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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. TUESDAY, MAY 14, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL

The total number of Jews throughout the world is between eight and ten millions. The Town Counoil of Edinburgh have acquired sixty-one aores of the estate of Inverleitb, at a cost of £33,500, for the purpose of conversion into a publia park. The following advertisement lately appeared m a Parisian newspaper: "A lady having a pet dog whose hair is of a rioh mahogany color, desires to engage a footman with whiskers to matoh. " The freehold of the land on which the Melbourne Bijou Theatre stood was bought by the Rev Mr Brewater many years ago for £89. He now reoeives £1800 a year m rental. There were twenty •four murders com* mitted m Melbourne last year, or nearly one a fortnight, and the Yiotims m no lesa than nineteen instances ware infants, strangled 'or smothered by their own mothers. ...... : The public debt of Australia, wbioh has been piled up only within the last thirty years now exceeds £160,000,000. The Canadian debt, with five .millions of people, is but £47,000,000. It is rumoured (says the " Christian Commonwealth ") that General Booth is about to abdicate m favour of his son Mr Bra m well Booth. It is stated that this important) event is likely to take plaoe m a few weeks' time. The express train from south yesterday — the first day of the new time-table was 35 minutes late. The delay was we believe owing to the bearings of the locomotive beooming heated between Timaru and Aehburton. An English advertisement reads:—" A pious young man desires to be reoeived into a respeotable family, where the excellence of his example and superior morality might be considered as an equivalent for board and lodgings." The Ruide, Mr P.. Grey, who lives at the foot of Buapehu, states that the hot lake on the top of that mountain, whioh has been constantly emitting steam for the last few years, has, during the last month, been gradually lessening m volume, until during the last week or so it has completely oeased. Sydney Taiwhanga was sued at Auckland the other day for £20 13s Id for brend supplied, and was ordered to pay it m three months. The Magistrate, Dr Giles, remarked " You are one of those wfyomake laws for the whole colony, <and it does not look well for you not fo pay your baker's bill. As a Masterton amateur theatrioal oompany was returning from Greytown the other night one of the ladies met with a singular accident. The end ot a loose shawl she was wearing oaught m the spokes of the wheel o,' the carriage, and drew so tightly round her neok that she turned blaok m the face, The shawl fortunately broke, otherwise she would joertainly have been killed. Mr E. Williams, tea r dealer, Park street, has sent to onr ofßoe a samplp of ap ingeniCC" fire-kindling apparatus, the patent of Mr Waite, of Auckland, for wbioh he is agent. It oonsista of a piSDo of pumioe-lika composition, inclosed m wire, whioh is saturated with kerosene ignited and plaoed m the grate, the result being that the fire is lighted without further trouble and attention, whereupon the kindler may be withdrawn. Those useful little affairs are sold at a shilling eaoh, Mr Carroll, of Otakeho, says the " Ha/Mja Star," towards the end of last year sentjJMne 25 kegs of butter to England though Mr Scales, of Wellington, per steamefOLorangi and Buapehu. The butter sent i>er Aorangi realised 112s per owfc, that sent by the Buapehu 114s per owt. At the time it left here the local price was sd, whereas by sending it Home Mr Qaroll hag realised 9d per pound clear of all expenses. The result, - m *~«trße, is eminently Batief aotory, and we are "clad rto ha sblel io * ay that adyioe S lately received m va^ 138 prtfl Of the colony are equally satisfactory m tenor. An old baohelor peasant of Calbas, a village m the department of the Gard, has had a narrow escape of being buried alive. He had been ill for some time, and visiting him the other day m the morning the looal medico deoTared that life was extinot. The eager heirs assembled, lighted the customary oandies, and laid out the body* About one m the morning the watchers were startled by a sudden awakening of the supposed corpse, which raised itself and exolaimed, after a deep sigh of apparent relief, " Give me some soup, I'm terrible hungry." Tableau, disappointment, and reoo very. \ ■_■£■ The balance-sheet of the Bank of New South Wales appears m another column. Through good times and bad, and m spite of depression m the Australian oolonies consequent on flood, drought, or oollayse of land booms, this old established and wealthy institution pursues the even tenor of its way, and regularly, at the olose of oaoh half year, meets its shareholders with a 17£ per cent dividend, and an addition of £10,000 to the reserve fund. Such figures speak eloquenntly of the prudence and ability of the general manage* ment, and must be equally satisfactory to shareholders and depositors. The annual meeting of ratepayers of the Upper Ashburton Road District was held m the Board's office, Tinwald, at noon on Tuesday, May 7th. The attendance was moderate, Mr McLean, Chairman of the Board, prosided. The annual report was read, also the balance-sheet, wbioh had been returned from the Audit Offioe duly certified shewing receipts, £905 6s 4d, Bank overdraft, £311 17s 3d ; unpresented cheques, £8 4s 4d ; total, £1220 7s lid ; expenditure, £1220 7s lid. On the motion of Mr J. M. McOonoohie, seoonded by Mr B. Molntyre, the annual report and balance-sheet as read were adopted. Toe meeting then adjourned, iS

