Oriental tent life, and the oooupants comprised Indian jugglers, aorobats, and magjoians, There were blbo three ex-Queens of Oude, or ladies from the royal harem of that oountry. 4tong with the troupe there were also a calf with five legs, and a Brahmin bull broken to harness. Two hybrids or monkey boys were also on board. This heterogeneous collection is to be shown m conjunction with Waßhburne'a managerie, which arrived recently from India, Borne people have a ourious idea of what constitutes marriage. At tho Masterton Bosidont Magistrate's Oourt a $wede named Maurioo Johnston, who was summoned for the maintenance of his illegitimate child, on being sworn, said : — " I promised to marry the girl to a cortain extent, by living with the girl if I oould agree with her." Then ho went on to cay that after trying the experiment, and finding her temper not up to the requisite standard, he ordered her home, and offered to pay for the '/youngster," She objeotod, and ha then said he would keep her ag a servant, provided Bpe foebayoa herself properly. During bis absence, however, sh6 brought a sister and a young man to their domcßtio establishment, and then war waß doolared. Johnston was ordered to pay 6s par week, and informed that if be failed to pay, or tried to leave the district, he would bo arreßtod under warrant*. The Sfiraoan correspondent of the " Auokland Star." relates that tho day of tbo hurrioano at Apia was marked by a tragic inoidont, reminding one fbroibly of the fate of Aohan, who' ooveted the goodly Babyloriioh garment, tho wedge of gold, and the shekels of silver belonging to a deoensed Oanaanfte. By Mataafa's ardors botweon 300 and 4000 Samoanp, under tho ooratnnnd of tho great fighting ohiof, Suemanatafa, were sent down to tho boaoh to rondor what assistance) they oould. By their efforts a number of lives were saved. Boveral of them, howover, sacrificed their own lives m unsuoooßsful attempts to save othors. Tho kindly and forgiving disposition of the Samoans waß manifested m all ihoe? efforts, for they were as sso'alouH & thoif UttenijyiM to nave Gormana as m their efforts to rescue i»nerlcan». "But there oro blaok flhoop m every Hook, and Suomanatafa { as ho stopd on tho boaobj saw one native rilling tV.« In'ij of. a sailor just washed ashore. Without a moment s hoeitation, the ohief strode up to the pilferer and Blew him with one blow. It was a Bevero punishment, but it produced & lalut&ry effect. H

At the Rink de Paris last night the amateur one-mile ohampionsbip race waß run off between J. Nizson and W. Auokram. Nixeon made tho mile m Grain 25500a, Auokram Omin 85seos. J. Nixoon was then doolarod the amateur ohampion of Ashburtonj, The Rink will be open to-morrow as uaaal. Tha Bay of Plonty " Times " aaya there ib now nving at the pa at Awaburi a very old Nalivo, who has long passed the span | allotted to frail humanity. The Maoris state ( that tho old gentleman was a sturdy warrior of not loss than 18 years of ago when Captain Cook last landed on tho shares of Now Zoaland. Ho is vary frail, as might be oxpooted, and sponds most of his time baskin the sun and Bleeping. He is pretty tough and compels attention, although ho has long lost tho power of speeoh. The reminiscences of this venerable relio would be interesting. The •' Sydney Mail " prints the following paragraph :— A large quantity of butter is being shipped at prosont from Taranaki to London, owing to the collapse of tho Sydney market. About 1500 kegs, it ia said, will go Home by the Buapehu. In Paris the finest butter, that with the doliaato buttoroup and dairy bouquet, the nutty taste, and the bonbon meltingness m the mouth, oommands 8s per pound. There is then a aaffioient margin left, despite duties, to send supplies even to Franoe, If it pays to Bell Australian butter at la per lb m London, there is ample profit left to ship to Paris, and net 2s 3d per lb. The following interesting inoidentis related m an Australian exchange as having ooourred at the Eohuoa (Viotoria) Police Court at the end of April :— <( Mr Pennefather (formerly private secretary to Sir W. Jervois), a barrister, was engaged m some important oaßes, and had a misunderstanding with tne bench, resulting m Mr Wyatt, P.M., oom* mitting him to imprisonment for one hour for contempt. Mr Pennefather refused to apologise, and deolared that Mr Wyatt, through defeotive hearing, bad misunderstood him— an opinion endorsed by the crowd m oourt, who expressed sympathy with the barrister." A Wellington gentleman who had been under the oare of the leading doctors there, and a twelvemonth m the hospital, for an injury to his spine through a tree falling upon him, was advised to try the hot springs m the Lake Diatriot, bb they oould do nothing more for him. He visited tho Taupo District. When he arrived at Tokaanu, Bays a correspondent of the New Zealand Herald, ha was quite unable to use his legs, but after a week's bathing m the Tokaanu puiaa he was so far reoovered that he oould stand upon his logs with porfaot ease. From Tokaanu he rode on to the famous Eetetahi springs on the slopes of Tongariro, where he stayed another week, and at the end of that period he was bo muoh benefited by the bathing that he oould walk without a orutoh or atiok, and returned to his home quite a new man. '* A shilling m and the winner shout " is a popular method of betting, but it led to awkward oonsequeuoe at Garterfon recently. It seems, says the " Wairarapa Star," that aft I the reoont mooting of the householders for the eleotionof a Sohool Committee speculation ran high aa to who would be returned. The conventional shilling m and the winner shout was started by half a dozen "sports," including some of the candidates. Slips were written with the names of the seven who were considered the moat likely to be eleoted and the person who made the most aoourate gueßß was to win the stakes. The winner turned up m Adam Armstrong, ex-aohool-master, but as he happened to be olooted on the Committee he was detained after the meeting. In the meantime Jonea, the Btakeholder, and the other four, speculators proceed to the nearest " pub, 7 ' and had their drinks. A second round was insisted upon, and when Armstrong appeared, Jones having squandered five shillings out of six, threw down the remaining "bob" telling the winner he oould melt his share, Armstrong demanded the Ba, whioh aooording to the usual rule he oonßidered be waa entitled to, j and when Jonea refused he forthwith took out a summons. The oase oame before the Oarterton Benoh, with the result that the plaintiff waa informed that betß are not legally recoverable.

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