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We aw m receipt from the Government printer of a copy of Dr Heotor'a " Phormium Tenaz as a Fibrous plant." The "Londonderry Sentinel" of March 7th announces the death of a Mr Thomas Johnstone Kelly, of Kinlough, County Leitrim, at the age of 114 years. Mr A, Purveß, the popular Soottiah vooalist is announoed to give his entertainment entitled " Twa Hours at Hame " at Springburn sohoolhouse on Wednesday next. May 1, at Mayfield spboolbouse on Thursday May 2, ~2<i Bt the Temperanoe Hall, TJnwald, on Friday, 2? a * 8 * At Tinwald a danqo will follow the eriteriufruoof, The "Timaru Herald" points 62* thftt Zadkiel's Almanao made a good shot tnlo year. Under date April 16th the following referenoe is made to the Duke of Edinburgh, who is noyr Buffering from Maltese fever : "Our Sailor Prince will be troubled by Saturn's stationary position so near the places of the Sun and Mara at his birth ; he will do well to avoid staying m unhealthy places where fever lurks." By the last South African mail we learn that a wonderfully rioh silver mine has been discovered within eight miles of Pretoria— the capital of the South African Republic— m whioh the prinoipal leader runs SOOOoz of silver to the ton 1 Prom several assays as much as 46000zs have been obtained I The name of the mine is " Willows Silver Mine," looally known as "Skill's Silver Mine," and it is anticipated that it will be seoond only to Mackay's famous silver mine m America, and will put into the shade even euoh rioh gold mines as the Robinson, whose £J. shares are now worth £65, and the Sheba; In order to develop the mine a company has been floated, when a oapital of £100,000 m £1 shares, and with the mail left these were eagerly enquired after ut £12 10a to £15 each. The Bpringfield correspondent of the 11 Ljrttelton Times " says the .survey m connection with the Midland railway i« going on apaoe. Mr Edwards and his staff have their oamp at Kowai Bush, and Mr Napier Bell arrived m Bpringfield on Wednesday evening. The route whioh is now being surveyed, a tentative one, of oourse, deviates slightly from that originally taken by Messrs Outten md Holt for the Opvorpinpot, It oroises the Kowai somewhat lower down, sad passes ihenoe through Mount Torlesse Busb, not !ar from the homestead, almost a direot line ib the orow flies. It will be a surprise for hose who are aooustoraed to make the ourney to end fro between Springfield and he Bush by the road aud footbridge, to know hat the distance by the surveyed line is not nore than two miles. The annual meeting of subscribers to the Vaterton Publio Library waa held m the library Hall one day last week. There waa i fair attendance of subscribers, and Mr R. Jilmour was voted to the ohair. The Secretary read the annual report, which howod that during the year great improvencnts had been oarried out to the library ;rounds, and also that a good number of lew books had been added to the already urge number of useful volumes m the library. IMie Treasurer's report showod the inoomo to lave been £13 (5a and £ho expenditure £11, caving a balance m hand of £2 Gs. A vote if thanks waa passed io the retiring Comnittee ; and the following gentlemen wero lected to serve on the Committee for the nsuing year, viz :— Meßera Bice, Read, Soal, Lshton, and R. Gilmour. A meeting of the tow Committee was then held whon Mr R, Jilraour was chosen Chairman, Mr J. Read fecrotary, Mr J. Blee Treasurer, and Mr W. jibrarian. It was resolved to have a number if catalogues printed for the use of subscribers, ?ome dißoussion then ensued as to the advUi. lility VA« ? °hB?Ri D X books with other libraries, >ut it waa jretioVofi BQ\ to do Bo ftt present, ?be meeting tb^ di^e^ f .

