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Important Sale I circulating libeauy 9 p. Thomas. LIVE AND I)EAD STOCK, J°HN G. RESTELL yfnig^^^' BHRO?BHmEDOWN 00 BHKEP8 HKEP TIMBER, COAL, AND GSNEBAL VY . Jl. WL LI IN OSi W* _ JJ. IJlOlIiaS, SHROPSHIRBDOWN SHKEP. lR( TIMBE R y 1000 VOLUMES O**» oT MUbnw, Ctec and (toj, R MILES AND Co. MEUOOANT, MerChailtS By Standard and Popular Aothors, L V I^ o Have rtce.v^ IoB?rao:!on8 from Menem rt^- UUO(1 * ttO * Oi-iOiiltO UD o,nfiTTv an r nn L n »«« I*, KSIATBi AGHNT, CwonanbHuksbll, of Sherwood, LaurU. ABHBUHTOJNa EASr SfBEET. S^ii'F 1I SELEOTED AND IM ~ VALUATOR, ton, South Bakam, to submit PORTED for the ab vu Wftn »«,!,.,..,„-,-. „ THE WROLE OF THEIR LIVE tTAVING purchased the Iron, Timber ' AIN BRo^B»* AND DEAD FTOOK, IX - and Goal Business of Missrs ~"~ » «-rr-r.^r^^ . »"^<^™n-*. a«. ot f«- c M i^\na N^ o d.n?AV°,S'i;: Jf.. P , rt ..u, M . ln , otare .d raU .. ABHBDETOK. SHEBWOOO HOMESTEAD, Northern Assurance Company shall at all times do our utmost to meet tt rmTl7a ow Colonial Matnal Life Assurance their requirem«nts at the L.west Possible lj * m * <JU-M-Ei3« Loans negotiated, FBIDAY, MAY 3, NEXT. Danks' Titan Windmill Prices, and any orders entrusted to us for * *33 Weekly Bales of Lire Stook, Tinwtid an 7 ._ mmm ' Deering All-Steel Twine Binder execution wili reoeive prompt attention. Aw ****■ w Aibbarfcon »Hernately The LIVE STOOK oomprise- WUson^a Portland Cement. "i£z&B&g2&& Bit?*!? I*'1 *' v™^* I™*1 ™* V * A aaa snrewp We have m stook and to arrive — **.- ni a?s, etc., on FRIDAYS 4200 — All kinds of BUILDINO MATERIAL, G OVERN D M E E p^UF E INSURANCE |ale« of WooUhroa R hcut the Season V X HORSES „4 T Red . wfa to. *»* Black Pine, Totara DEPARTMENT. OlASn^W' Md Sold on °° m ™«wloa ID J FOE SALE. — f V.D.L., Baltic, and Kauri Timbers LOANS 0N MORTGAGE. - Clearing tialen M per arrangement r\ OATTLE Flooring, Match Lininr. Doors f^WM Mmc to tim« a Hmitea portion of the 9 NEW IRON PAINTS. Ba«hes, g ßoonng Iron, vfcre »ffi $$$X&%&?fsgg&ft&ii Ridging, tipouting, i.ement, Lime iMtalments, apread over 12, 15, or 20 year* "™ — The STUD FLOCK of Shropshire Down ' mL „ Fencing Wire, Posts, btakes, Gates. H * U 2?SSSSSo lwl * METHVEN MO-N-TTTTV Sheep number about 300, vi«-- Hematite m various colors. The Best and Hurdles, Ac. , Ac. PerioaofLoan- «£dT »«-invJU\ MUSS I HL X I/^n KWES, In lamb to priaa Cheapest m the Market, containing kRXIUSb '" *" bb q SATT?tf 10 U rams from 80 to 90 per cc fc COal flOfll SBSiSSi 'Z Z til I HALES. "1 A A EWE HOQQBTS Of Iron Oxide. wwvw*,. v>v*c*A. loaas repayable by instalments whereby I 11 11 NEWCASTLE WEfITPOHT AKin Pnnoipal and interest are both Uqoidatwl ~— w)iD a u TtnnrLvma m MA r wldv , nX\ ? Jl » AWD r lthin »? iven time - and on terms ol a moat gQRAMHOaGETS f .nd _ MALVERN^ COALS OSSUitt'J^'^*"* M Y NEXT SALE will take at OKAM3 m ., Weare aelling at GREATLY REDUCED fi >^ «S^ c S ffi.^iS g |^- Yards of Mk R P p A r%S Pi 111! At r\€T TflTYlVlAl* PRICES without notice, on terms which can be a* A»etbven, on ■ Tho VinnV «WPWP .. mn .t a . XSUIIU.ID& ±1111001 mwJJO eartainedatthißoffice.oratanyoftheoffloes Ihfl FLUtK. SHBEF oemprise— ** **^ of this Department, where alao forma of an* Tj ftT T\ itt «« 1200i*SSz MAmiAMOirAU ' I)E8OBI ™ W.H. Collins &Co -*?S^- Wh6 i«a» 5 MLeicester tarns AT (Late MoOALLUM & OO) ~ Owm " MM> -. *— 650 WSSSSfSS* LAMBS ' LOWESTODRRENT PBIOEb Tim JfVSl> Ooal M-R * ißlß 6^ tMS StUQlllg - FaCt. D THOMAB OH A First Cross LAMBS, by Eng. EAST STREET. 