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. « _ " Boßh " ib the trade name in London for all butter substitutes. There aro 2,700,000 women in Belgium who are engaged in industrial pursuit?. Kensington Palace, tho home of the Quoerrs bildbood, bas been oondemned as unsafe. Four young men have rosolved to go on horecback from St Petorsburg to tho Paris Exhibition. An employee of a bnsineßß firm in Wsllington is said to have absconded leaving behind him a defioienoy of £2000. A Russian branoh of the English family of Leslie have inherited in Eagland a legacy of some ton millions sterling. There are throughout tho world fifty crematories, moat of whioh are in tho Unitod States, nearly twenty being in Italy. Divine service will be oonduoted by Mr Joseph Ward in the Waterton Ohuroh to- 1 morrow at 3 p,w,

The year 1889 besides being tne ueuieumj . if the chrysanthemum in Europe, is that of : he dahlia in England. It waa introduoed by he Marohionesa of Bute iu 1789. Tha potato crop of the United Ststes is aatimated at 210,000,000 bushels, the largest aver harvested; henoe the small shipments Erom abroad. The proceeds of tbe sale of the Frenoh orown diamonds will ba applied to_ the endowment of museums, of the National Sohool of Decorative Art, of apprentice schools, and to assist mutual aid societies, Thia evening nominations oloae for the handicaps at the Autumn Meeting of the Ashburton Baoing Olub. The programme ia a very liberal one, and should attract numerous entries. At the athletic sports at Oxford, England, Mr O. B. Clark, of Exeter College, tbe eldest son of Mr Charles Claik, of Christohuroh, won no less than four firßt prizeB — viz., the long jump, the high jump, the mile raoe, and the half-mile raoe. i In the Beaident Magistrate's Court this morning before Major Steward, J.P., an old man charged with drunkenness in consideration of the faot that he had not been before the Court for some years was treated as a first offender and fined 5j with the nsual alternative. Scientists (says the Boston " Pilot ") are greatly interested in the discovery of a fossil tree, known as the Cellus Giganteua in the shaft of the Meriden Quarry Company." It was unearthed at the lowest level yet reaohed oy mo company, and, it is claimed, ia tbe only known Bpeoimen discovered. Just how many Btars the Liok telescupe oan reveal is a matter of estimation, for it would be physically impossible to count them. Certainly the number oannot be less than 75,000,000, and probably not less than 100,000,000. It is capable of showing at least twioe as many Btars as tbe big Washington telcsoope. At the Beaident Magistrate Court, South Eakaio, on Thursday, Messrs Hardy and Oxley, J.P.'e, granted a prohibition order, on the application of the family, against William Street, of Bakaia, for twelve months, and to have effect throughout the county of Ashburton. The Emperor of China was married on Sunday, Feb. 24th, the wedding having been delayed for a year as tbe Treasary oould not supply the two millions Bterling needed to oover the wedding expenses. Tbe money has for the moat part been advanoed by an English syndicate, otherwise His Majesty, Euang-Hsu, would be still unable to wed his oousin, who, since her betrothal to him, has been shut up in a palace*^. A lady living near Timaru owns a cat whioh has Bhown a considerable amount of intelligence. A hen belonging to the same person lately brought out a brood of ohiokens, whioh were allowed to run about the yard. The other day a strange oat, from "over the garden wall," appropriated to itself one of the little prizes and made off. Grimalkin number one, however, was equal to the occasion. Going in chase of the marauder, it foroed him to give up the ohioken, whioh it then carried oarefully back and deposited in the yard near the hen. It waa alive, but considerably torn by ita rough usage. In connection with the recent discovery of manganese ore on the New Zealand Agricultural Company's estate a correspondent of the "Otago Daily Times" saya that Mr Valentine, M.H'B*, forwarded a sample of the ore to Melbourne, through Mr Joseph Clark, who visited Waimea a short time ago. The latter gentleman has kindly had the sample tested at the laboratories ot the Industrial and Teobnologioal Mußeum, and Mr J. Oosmo Newbery, the analyist, reports that it contains 6oz 13dwta 22gr of silver per. ton of ore. This result would not be of a payable character, but it dearly indicates the existence of silver on the mountain ranges from where the sample was obtained, and possibly mnob rioher ore may yet be found in the neighbourhood. Bumors are ourrent that gold haa been found on the company's estate, but no authentio information has reaohed me on tha subject. At a meeting of the Waitaki County Counoil on Wednesday, Mr Thomßon drew attention to the spread of the Canadian IhTdtliS" iU~tae~aißtrror;—__^ attributed thia in a great measure to the threshing "mills, and in proof of his assertion he instanced eight places 'where threshing mills had been at work, and in eaoh case had left a orop of Canadian thistles to flourish. The threshing mills carried the seeds from one plaoe to another, and thus .spread the pest. He thought it would a bad thing to have a law compelling owners of land to burn the part of their orop 'aa it stood where the thistle was growing, so that at least the seeds would not be carried about. The loss to the farmer would not be great, beoauae the thistle made it impoaaible for anything like a heavy orop to grow where it existed. The deoorations at St. Stephen's Ohuroh, for the harveat thanksgiving , service last evening, were very effeotive, additions, in the shape ot fresh blossoms and a quantity of fruit, having been made to the Easter Sunday arrangements of foliage, ferns, and flowers, the font and leotern particularly, being very tastefully designed, the latter i, n _;-~ j 1 "" an addition in the form of ears of corn, and on the lV» wew -maU sheaves of wheat and oats amongßt the frm\. Mottoes in bright gold letters on a white ground, showed up exceedingly well in the brilliant gas light, on tbe walls of the ohuroh, tbe texts being " The Lord ia risen indeed," " The first fruita of them that slept," "Jesus died and rose again," '« The King of Glory," and " Worßhip the .Lord in the beauty of Holiness." Harvest hymns were sung by tbe oboir, and tbe Bev Jasper Smyths, of Pleasant Point, preaohed a sermon appropriate to the occasion. A well-known missionary to China, the Bev T. Biohard, reoently describing the Christian missions in Japan wbioh he had visited, saya that their educational work is surprising. There is no street ohapel-preaohing as in China, and little medioal missionary work, evangelising being almost exclusively educational, although the distribution of Bibles and traots is oarried on by native colporteurs. He observes that Christian missionaries in Japan are very happy in the sympathy with which their labours are regarded by all olasses, and by non-Ohristiana as well as Christians. Japan wants to be westernised, China does not, and the Japanese believe— men of high rank have Btated it in bo many words— that they will be more readily admitted into the full oomity of nations when they are a Christian oountry. Henoe the anxiety to assist and promote the work of missionaries. " The general feeling is, tbat if things go on as they do now, the main work of the foreign missionary will be apoomplished by the year 1900— i.e., only eleven years henoe I Not that Japan will be all oonverted by that time, but then, with the aid of the missionaries in the field and the Japanese Christians, there will be enough to go on to tho completion of the work." The statistics given by Mr Biohard stflte that there are 19,829 Protestant converts, with 148 missionaries (men only), 108 unmarried ladieß, and 102 native ministers; 32,000 Roman Catholics, with 62 missionaries and 40 unmarried ladies, and 14,000 members of tbe Creek Ohuroh, with three missionaries, nine native ministers and 90 oateohiats. Certainly the Most Effective MEDIOINE in the world is SANDEB and SONS' EUCALYPTI EXTBA.OT. Test its eminent powerful effeotp in Coughs, Colds, Influenza, eto, ; the relief ia instantaneous, Thousands give tbe most gratifying testimony. Bead *bfa certificate ;—■" 24th April, 1885.— Messrs Sander anu" l"! 18 -" »*. »e greatest of pleasure that I testify to *l la eXOO I^ D S!_. your Euoalypti Extraot. Having haa iu_»u--mation of the bone of the leg, whioh oame on after a severe attack of low fever, I waa attended by Dr J. Boyd, who had innde strenuous efforts to save my leg, but without success. He found it neoessary to amputate my limb. Having beard in the meantime of the wonderful cures worked by tho Euoalypti Extract, I obtained a bottle, and tho extract had not been applied more than an hour when I began to feel greatly relieved. After applying the extract every four hours for nine or ten days I was out of all danger. I would persuade ail who may be affeoted with any Euoh disease to give tho Eucalypti Extraot a trial, and I am oonvinoed that they will find it the most wondorful of medicines. — Yours, etc, E. J. Cubnow, Wattl street Sandhurst." — (Advt.) 5 " Bucha-PaibA." Quick, complete cure all annoying kidney, bladder, and urinnary diseases. At chemists and druggists. Kempithorne, Pross:r, and Co,, agents, Christ churchi I

