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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, MAY 16, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL.

Why wbb Eve not afraid of catching the measles ? Beoause she'd Adam 1 Mr F. J. Garriok, ex-member for St Albans, has been requested to contest the Christohuroh North seat. The Rev Walter S. Bean, Incumbent of Eumara, will preach m Bt Ssephen's Ohuroh on Sunday evening next. Messrs Mitohell and Turner, drapers, Tancred street, announoe m this issue that they will pay the ooaoh or rail fare to Ashburton of all purchasers of goods to the amount of £5 or upwardß. A full-mouthed Leicester ewe killed at Timaru a day or two ago turned tbe Boales at 1641ba when dressed fit for the shop. It was bred by Mr John Brown, of the Swamp road, and is one of the heaviest sheep ever killed m the distriot. Brown, jun., was making an evening call, when hia adored one'a little brother approaohed him and begged the loan of bis whistle. "Whißtle?" queried Mr Brown. «• I have no whißtle." " Well, paps says you have," said the little wingless angel, " and that you are always wetting it." A Wellington gentleman, who haa lately returned from a trip to the Hot Lakes, speaks of the drinking habits of the natives m that distriot. A large number of English tourists have passed through Ohinemutu lately, and it is a oommon thing for the new ohurn " young bloods " to spend money freely m trying to make the Maoris drunk. The Prince of Wales has, perhaps, the finest railway coaoh m Europe. It contains seven rooms, there being a study with a little library, a couple of bedrooms, a dressingroom and a bathroom. The bedroom is moßt luxuriously furnished m old gold silk, being lighted by eleotrioity, and the panelliug is beautiiully painted, The following will represent the AshburtonRakaia Football Club againßt the Lincoln College on Saturday next :— Messrs Bruoe, A. Buchanan, Reid, Doherty, O. Moore, Simpson, E. J. Fooks (oapt), A. Fooks, Dixon, Upton, Larraan, Clark, O. Moss, Fizzell, and Hugonin. Emergenoy— Fisher, MoLeap, and Low. The match will be played on tbe Domain Ground at 2 p.m. sharp. Messrs Hamilton and Brooks' Diorama and Variety Company are annopuaed to appdur at Bakaia Town Hall this Awning, and at the Oddfellows' Hall, Ashburton, to-morrow (Friday) evening. The Diorp^a is entitled, " A Trip to London," with A£j*?> soeneß, and songs on the road, and ifl^xbibition will be followed by a Oonoert, and a Oomio Operetta entiled " A Fit of the Blues." Avery little girl m the infant olass of a Sunday ' sohool came home and told her mother thsv* *h& teacher had taught them a new song. Qi a wish to hear it the mother y/_s muoh astonished at the following jMaenoe, whioh was all the obild could remember : "I am a little greenhorn among a half a cheese." The words whioh bad beep misunderstood by the ohild were thesfil " I am a little {{leaner among the harvest Bheaveg;" One of the latest novelties at Home is the " collapsible bonnet," introduced chiefly for theatre wear. It oan be made of any shape required, and of any material, and when extended is thoroughly fashionable, By din( of a hook-and-eye adjustment it can be converted into a fan, or if not wanted m that oapaoity c__\ be sat upon with impunity. The " Queen" ; aaya it £&B already created quite a furore m England 1 , where its good points are thoroughly appreciated. Mr Marks, of tbe "Finanoial News," m noticing Sir Julius Vogel's novel, observed caustically that he hoped Sir Julius would, m future, stick to novel writing, and leave New Zealand politios apd finanoe alone. He would suggest, as a title for hfe next book, "My Beminisoenoes of City Companies." This little gibe was all the more unexpected, aB Sir Julius had dined Mr Walker, one of the proprietors of the " Newß," the previous evening, and thought he was assured of hiß j friendship. | The usual Weekly meeting of tho Star of the East Lodge. 1.0. G.T., was held m the Templar Hall last evening. The Lodge waß opened m due form by Bro 0. Grant, C.T. Two new members were proposed. Tbo report of the Testimonial Committee was received and adopted. In the report of tbe installation last week the names of the F.S., Bro Lockwood, and Bro J. Mullany T., were omitted from the list. The Lodge went into harmony, and a pleasant hour was spent, and waa dosed m due form at 9.30 by the O.T. i The fame of the Australian horse aa a mount for military purposes has evidently travelled far, An Indian paper of a reoent date Bays:— "The King of Siam has begun to import horses from Australia for the use of his army. A consignment of 250 was lately reoeived at Bankok, the selection being made by a oojonol of the Siamese army, who bad been deputed to Australia for the purpose." The export of horsoß to India, therefore, may be at present a mere shadow of what it may become m a few years, for if Siam oome into the market, so may also the feudatory states of India. J The Grand Coffee Palaoe Company of Melbourne bold their half-yearly meeting a few days ago with very satisfactory results.. The following figure's Will Bhow the growth of the company's elicntel/e, ond are evidence oi the favour m whioh the Grand Hotel iB hold by vJsf f ors to Melbourne. The inoome, from all sources, during the first half-year was £4474; second half-year, £7241; third £7122 ; fourth, £6767; fifth, £11,421 • sixth, £20,683. The directors deol.arpd a dividend at a rate of JO per cent, per annum, added £6000 to tbe reserve -fund, wrote off £1000 from the furniture aooount, and oarried forward tbe balance C Jgf OTP ■■■•••:

The one mile champion raoe comes off to night at the Rink at nine o'olook. The raoe iB to be run against time. The politioal situation m Hawaii ia attraot)ing a good deal of attention m Amerioa. The " San Pranoisoo Post " says : — " Private advioes received m this city are to the effect | that the ooming elections will undoubtedly ] ! result m a complete overthrow of the preßent I administration and a general change of its I polioy, with the view of an annexation to the United States. Tbe sentiment over tbe proI posed annexation is running strong, and ia I a general feeling. This sentiment is prinaipally among the middle olass of Hawaiians, who are baoked by the lower olasaes. The islanders look upon their annexation to the United States as their only proteotion from the attaoks upon their commercial interests by tbe various foreign governments, whioh they believe will eventually result m the possession of their domain becoming an international question within a few years. England wants Hawaii. Germany wants it too, while the people themselves want neither, and prefer joining their commercial and politioal affairs with those of the United States." A quarrel over money matters between Mr Loudin, proprietor of the Fißk Jubilee Singers, and Mr Prioe, bis agent, bas been adjudioated upon m a oourt of law. Some curious facta were elioited during the trial. Amongst other things Mr Loudin confessed to baying taken the large sum of £32,000 during the troupe's stay m Australia, ont of whioh he had made a clear personal profit of: £11,000. In Bumming up the judge referred to the faot tbat " religion, poetry, and romance " formed oonßpiououß parts of the -Tiihilaa flincrora* nmcrvnmma unH flttnoafl fham to be liberally used and well reoeived. D'D.'s, office-bearers of the V.M.0.A., and venerable olergymen graced the platform, and people who would not enter a theatre " went m crowds to listen to the philanthropic emancipated slaves." In faot there wbb a vast amount of ■ sentiment and romance mixed up with the whole affair ; whereaß it iB now shown that the publio waa tolerably well gulled, and, under the influence of sentiment, liberally supported a merely commercial speculation. The following taken from the " Vallejo Times " (U.S.) will afford food for reflection to the lovers of tbe supernatural :— Some days before the late disaster at Samoa, the wife of an offloer at Mare Island awoke from her first Bleep, trembling and m tears, and related to ber husband a fearful dream experience. She thought Bhe had been m her dream transported to the island of Samoa, and from the shore of the harbor of Apia looked upon the American and German fleets. Suddenly a storm aroße and the barbor was swept by a fierce tornado. Ship after ship went ashore, and the spectators united m offering up prayers for the preservation of the remaining vessels. Lastly the Vandalia and Trenton dragged their anchors, and, as the former vessel was dashed upon tbe reef and almost immediately Bank, Mrs witnessed the death of Capt Sohumaker, Lieut Sutton, and Paymaster Armes, tbe three offioerß who were the victims of the aoiual disater of Maroh 16th. The picture was so vivid and real that Mrs ' for doyß waß nervous and agitated, thinking only of her dreum, and relating it to others, always insisting that the vessels and friends so recently gone from Mare Island mußt certainly be exposed to some fearful peril. Our Melbourne correspondent writes :— The medical students of the University had a night at the theatre on the last day of April, and enacted some of the drolleries for whioh they are renowned. Amongst other things they burlesqued the law m the persons of judges, oounßel, jury, and even poor bobby. Two of tbe men were got up as policemen, the only inacouraoy m the uniform being their numbers. It appears that, having stated their intention, they had reoeived an assurance from the authorities that they would not inour any risk by appearing m uniform on the oooasion. All paßsed off well at the theatre, but they came to grief on their way home. The two " policemen " took another of their cumber into " mook " oostody, and went into a hotel for a "drink." A real policeman oame up, and being more stupid than the average man of hiß alass, construed the proceeding into an offence. He contented himself, however, with the names of the young men, and let them go. A " petty officer" arrived on the soene, and, being even more tbiok-headed than his subordinate, ordered the young fellows to be looked up. Mr Miln, whose aoting they had been to see, heard of the ooourrenoe, and went to bail them out ; they appeared at the police oourt next morning, aa a matter of course, when inspeotor Pewtress, aoting doubtless Under euperior orders, *• withdrew the oharge," SANDER and SONS' EUOALYPTI EXJ TRACT.— In proteotion of tbe worldwide fame our manufacture has acquired all over the globe, we publish tho following : — Hazard, M.D., Professor of General Pathology and Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System, says m an editorial published m the " Clinioal Record : " — " We hove examined half-a-dozen speoimens of different manufactures ; the preparation of Sander and Sons waß the only one that proved to be reliable and corresponding to soientifio tests." Another concoction called " Refined Extract of Eucalyptus " has made its appearance since. This produot stands, aocording to Dr Owen, foremost m causing injurious effeots. That gentleman communioates, at a meeting of the Medioal Society of Victoria, that a child living at Fitzroy became most seriously indisposed through its use. In another oaso a lady states on the strength of statutory declaration that Bhe suffered oruelly from the effects of the same ooncootion. To guard the high reputation of our manufacture we feel warranted m exposing the above fapts, and desire the publio to exeroise care and precaution when buying. SANDER and SONS — ( dvt. 7

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, MAY 16, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2136, 16 May 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. THURSDAY, MAY 16, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2136, 16 May 1889