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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL.

» - - There are 60,000 dressmakers m Paris, working for 25,000 difforojit houses. On Christmas day last, ihe corner-stone of the first Protestant church ever built on the soil of Guatemala was laid. Bunyan'B "Pilgrim's Progress" haß been translated into Swahili, the language spoken m Zanzibar. 11 Albert " ohains are so called after the Prince CoDSort, who was presented with a chain of this description on his visit to the Birmingham Exhibition of 1846. Ho — " What would you think, dear, if I should say you wero a harp of a thousand Itrings " She—" I Bbould think, love, that you ware a lyre." Every important State m Europe has its Forestry Department, which yields a net revenue. Saxony gets a revenue of 325 dollars from each acre of forest, and AlsaceLorraine about as muoh. An illiterate farmer, wishing to enter some animals at an agricultural exhibition, wrote to the secretary as follows : — Also enter me for the best jackass ; I'm sure of taking the premium," From Paris we learn that an interes ing exhibition will shortly be held at tha Oonstrvatoireie a Arts et Metiers. It will oonsist| if a complete collection of arms and instruments used m hunting and fishing from the earliest times, The committee organising the exhibition has appealed to all persons having implements to lend them. It appears that the accident to Trooper Studholme bt the volunteer enoampment to whioh we referred yesterday was oaused through his horse baulking ut a gate and going through a wire fence. Mr Studholme is said to have fallen on his head, and actually bounced off the ground, falling again on his back. Mr W, Hale, teaoher, late of Ashburton Forks, has scoured a good Bohool m Otsgo, and is quite delighted with his change. So large has the attendance become sinoe he took charge that his salary has increased by £30 above the advertised rate, m addition to the bonus of £20 given by the Otago Board, and it will be gratifying to bis numerous friends to know that he is giving every satisfaction m his new sphere. A man going home from his work at a late hour m the night saw that the occupants of a house Btanding flush with the street had left the window up, and he deoided to warn them and prevent a burglary. Putting his head into the window, he oalled out : " Halloa 1 Good peop — " That was all he Baid. A pailful of water strnok him m the face ; and bb he Btaggered baok, a woman shrieked oat : 11 Didn't I tell you what you'd get if you wasn't home by nine o'olook ? " Several years ago, when running away to get married at Grotna Green was not an unoommon occurrence, a young man wellknown m London went to consult a legal authority of Lincoln's Inn about carrying off an heiress. " You cannot do it without considerable rick," said the lawyer, " but let her mount a horse and hold the bridle and whip. Do you then get up behind her, and you are run away with by her, m whioh case you are cafe. " The next day the lawyer who gave suoh good advice found that hiß own daughter had run away m the aforesaid manner with his olient. A fire broke out the other night at a large dyeing establishment at Rheims while a ball was given by the proprietor. Eighty-five guests were present. The fire was oaused by a wax light ooming m contact with some hangings, and so rapidly did the flames spread that property to the value of 250,000 francs was destroyed before the fire oould be mastered. All the guests turned out into the street, the ladies m their ball dresses shivering m the Bnow m ten degrees of frost, Many cf them had their hair burned off, and a number of the gentlemen had their hands scorched. Happily there were no deaths. The baptism of the little Lapland maiden born m the Jardin d'Aoolimatation took plaae the other day at the Swedish Lutheran Church Paris. The visitors wero dressed m their best, and took part m the religious ceremony with fervour. Before the baptism the pastor of the ohurob, M. Jebari. delivered a benediotion to Mme. Ullsdatter, the mother of the new-born infant, who appeared at the churoh for the first time sinoe its birth. After the benediotion a hymn was sung, and the pastor delivered an eloquent sermon m Swedish from the text " Suffer little children to oome unto me. 1 ' Thp young Christian was then presented at the altar by its godfather and godmother and received a plentiful sprinkling of water. After the oeremony the Lapps returned to the gardens, where a substantial lunob, accompanied by a bottle or two of ohampagne awaited them* One bishop tells the following story about another : — The palace was at the distance of some miles from the city, and the bishop waß aocustomed to be driven m and out m his brougham when business took him to the Diocesan Registry, One afternoon, when the carriage came round, it was too evident that the ooaohman was unfit to drive. What was to be done ? Dinner waited, and no other driver oould be prooured. At last his lordship consigned the ooaobman to cafe keeping, and, favoured by the darkness, mounted the box and drove himself home. As soon as the qarriage«wheels were heard approaching the hallrdoor the watohful and obsequious butler appeared, and desqending the steps, threw open the oarriage door, and with a stately jet deferential bow waited for bis master to alight. As he did not do so, be peered into the oarriage, saw nobody, and turned to the box, saying, "Why, Charles, wherever has d d old Pomposity got to ? " — •' Tableau," The opening meeting for the session of 1889 of the Presbyterian Church Musical and Literary Sooiety took place last evening m the Church, there being a very largo attendance of members and friends, with Rev A. M. Beattie m the chair. The first portion of the evening's proceedings consisted of the usual business, with an original pssay by tho chairman on '■' Memory " whioh was of q very interesting nature and well received by the audience. An interval for refreshments then took place, these being provided very liberally by ladies of tho committee and served m the new set of orookery lately prooured by the Presbyterian Ohuroh for tea meetings, etc The seoond part of the programme was then gone through, this consisting of songs by Misses Kidd and Leggett, a duet by Miases Boyle, and songs by Messrs Kersel, Millar and L&ne, all well given and muoh enjoyed by those present. Miss Kidd kindly aooorapanied the singers on the piano. A number of new memberß were elected, and the meeting cjofwd m tho usual manner, all present having spent a yery pleasant evening. " The extent to wbfoh espionage is em. ployed by foreign Governments is appalling," declares the London correspondent of the "Sheffield Telegraph." "I know of a oase m which the agent of a foreign Government oalled upon a publio oflioial m thjs country, ostensibly for the purpose of asking some innocent questions, but really m order to piok up anything that might happen to oome m bis way. Ho was shown into tho official's -room, and told to wait a few minutes. As a matter of fact, he was there twenty minutes, during which time he took the opportunity of running his eye over all tho papers that lay scattered about. One of these was a very important report, whioh it waß intended should be kept secret for at least some months. The tenor of this the foreign agent was, of course, able to oommit to memory. When the oflioial at last oamo into the room, .tho innocent question whioh the foreign agent pretended he bad oome to ask was put and answered, and the two men bade each other a oourteous ' good day.' In another case a fpreign agent repeatedly sent m certain plans of an invention oonnooted with the navy, only to have them roturned again and again as unsuitable. Ho did this for months, with no other objeot than that, by ohance, some other plans might be returned to him instead of his own ; and eventually tbia happened to be done, and the drawings of a secret invention, for whioh tho British Government had paid many thousands of pounds, duly found their way to a foreign Government, ,

