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A meeting of the Masons within the County will bo held on Monday evening to consider the advisableness of forming a United Grand Jjodge for New Zealand. Fren.ob fisherman on the coast of Maine now attract the Jiab. by a small primary battery with ap ujoafideecpnt lamp, whioh +hey drop overboard ;' aud it is eminently suoceab&'j The printers m Brisbane have struck. The cause of tbe strike is that offices employing men belonging to the Typographical Association arp executing work for nonAssociation office.. ' Lord Sberbrook, better known as Robert Lowe, the English statesman, iB now worth something like £2,000,000, although he began lifo as a college tutor, with no other capital than brains. He rondo all his money by judicious investment m Australian lands. Salt mines aro said to have deen discovered near Erivan, m the Caucasus. The q^ity and whiteness of the salt are stated to be exceptionally pure. From pa*t experience, however, says a St Petersburg correspondent, it appoars very doubtful whether the discovery will be turned to any account. Tasmania ia but thinly populated, having but 5d3 persons to tho f-quare milo ; Viotoria has about 12 pesrons ; New South Wales, 3£ ; New Zealand about 6 persons. Io tho matter of trade the export of domestio produots stands this way !--- Victoria oxporls per square milo to tha value of £b£ ; New Zealand, £C 3 ; Tasmania, £55 ; New South WaiJJ, J 650 - By announcement m our advertising • columns the proprietor of the New Zealand Clothing Paotory inform the public that they have vow opened their stock for the autumn and winter trade S> their manager, Mr Webber, having just returned fioni Dunedin where he has selected a great variety of new goods, amongst whioh , are some very taking novelties, : _A. Paris professor wns giving a lecture on ; vivisaction acd was canssing a dog on which ! he intended experimenting. In due lime he < made a slight incision m tho dog's throat. I The poor little animal came to the oonclUEion 1 that the professor's obyot, m cutting it was J to induce it to beg, and tho dog stood upon J its hind legs m tho usual fashion. The ( Bight bo touohed the professor and the e students that the animal wbb spared any t farther operation. \ E

The Crawford Hunter party of .Scottish vooaliets are announoed to appear at the Oddfellows' Hall on Wednesday evening next. _ Mr John Hayhurat, one of the oldest settlers I m th 9 Temuka district, died yesterday morning, after a brief illness. A biographioal and obituary notice, from the " Temuka Leader," is reprinted m another column. We draw attention to the faot that the annual meeting m connection with the British and Foreign Bible Society will be held at th-a Wesleyan Church, on Wednesday, the 17i-h inst., when addresses will be delivered by the Rsv H. T.Robjohns, the Society's agent, and other ministers. The annual tea meeting of the Fleraington Presbyterian Churoh will take place on Friday, the 19th instant, and arrangements are being made to secure a good platform of speakers, and to provide a musical treat ; while the ladies are bent on providing the bodily comforts. Altogether it is being looked for. ward to sa likely to. be a very interesting oooasion. Tug Wellington correspondent of the " Press " telegraphs that it is understood that m accordance with the intention announoed by the Premier m the House to reduce the number of Ministers so as to bring Government m proportion to that intended to be the reduction m the numerical number of the House, no new Mini3ter will bo appointed m Mr Fisher's place, but the vaoant portfolio will bo distributed among the other Ministers. I anticipate Sir H. Atkineon will take Customs and Marine, and Mr Hislop Education. Proof positive of the benefit acoruing from liming land is afforded by an exhibit of turnips now on view at the Somerset Hotel. The roots shown (three m number) were taken from a paddock of about 100 aores at Mount Somers, part of whiob had been treated with lime, and part not. Tha largest of these three roots, which was taken from the limed portion, measures twelve inches m circumference and weighß 17ozs, the next taken from the unlimed land, but at six feot distanoe from it, measures twelve inches and weighs sfozs, and the smallest, a fair eamplo of the roots on the unlimed portion, measures only 2| inohes and weighs three-quarters of an ounce, being m faot only of the dimensions of an ordinary marble. The turnips were sown m January. Referring to a rumor which has been circulating m Ohristoburoh to the effect that, owing to a member of the Government having sent to England a letter unfavorable to the Midland Railway, the railway had •• burst up." The "Lyttelton Times" nays that on application to the General Manager of the Midland Railway Company, m Christchurch, it could only bo learned that communications have been sent to England (but