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Brazil last year acquired 186,000 European immigrants. The nuiu hac °' persons who sleep m the open air every m^' « h™*™ *■ 6000 at least. More than two hundred people have bb*!* killed m Amerioa within the last twelve months by eleotrio light wireß. There were 328,716 divorces m the United States betweea 1867 and 1886. This is an average of 17,300 per annum. The Salvation Army has more tribulation m Switzerland. In the Canton of Basle pubiio meetings and the use of musical instruments hre entirely forbidden. Hunger typhus has broken out m the distriot of Doboka, m Hungary, where ten oases out of thirty have proved fatal The prevailing famine is due to the failure of the potato orop last autumn. A glowing aocount comes from Johannesburg, Sou h Africa, of the disoovery of another gold reef, reported to be the rioheßt m the dißtriot. It is stated that "the wildest exoitement is prevalent." Last year was notable for the faot that no less than sixty ships of war were launched by the various naval powors of the world, while the olose of the year found over one hundred m oourse of construction. A farmer named Herron, who was bitten reoently by a rabid oat, left Belfast for M. Pasteur's institute m Pariß,|aooompanied by a looal medioal student. A girl bitten by the -•me animal died a few days afterwards. '"or of Austria bas banished even TheEmpu... *-nd. disgraced son. He the name of his ac . — "ioned m his will not allow it to be m^ . "- n Don presence. The blow has told heavi.j him. His hair, whioh was grizzily, has beoome white, and his step is heavy. The British Jaok Tar has beoome a very thrifty person. The Naval »Savingß Bank shows every year an increased number of deposits, and largely inoreased average value. One ship of the Royal Navy, lately paid ofl from China, had over £10,000 due to the crew. A Mr Harbutt, of Auokland, who has started a corn-broom faotory, is sending for three of his sons from America, with a view of taking up land either at the Te Puke, East Coast, or m the Viotoria Valley, and cultivating the corn for themselves for the faotory. Vesuvius has lately been very aotive. It has been rapidly throwing up a new cone of eruption about thirty to forty yards to the south-west of tbe original one, and the fissure aoroßß the crater plane toward tbo west-Bouth-west is increasing m sizo, and is rioh m aoid emanations. Referring to the oable message published on Friday last to tbe effect that tbe Midland Railway debentures were quoted at 3 per cent disoount the " Lyttelton Times " points out that it really means a considerable rise m the price. The debentures were issued at 92£, and 3 per oent disoount means that they are now at 97— a rise of 4£ per oent. The Dunedin correspondent of the "Tuapeka Times " says he has it on the best authority that Sir Robert Stout has been pressed, and he believes auooessfully, to contest a constituency not quite a thousand miles fromi Tuapeka. It is presumed that this moans Tuapoka itself bb it is understood that Mr J. O. Brown has resigned that seat or is about to do bo. The " Yeoman " points out that there has \ been a mistake made with reference to the supposed repeal of the duty on cheese and I butter m New South Wales. It is true a resolution was passed by the Assembly m Favor of the repeal of the duties, but the new Government afterwards announced that they 1 io not mean to interfere with the tariff for i mother year, from whioh wi undoritind tho c lutiu riHii* 11 tb«7 »», • f

A meeting will be held at the Oddfellow^ Hall thia evening to consider the propose weekly half-holiday movement. ' A telegram received from Wellington to-day states that the Railway Commissioners have deoided to oarry out the proposed alterations m the express time-table. They state that they oannot see their way to give effeot to the wiaheß oi tbe country oißtiiots m this matter. The holy city of Tunis, Kairwan, can now be entered by Christians, and its mosques can be visited. The great moßque bas 565 columns of marble of every oonoeivable oolour and of every variety of architecture, and is, perhaps, the next m beauty to tho great mosque m Cordova. The ranks 0! editors have often been reoruited from the pulpit, but it is seldom the compliment is returned, and the ohuroh gets a preacher from among those who have wielded the soissors. Mr J. H; Zillman, lately editor of the "Darling Downs (Q.) Gazette," has, however, been licensed to offioiato as a Churoh of England clergyman, Chicago can lay olaim to being the greatest milk oentre m the oountry. The average total daily receipt of milk is 10,000 oane. As eaoh can holds eight gallons this will represent 320,000 quarts per day, 2,240,000 quarts per week, and 116,480,000 quarts per year — a veritable river of life, and more than the oity waterworks oould pump m 24 hours. In several parts of Poland the wolves have, m oonsequenoe of the severe weather, ap. peared m suoh numbers as to have beoome a Bouroe of grave danger to the inhabitants. All kinds of live stook have been destroyed by the ravenous beasta, and there have been one or two narrow eßoapeß from death of the inhabitants' An enormous number of animals are killed m Siberia yearly for their fur. At the last summer Fair of Irbift, whioh is a market for only a part of the furs exported from Siberia, no less than 3,180,000 skins of squirrels were j offered for sale. Of other varieties