Mr Phineaß T. Barnura, has, it is said iinally retired fora the show business on a fortune of £2,000,000. Mails for the United Kingdom, Continent of Europe, and Sou h Amerioa oloao at Lyttelton, per lonic, at 1 p.m. on Thursday, 2nd proximo. A Harvest Thanksgiving Service will be hold at Si. Stephen's Churoh this evening at 7 30. Tho Rnv Jasper Smythe, of Pleasant Point, will be the preacher. At Maidstone, England, as proved by investigation, 109 electors accepted a pound apip.oa to vote for a candidate and then cast their ballots for the opposition. The twenty-fifth anniversary of the introduction of Sunday sohools iuto Germany waa reoently celebrated. Thore are now more than 1000 Sunday sohools with 11,000 teaobers and 330,000 children m the German Empire. Tho " Lyttelton Times " says that m consequence of Sir Julius Vogel's resignation having oome to band, (here is considerable discussion m the ci'y as to his suooossor. Among those who are inoludod m the list of " probables " aro Messrs John Ollivior, John T. Matson, and O. P. Hulbert. A publio meeting with a viow to promoting the establishment of a weokly-half holiday In Ashburton is oalled for Tues.lay evening at 8 o'olook m the Oddfellows' Hall when His Worship the Mayor has kindly oonsented to take the ohair. As the objeot is a most exoellent and desirable one we hope to Bee a large attendance. Fourteen of the performers who take part m the forthcoming Borough Band Concert held a most suooessful rehearsal, under the leadership of Mr H. Gates, last evening. Tbe best vooal talent of tbe district haa been Beoured, and the patronage of leading r.'si lenta of the district has been promised, and altogether the conoert is expeoted to be one of the most suoaesaful given m ABhburton for a long time past. Inspector Pardy states that he stopped the Laing-Smith fight beoauae it beoame a brutal affair, each man trying to infliot as muoh bodily harm as possible on his adversary Smith, covered with marks on his neok, and one eye dosed, waß fighting at a great disadvantage, and as he was brutally punished tbe Inspeoior ordered tbe arrest. He considered the exhibition to have been a pure and simple prize fight, except that thin gloves were used. Some idea of the extent of territory of the Canadian diooeso (says the "Church Worker") may be gathered from tbe fact that the Bishop of Moosonee exercises jurisdiction over an area as large as Europe, extending all round tbe Hudson's Bay territory and reaohing up to tbe North Pole. Ten thousand people are under his oare m this vast region, aud there is no resident minister of any other body of Christiana besides the Bishop and bis seven olergy. The diatanoea are enormous, and tbe shortest way to tbe northern part of the diooese is to oome to England first and then go out m tbe yearly ship whioh enters Hudson's Bay. The Bishop has everything to do for himself, and is a good printer, bootmaker, oarpenter, brioklayer, etc He has been a worker m that far-away locality, for nearly forty years. A deputation of looal members of Parliament and others waited on the Railway Commissioner, Mr Maxwell, at Ohristohuroh yesterday with regard to altering the express time-table. Tbay suggested it should start a little later, and run faster ; also that an early train should start, even earlier, to enable the oountry people to get their mails earlier m the day. Mr Maxwell promised to consider tbe objections and suggestions, and said tha Commissioners would endeavour to meet the convenience cf ihe publio. A deputation from the Chamber of Oommeroe waited on Mr Maxwell m the afternoon, and expressed approval of the alteration of tbe expresses, as thereby Auatralian loiters, whioh now reaoh here on Tuesday, would arrive on Monday, allowing a day for answering them. Tbe. deputation suggested lowering the passenger rates, and running a night train onoe a week, Mr Maxwell promisod to bring the questions before his fellow Commissioners. He left for Wellington again ia the evening.

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2119, 26 April 1889

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The Ashburton Guardian. Magna est Veritas et Prævalebit. FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 1889. LOCAL AND GENERAL. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2119, 26 April 1889