3J157 * °' AnS... yUU lish Leloester rams Aaationsar, QAA Oall OROBBBREDS, of . £l\J\J mhsed ages and sexes „ ———_-____ „-n n __ s^^* ANDREW ORE Kj-S^aSS .£ 3LIGHTH.BSBSBDO MITCHELL & TURNER'S 138 =^!» n :»r"" 8 3 HAOKS iTAHORKD BTBBKT, IS BBLLING THE 107 4 BROOD MARES, In foal, . JJJJJ;. Would make • gnmdffam and Who h*re IJust made extensive pueohsses of FASHIONABLE GOODS m all i°&eioer 2 UNBROKEN HOBSES D.put».nt., for the Ooming 5...0n. DRAPEBY ISTOCK IOW i jl « «* »»*> Afield, perfect 1/AiXLJ. XJAi A UXV/UIV improvements, large Plantations 9 HEAD O3 1 CATTLE, m- ' convenient Homestead, besides two cludlngcowsinmllkandin WOOLLENB AND y ARNg „ 111 * Gl ™** ' b«for« the l»te rise m the raw material, lnoludlng a large- purchase of PURCHASED FROM The implements compri..- BLANKETS, FLANNELS, AND*SfIIETINGS, P^&S (<rUb '" me)> " nd FROM THE ASHBURTON MILLS. ' , ?or th « P r <>P« wo'ki^T^J Dlao Harrow, Grais Mowor " J. Off OOe P ro P Mt 7 Broadoast Sower, Cambridge Roller ' Aao i-,. M «,?;„;„»„„^i««j. w Tln ° to£ - BXPre " n U + 1 *T* W W^ and Shaft Harne,, Bnggy OUT StOCk . Of Clothing Amounting to nearly 160 Acres, Wa^ui, nraMa, l» a| Lawn Mower, Weighing Machine AND .BOOTS erery impiovement necessary Solway Wool-press, 8 Sheep Raokß & exceptionally heavy at the present time, ltrge consignments having just been r*rrf\r\r\ 450 Acres Ariitnn M ♦«,„.,» j j Doubfe and Single Trees unpacked, which have .proved extremely good valuef Baits to Measure. 4^7000 JrS? 1 ' allfenofld Bnd Sundries, etc prompt, at low rates. C7W • w \^ X*««- - —■ After reading the above, oall and see the display of Roods and Tn *11 nf *h* a j,«™ #i.« * The Shropshire Down Sheep will be rices In our Establishment In TANORED STREET, and purchasers 7 will find they A m A^ATTTi TTATTJDDTmi. and thL mrtteZ. 1 submitted In Lota of 10, and the Flook n lay out t heir money to advantage. 9*12 * AT ABOUT HALF-PBICE RPatae propartiSß are undeniably cheap. Sheep In Lots of 100 or more, to suit all ' ~ - olasses of purchaser!. ■ . .. . — _— __ — ... T HIVE SPLENDID SAMPLES We are also Instructed to sell by Auotlon \iy f*m*r{* AMTi rvMwmAKiv JL A Splendid OropJoflGreen Top Yellow W. UKUbb AND COMPANY, ■ "-tKffir* PURE BLENDED TEA.S, -««■■««- Now gtowlog on the B.t.te, to be f«d off "•" • UAU - U1 S^MUAJ XSU a.O j by Sheep on the gronnd on or NEW BEABON. 1888-9 KTE COBN tab- the U4, o. Auga.t a,,.. to lm ,„ PACK!CTS| w to F ASOT^ili^ mtai» 1» TINP ANDKE W ORR .xp, h .r: l n 1 li c .*. li ryTA°. m B 1 J k t . 1 i: try thse blends, tkt these blemds ~ station on the morning of FRIDAY, the 3rd day of May, to convey passengers by >^^^^ v^^ l^ S^^^*. v<^ =::=:^V CJ A X TH CAPE BARLEY train to the plaoe of sale, and take them Jf O a /? o t %^\ >^^ /X« l^ A IJ T) * baok m time to o»toh the express In the if " \i if -t3 4d Y^ If 2fl r ' Bd \i S JJJJ evenlng; _ ( CROWN ) ( EAGLE lif exhibit*- )1 ((CLUB)] * ™* sale. Refreshments will be provided at H. 30 \\ perlb. 11 \ perlb Jl \ per lb. J] V\ ncr lb // ° f MoOALLUM and Oo.s STOOK of am, and the S*lo will oommenoe ponota- V, // V. ' V. Vv^ # >y tt i * a.,..-. %!S * X H^dware D.THOMAS FVERT Lot"wlm, BE FOE ° NB ™ AL WIU ' THKIB CONSTANT USB. Jrapemanglllg'S ABSOLUTE SALE, To be obt.lned from PAINTS *-*.«!,-•.»«. hta .,. JOHN OBR AND CO oi« «mi«B««i« sa*u*oaTVTy #. SEED WHEAT TARNISHE B,^ D l 5 ™ t0 Twitol " s »""- *-* J.