1 A very serious aooident ooourred at the I Canterbury flour mills this morning. Mr M. ) Buohanan, a brother of Mr Buohanan, headmaster of the High Sohool, was engaged in cleaning with a pieoe of waste a part of the maobinery. By some means bis right; hand was oaugbt in a set of cogs and was drawn in, being horribly mangled. The maobinery was at onoe stopped and the unfortunate man extrioatod. A doctor was Bent for and Mr Buohanan taken to the hospital. An examination showed that there was no hope of saving the hand, which was literally crushed into a pulp, and amputation was therefore neoessary. The operation was performed by Drs Trevor and Tweed. Li Lung Chang, whom General Grant oalled " the Bismarck of China," bas been interviewed, and says some very remarkable words. He deolar.s the Amerioan exolueion of the Chinese "aq outrage," and if it be not repealed proposes to advise the Chinese Government to retaliate by excluding all Americans from China. He predicts tbat within balf a century China will be oovered with a network of railways and telegraphs, and that the Chinese will do the manufacturing for the world. " This," be adds emphatically, " is a serious faot for the working people of Europe and America to f joe. The Chinese are intelligent and skilful ; they work as bard as your people, and live muoh more oheaply. When our mills and furnaces are opened, and our railway system completed, the difference in wages alone will turn the balanoe of manufacture in favour of China." Li. Lung Ohang is the Viceroy of the NorthWestern Provinoe of China and Superintendent of Northern Trade, and is the obiei adviser of tbe Emperor in regard to foreign affairs.

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