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The meeting of the Ashburton Sohool Oommittee, to have been held last evening, was adjourned for a week. A Paris gentleman engaged a oafe oonoert company to entertain his guests at a reoent reception, and before the evening was over a handsome baritone of thirty won the heart of the young lady of the houße, and elopod with her while the oompany were at dinner. Probably not one m a thousand realises the fact that, next to England, little Holland is the greatest colonial Power m the world. The Dutch colonies have an area of nearly 800,000 Equare miles, which' inolude some of the fioest colonial possessions m the world. ' The first oil well was bored less than thirty years ago ; the present annual production m America and Russia is 2,000,000,000 gallon s, whiob goes through 7000 miles of pipe lineß, employs a fleet of 150 tank steamers, and hay djßplaoed, poal on nearly 1000 loopmotivee and pfewnetti, '"''■'

The Rink de Paris will be open this even-, ing as usual. Tbose wishing to enter for the amateur championship whioh takes plaoe tomorrow evening are requested to give m their names to-night. The following is said to have been overheard at the Oxford v Maoris' football match : —Lady Spectator (with an air of authority): "No, my dear, they are not thoroughbred Maoris; some are called half-blaokß and ! others three-quarter blaoks 1" Overheard m a barber's shop —" I'm getting to be pretty bald, ain't I ? Guess you'll lave to out my hair for about half prioe hereafter, eh?" Tonaorial artist (who is equal to the emergency): " Oh, no, sir, we always charge double when we have to hunt for tho hair J " Messrs Nelson Bros, of London, are prepared to buy sheep, delivered at the freezing works, Dunedin or Oamaru, at 2d per 1b freezing weights —Bkins and fat for farmers' aooount. This is estimated to give 14a 3d for sheep m April and May, 15s m June and July, 15d 9J m August and September, and 16d 6d m October and November. Out of what simple things fortunes are sometimes realised 1 In a reoent action at law it transpired that the inventor of the metal plates ÜBed to protect the soles and heels of boots from wear, Bold upwards of 12,000,000 plates m 1879, and m 1887 the number reached 143,000,000, producing realised profits of £52,077 Is Bd.« Mr de Mendez, the well-known diamond cutter of New York, has just .returned to America from London. He says that there is a diamond m London whioh was found last year m South Africa. It is, he says, owned by eight persons. " " They intend keeping it until the Prinoe of Wales sucoeeds to the throve, and then selling it to him." They plaoe its value at £1,500,000. The " New York Tribune," of l?eb. 27th, remarks: —" For college pranks of the most thoroughly disgraoeful oharaoter the palm muat be awarded to Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn." Then followß a desoription of these disgraoeful pranks. Out of mere goodness of heart, and with a view to lend eclat to the commencement of the session, several young Wesylan students exploded dynamite bombe, whioh they had obtained by telegraphing for them to New York. Result —Two college buildings shattered and one student seriously injured. He waß charged with sheep stealing (cays " Aulus '), and the oase was likely to go hard with him, as the police found the skins at his plaoe, and had secured them under look and key, ready to produce m evidence at the trial. But a mate managed to abstraot them, and placed others m their plaoe, so the jury acquitted him. The accused then joined the Salvation Army. He made his first appear, anoe at the next meeting, and was roaring away, " I am saved I I am saved 1 " when a voioe chipped m, "Yes, but you wouldn't have been if I hadn't shook the bloomin' skins." The rest was silenoe. Li Hung Chang, the vioeroy of China, has a fortune of about £2,400,000, some of whioh was aoquired m rather a shady manner. Lately one of his henchmen sent him a cask or wioker basket of wine m whioh about £20,000 m gold was oonoealed as a reward for some job. The wine fell into the hands of a suspicious Government Customß officer, who discovered the gold and promptly conveyed it to the Imperial Treasury. As the money waß evidently a bribe, the viceroy was unable to say anything, but the Foo Ohow oustoms officer only managed to retain his . plaoe by the story being told to the Emperor. The Prinoe of Waleß, during his foreign i tour, aooepted an invitation to a dinner m Paris, at whioh General Boulanger was expected to be present. As Boon as this [ beoame known, the Foreign Offioe was agitated t from the doorkeeper to tbe head secretary* s There was hurrying to and fro, the wires , were kept hot with despatches, and one would have thought a war was imminent. Finally, after muoh oonsultation the weighty matter was settled by the Prinoe being " persuaded" , to forego the pleasure of dining at the same , table with Boulanger, and m lieu thereof eating hiß mutton with Lord Lytton. And a * great peaoe fell upon the empire after the ) narrow eßoape, ' It will be remembered that an informality, ■ whioh was pointed out by us at the time, s occurred at the last election of a School i Committee for Ashburton. The Chairman of the householders' meeting declared the seven candidates, who were nominated, to be duly eleoted, but this tbe Act gave him no power to do, distinctly stating that a ballot muat be taken. However nonsensical it may appear to ballot for seven oommitt6emen, when only seven candidates are nominated, there was no getting over the olauße m the Aot, and on the matter being brought under the notice of the Board of Eduoation, that body deolared the eleotionnull and void. A meeting of householders for the eleotion of a new Oommittee is called for May 29th. At a sale of postage stamps held m London some high prioes were realised. The catalogue ooneistod of 286 lots, of whioh all but 17 were the collection of the late Mr A, F, Sbeppard. The 17 lots consisted of a number of rare British Guiana stamps. The ohief altraotion was lot 94, a good speoimen of tbe is blue stamp of 1856 (used), whioh excited much competition, and was knocked down to Mr Theodor Buhl, the London dealer, for £37. The auctioneer announced that he had been commissioned to put up another oopy of the Bamo" stamp, but muoh finer aod nnußed. After competition between Messrs Wilson and Buhl, this was aIBO knocked down to the bid of £50 by the latter gentleman, who has thus purchased tbe most expensive stamp ever put up for auction. One of the most shocking as well as treacherous murders ever perpetrated m the South Seas was that of n murder of tbe Government agent, Mr Armstrong, by the Natives of Manoba, the details of whioh have just been received. One of the ohiefs feigning to be ill, Mr Armstrong went on shore with a lotion to apply to the injury. He had only one Native Bervant with him. They were attacked. The Native escaped, but Mr Armstrong was butohered to death by spears and tomahawks. His comrades m a small boat endeavored to recover the body, but * """•uooessful, f.t was afterwards aacerthe head and legs of tho »~. aß* % w*j! them round to the various ohiefs oi .. island. It is said that the outrage was committed m retaliation for the killing of some of the islanders by the orew of the Young Dick, and that the head and legs of Mr Armstrong were shown to the ohiefs who had lost men m the Young Diok affray. General George Boulanger, says the "Liverpool Post," is half an Englishman, his mother being an English lady. George was eduoated at Brighton, and although he left there at the age of 14, and has not visited Eigland Binoe 1851, he still speaks English as fluently as a native. An old schoolmate of his says George wbb one of the most remarkable boys at sohool. He was the ringleader m all kinds of mißohief, always full of fun and audacity, yat with one of the kindest* hearts m the school; One day some of .his companions, when out for a walk over the downs with the dogs, gave chase to a oat, and the j poor frightened pußsy took shelter m a tree. The boys began pelting stones at her to dislodge her. The owner of the oat was a young girl, who was m tears at the sight of the boys' oruelty. George coming on the soene and seeing the girl's distress, told his companions to stop their torture of the oat, but the leader of the orowd, a big bully, refused to do bo j whereupon George took hold of the lad and gave him a terrible thrashing, and olimbing the tree, restored the cat safe and Bound to its tearful owner.