there were 11,000 blue fox, 140,000 marmot, 30,000---polecat, 10,000 badger, 1,300,000 hare, and 2000 fox. In connection with the Wesleyan Ohuroh a harveßt thanksgiving was held ou Sunday m the Sohoolroom, Greenmreet. The room was beautifully deoorated with fruits and flowers of various kinds, while a fine displa; of produce testified to tbe productions of the district. A company of friends from Ashburton furnished speoial music for the occasion. The attendance was very large, the place being crowded to its utmost capacity, and an appropriate sermon was preached Dy the Rev J. T. Burrows. The " Wanganui Yeoman " has heard of an instance of tbe value of properly tilling the soil whioh may be ot interest to many of our roaders. A farmer m the Brunßwiok district last Beason put two paddocks down m wheat. Ono of these he had time to plough twioe, the other only teoeived the usual amount of attention: Both were sown with wheat of the same sample, but he has marked the result, and so may our readers, 71 bußhels on tbe twice ploughed land, 25 on the other! The wheat is Bed Tuscan, and is detoribed by a milling expert as about the host he has ever seen. A good story is told of Fettigrew, of South Carolina, the great lawyer and unionist. He was practising at one time before a judge who was a Presbyterian of the strictest scot and a very hard working officer. It oame to be Maundy-Thursday, and Pettigrew and the Gatholios and Episcopalians thought they would like an adjournment of oourt over Good Friday. Pettigrew was selected to make the motion. " Your Honour," he said, " I desire to move that the court adjourn over to-morrow." " Why should the oourt adjourn over to-morrow when the docket ii bo crowded?" asked the Judge. "Beoauae," said Pettigrew, "to-morrow ib Good Friday, and Boms of us would like to go to ohuroh.," "No," said tbe Judge deoidedly, after a a moment's thought, " the oourt will sit tomorrow as usual " "Very well, your Honour," replied Pettigrew, adding as he turned away : " I know there is a preoedent, for Pontius Pilate held court on the first Good Friday."— ••Catholic Telegraph." A meeting of the Committee of the Ash. burton Baoing Club was held on Saturday evening. Nominations were received for the handicaps to be run at the ensuing Autumn Race Meeting, and were the best ever received by the Olub, numbering no leaa that 137 for the ten events, and inoluding most of the best raoehorses m the country. The oourse was reported to be m good order, and tbe Ground Committee was authorised to take steps for the protection ot those oooupying the booths m case of rain. Application has been made to the Railway Department for oheap< fareß from Christohuroh, Timaru, and other stations. It was resolved that no betting should be permitted on any part of the grounds. Arrangements have been made to post tbe handicaps at ABhburton and Timaru on Friday evening, after the Timaru raoes; and if Mr George Cufts is as successful as usual m his adjustment of the weights, and the weather is favorable, the most suooessful races ever held here may be'anticipated. Tbe list of nominations appeared m yesterday's issue. "■im the aooount given m a contemporary ot the visit oi tht ? fl v H. T. Robjohns, to Timaru, the Committee ox the Jooftl branch of tbe Bible Sooiety bear testimony to the inoreased interest m the work of the Sooiety oaused by that gentleman's visit. There had been raised m free contributions £37, and 4500 Jubilee Testaments bad boon distributed through the sobools m South Canterbury at a oost of £43. Tbe report concluded with expressions of welooma to the Rev Mr Robjohns, and of the hope that ho may long be spared to carry on his important work. On the motion of -the Bey W. Gillies, the branch was constituted an auxiliary for South Canterbury. From the " Timaru Herald" we also find that olose upon one thousand persona were gathered together m the Presbyterian Ohuroh on the afternoon of April 21st, when those present, ohiefly children, behaved remarkably well and evinced groat interest m the address, the subjeot of whioh was " Tyndal the Bible Martyr," the attention paid being m itself a compliment to the ability of Mr Robjobna. SANDBR and SONS 1 EUCALYPTI EXTRACT.—In protection of the worldwide fame our manufacture has aoquired all ovpr tbo globe, we publish the following : — Hazard, M.P., Professor of General Pathology and Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System, says m an editorial published m the** Clinical Record ; " — " We have examined half-a-dozen specimens of different manufactures; tho preparation of Sander and Sons was the only one that proved to be reliable and corresponding to soientifio tests." Another conoootion * " iflftned Extraot of Eufialyptus " ha? called;.. — « ainoe. Tms produpt made its appearing- ~ — foreiiiost m stands, aooording to Dr Owen, . * oausing injurious effects. That gentlemttu communicates, at a meeting of the Medioal Sooiety of Viotoria, that a child living at Fitzroy became moßt seriously indisposed through its use. In another oase a lady states on the strength of statutory declaration that she suffered cruelly from the offeots of the same concootion. To guard the high reputation of our manufacture we feel warranted m exposing the above facts, and desire the pubiio to exeroise care and preoaution when buying, SANDER and SONS — (Advt. 7

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2122, 30 April 1889