The "Presß" reports that on Saturday afrernoon two sons of Mr E. J. Alexander, at Kaiapoi, met with an aooident by the upsetting of a oanoe m the river at Kaiapoi. Both bad learned to swim, and the elder boy stuok by bis younger brother till both were able to make the shore, having received a thorough wetting. In " Maomillan'a Magazine" Professor Goldwin Smith writes on " Prohibitionism m Canada and the United States," a system which he condemns m unmeasured terms, declaring that its working only gives rise to smuggling, perjury, secret drinking, and deterioration of the liquor. He strongly recommends the British Parliament before committing itself to prohibitive legislation to send a Commission of Enquiry to the United States and Canada. This is totally opposed to the accounts of the working of prohibition given by other authorities, and it would be satisfactory if it oould be ascertained beyond all doubt as to what are the real facts of the case. The e.s. lonio, whioh left Lyttelton on May 2nd with a large number of passengers, the direot mail, and a full cargo of frozen moat, etc, returned to that port yesterday. When nearly one thousand miles on her journey the after orank shaft was carried away, and it was found necessary to put back. All sail was put on, and on May Bth suoh repairs had been done as allowed one engine to work. It ie anticipated that it will take fully fourteen days to replaoe the broken shaft. A telegram reoeived to-day states that theylonio's mailß leave for Weilington by the Rotorua to-day. The passengers and cargo will be transhipped to the Ooptio whioh leaves on Friday for Bio. An old Waterloo veteran named Grant, who would have attained the venerable age of 107 had he lived till the 25th June next, died at Plattsburg, New South Wales, on April 10th. He joined the Duke of Argyle's Militia when a young man, and after serving m Ireland, he, with others, volunteered when the Peninsular war broke out, serving for some time m Spain. On his return to England he served m one of the first companies of volunteers formed. He again saw active service at the battle of 'Waterloo, reoeiving a medal. He arrived m Viotoria about 40 years ago. He was twice married, and was the father of eighteen ohildren — seven by his first wife and eleven by his seoond wife. A football match waß played m the Rakaia Domain on Saturday between teams representing the Ashbur ton -Rakaia and, South, bridge Clubs, whioh, after a very enjoyable game of two halfVhour spells, resulted m a draw, neither side being able to score. Lee captained the Southbridge men and Fooks aoted m the same oapaoity for AshburtonRakaia; The display of football was cot very brilliant, owing to it being the firat match of the season, bat some of the players showed fine form, and no doubt will improve as the season progresses. On Saturday next a team from Linooln College will visit Ashbnrton, when the looal Club will be required to put their best men m the field, and all those members who can are requested to turn up to praotice on Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock m the Domain. There were reoently published some partioulars regarding a new preservative prooess by chemicals whioh had been tried m London, and had so far proved successful. Before the mail steamer Ooptio left London it was determined to send out by her a few eggs and one fowl whioh had been treated by the new prooesp. Both the fowl and the eggs have been kept m the ordinary storeroom of the' steamer, and although it is how fifty-three days Binoe she left London, the fowl appears perfeotly fresh. Some of the eggs have been tested, and on being cooked were found perfeotly sweet and freah. Mr W. J, Rae (the purser) informs us that it is his intention to take the remaining eggs and fowl back to London m order to perfeotly test the system. —•• Otago Daily Times." The annual Parishioners meeting Was held at All Saints Church, Methven. on May 11th. Present— Rev H. Collins (Chairman}, Messrs E. Chapman, W. Morgan, G, H. Alington, W. tJllyatt, W. Wrathali, J. Hibbs and R Lyne. A statement of accounts was read shewing a. balance m hand of £5 16a sd. The b'alanoe sheet as read was ooneided very satisfactory and was adopted. The following were elected Ohueh officers for the ensuing year :— Messrs E. Chapman and W. ' Morgan, Wardens ; Mesßrs G. H. Alington, W. Ullyatt, W. Wrathall, J. Hibbs, Joseph 'Batty, Jonathan Hibbs, R. Lyne, and F. A. Dunn, Vestrymen. It was reaolved to subscribe {to the Pension Fund as soon, as the funds of the Churoh will admit of this being done, The sum of £10 was voted towarda the repairs to the parsonage. The usual vote of thanks to the Chairman brought the meeting to a olose. Miss Nellie Oashman, a tall handsome, dark, eyed lady of 26 years is attempting to beaome to Arizona what " Queen Midas " has been Ito Australia. She has a natural instinot for discovering gold, says the " Sunday Timeß," and she has developed and strengthened it by careful study with her brother, who is a practical miner. She pushes out to the newest camps; gives her judgment upon the probabilities of the various mines; backs' her judgment with her money, and is seldom mistaken, The miners are superstitious, and believe that Miss Gaßbman — whose name iB itself a good omen — brings them luok, and they are willing to give her a share of any mine whioh she approves, knowing that its prioe will be at once advanced by her endorsement, whether the mine turns out riohly or otherwise. Miss Oashman has been for nine years m this business, seems well educated and ladylike, and is thoroughly respected by the rough men with whom she trusts herself as the only woman m their camp. ... „ . Who m the world is it that gulls our friends at Home so egregiously ? A day or two ago we republisbed an extraordinary yarn about Te Eooti,from "Modern Sooiety." Here is another about our. supposed sufferings m New Zealand from hordes of wild pigs. It is clipped from the " Sheffield Independent" of a date m Maroh last:— " The latest grievanoe from the Australasian polonies recalls the old days of ♦ Merrie England;' We have heard a good deal from Australia about the kangaroo plague,. and how the importation of rab'b'itß titis beep followed by the multiplication of the speoiea m a manner so alarming that it threatens to eolipse m deadly effect that plague of locusts Of ancient days. And now from the neighbouring colony of New Zealand we have tidings that tne awine have run wild and increased so abundantly that to-day they roam about m vast herds, destroying the crops, devouring the farmyard Btook, and working havoo more terrible than the wild boars which were hunted m the forests of England m the days of bluff Ring Hah Thus does history repeat itself, only m this instance the terror of the swine does not appear to be surrounded with that halo, of romance m hunting whioh made the presence of the wild boar not an unmitigated evil."

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. TUESDAY, MAY 14, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2134, 14 May 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. TUESDAY, MAY 14, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2134, 14 May 1889