by whom he deolined to say), giving an incorreot account of the Company's concessions, and that these communications have done the Company very grave injury, and have delayed "the com. mencament of the work. It is not, however, true that the Company has broken down, and from the most recent letters and telegrams it appears that the Directors are endeavouring to repair thia injury, and hope soon to give definite orders to complete surveys and oommenoe work. "Truth" says that the Queen's will was made m 1884, a few months after the 1 death of the Duke of Albany, and it is m the highest degree improbablo that she will ever oanoel it m order to make another. It is no seoret that the Duke of Connaught and PrinoeßS Beatrice are to be the Queen's principal heirs, but Her Majesty's private fortune is so immense that it will afford almost ample provision for all the younger members of her family. Princess Sophia certainly needs no assistance from her grandmother, as she has a very handsome income from the Prussian State Fund, and her share of the Emperor Frederick's personal property will ultimately amount to at least £120,000, < to say nothing of her expectations from the Empress Augusta, with whom she is a favourite. It is believed that the Queen has lately added a codioil to her will whioh relates exclusively to the Jubilee gifts, the value of whioh is very muoh greater than most people suppose They have now been oolleoted at Windsor, and there are nearly eleven hundred of them altogether. Me and Mrs Foley'a entertainment intituled " Moments of Merriment," at the Oddfellows' Hall last evening was not so well ' patronised bs it deservod to be, the performance being bright and sparkling and deserving of a good house. The oomedietta, " Cut off with a shilling," was very amusing and was followed by the character Bketoh, "The Artful Dodger," m which Mr Foley interpreted the street Arab to the life. A oapital little bit of serio-comio love-making between Hans and Gretchon gave both Mr and Mrs Foley an opportunity of evidencing their skill m impersonation, which was made the most of. and a bit of Irish burlesque completed a very good bill of fare. Tbo Bongs incidental to the pieces were well given, and Mr Foley executed a number of hornpipes, breakdowns, etc, very neatly, besides giving another of his exceedingly olever performances on the musical bottles, alone well worth the modest oharge for admission. A ohange m the bill is announced for to-night when wo hope to eoe a little moro encouragement on the part of the public. A rather amueing story of taking his commander at his word by tho officer of a metchant steamer comes from Shanghai, In September a German steamer was at the wharf of that port loading for Hong Kong, when the second officer asked permission to go on Bhore on leave. This the commander refused to grant, and, to make sure that his subordinate did not take French leave, looked him m his oabin. When the vessel arrived off Woosung, some twelve miles from Shanghai, the captain liberated the offioer, and, m a jocular manner, told he could then, if he wished, go on Bhore. Muoh to the skipper's dismay, the offioer promptly leaped overboard and Bwam to the Bhore, which, being an I expert and powerful swimmer he readied m safety. Availing himself of the first vehiole he camo aorosa—a native wheelbarrow— the officer was trundled m his wet olothes to Shanghai, and went at once to the steamer's agent to whom he reported himself as " pn shore by leave of the captain." The escapade made him the hero of the hour m the Model Settlement. In conversation reoontly with the Harrisburg (Perm.) correspondent of a New York paper, George W. Rodgerson, of Beaver, m the same State, Baid :— " I am the last surviving member of a family of nine, my brother John L. Rodgerspn, the contractor, who wan killed in'the oyblono at Pittsburg recently (< being the eighth of the family tp die a violent death. A few years ago my father was killed by falling from a derrick. Some time afterwards a chimney toppled over as my mother was passing by it, and she was crushed to death m the ruins. There were then seven of us left, all brothers. One of py. brothers was killed by a fall of iron m a foundry whoro he wafl employed. A fall of stone m a quarry lulled another brother. Another was drowned m a well. A, fourth was caught by bis olothing m a revolving shaft and was killed. A fifth brother was killed m a railway aooident, and now John has mot his fate m the Pittsburg oyolone. I hayen't the least doubt that my own death will also be a ylolont one, and I dosire that it shall bo, strange a3 tfyat declaration may seem." Those who wish to see of what this distriot te capable m the direolion of apple culturo, are recommended to take a look at the mag. nificent collection from Mr James Porter's, Clifton Nursery, Allenton, now on view m the window of Mr Purohaso, East street, This