The s.s. Ooptic is expected to leave Lyttelton for London via Rio on Friday. Letters for this mail should be posted m time for to-morrow's express. A young woman of Ridgeway, Canada, has had the banns of matrimony between herself and two of her lovera read m the parish ohuroh, the olergyman having deoided that she is. free to ohonae between them at the altar. This ia a new and startling departure m weddings." The Paris Municipal Oounoil ia m a dilemma over the noble bequest of Madame 1 Bouoioaut of twelve millions of francs to be ' employed by the city m hospitals and asylums. The bequest stipulates the employment of these millions m the support of establishments m which the patients are nursed and tended by nuns ; and as the oity has expelled the nuns from all its asylums and replaced them by lay nurses and managers, it must either rescind its ediots of expulsion or renounce this magnificent bequest. The Rev L. M. Isitt opened his tour m this district last evening at Willowby, Laoturars generally have to struggle against the popular notion that lectures are neoeesarily a dry experienoa, but this idea was forcibly dispelled from the minds of those who listened to the Rev ieoturer last evening as he discoursed on his favourite theme, " Dr Maoleod,,' The most sedate wore fairly oonvulsed with laughter by the oar toons, and tbe witticisms of the speaker, whilst a broad catholic Christianiy was represented m such terms as to commend it to all. The leoture will be repeated at Wakanui this evening, and at Ashburton to-morrow, m the Wesleyan Ohuroh at eaoh plaoe. A meeting of the oommittee of the Ash burton Racing Club was held last evening. Stakes and aooounte for the reoent raoe meeting were paid. The race meeting resulted m a profit of about £150, which was considered very satisfactory under the unfavourable conditions of tho weather that prevailed on the raoe daya; The suoceßsful manner m whioh the Seoretary had oarried out the two raoe meetings held since he took office was substantially reoogriised by the unanimous vote of the meeting. As the Dunedin Exhibition raoe meeting is to be held at the time the Ashburton Spring meeting usually takes plaoe the committee had to select another date, and fixed upon Thursday and Friday, Ootober 17 and 18, for the next races, Mr George Cutts, handioapper for last meeting, was congratulated upon his . appointment to the management of the Sylvia Park Stud, Auokland, though the loss of his eervtoes would be greatly felt by the Olub. A manuscript oopy of the Gospels, for whioh the priae of £5000 has been refused, is (the "York Herald" states) about to come under the hammer ie London. It is the splendid "Evangelariuro," written m letters of gold on purple vellum, whioh was produoed by an Anglo-Saxon soribe for Arohbishop Wilfrid of York about the year 670. Aooording to one aooount this most interesting volume was presented to King Henry VIII. by Pope Leo X. on the oooasion of oonf erring the title of "Defender of the Faith;" and even the German Professor Wattenbaob, while disputing the aoouraoy of this story, agrees that the gift was made to the See of York by Cardinal Wolsey, King Henry'B trusted Chancellor and Arobbishop for the time being. Six years ago it formed part of the famous collection of manuscripts at Hamilton Palace, and when the present daka disposed of these treasures it was purchased along with many other valuable papers, for the Prussian Government, and deposited m the Berlin Museum. It was the Prussian Government whioh refused to part with the York Gospels, even for £5000, to an English bookseller who waß anxious to possess himself of the prize. The value of the book is, of oourse, greatly enhanced by tbe oiroumstanoe that there are only three or four manusoripta of the same kind now m existence. The best Remedy for Indigestion.— Norton's Camomile Pills are confidently recommended as a sirup!, remedy for indigestion, which is the cause of nearly all c diseases to which we are subject. Norto 's Pills, with justice called the " nature's strengthener of the human stomach," act as a powerful tonic and gentle aperient, are mil m their operation, and safe under auycircum« stances Sold m bottles at is i£d, 2s gd , by all medicine „ vendors throughout te world

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2135, 15 May 1889