^SwSSf^StaU — »O W O»AT B ~^'Wta-«11l -hlfcrt fc w Hereford street Ohristchuroh. .—__._.. injury to the Land. w , aEO - JAMEBOI,;L FOR sale- JOHN orr & CO' L HAVING been appointed Manager of OLlaAll iKIJUIj oAilll LllilJ "~" D. THOMAS MoOallum and Oo'g Business, OJPA LLY LOW PBICES will be - - Oamaru, I request that all Claims aga'nat /inT T\l?xt Tvr>nT» O • rged during the next few "Weekly me be sent m at once ; and all moneys vJUi^l/JCiJN JJxCOJr-— SB we have deolddd to olear the lot b duo to me bepaid on or before 29th inst. Grown from seed speoialJyJ imorted last year from rod of MAY « iJox3B « A « D « WELLS. Reading England. * IAM A CASH BUYER OF 4175 CHAMPION WHITE— _P^niipirtTM___^ jj^BSSRS t BWIB Also grown from imported seed. WHEAT, BOUOITORB AND NOTABIBB PTJBLIG WEBB'S CHALLENGE OATS, BOUOITORB AND NOTARIES PUBLIC ( VW^ BAELEY & BnRNDTT STRBBT * W *.^.V •':•"• -?-'• • "• ■'■'" " ryr '-^' r "R"VT?«"D A BO ASHBURTON. xlUJMllSittO YVl±J.l.._, MR OHASLES BSADDELL bas entered GUNS, NEW PATTERNS ' D. THOMAS, our Office as Managing Olerk inplaca of Mb PEARL Clayton, who is rearing tfu District. Mr ±^au,ia nbw j^pe^ng guns Braddell will be In daily communication with ' our Head Office m Onrifltchnroh, and will nARTRTTIOTH - receive tostrnottons from Oltots. VELVET CHAFF UABIKIUUB LANO&SHIRE MR WILDING will visit Ashburton every POWDER Thursday and on aU Oonrt days. 4fßl SHOT INSURANCE COMPANY, riHABLBS T>RADDELL TUSCAN EBTATE, HOUSE, UND AND j~>4 t-i y-v -srx j->4 -_--« -_-*-_ _--_-_ HAVE been appointed Agent for the GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT. f i HlilTcsTiTr 1 T A IMfl? C! .dTVT 18K»«------B-H----D , above Company and am now p«J Licensed Land liroker, and Sworn VXXKjC Jh J illVlHikUlN , fflMliWi| { %^ f^n? sS** Valuator under the "Land Transfer Act, i P TTTMTnm ait HHHH^HKWb^H 1985.' Agent for the National Fire ASH BURTON HHVWfe^HI D THOMAS Ineuranoe Company. Rents and debts ' « A^UJJUUJU^ eKStP^SSS^^ AsV\h|« oollooted. Several Farms and Houses for ' ■ <^*WB ■ ' Sale or to Let. f^^^RHflHßflHifl ' uS&a^lliWP'Sß^ WANTED *0E IMMEDIATE DELIVEBY HstlHH «20 KEWARD WHEAT lamps Will be paid to the Sbeepowner who oan RATf T ffV LAMP STOVKS S HEEP DTP 1 Brooke's PeKt SHEEP DIP n A rr« AMBBIOAN STOVES — b »ot Bnperto, „ "A. l fc> E ANGES AND GRATES nUETAIH»otio» of a.l M, COOPER'S OR LITTIiK'BSHBBP DIP rawth° o d g * > Gr «^ '■»?'««"" fa ttthy ih. o .end oon., omofth. HYEGRASS Domestic and Builders' """JIJ' 01 ' — As lam my own agent In Aihburton. I * a it n ""7 al% AWMB BA * Srti^Wwss.rjrsS — Cases Hillow Gronnd Razors SHEEP DIPPING FLUID , baton OoSnty only .t 60. pel omb TWO dA T Til SOISSOFS, Pookot >nd Table vuxiUU SUVUI. * CSSl^Sti^Ml^i * UK S^-LE* KtiIVB U P K°, ONS * nd — ''' ■ ■ ftSuFS ft" 3* "*"*""' Ba*ram bSo! all sizes. awakdeij KBBT Ptio]B ..... ..ssisas- <*» mw -« Eye "sss5 ar> ™zr»;^ir2 Oommence dipping 10th April. f!nP"\rt! A PT^Q J2-r rr\^^ > • AND PASTOBAL SOOIETr^ Entriea to bo made with John Thorn*. U VIXII liXlii OO \jU« son, Qheiftsey. -^ «t2fl j ..-,, MANUFACTURED ONLY B3T • i,»,T.»-r,^ Wool ?|from Sheep Dipped n this O.M.BEOOKB, IHBIBDLaHWB 8806, iX^M^ti^Z**

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 4, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2118, 25 April 1889

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 4 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2118, 25 April 1889