oompnsos no less than forty-two differorit varieties, all choico sorts, soleoted frpm the best of the fruits grown m Amerioa and Europe. A'l show evidenoe that the soil and olimate are admirably adapted for tho culture m perfection of this moat usoful of fruits, and among them are to be found the following varieties, which deserve spocial notice, viz. : — Among the dessert fruits, tho Lady Honniker, Empress Napoleon (the gem of tho collco- " •• «• rich golden fruit, muoh larger and i lo #*' - 4 u " " '"""•known Golden Pippin), bettsr than Uu .. . '-^.a AeaA *vJa Tom Putt (a |orimson.B«, t r deop-ejed npplo), tho well-known and favorito Lonuui. Pippin, and the magnifioent fruit well named the King of the Pippics. Of cooking apples there is also a splendid range, among the finest of which are the Lord Burloigh, Prince Bismarck (a prolific bearer), Royal Rusßet, Rhoda Island Greoninp;, Alfriston, Duinelow's Seedling, that sjftidid koepe 'the French] Orab,'tbe blight-proof Winter Majetin, the old favorites Hawthornden, and Beauty of Kent Mobb's Royal, Ail's Green, tho (American) Nowtown Tippin, Rose Mary Russet, and Pcaegood's Monaroh. We may also add hero that Mr Portor has kindly brought to our office a very ohoioe sample oolleotion of the new favorite autumn plant the single dahlia, Rowing g reftt y ar ipty of color, j

Writing "of the Eiffel Tower our corrrspondent says there are four flights of stairs one at each oorner of the edifice, two for ascent, and two for descent. It ia estimated that no fewer than 5000 people will be able to visit the tower m the course of a single hour. Eunning round the first floor or platform there is a covered gallery or arcade, and m the centre four pavalions destined for restaurants or oafe?, each capable of oontaining from 500 to 600 person?. There are an Anglo-American bar, a Flemish beer , establishment, a Eussian eating-house, and a French restaurant. The second floor or platform is reserved for visitors to walk about, to admire the view ; and at the very top there is a glazed rocm measuring 18 I square metres, from which visitors are able to view the prospeot of 120 square kilometres r without being exposed to the wind. I The Botorua correspondent of the " Auckland Herald " gives the following particulars of what may prove to be an important discovery m the Waiotapu valley. It appears \ that traces of kerosene have long been known to exist m that locality but it has not until 1 the other day been found m quantity. A Mr Scott, however, m tho course of a prospeoting ramble has followed up the lead and breaking through the treaoherous crust he was nearly stifled with the pungent fumes whioh isßued ia foroe from a boiling cavern underneath. After this had subsided sufficiently to enable a oloser inspection, a black oily-looking fluid, furiously boiling against the sides of dark crystal prisms, was disoernable. On applying a match to a piece of the surrounding stuff it flared up, and smelt atrongly of naptha m its orude state. Following down the creek a little way, Mr Soott, on poking his staff into the bank again, struokoil. This he continued to pump until the surf face of the creek was covered with a film o unmistakeable oil, m appearanoe as if a bucket of tar had been poured iDto it. Mr Soott is of opinion that large quantities exist at no great depth, and had he the appliances for boring, paraffin might be got m an almost pure state. The best medicine is Sander and Sons' Euoalypti Extraot. Test its eminent powerful effeota m coughs, colds, influenza, etc — the relief is instantaneous. Thousands give the most gratifying testimony. His Majesty the King of Italy and medioal syndioates all over the globe are its patrons. Bead the official reports that accompany each bottle. We have no pooasion to offer rewards m proof of the genuineness of our references. The official reports of medioal clinics and universities, the official communication of the Consul-General for Italy at Melbourne ; the diploma awarded International Exhibition, Amsterdam — all these are authentio documents, and, as such, not open to doubt. We add here epitome of one of the various cases treated at the olinio of Schultz, M.D. Professor, etc. — •• C.B.j 24 years old ; congestional abscess on the thigh. Inoisions made m two places. Although Lister's dressing was applied, the seoretion beoame, two days later, very copious, and had adopted a foetid, decomposed character. The temperature rose enormoasly. In consequence the dressing was removed, and m its place were made during the day-time repeated irrigations with Eucalypti Extract. The offensive footer disappeared very Boon, the fever abated within a few days, and the patient recovered after the lapse of several weeks. In this instance we must not lose sight of the faot that the latter treatment saved the patient's life.' — (Advt.) ____«_, 3

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