The annnal meeting of parißhionerß will be held m St Stephen's sohoolroom this evening. A handsome granite monument for the grave of Mra Henry Wood m Highgate Oomctery hns just been oompleted by an Aberdeen firm. It ia m the form of a sarcophagus of Dorio design, and is an exaot counterpart of the tomb of Soipio Afrioanus at Borne. The memorial bears the simple inscription, " Mrß Henry Wood. The Lord giveth wisdom." Mr Morgan, of Kaitoke, imforms the 11 Wanganui Ohroniole " that the maggot, so well-known at Homo, has appeared m one of his sheep, but that he has managed to eradicate it. A neighbor of Mr Morgan's has also had some of his flook suffering from tbe same peßt, and has lost one of bia sheep from its efleots. It seems (says our contemporary) extraordinary that theae maggots should have appeared at Buoh an unseasonable time of the jear, as it is well-known that a very high temperature is necessary to develop the egg from its embryo state. A Transylvanian journal gives a tragic account of the oonaequenoos of a kiss given by a spiritual pastor at a rural dance to a fair member of his flock. The culprit, a pope of the Greek Church at Also-Gald, Jbore the obaraoter of being a lady-killer, and on more than one occasion seems to have got into trouble m consequence. The other day his reverence kisßQd hia partner |m the whirl of the danoe, when unfortunately bis tender advanoea were destroyed by the watohful eye of the maiden's betrothed. Outraged beyond measure, the rustio knight, forgetful of the eaored immunity of the divine, dealt his rival a Btunning blow. The sacristan of the parish, armed with a stout stick, ruahed to the resoue, and floored the outraged lover so efleotually bb to kill him on the spot. The Lepers' Isle, m the Sandwioh Islands* is to r6oeive a new martyr. Miss Flavin, a young, pale, thin, epeotaoled lady, has gone from Liverpool to join Father Damien, to take oharge of the orphaned children of the leper establishment. She knows that she is about to doom herself to a repulsive life m one of the most horrible spots on earth, among pariahs whose only business is to await a loathsome death ; but she feels that it is her mission to leave her brother and two sisters m England, and devote herself to helping Father Damien, the head of the leper colony. She has studied leprosy for two years, and taken a course of hospital training. When asked if she ezpeoted to esoape oontagion, she mildly replied, "Oh, no. I shall be contaminated like the others. But 1 am not seeking notoriety nor reward, exoept the spiritual comfort of doing for those dying ornatures what their terrible disease keeps other people from doing." Miss Flavin is a Catholic. A curious inoident, says the " Sunday Times," occurred to the Queen at tbe draw, ing room. It appears that when Lord Balis, bury oame forward to make hia bow, her Majesty motioned him on one side for the purpose of addressing a few words to him. When tbe Queen turned round to speak to him, however, suddenly, to tho horror of all those standing around, Her Majesty's cap, tiara, and veil were torn off her bead, and there the Queen stood before a full court orowned only with the natural adornment of her hair. The explanation, however, is extremely Bimple. Her Majesty's veil had got entangled m the jet trimmings of the mistres9of tbe robes, dresß, and when this lady bod exeouted a slight rear movement to meet the Queen's altered position, she naturally dragged the veil off with her. The Princess of Wales and the other Princesses preßent quiokly surrounded her Majesty, and attempted to repair the damage, but bo great was the Queen's mirth and their own that it was several minutes before this oould be Buooessfully done. The lepers who have been quarantined m tbe lazaretto m the ranges beyond Ballarat East, Victoria, for the past fourteen years have been removed by the polioe to the central station at Point Nepean. They had some difficulty m induolng Ah Yet, one of the lepers to leave the lazaretto. He said he would rather die than quit his old quarters, and asked the officers if they would retire m order that he might commit Ruioide. The police, however, seized two razors' and several knives that were m his hut. As the un» fortunate man refused to leare the hovel, the polios had to get him into a lorry that was m waiting, and even then he oould not be pacified until the Mongolian cook m the lazarotto entered the vehicle and sat alongBide him. Tbe other leper Sam Maok offered no resistance. This man is m a terrible plight, his eyeß and nose and fingers and toes have disappeared before the inroads of the disease. The transfer of the lepers from the lazaretto to the Ballarat Railway Station oooupied eight hours. Twelve years ago there were twelve lepers quartered m Ballarat East. A correspondent of the "New Zealand Herald " ;thus describe! a cave which he has visited at tbe upper side of Ohora harbor. The passage was about bix feet high, and led into a large ohamber, where a family might be reared. To our surprise we found +b« biuda were oarved with figures by native" artists. They were out m the sandstone. It was difficult to judge at what period they wera formed, or as to any interpretation their appearance or attitude might furnish, or, considering them as ethnological evidences, They presented a positive expression of perpetual defiance. The eyes of tbe figures were formed to their wideßt extent, and exhibited a broad stare, as if engaged m a futile attempt at mesmerism. Tbe nose seemed to be considered as an insignigoaqt feature, for they were rather oiroumsoribed as to noses; Th | mouth was tbe moßt extraordinary formation Of the physiognomy, and was remarkable for its oaT llo^ a great consideration for the Maori. A very largo tongue protruded toils fullest extent, as if the figure represented a patient exhibiting the state of his tongue to tbe doctor ; but tbe great point gained by tbe artist was the unmistakable defiance he threw into the czprot^ion. These figures represented the bellicose period of lsew Zealand history. Statutory Declaration.— l, Franz Raabe, Ironbark, Sandhurst, m the colony of Viotoria, Australia, do solemnly and sinoerely deolare that on tbe 25th June, 1877, my son Alfred, Bix years of age, was accidentally hurt t/ith an axe on his knee. lat onoo took all pains to seoure medical assistance. However, In spite of all efforts, on the 27th August, 1877, the opinion was given by Dr Maogillivray that an amputation of tbe injured limb had become imperative, m order to save life. At this junoture I called on Messrs Sander and Sons, procuring some of their Extraot of tha Euoalyptua Globulus, and by tho application of the same I had the satisfaction of seeing my son within a fortnight out of all danger, and to-day he is reoovered, I may just add that it was when the orisia had been reached that the Extract referred tq was first applied, and I make this oof em n deolarafciou, oto. — Franz Riabe. Deblared at Sandhurst, m the colony of Victoria, Australia, this seventeenth day of October, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven before me, Moritz Conn, J.P.— (AdvU " 0 '

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LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2121, 29 April 1889